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Strawberry kisses

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It's was the New Year Eve they had both finished their obligation to do and they finally reunite at home.
Where they have kissed when they were reunited, they were watching the rest of the celebration about New Year's Eve.

"I think I have some strawberry left, do you want to eat them too" ask Zhu Yi Long

"Yes if I can kiss you like this too" and Bai Yu take one strawberry and put it in his mouth while kissing Zhu Yi Long.

"Our lips will taste like strawberry"

They spend the rest of night like this watching TV while eating and kissing with Strawberry.
Then near the New Year Countdown they goes at the balcony of their flat and watch the firework while having their hand linked.

"I'm glad I'm with you this year and I hope for many years later" said Bai Yu"

"It's forever now together" said Zhu Yi Long while pointing the wedding ring

"Yes totally together, you had one wonderful proposal who was really romantic and 100 times better than some you do in series," say Bai Yu while Laughing

Bai Yu liked to bully a little Zhu Yi Long because he knew he would make him blush.

Then the countdown happen and at the time it's was near year they shared a kiss.

"Happy New Year, my love," said Zhu Yi Long

"Happy New Year, my beloved," said Bai Yu

Later at night after they made love they call them each other "My husband and my forever lover"