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“Yes, Goddess”

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People of various shapes and sizes spread themselves thin across the modern and classy waiting room. Vegeta sat there himself, tail tightly wound his waist, staring blankly at the wall. Though the Saiyan looked calm and collected on the surface, inside, he was a raging storm of nerves, his senses taking in every little thing around him. The idle chit chat of previously visited patrons sitting near him. The woman in bright blue spandex behind the front desk typing away on the computer stationed there. The smack of a whip three doors down and the hisses or moans of whatever man was on the receiving end.

How the fuck did I get here?

He knew exactly how that happened. It was no mystery.

One night. Vegeta had been scrolling through Facebook and came across a ‘bound in discussions’ group that regularly talked about taboo activities such as those practiced here. He was no virgin though his lack of satisfying sexual experiences made him wonder for years if something was wrong with him. He could please a woman, for sure, but could rarely get off himself. Maybe it was from years of treatment under those tyrants in the service; it made anything remotely gentle hardly felt. But some of the topics the admins of that group put up for discussion and exploration sounded attractive to him. Less and less, as he sat in the community as a passive bystander, did he stop saying ‘not my kink’ and more ‘would be willing to try.’

But he didn’t know how to get started, at first. He thought maybe he’d go to one of those parties the books talk about. Or find someone specific to ask on a date, though that always felt more like an interview for ‘do your kinks match mine.’ But both sounded way too intimidating. Vegeta was never one to back down from a challenge, but how could he explain to someone else what he liked if he didn’t know in the slightest?

Not to mention that the Saiyans that makeup 2% of the world’s population are known for their incredible strength, violence, and tempers. Who’d want to partner up with a grumpy half-monkey that could kill you in one go?

So here he is. At a local dungeon, that felt more like a doctor’s office, aside from the scantily clad women behind the desk. He filled out as much as he could of the intake form - some people were fucking weird with what turned them on - and quietly yet impatiently waited for his name to be called.

His phone buzzed.


IDIOT: What are you doing?

V: None of your business. What do you want?

IDIOT: I found another chick for you! Want me to send her digits?


Vegeta grit his teeth in embarrassed irritation and quickly stuffed his phone in his jean pocket. Raditz was always known for meddling where he didn’t belong, his love life included. He wasn’t interested in finding a mate anytime soon. Shit, if this worked out, he probably wouldn’t need to.

“Vegeta Ouji?”

He looked at the redhead in white leather that called his name. She held a clipboard and a broad smile. His mouth thinned to a grim line as he stood and walked up to her spot at the front desk.

“You see, Mr. Ouji, we offer a few dommes that may fit what you’re looking for,” the female explained. “Take a look at their profiles here and let me know once you’ve made your selection. If one doesn’t end up working out, you can always come back and try another.”

He gave a deep grunt in response, looking through the black and white headshots of the women in front of him. All were explicitly for ‘baby’ participants or those brand new to their service. Very few offered actual sexual release, though. The frown on Vegeta’s face grew. He turned the page and was met with a pair of brilliant eyes, shining through the crappy ink of the page.


Dr. Bulma Briefs. 5’5”. 175 lbs. Scientist. Heiress. Soft mommy and hardcore domme. Willing to work with different species. Consensual gratification allowed. Will allow play outside of the premises under exceptional circumstances.


He could feel his face flushing as Vegeta read through her list of kinks. The thought of anyone - let alone this tiny female - doing these acts to him sent an unusual shiver down his spine. His tail tightened around his waist, the hair bristling.

Before he could talk himself out of it, Vegeta picked her headshot out and gave it to the receptionist. After setting up a payment method and finishing some other paperwork, she finally looked at the headshot he picked. “Oh! You picked Dr. Briefs! Excellent choice. You’ll need to complete an additional interview with her individually before you set up any playtime.”

His brow furrowed. “And what does that entail?”

She gave a knowing smile. “That’s between you and her.”

The hairs on the back of his neck stood up as she led him down the hall to a broad set of double doors. The redhead pressed the intercom next to the door, “Dr. Briefs, you have a new patient.”

Buzz. Click.

The doors barely opened, gently. She waved Vegeta ahead with an amused grin. He gulped and walked through the doors.