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Meet Me On The Battlefield

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“When I was younger, I was named

A generation unafraid.

For heirs to come, be brave,

And meet me on the battlefield.”



I own nothing. Least of all this.




It was finished. 

She was safe. He couldn’t hurt her again, now or ever. 

They’d probably find his body tomorrow. And if not, well, I’m sure a certain note would point them in the right direction.

I think it's safe to say this is not how I thought my day would end: staring over the edge of a cliff, mentally preparing myself to jump. Still, could be worse, I suppose. I could have failed. In which case, he would still be walking free, I’d be either arrested or dead, and She would most definitely not be safe. I’d call it a success that none of the afore-mentioned occurrences had, well, occurred. 

So what if it cost my life? I was going out on my own terms. No prison for me, thank you very much. I already knew Hell had a reservation in my name, and I’m not the sort to check in late.

“A soul, for a soul.” is what Red Skull had said.

My soul for Hers. I’d call that a more than worthy trade. 

Look at me, finally having a Dean Winchester moment. Trust my life it’d be one of these. The only difference is, for me, there won’t be coming back. And there definitely won’t be any angels, from this world or any other, to drag me up again. 

I was stalling. Earthquakes aside, that ground wasn’t gonna slam into me of its own accord. It was time to pay the man. I took a deep breath. Let it out slowly.

And jumped. 

The wind blurred my eyes, yet the world had never seemed clearer. The ground seemed to race ever faster towards me. A thought flew through my head: “I wonder, will it be friends with me?” I smiled. Trust Douglas Adams to have the perfect words.

The rocks at the bottom loomed, larger and larger, and between them, growing, was…..

A Crack.

The Crack.

The Crack at the End of the Universe.

The Crack caused specifically by the End of the Universe.

Universe-ending Crack.

That Crack.

And I was falling straight into It.

As my feet touched the light, two final things flashed through my mind:

  1. It was June 26th.
  2. Bollocks.