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Family: Being Loved No Matter What

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Jane lay in bed, a blanket huddled around her as she tired to control her shaky sobs. Slowly, she attempted to take deep breaths in and out as quietly as she could.

This was becoming a common occurrence. This was the sixth time that Jane had found herself like this within the past two weeks. Each time, it seemed to get worse.

For the past two weeks, Jane has been having these dreams- though they were more like memories- about H-him. She wasn’t sure why or what had brought them on. All she knew was that she was getting less and less sleep. And it was starting to show.

Jane has noticed the concerned glances that Kat and Aragon occasionally sent her when she’d zone out of a conversation. Jane knew that they were worried. Which is why she constantly acted as though she was perfectly fine. Even if that was the furthest thing from the truth. But she couldn’t let any of the other queens worry about her. Especially not when she was the ‘mum’ of the group.

Which is why Jane lay in bed alone, crying to herself quietly at 4:00am. She tried to make herself drift back to sleep so that she could at least rest for a couple more hours. But she just couldn’t.

After being unable to sleep for about another hour, Jane decided to head downstairs.

Quietly, she crept down to the living room, at to not wake the others. Usually, Jane quite enjoyed a bit of peace and quiet. But now, the silence of the house seemed to hold an uncomfortable tension that Jane couldn’t seem to shake.

Deciding to make the most this rare alone time, Jane began to clean the living room, later moving onto the kitchen.

The whole time, Jane was on a totally different planet. Her mind was battling with a million different thoughts. No matter where her thoughts went, though, Henry was constantly in the back of her mind.

Jane actually thought about their past life a lot more than she let on. She would think about her Edward practically everyday. She also thought about Henry. And all of the pain that he caused her, and so many others. This was a realisation that she’d come to in this life.

If she was honest, Jane just didn’t feel like she deserved to have those feelings. Not when her fellow queens had experienced so much worse. It’s not like she could admit to those feelings anyway. Not when she was ‘the only one he truly loved’, right?

Finishing her cleaning, jane Chechen the time. It had just gone 7:10. Sighing, Jane sat down on the sofa, resting her head in her hands. She was so consumed in her own thoughts that she didn’t even hear the footsteps coming down the stairs. Nor did the realise when she was joined by another queen.

‘Jane?’ A voice called gently. Her head snapped to attention. Jane’s eyes were met by the concerned gaze of Catherine of Aragon. With great effort, Jane forced a weak smile.

‘Morning, love.’ Jane stood to fetch the Spanish queen some tea. She didn’t get very far, though, before Aragon gently grabbed her arm. Internally, Jane scolded herself for flinching at the touch, Hope no that Catherine didn’t notice. If she did, she didn’t say anything about it.

‘Are you okay, love?’ The term of endearment slipping out naturally. Unable to form a coherent answer, Jane just nodded her head, painting a smile on her face. Aragon said nothing more about it. Instead, she just helped the third queen get breakfast ready.

Breakfast went as usual. Although, Jane didn’t miss the worried glances that Aragon occasionally threw her way. Jane just made an extra effort to keep a smile on her face and not alert her fellow queens to her own problems. However, Jane could never have foreseen the mess that this would turn into.