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Cleared for Take Off

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Attention all passengers! We regret to inform you that flight zero-one-zero-three from Starling City to Metropolis has been delayed due to technical difficulty. Boarding will commence as soon as the problem has been rectified. Any issues regarding connecting flights may be queried at the customer service counter, situated north of the terminal. Arrow Air apologises for any inconvenience that this may cause.


Felicity Smoak threw her head back against the wall and groaned. Her not quite muttered litany of curses drew disapproving looks from the elderly couple sitting opposite her, but she was too nervous to do anything other than shrug apologetically.

Despite having to travel constantly for work, the fact was that flying freaked her out. It was up there with shifty eyed kangaroos and pointy things, and that was saying a lot. 

Waiting around in the terminal was always the most stressful part. It exacerbated the entire situation for her.

Her phone ringing was a welcome distraction, until she saw it was Ed. He’d been bugging her with texts and calls since he found out she would be in his neck of the woods for a few days for her meeting. She found herself more irritated than excited by his apparent enthusiasm.

She let the call slide to voicemail and couldn’t help the involuntary twinge of guilt when the call dropped. When the ringtone started up again, she jumped and braced herself to deal with him.

 “Hello.” She said, her voice coming out more stilted than she would’ve liked.

“What’s wrong?” A female asked on the other end.

“Oh, Sara. Thank God it’s you.”

“Of course, it’s me. Who were you…nevermind. I take it; vanilla latte is still trying his luck?”

“Sara!” She admonished half-heartedly.

“Come on Felicity. We both know there isn’t a single ounce of sexy in that boy’s body.”

“Someone might find him plenty sexy.”

“Uh huh.”

“Why’d you call anyway?”

“I was expecting to have to leave a message.”

“Flight’s delayed.”

“Ah hell. How long?”

“Don’t know yet.” She could hear her own nervousness and it made her even antsier. “So what’s up?” She asked Sara before she could get the lecture about how flying was safe etc.

“Nyssa called.”

“I knew she would. That’s great!”

“Yeah, yeah, don’t gloat.”

 Felicity laughed. It had been pretty clear that Sara had caught the brunette’s attention the other night, but she understood Sara’s uncertainty.

“You know you could have been getting calls too, if you put yourself out there.”

“There’s nothing to put out…you know what I mean.”

“If I were there, I’d slap you upside that gorgeous head of yours.”

“Shut up.”

“You need a hook up to get you out this funk. A random hottie to just get down and dirty with. You’ve got some time to kill, I’m sure there’s potential there.”

“I’m not sure if you’re joking or not right now.”

“A little maybe…but mostly not.”

“Sure okay, I’ll just seduce some poor bastard with my awkwardness.”

“You’re pretty confident when you need to be. I know you’re more than capable of bringing a man to his knees and him-”


“-wanting you on yours."

 Felicity’s pulse throbbed at the images Sara’s words created. It had been too long without decent sex. She’d been working long, hard hours without a break and was under shit load of pressure.

“You seem more invested in my…uh…lack of social activities than usual.”

“That’s because I’m worried. You’re too young and way to damn cute to be so…spinster like. You gotta live a little honey.”

“I live plenty.” The snort on the other end came through loud and clear.

“When was the last time you put work to the back burner and just let loose? Pyjamas and Doctor Who marathons don't count! And how long since you’ve actually felt that buzz about the apps you create and sell instead of just hiding behind code?”

Felicity slumped in her seat. “Nice, Sara. Point out how pathetic I really am right before I fly to meet with Luthor Corp to discuss the biggest decision of my career.”

“We both know that they are not the right fit for you. You need a company who will be open to your real talent, not try to keep you coding in a damn box.”

“You don’t know-”

“Felicity…I know why you’re being careful.” Sara’s tone was soft, serious. “But please don’t let the whole Nolan thing stop you from living and letting people see your light. You can’t keep the mask on forever.”

She couldn’t speak past the lump in her throat.

“Think about it? Please?”

 Felicity was about to reply, when she looked up across the terminal. A strangled moan escaped her before she could stop it. “Holy shit.”


She heard Sara but she was too entranced by the man she’d just laid eyes on to speak. He was typing on his phone as he walked but he moved with a sensual grace as he easily navigated through the crowd.

His hair was cut short, not too short and it stuck up as if he’d ran his fingers through it a few times. His stubble covered jaw could cut glass, and from the angle he was standing at, she could see a mole below his lip. His long legs filled out well worn jeans ending in scuffed black boots. The kicker to her equilibrium though, his muscled torso was covered in the sexiest tan leather jacket she’d ever seen.

And then he pocked his phone, looked up and she could’ve sworn she forgot how to breathe.


“He’s just…” She couldn’t find words in the shock of lust heating her blood. “Jeez.”

“Who’s just? Oh…man candy?”

She swallowed hard. “That doesn’t even cover it. I think he’d turn even your head.”

“Damn, that fucking good huh?”

“Yeah.” She said breathlessly.

“Go talk to him.”

“Are you fucking insane?” She said a little too loudly and promptly received a double head shake from the couple. “He’s way out my league.” She hissed, lowering her voice.

 She couldn’t see the colour of his eyes from where she sat, but that didn’t detract from anything. His face was just…gorgeous, with hard lines and angles. He was rugged but beautiful. And that shouldn’t have been possible.

“There’s no such thing as out of your league.”

“You’re pulling that straight out the best friend hand book.” “I’m not. You know I’m not.”

“I know, and thank you but seriously… this guy…”

“Okay, don’t talk to him. Text him.”


She knew what her friend was getting at.

 “What have you got to lose? It’s fate, we were just literally talking about this. And if you don’t wanna subscribe to that destiny yada shit then think of it as a final run through, working through any last minute glitches before you decide if any company, let alone this one, is worth in on the secret of the true extent of your awesomeness.”

One of the reasons Luther Corp was intent on meeting with her was because they knew she’d developed some cutting edge programmes and apps that would benefit a whole spectrum of businesses. Sara was the only person she’d told about seeking app she was working on. It was a highly secured and encrypted tool which could gather data from any phone within a certain circumference.

Phone numbers were easily accessed and she could sift though whatever anyone had their phone. Without them even knowing about it. 

She realised with a blush, she was actually freaking considering it. Sara had a point, she could text him and he wouldn’t know it was her. She could just say hi. She’d probably find out he was a douche and then she’d be put off. And she could forget about him and the way he filled out those jeans in ways that should be illegal.

“You’re thinking about it aren’t you?”

“Maybe.” She admitted.

“Do it.”


“Get yours girl.” Sara teased but Felicity could hear the underlying earnestness.

She said her goodbyes without committing to anything but she couldn’t say it wasn’t damn tempting.

She supposed it wouldn’t hurt to make sure the app was targeting accurately.

Felicity glanced around the terminal, feeling decidedly conspicuous as she brought up the prototype. She steeled herself with a deep breath, convincing herself that the sketchiness of invading mystery guy’s privacy was a means to iron out any kinks.

She opened the app and held her phone slightly to her side, facing the censorious travellers across from her. Within a second, two phone numbers popped onto her screen. They got up from their seats and the numbers dotted across her screen, following their tracks till they were out of range.

 Adonis walked the room and she adjusted the settings to focus on where he was, his number popped up immediately. Her breath caught.  

She watched him from the corner of her eye and froze as he glanced around. She could swear his gaze paused on her, but she was being super paranoid. When it drifted passed her, she let out a sigh of equal relief and disappointment.

He chose a seat on the opposite side of the waiting area, where he leaned forward, forearms resting on his thighs.

 A middle aged woman and her assumed partner walked by him right then and just as they were about to pass him, the woman stumbled, dropping her open bottle of water.

If Felicity hadn’t been staring at him, she would have completely missed the way he shot up to steady the woman, while simultaneously grabbing the bottle in mid fall…without spilling a drop. 

The woman looked at him in shock for a moment before thanking him profusely. He lowered his head and said something, but she couldn’t hear anything. The man still stood in bewilderment as she laughed at whatever Adonis had said to her.

His reflexes were lightning fast and it didn’t help her overactive imagination.

She could too easily imagine him pulling her up against his hard body, ripping off her clothes as he thrust deep inside of her.

Her blood pulsed. Liquid heat pooled between her legs and she shifted as unadulterated need coursed through her.

What the hell was happening to her? 

She bit her lip, her mind raced and then she put her Bluetooth headset in, pulling up her speech-to-text app.





Chivalry is alive and well in Starling, it seems. Knight in leather saving the day.


She decided it would be easier on her nerves if she eased herself into it. She sent it before she could talk herself out of it.

She watched as he pulled out his phone, frowning as he read her message. He looked around uncertainly and she was convinced he would chalk it up as a mistake so when she had an incoming text, she squeaked.





Not exactly the usual life or death. Do I need to get you a suit Dig…I didn’t realise you were jonesing after the leather that hard.


She was confused for a second before she realised, he thought it was someone he knew. And then she read it again…usual life or death? What?

Her curiosity now piqued, she texted him back putting his number under Leather Hottie in her contacts.





F: I’m too tame to handle a suit but if that works for you, I can certainly see the appeal.





LH: You’re trying that comedian bit again Dig…or is it you Roy jerking my chain?


She deliberated abandoning this whole thing but she was sending off the next message before she made a concrete decision.





F: I’m afraid I go by a less manlier moniker. Sorry if that disappoints.


A few minutes passed before he replied.


            LH: Who is this? Your number is showing up blocked.


            F:You don’t know me. I don’t know you.


            LH: How did you get my number?



F: Just a little harmless info gathering.


            LH: You hacked my phone.


            F: Hacking is such an angry word.


She looked over and saw the corners of his mouth tilt up. The effect was mesmerising. She texted again.





F: Don’t worry, I won’t bother you or give your number out. I just wanted to say I admired your ninja skills and that I approve of the modern day Lancelot get up. Not that you need my approval…on anything – general or specific. So yeah, that’s working for you.


Hell, her babbling wasn’t even lost in textation.


            LH: My… jacket?


            F: That jacket is super hot.



LH: I’m not sure if I’m offended that you’re missing the fact that what’s /inside/ that counts.


Was he flirting with her?


            F: No offence required. I’ve noticed.


She’d definitely not, not noticed.


            LH: I feel at a slight disadvantage here?


            F: How so?


            LH: Well, you know who you’re texting but I’m still in the dark.


Ah crap. He was looking around, clearly trying to find her. She looked off into distance, feigning interest in anything other than him.


            F: You afraid of the dark?


            LH: No, that’s when I do my best work.


Felicity fought the urge to fan herself. The innuendo - intended or not, had butterflies swarming in her belly as she pictured that best work in high definition.

She felt slightly dizzy and decided she should stick to a safe question.


            F: You flying to Metropolis on business or pleasure?



LH: Business. But I gotta say my trip’s taken an unexpected turn into the latter.  You?


Okay, not so safe.


            F: Same.


            F: On both counts. What do you do?


            LH: Why don't you tell me?


She contemplated for a moment, eyeing his well worn jeans and scuffed boots. She could tell they were expensive. He looked like he had a physically demanding job. She wasn’t really getting that office vibe from him, but what did she know.





F: Mechanic.


He looked good with his hands, but that was probably wishful thinking. More accurately, fantasising.


            LH: Nice try.


            F: Model.


She heard his snort from where she was, and she lowered her head to hide her smile.


            LH: Photo shoots aren’t my thing.


            F: Stripper.


           LH: What?


Damn Sara for persuading her to see Magic Mike.


          F: Hooker…sorry Escort?


            LH: I think I like this guess best. You looking?


            F: That’s not as simple a question as it sounds.


            LH: Hmm, now I’m more intrigued. What about you?


            F: I dabble.


            LH: In…computers.


            F: You’re better at this than I am.


            LH: Why don’t you come over here and find out just how good I am?


            F: Smooth.


            LH: As silk. Apparently it helps in the Escort business.


            F: So does being hung.


She choked when it registered what she’d just sent him. She chanced a look at him and saw him staring at his screen intently, rubbing the back of his hand across his mouth. She wondered if this was the end of their conversation.

She could feel an epic ramble wanting out.


            LH: Good thing I’m both.


And then it died in her throat as a new cache of imagery played on a loop in her mind.


            LH: But you shouldn’t just take my word on that.


He was killing her.


            LH: But before I really try and convince you to come out of the shadows, we should probably get a few things straight. If we’re going to continue this flirtation.


            F: I thought we were just talking?


            LH: Bringing a man’s junk up…pun intended…in conversation…is flirting in my book.


            F: I suppose I have to admit your book is right.


            LH: Great, now, you aren't really male right?


            F: Right.  You are straight, yes?


            LH: Yes! Boyfriend? Husband? Attached?


            F: Kudo’s for that one. None of the above. You?


            LH: Strings completely free.


            F: That’s good to hear.


            LH: Can I get your name?


She debated on whether or not to tell him.


            LH: Your real one? Please?


            F: Felicity. How about you?


            LH: You don’t know? With the hacking and all…sorry information gathering?


            F: I thought that might seem slightly stalker-ish.


            LH: Felicity it’s great to ‘meet’ you. I’m Oliver.


Oliver. She whispered his name, liking how it sounded. She changed his contact info.





O: So, will I get to hear you say my name, face to face?


She closed her eyes on a frustrated moan. She knew exactly what Sara would say or do. She would’ve dragged Felicity over to him pronto.


            F: I’m not sure that’s the best idea for me.


            O: Why not?


            F: You’re difficult enough to turn down as it is.


Plus she didn’t want to disappoint him with the reality of her appearance. The man looked like he swanned supermodels off his arms regularly.


            O: You’re saying I’m too tempting?


            F: Yes.


            O: You make it sound like it’s a bad thing.


            F: It is…sort of. I can honestly say, even from here, that it would be hell to deny myself getting up close and personal with you. At least this way…


            O: I won’t lie and say I’m not disappointed. I think up close and personal between us could only be good.




            F: You have no clue as to what I look like. How can be so sure?


            O: Call it intuition..looks aren’t a deal breaker.


Was he for real? Damn, this guy had suave down pat and then some.


            O: Can I at least give me a little visual, something to fill in the blanks of the fantasy? Blonde, brunette, redhead or other?


            F: Blonde.


            O: Blue eyes?


            F: Yip, Just your average blue eyed blonde.


            O: Vertically challenged or not?


            F: Average…but less so in heels.


            O: So…you’re a heels girl?


            F: Half and half.


            O: Are you wearing heels right now?


She surreptitiously looked around, to check out the shoe situation.


            F: Yes.


            O: I like a woman in heels…just heels.


            O: But now I’m picturing you in heels and my jacket.


            F: Damn


            O: Damn is right. I bet you’d look good enough to eat.


            F: Oh.


            O: I’d like to hear that oh up close and personal.


Felicity shook her head, trying to quell the burn in her cheeks.


            F: Oliver, you don’t even know me.


            O: But I already like you. Come over; let me see if I can make you as hot as you’re making me right now.


            F:  Asfdojd


            O: That shouldn’t be a sexy as it is. What the fuck are you doing to me Felicity?


            F: Same thing you’re doing to me.


            O: There’s way too much space between the doing. I’m a more hands on kinda guy.


            F: Mmmm


            O: Felicity. I need to hear that.


            F: How do you like to hear it?


She stared down at her phone. Unable to believe her eyes. This curiosity was getting way out of control. She was out of control. She closed her eyes to try and calm the impending panic attack.


            O: Honestly?


She should stop. She should shut down the app and…





F: Yes.


            O: I like the sound of scorching, intense fast sex.


            O: I like the sound of it wild and frantic because you have to have me and I need to be in you.


            O: I want the sound of you when I’m driving into you so deep, sweat drips off my chin and rolls onto your breasts or down your spine and I track it down to your ass.


Heat flooded her system, her skin was too hot, tingly and she had to lean forward to smother her moans.


            O: I want the sound of you tightening around me as your back arches and you can’t keep your hips from rising and rolling against me.



She was shaking.


            F: OMG. Stop. Please.


            O: Fuck. Sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. You just got me a little…worked up.


            F: You didn’t scare me. You…


            O: I what?


            F: Oliver.





O: Please meet me face to face. I swear I’m not in the habit of airport hook ups and I know we don’t really know each other but I feel like I will spend the rest of my life regretting it if I don’t at least get to see you.


            O: I will beg. I will go around to every blonde woman here to find you.


            F: You wouldn’t.


She couldn’t believe that he was as affected as he said. This shit did not happen to her. Felicity jerked back as she watched him get up from his seat. He discreetly adjusted himself as he gazed around. She watched in stunned fascination as he went over to a blonde woman reading a magazine. The woman shook her head and he went on the next one. When he reached the third woman she unfroze from her stupor.


            F: Stop.


            O: Am I getting closer?


            F: OMG Oliver, this is crazy!





O: I need to see you. I NEED to.


She watched as he ran his hand through his hair before he started tapping his thumb against his forefinger agitatedly. Sara’s earlier words rang in her mind.


            F: Okay.


            O: Really?


            F: Really.


            O: Now. Here?


            F: Not here.


            O: Where?


Was she really going to do this?


            O: Felicity.


            F: At the south east section.


It was sectioned off for renovations, and it would give some privacy.


            O: I’m so there.


            F: Five...ten minutes.


He looked around one more time, before half running off. Her heart thundered in her ears as she watched his sensual gait.

She took out her compact, and checked her teeth. Then she took a deep breath and steeled herself. She picked her bag and followed him as if nothing was out of the ordinary at all.