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Operation Bucky Barnes

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Y/n was certain of two things in life, number one is that mermaids are totally real and anyone that tried to tell her otherwise was simply too negative to be involved with, and number two her boss Bucky Barnes is absolutely perfect, yet also the grumpiest man on the planet.

She had begun working for him two years ago, fresh out of university studies and determined to find that perfect job that would feed her soul, Barnes Limited Worldwide, the giant among giants of the publishing world, had that perfect job and she was enjoying the perks of being Buckys assistant, with work that included reading different drafts of new and upcoming authors and even some of the best authors out there, accompanying him to book launches and simply just being able to curl up at home with a really great draft, a warm beverage in hand, her cat at her feet and being lost in an amazing book.

So yes, the job really is amazing and Bucky is a great boss, truly he is. It's just sometimes their personalities clash a little bit. Bucky is cynical, grumpy and does not believe in love while Y/n is not like that at all, she believes in love and romance and happy ever afters, a trait that irks her boss to no end. She always finds the positives in every situation, no matter how negative and always, likes to see the good in people. Also despite the fact, she and Bucky are total opposites she has been in love with Bucky since she first met him, even if he is utterly oblivious to that fact.

"Y/n". Bucky interrupts her thoughts, standing at her desk, blue eyes filled with annoyance. "I've been calling you for two whole minutes, where is your head at today?". She blushes ( head in the clouds), her friends would usually say to her as she had a penchant for daydreaming a lot, Nat and Wanda always reiterated that it was cute as she just spaces out in her own little world. However, at work and now with her boss glowering down at her it was definitely not cute and, she scrambles to get her work face on and smiles at him. "Sorry, sir, it won't happen again. What can I help you with? ". He frowns and leans against her desk before asking all business-like.
"Did you read all those drafts I gave you last night?". Y/n beams at him and immediately begins to talk about her reaction to each one. "Oh yes sir, I already have a few favourites and I really do think the authors have got that it factor, that you always look for". He regards her shrewdly for a moment and sighs.

"Okay, Y/n what's your favourite one? I mean if I had to hazard a guess...". He trails off and she immediately begins to show him her favourite. It's a sweet, little love story that is as beautiful as it was hilarious and uplifting. She had truly enjoyed the plot and couldn't wait to tell Bucky how special it was to her.

"Well if you guessed Love Is then you guessed correctly, it was just so sweet, beautiful and uplifting, all at once. I really believe the author will do well with this". He rolls his eyes but a tiny smile forms on his features.

"Of course, the one I hate with a passion is the one that you adore. Who would have guessed it? but Y/n really? It's idealistic, romantic nonsense. What's so special about that?". She bites her lip knowing that he wouldn't understand. Love and romance don't exactly go hand in hand with Bucky.

"Sir, it really is a beautiful romance and so wonderfully written, I truly believe this author is something special". He pauses, then relents.

"Okay, fine I'll give it one more chance but I'm not promising anything". Pleased at least he is willing to look at it again, she carries on with her work for the day.

X x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

After lunch, Bucky calls Y/n again to check for any more meetings that he has this week and when she tells him he has one on Friday with Thor and Loki for a new brand deal between the companies his mood sours.

"Oh for fuc...". He composes himself. "Make it a half an hour meeting, too much time with Loki gives me a headache and I don't like the way he looks at you either". Y/n smiles secretly thrilled by this. Bucky has always been protective of her, even if her hopelessly romantic and idealistic personality did irk him at times, he always makes sure she is happy and resolutely hated Loki putting the moves on her or trying to poach her for his and Thor's company.

"I'm not so easily swayed by a handsome face sir" she assures him, well maybe his handsome face but that's it, definitely not Loki's. Relaxing at her words, he sits back down at his desk and then asks in his usual brusque tone.

"Get me a coffee then come and help me read over this draft, I would really like your opinion on it". She nods racing up, knocking over her chair in haste, Bucky who is so used to her clumsiness by now barely bats an eyelid and just hides a small smile which makes her blush even more.

She remembers the time, a little while ago when Brock Rumlow a manager for a different publishing firm was here at the company for a week. Goodness he was an awful, rude man and spent the entirety of that week running Y/n ragged even though she explicitly stated she only worked for Bucky.

Deliberately ignoring her, Brock still ordered her around and threatened to tell Bucky she was a rude and disobedient worker if she kept back chatting him and so despite wanting to give Brock a piece of her mind, she didn't want to let Bucky down and spent the week running extra errands to the point she was exhausted and tripped down a flight of stairs in a hurry to get all of the extra work done and ended up busting her lip and above her eyebrow quite badly.

Bucky was absolutely furious, god she had never heard him yell like that at anyone before, and even though Brock tried to blame the accident on her clumsiness, Bucky wasn't having it and upon helping her get patched up was so gentle and kind. Moments like that were what made Y/n fall in love with him, the caring, sweet side people rarely got to see.

She gets his coffee and some tea for herself lost in thought as she watches Bucky for a moment. He truly is perfect and has a beautiful heart despite the fact he tries to portray that he doesn't have one. That's exactly why she has her secret mission which is called Operation Bucky Barnes. It's her own small mission to find the soft side of Bucky and to show him how beautiful love truly is, even though she's only ever been in love once and it's with him she still remains determined to show him the joy and wonder of it, even if he is absolutely stubborn Y/n likes a challenge and she's never backed down from one yet.

X x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x. X x x x x x x x x x x