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The Loud House - The Lincoln Lovers

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[Chapter 3 - Brianna Buttowski]

Sometime later Lola has enter the Miss America contest and one of the young guest judges is a girl from the town of Mellowbrook named Brianna Buttowski, she’s the younger sister of Clarence aka Kick Buttowski. To assure that she wins Lola asked Lincoln to pay Brianna a visit at her Hotel room.

Once Lincoln enter the Hotel Brianna is staying at he asked the lobby what room she’s in, he been told that she’s on the 5th floor. Thus Lincoln head up to room 507 and knocked on the door. As the door opens Lincoln sees a girl who is about the same age as he is.

”Hi are you Brianna Buttowski?” Lincoln asked

Brianna respond, “Yes, who’s asking?”

”I’m Lincoln Loud, my sister Lola is one of the entries in the Miss America Contest and---”

Brianna places her hand over Lincoln’s Mouth, “Did my brother send you?”

”Your Brother…. I don’t even know who your brother is anyway mind of I come in” Lincoln asked

Brianna let Lincoln inside her room as he close the door behind him he see one of the trophies Brianna won years before “So you’re into those pageant contests too huh?”

”Yeah I enter a few back when I was a kid so what’s your sister’s name.” Brianna asked

”Her Name is Lola and she asked to let you know that--”

Brianna held her hand out, “I had a feeling something like this would, In fact I did some favors to some of the judges before. Look Lincoln I see where this going and I want you to know that I don’t just get with anyone, I have standards.”

Lincoln move toward Brianna and pulled her into a kiss, she felt his tongue touching her own, Brianna then places her hand over Lincoln’s pants and unzip them pulling out his dick and begun to stroke “You’re think Big, is this on your dad’s side of the Family?” she asked

”Who knows maybe.” Lincoln asked

Brianna sat Lincoln on the bed while she took off her Jacket and shirt then remove her bra. Lincoln stared right at Brianna’s Breast. Next she pulled off Lincoln’s pants and underwear, Brianna got on her knees and took Lincoln’s dick into her mouth, Brianna bobs her head up and down getting as much of Lincoln’s dick as she could into her mouth.

After awhile Lincoln knew what was next as took out a condom to put over his dick, after he did that Brianna got right on top of him. He held his dick up to allow Brianna to lower herself as his dick slide into Brianna’s pussy. As Brianna got Lincoln’s dick inside her, her hymen burst.

”Ohhhh this better then using the vibrator my mom had.” Brianna said as she paid to attention to the pain she felt blood slip out of her pussy.

”Wait you were a virgin, but didn’t you say you did this before?” Lincoln asked

”No silly I was 7 years old at the time, my dad and my brothers would go after that guys of they tried that, consider yourself lucky Lincoln Loud, you have the honor have deflowering me.” Brianna then lower herself down onto Lincoln to kiss him, then Lincoln grabs Brianna’s butt with back hands. Brianna began moving her body up and down and Lincoln’s dick they repeated this trying to bring each other to their climax.

Brianna sat up and Lincoln move his hands on her hips continuing the pleasure “Lincoln I’m about to Cum!”

”Here it comes.” Lincoln said

Lincoln finally let out his load, Brianna held her head up after awhile she fell right on Lincoln’s chest after their lovemaking Lincoln lay down with Brianna beside him. Lincoln then text Lola letting her know that it’s been taking care of.

[Chapter 4 - Keiko]

A Young Japanese American Girl named Keiko Samanosuke return home after spending the day with her friend, after entering the Bathroom she took off her clothes and step into the shower she eyes closed as the water run down her body.

After she got out of the shower when return to her room and lay down on her bed recalling meeting a white hair boy passing her back while she was on her stake board. The next day Keiko got on her School Uniform and made her way to School holding her backpack in one hand. As she enters the school grounds she sees the same White hair boy, it never cross her mind that she attends the same School he attends.

Another then she found out is that she’s in the same homeroom as him. Later that afternoon the bell rings and Lincoln gets up from his seat he sees a note with his name on it. It asking him to come to the ground floor. Lincoln decided to head to the ground floor of the Building, He been told by Luna that’s there’s a big room down there where some of her classmate went to make out during prom night. It’s a wonder that the current principal never been told about this.

As Lincoln enter the ground floor he look around and see Keiko “You finally showed up.” she said

Then Lincoln respond, “You’re that girl from homeroom, what made you wanna speak to me.”

Keiko replied, “I have seen you with your friends once before, I didn’t even notices until know. Anyway how many girls have you been with?”

”Wait what are you applying.” Lincoln asked

Keiko grab Lincoln’s tie and pulled him toward her and the two kisses and with that, Lincoln got an erection in which Keiko places her hand over his dick when she unzip his pants “So this is the Log I been true rumors about.”

”Have some one of sisters been talking?” Lincoln asked

Gazing at it Keiko took a firm grip of Lincoln’s dick, as she jerks him off Lincoln begins moan. Next she got on her knees and began licking around shaft, once she starts sucking his dick. Afterward she pulled off her panties and turned around and lean her against a wall he speared her pussy from behind and without hesitating enter his dick right into her ass

With his hands on Keiko’s hips Lincoln thrust deep into her, He gave big thrusts into her tight ass, once she loosen up it made it easy for Lincoln to pumped her harder and faster

”Oh my god, fuck my ass!”

”Here it comes, I’m about to Cum!”

After one big thrust he pulled out and shot his load all around Keiko Butt cheeks “Looks like I found my 2nd main lover.” Lincoln said

”Thanks Lincoln.” Keiko said