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September 12

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Izuku Midoriya has, for the most part, a good life.

He had graduated from U.A. High, the number 1 hero school, and became the pro-hero: Deku.

He opened his own hero agency and married the girl he had loved all of his life, Ochaco.

He, as well as multipel of his old classmates, were a part of the top 10 heroes.

Every day, he was ready for a fight.

But today he didn’t wanna get out of bed.

He wanted to stay in there and cuddle with his wife all day, but he couldn’t. He is a pro-hero, they both are, and he needs to go to his agency and work.

Izuku looked at Ochacos sleeping form and kissed her on her forehead, before getting out of bed.

He brushed his messy green hair and shaved his face, before walking into the kitchen to get breakfast.

He ate something simple, a cup of coffe and a sandwich, but breakfast none the less.

He got his phone out if the pocket, wanting to see what kind of nonsens the Hero News posted. But before he could do any of that, he froze.

The date was September 12, wich was a normal date to everyone ells, except for anyone from class 1a.

Even thinking about what had happened left a sour taste in Izukus mouth.

He wanted to forget about what had happened, he wanted to pretend it never happened, he wanted to pretend it had just been a twisted prank that had gone too far.

Even after it has been 10 years, it was hard for Izuku to accept the truth.

The truth was that, on September 12, Shinsou had murdered Denki.