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The Loud House - The Lincoln Lovers

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[Chapter 1 - Ronnie-Anne Santiago]
(Lincoln’s POV)

Today Lincoln Loud, age 14 is home by himself, His parents are on their 2nd honey moon while his sisters are spending time with their friends and Clyde is on a road trip with his two dads. Being board he decided to call Ronnie-Anne. About Two hours later Ronnie-Anne came over and she told Lincoln she got something special for him since it’s just him by himself.

(I know that some of you are looking to see me fuck some of my sisters, if so you’re gonna have fine another story to read because there won’t be any Incest here. For this story it’ll be me getting on with girls who are not related to me at all. The first girl I hit it off is Ronnie-Anne of course, it began when my parents Rita and Lynn Loud Sr plan to go off to their 2nd Honeymoon, Lori just left to the city to see Bobby, Leni is going to a sleepover, Luna is currently on the road trip with her band, Lynn is on at a game out of state, Lucy is visiting one of her friends and as for Lola, Lana, Lisa and Lily Lola has a sleepover of her own however she has to take Lana, Lisa and Lily with her. As for me I have the home to myself for the time being, I put on my PS4 and put on CTR, after a few races I got bored since I beaten adventure mode at 100% for like 5 times. With Clyde is on the road trip with his dads, I called Ronnie-Anne and ask if she want to hang out for a while. To my surprise and kinda of a shock she agreed. It took her about two years to get here by bus from the city when she did. She told me she got something special for me since it’s I’m by myself for a while. )

And hour later Lincoln woke up and began looking for Ronnie-Anne, he turn to his right and see a note, he reads it telling him to come to his Room. Lincoln went up to his room, once he step inside Ronnie-Anne close the door her hair was down and is wearing a gray see through Nightgown

(After I took a nap for an hour a woke up to fine a note from Ronnie-Anne telling me to come to my room, I didn’t think of it at first, once I went up to my room and walked to heard the door close behind me. I turned around to see Ronnie-Anne with her hair down and wearing a Nightgown she wasn’t wearing any bra or Panties, I asked her here she got it from, she told me that it’s one of her mother’s._)

Lincoln turned around and said, “Ronnie-Anne where you get that Nightgown?”

”It’s one of my mom’s nightgowns.” Ronnie-Anne said

”Do she know that you---”

(Just when I was about to ask if her mom know she grabbed me by my shirt and pulled me toward her, from there she kissed me, this remind me of that that time when Lori made me go on that double Date, I remember kissed her, I think she waited to return that favor. After that I found myself on my bed and Ronnie-Anne was all over me, This my sound hypercritical back when I was younger I once said Ronnie-Anne and I are not Boyfriend and Girlfriend. Then I recalled that Danny Fenton and Sam Manson once said that same thing back when they were in High School. Even Lori told me about that when she told me that Paulina’s lost slowly became Sam’s gain. Now that I’m older I gave in to my urge to fuck Ronnie-Anne)

Ronnie-Anne grabs Lincoln by his shirt, pulled him towards her and began kissing. As this kissing continues the two fall onto the bed with Lincoln laying on his back and Ronnie-Anne right on top of him. Afterward Lincoln has remove his clothes until he’s strip down to his underwear. As he took a look at Ronnie-Anne cause Lincoln’s dick to get all hard.

(I got up and Quickly remove my shirt and pants until I’m down to my underwear. Ronnie-Anne just sat there as my dick gotten hard just be looking at her. She went over to where I am and place her hand over my dick as she stroke my stuff I return the favor with a kiss.)

”I see you’re liking what you see Linc.” Ronnie-Anne sees Lincoln’s dick sticking out of of his underwear. She raise her hand and began to stroke Lincoln’s harden dick as Lincoln lend over in and kiss her

(Ronnie-Anne sat back down on the bed from there I spread her legs and stuck my finger into her pussy, as I stick is into her I notice that she gotten wet. When I said that it looks like she’s ready for me, she told me to shut it and give her the log, which is nickname of this long dick of mine.)

Ronnie-Anne sat down on the bed and Lincoln spread her legs, he sticks his right index finger into her pussy sliding it in and out of her

”You’re starting to get wet, It looks that you’re ready.” Lincoln said

”Stop talking and give me that log.” Ronnie-Anne said

(Before I did anything else I grabbed a condom and put it over my dick then I got in front of Ronnie-Anne as my Dick slowly entered her Pussy responded by warp her leg around my butt pulling me into her, I can tell that I complete tore into her hymen as I deflower her, from the look on her face I can tell also she scratched my back with hand before putting her arms over my neck)

”Alright here I come.” Lincoln takes a condom and pulled it over his dick and move in position in front of Ronnie-Anne he takes his dick and enters Ronnie-Anne’s pussy, as he went deep inside Ronnie-Anne wraps her legs around his buttocks and her arms around his back.

Lincoln began moving his body thrusting his dick into her making Ronnie-Anne moan and groan after awhile Lincoln gave her a good kiss on the right side of her face.

(Once the Pain died down I began thrusting I could hear Ronnie-Anne Moaning during all of this I gave her a another kiss on the right side of her face. Next it’s Ronnie-Anne’s turn as I was on my back and she got on top of me putting my dick back into her she quickly mover her body while I have my hands on her beast it didn’t took my long for me to reach my climax)

Next Lincoln lay flat on his back, Ronnie-Anne lowered herself right on top of him with his dick re-entering her pussy, once she got his dick inside her she began moving her body up and down while Lincoln has his hands on her breast. He squeezes them making her scream in ecstasy

”Ahhh I’m about to cum!” Lincoln shouted as he release his load, Ronnie-Anne fell on her back as the two began panting and catching their breaths.

(I felt my dick let put my semen, luckily I had a condom on so there’s no risk, As Ronnie-Anne reach her Climax she fell on her back after we took this time to catch our breaths, once we did that I took the condom off my dick and put it in the trash.)

[Chapter 2 - Girl-Jordon]

Two weeks later Lincoln is invited to a Pool Part hosted by Girl-Jordon, the last one he and his friend been to didn’t turn out well. But this time things will be different for Lincoln Loud. As soon as Lincoln enter the party Girl-Jordon grabs his arm and without anyone noticing she lead him into one of the guest rooms inside her house and lock the door behind her.

Once the two are alone Girl-Jordon starts kissing Lincoln, wrapping her arms around him “Hey what’s this all of a sudden?” Lincoln asked

Girl-Jordon starts removing her bikini top “I want you.”

”You what me, but aren’t you dating what’s his na---ohhhhhhh” Lincoln moans once he sees Girl-Jordon giving him a Boobjob.

”You don’t have to worry about what his name, he don’t have a dick as big as your.” Girl-Jordon said

After giving Lincoln that Boobjob Lincoln took off his swim shorts and Girl-Jordon remove the bottom part of her Bikini, she then got on her knees and took Lincoln’s dick into her mouth. Lincoln place his hands on her hands as she sucks his dick.

”Slow down you sucking my dick that fast is gonna make me cum.” Lincoln said

Girl-Jordon said, “Oh no you don’t Lincoln, Don’t let it out just yet.” she then turned around and held her butt up toward Lincoln who is stroking his dick.

”Okay here I go?” Lincoln position himself behind Girl-Jordon and slowly inserts his dick into her pussy.

Girl-Jordon felt Lincoln’s Dick go all into her. “Ohh yes, this what a dick suppose to feel like, now give it me!” Girl-Jordon shouted

”Hey keep it down everyone is gonna hear us.” Lincoln said

Lincoln start thrusting his penis into her pussy Girl-Jordon began moaning with each thrust Lincoln makes. few minutes as Lincoln began Thrusting his dick much faster driving Girl-Jordon crazy. As soon as he notices Lincoln can feel himself about to cum

”I’m coming!” Lincoln shouted

”Cum on my body!” Girl-Jordon shouted

As Lincoln pulled out Girl-Jordon turned around, as soon as Lincoln held his dick with his right hand he shoots his load all over Girl-Jordon beast as face. Afterward Lincoln sat her on his lap as he takes a towel to wipe off the semen

”Thanks I really needed that.” Girl-Jordon said

”So you wanna let me why you broke up with your Ex?” Lincoln asked

Just then the two heard a unfamiliar voice “Where’s Jordan!”

”Oh no who let him in here?” Girl-Jordon put on a spare swim suit and step back outside

Lincoln peek out the door and see someone with yellow hair all nude “Is that your Ex?”

”Jordan how could you leave me, look at me I have a dick as big as any guy here!”

”You still have your foreskin!” She said

”It’s not my fault!”

just then Girl-Jordan’s father rushed in “Hey you what the hell are you doing crashing my daughter’s party I’m gonna kick your naked ass you sicko!!”

Lincoln, Clyde, Liam, Rusty and Zach step back as Girl-Jordan’s father wailed on the guy before tossing him into a open trash pin