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My muse is found

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Jing Ran was invited to one exhibition of new artists about painting. He was very intrigued because people thought he could be the future rising star of painting. He was called Yang Xiuxian
And he was also wondering if his painting could be okay to go to some house he will design.

When he saw some of the paintings, he understands totally his talent.
He placed one chip on one of them because it's was interesting.
But Yang Xiuxian have seen him and said "I'm sorry but the painting is not finished I can't give you the painting who is not finished" Yang Xiuxian was very sorry about that. He was a little sad but have also given him one smile.

Jing Ran was a little sad but it's was okay, he will have other opportunities to see more exhibitions of him.

Then some days later Jing Ran was at one bar/restaurant and meet again Yang Xiuxian

"Hello," said Yang Xiuxian with a smile


They talked a little where Yang Xiuxian have buy him another drink, Jing Ran wanted so much to ask the question so he asked

"The painting is finished? So I could maybe buy it…"

"I'm sorry, it's still not finished" and then Yang Xiuxian finishes to serve other people.

Jing Ran have discovered that he had a double job and also that he was drinking a lot, he doesn't know why but he wanted to take care of this one.
This guy looked friendly, fun. He just missed maybe someone, because he looked lonely at the exhibition.

When he finished his job Yang Xiuxian was so drunk, he shouldn't have drink what was in the glasses of everyone, and this guy Jing Ran makes him uncomfortable, not in a bad way, but more in the way "I wish I could paint him, I'm sure he is beautiful even without his clothes" and he was having a crush on this guy that he met twice.

Then he saw him outside the bar and was with his car and say "I don't think you can walk in your state, let me take care of you"

Yang Xiuxian says nothing because it's way too long since someone have take care of him like this, he was not at his home, but he doesn't care as long he could see this guy.
After he have nobody here and nobody wait for him.

When they arrive at the home of Jing Ran, he said "I'm gonna give you some stuff"

So Jing Ran have prepared light food, water and also aspirin. And then he said "I will put it on the bedside"

Yang Xiuxian say slowly "Thank you"

It's also been a long time since he doesn't have a nice bed, so he enjoyed it. He thought he was in the bed of Jing Ran but no.

"It's one spare room if you come here a lot it's could be your room," said softly and very low voice.

Jing Ran thought he wouldn't see him the next day when he returns from work, but he was surprised he was at the stairs.

"Can I live with you, I don't have a home except one studio where the bed is not really great, but your bed is better"

Jing Ran pat his hair and say "Come"

They were preparing dinner when Yang Xiuxian have tried to help him.

"I could cook for you if you wish if we live together" say Yang Xiuxian

"I want to propose you something," said Jing Ran while they were eating

"What it is?" said Yang Xiuxian

"We can be roommates, where you have your space, I'm not asking you for money…"

"But if I want to pay you?" ask Yang Xiuxian

"I have enough money for both of us"

"I don't want to be redeemable, so can I help maybe doing the cooking and stuff like this"

"If you want," said Jing Ran with a smile

While they were cleaning the dishes Yang Xiuxian kisses him, he really wanted to kiss him for telling thanks.
And it's true that Yang Xiuxian found that Jing Ran is quite one handsome man, and he could be the man who could maybe motivate him to paint again.

When he finished kissing Jing Ran, he thought it's would be awkward because they meet only for two weeks, it's was just a crush. He was okay with dealing with one unrequired crush.
So he said, "I'm sorry…"

But he was so surprised when Jing Ran have kissed him back.
And Jing Ran tell him "I wanted you since the exhibition"

They have slept in the same bed where Jing Ran has shown that he cared about Yang Xiuxian and what could be love and be loved.

The next day when Jing Ran wakes up he found Yang Xiuxian in his underwear and painting and when he saw Jing Ran he smile, he run to kiss him and say "You gave me inspiration for paint again, thank you so much"

Jing Ran was eating breakfast and he couldn't stop smiling while he watched Yang Xiuxian painting where he goes to kiss his neck.

"I'm glad I could give you back the inspiration"

Some weeks later the project is finished and Yang Xiuxian tell to Jing Ran "This is for you and it's could be well for your home"

Jing Ran kissed him and say "Our home"

They spend the night together in the same bed where for the first time Jing Ran accepted to not be one top because Yang Xiuxian wanted to worship him by kissing him everywhere and he also wanted to show him he is a great lover.

Ending/Omake :

Yang Xiuxian was full of inspiration thanks to Jing Ran where he has painted him with clothes and then he asked him "I want to paint you naked"

Jing Ran become red and blushing and answer "Why?"

"Because you are too handsome, and don't worry I will not share this painting it's will be private," he said with one wink.