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Heart's Content

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"I might not ever leave this spot." Gail declared as the slightly drunken sunlight staggered through the curtains slowly prancing across the room in the early morning hour.

"Mmm, well I think that we would need to wash the sheets at some point." kissing the soft, tender spot along the cop's neck, one that she is now very familiar with after last night's adventures.

"No, this spot." pulling Holly's arms around her tighter as she lies reclining backward against the doctor's chest, "In your arms, I could stay here forever."

Holly is quiet for a moment; her chin rests effortlessly atop Gail's head.

"I never thought I would find you. That the love of my life would arrive like a bat out of hell on a motorcycle veering off a crowded highway and straight into my life and my heart. I can't believe how lucky I am that it's me who gets the opportunity to love you, and I do. I love you, Gail."

As parade wraps up Gail swaggers over to the call board taking a peek at who she will be spending the day with on patrol when her eyes are transported to a list taped to the side of the wall with Holly's name neatly typed under the category, "Forensics".

"Good, God." she mutters out loud.

"Geez Gail, is it really that bad to ride with me?" as Dov walks toward the blonde.

"Worse. Oh, and morning newsflash for you Epstein we are not eating lunch at that awful sushi place on Queen" Gail informs Dov as she turns to leave.

Following behind the blonde, "It was one time Gail and you don't know that is what actually made you sick, I mean who eats cheese puffs with sushi?"

Thundering across the room, "PECKSTEIN!"

Both Gail and Dov stop in their tracks turning in unison toward Oliver's voice.

"I need you both to check out the abandon Simcoe warehouse down on Lakefront, there have been reports of suspicious activity during the day."

"You got it, sir. We will take care of it."

"I am counting on it Epstein." draining the remaining lukewarm coffee in his cup.

"I am going to grab my bag; I will meet you out back." Gail fishes for her phone as she heads to the locker room.

Running a finger over the four letters before punching the call button, Gail can't help smile at the voice she is about to hear.

"I miss you."

"Then you should have dinner with me." The cop responds as she traces the outline of the dark blue metal rivets on her locker.

"Can you pick me up after shift, I miss being on the back of your bike."

"My bike misses you too, I should be there by 7:00 is that okay?"


Ending the call Gail lets her head gently fall into the locker door in front of her; every inch of her body feels tingly like the tiny bubbles that fly to the top of a freshly opened bottle of champagne. She might explode if she lets herself think too much about Holly, so the cop decides to bring herself back down to reality with the thought of riding around all day with Epstein.

The shift is routine for the most part, no dice with any action on the Simcoe warehouse and the rest of the day was filled with domestic calls, routine traffic stops and one especially colorful disturbance call from a bar owner whose husband found his cheating wife drinking with her much younger boyfriend and promptly took the wife outside handcuffing her to a stop sign before heading back into the bar and beating the boyfriend with a beer bottle.

The officers begin the ride back to the station so they can start work on the mountain of paperwork that comes with the bar fiasco. Gail wonders if she should tell Dov about Holly. Maybe she should start slow, really slow. She thinks on it for several minutes before speaking.

"So, I saw you signed up to play."

Dov nods, "Yep, I figure I could deal with seeing Sue on the field, there has been enough time that has passed, it should not be too awkward between us. Plus Chloe is really good, you should see her hit Gail, it's unbelievable what she can get on the ball."

"Does she hit the ball with that endless stream of hot air that seeps from her mouth?" Gail unwraps a piece of gum popping it in her mouth before neatly folding the wrapper into a small triangle.

"At least she can hit Gail."

"Yeah, about that I was wondering if I could ask you a favor."

Dov's head whips around, eyebrows raised, "You want to ask me a favor?"

"How about we don't act like I just asked for your left lung, okay? Christ Dov, I was wondering if you might be willing to help me…figure out…learn to…hit a ball." Gail regrets it before the words escape her mouth. Her right hand finds the temple that is already throbbing, she leans her head against the window with the thought of having just admitted to Dov that she needed help, his help.

Goofy grin plastered on his clean shaven face, "Let me get this straight, you want me to teach you how to hit so you can join our softball team for 15 division?"

Head still down, "Yes Dov, that is correct you get a shiny gold star for comprehension."

"I will do it under one condition."

"I am not going to hit you with the bat or ball Dove, I am not that bad."

"Oh you are every bit that bad, Gail. You are awful at sports, but you do put up a good front, I will give you that. The way you zip around on the bike no one would know you have the eye hand coordination of a drunken hobo."

"Fuck you, Epstein."

"I am kidding. Tell me why you want to play?"

There is a long silence. Gail chews on her bottom lip wondering what exactly to say, if she should mention the woman who has taken up shop in her thoughts night and day or if she should make up another reason. The thought of being dishonest about Holly makes her sad so before she knows it the words come out, "I want to play because my friend Holly is playing and I have a feeling she is really good. I don't want to look stupid if I sign up."

Dov keeps his eyes on the road, not sure what to make of Gail's confession but he knows her well enough to sense the tone that changed in her voice speaking of this friend. Gail Peck does not throw those bones out often, especially to Dov.

"Okay, you wanna start at the batting cages?"

Without looking at her partner, she gently punches his arm, "Yeah, maybe tomorrow after shift?"

"Yeah, that will work." Dov responds as he wonders what he has just gotten himself into.

Gail is leaning against her bike in the parking lot waiting for Holly when she see the sliding glass doors open and the doctor walking toward her. She is more beautiful than Gail remembers from just a few hours ago, the sun streaks down highlighting everything about her that Gail adores. She has on well-fitting jeans and a low cut grey sweater with her hair pulled back, and black tattered riding boots with just enough heel on them to make her tower a bit over the blonde. Gail can see the riding gloves she gave Holly as a present when she was undercover sticking out of her bag.

"Hi." Holly offers as she runs her eyes up and down Gail's body.

Stepping forward to close the distance between them, "Hi", and with that their mouths say what spoken words will not. The kiss is an invitation, a welcome mat, and a confession all rolled into one until they break apart only to let their eyes linger for another breathless moment.

Holly grabs her helmet off the back of the bike and proceeds to put her gloves on, swinging her long, lean legs over the bike.

"What are you doing?"

"I am driving; get your ass on the back of the bike."

"Whoa, Holly you can't drive we have not had any more lessons and we can get hurt, like really hurt."

Holly takes off her helmet and turns to Gail, "Do you trust me?"

Gail is not sure what to say, she does trust Holly but she also knows how hard it is to ride with someone on the back of a motorcycle. She likes Holly, but she also likes her ability to walk.

"Of course I do."

"Good. Don't forget to hold on…tight."

Gail honestly thinks she might have a heart attack, she is fully prepared for the bike to turn over the very second Holly tries to take off, that is if she can remember what side the clutch is on."

Gail slides in behind Holly their bodies fit together like perfect pieces of a timeless mosaic, the cop wraps her hands around Holly's waist and resists the urge to go lower. That will surely get us killed she tells herself thinking about Holly's attention span during their first lesson on the bike.

Before Gail knows what has happened they are speeding down the road, Holly is shifting gears like she has ridden this bike for years, having full control at stoplights and is beyond sexy shifting her weight as she leans into the turns taking the corners like a pro. Gail is shocked where in the hell did Holly learn to ride like this?

The bike stops at the familiar city view they have both come to love. Holly kills the engine and pushes herself off the bike, removing her helmet and letting her hair free. She wraps her arms around Gail and kisses her stunned lips. "Surprise!"

"I have been in a lot of scary situations Stewart but I am not sure any of them come close to the terror I felt when you started this bike." She pulls Holly forward by her shirt, running her hand up to the spot just under her jawline drawing her in close, drinking in the sparks flying from her mouth, as the sun sinks down like a ball of orange in the skyline behind them.

"How did you learn to ride like that?"


"Of course, Ira taught you. Who the hell is Ira?"

"Head security officer at the morgue, he told me if he could teach his 67 year old wife to ride, he could teach me. So he did. His bike is bigger than yours, but he is nowhere as sexy as you are getting on and off the bike."

"Well thank god I don't have to compete with a charming old fella named Ira and size is not everything or do I need to remind you of that…" kissing her forehead. He did a great job Holly, your fundamentals are solid. I am proud of you."

Land locked and starring into ocean blue eyes Holly takes a step forward bringing her lips to kiss the soft skin of Gail's cheek trailing up to her ear, whispering softly, "I am in love with you." Gail eyes dance as Holly's words wash over every inch of her, "I love you and your amazing bike riding ways Dr. Stewart."

Each time they kiss it's like the world stops and hearts open just a bit more, exposing the soft, tender underbelly that unravels slowly before each of them.

Gail begrudgingly pulls away, "Mmm as sweet as your kisses are you have to take me for food!

Holly can't resist pulling her back for one last kiss, "My pleasure."

The waitress struts toward their table with two plates, setting the giant burgers down in front of them.

"I am so hungry, lunch was like two years ago", as Gail shoves a piece of bacon into her mouth hanging off her sandwich.

"You do know that bacon is not actually one of the food groups, right?"

Scrunching up her face in total disbelief "Says who?"

Holly reaches for the ketchup, "Every board certified cardiologist in the world."

Stealing one of the doctor's French fries, "What do you know you work on dead people." shooting Holly a sweet grin followed by a sexy wink.

"Plus who ever heard of goat cheese and fig jam on a burger, that is like a huge insult to the cow, Holly."

Holding her burger out for Gail to try, "Well I don't ever turn down food…" she takes a giant bite and after a few questioning chews she swallows then holds her hands up, "that's it, I am done. You just order for me from now on. Gail reaches over and takes Holly's plate as she puts her own plate in front of Holly setting the gourmet burger down as she goes in for another bite. "Holy fuck this is good!"

Holly is laughing too hard to protest. "You are insane you know this, right?"

Cutting Gail's burger in half and picking off most of the bacon giving it back to the blonde, "How was your day?"

"Eh, nothing too exciting had to ride with Dov and he did not kill me by forcing me to eat lunch at a gross sushi place he likes, so that was good. Hey I have a question for you, did you happen to play sports growing up or were you just into doctory stuff?"

Holly takes a drink of her soda water thinking it over, "Well along with my vast doctory stuff, I did play basketball and softball in high school and softball all four years in undergrad."

"So were you good?"

"I guess so, I was one of the top hitters in the conference and not to toot my own horn but my record for pitching still has not been broken."

Gail stops mid chew and just stares at the beautiful woman in front of her.

"I actually wanted to tell you that I signed up for softball at work to play for the forensic team! I guess there are different teams for different divisions and they compete each week in a league?

Finally swallowing, "Wow, that is so great!"

Are you going to play?

"Totally! Hello? have you met me?"

Brushing her finger over the blonde's wrist and hooking their fingers together, "Good, but I am not sure I will be able to concentrate on anything but how amazing you will look on the field."

The cop's heart slowly sinks as she realizes that is probably the only hope she has of not looking like a total fool in front of Holly.

Gail drains the remaining beer in her bottle muttering, "Oh honey just you wait, you have not seen the likes of me on the field…"