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Billy Hargrove Gif Imagines

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-This is the 5th time you've caught him staring at you today

-You had to be honest you thought he was so fine

-But you also found it creepy that he was doing this

-He  smirks, looking up and down at you

-You were wearing a tank top with jean shorts

-You were looking like real good so in a way you couldn't blame him for staring but you still found it creepy

-"May I help you sir?" You yell

-He says nothing and licks his lips, smiling.

-His smile is infectious and charming

-Before he could do that, a little red head girl on a skateboard came up and that's when he started to leave

-You roll your eyes after what had just happened all day

-"Fucking weirdo, we're gonna have some problems"