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'cause you're the one i got.

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[dreamsmp3 created a group] 


dreamsmp3: is this thing on


ceo.ofpiano: omg


prideandprejudice2005: Is this all of us?


burninghill: AYO


goldfinches: Oh, hell. 


ceo.oflesbian: oh hellooo theo >:^)


dreamsmp3: catfight? so early? 


goldfinches: Catfight? Really, Boris?


ribsbylorde: don’t make me tap the sign


strawberryblondmp3: no flirting in the chat lads


burninghill: LAURIEEE NOO


ribsbylorde: i’m fucking dead holy shit


ceo.ofpiano: you did it! you killed him!


dreamsmp3: you are all so annoying


ceo.oflesbian: boris. you are lucky i am so merciful. 


goldfinches: What in the hell are you guys talking about?


ribsbylorde: ahem. 


ribsbylorde: boomer. 


ceo.oflesbian: boom roasted


goldfinches: I will leave. I’ll do it.


strawberryblondmp3: :(


dreamsmp3: don’t do that to laurie!


prideandprejudice2005: (Don’t do that to Boris.)


ribsbylorde: MEG. 


burninghill: PLEASE. do not do this to me tonight


ceo.oflesbian: yuh oh. we coming out on main?


ceo.ofpiano: eduardo didn’t come out? 


burninghill: EDUARDO DIDN’T COME OUT. 


prideandprejudice2005: Oh, so that’s allowed? We’re allowing that? 


dreamsmp3: is tuesday night?


burninghill: boris you cannot be drunk


dreamsmp3: no! what i cannot make a joke?


goldfinches: Stop talking about that movie. 


ceo.oflesbian: boo hoo


strawberryblondmp3: anyone in this thread smoke weed


prideandprejudice2005: No one answer that. 


ceo.ofpiano: drugs are bad for you!


ribsbylorde: really?


goldfinches: Had no idea. 


ceo.oflesbian: theo isn’t allowed to talk to beth anymore i’ve just decided 


goldfinches: I was joking!


ceo.oflesbian: gun emoji stay back slut 


dreamsmp3: theo is not a slut


goldfinches: Thanks for defending my honor, Boris. 


dreamsmp3: of course! what else are friends for?


burninghill: huh? what? where am i. 


ribsbylorde: jesus 


ceo.ofpiano: pfffffft


strawberryblondmp3: boris you’re such a genuine motherfucker 


dreamsmp3: thank you!


ribsbylorde: HAAA


strawberryblondmp3: see what i mean!


ceo.oflesbian: yes yes we all love boris


dreamsmp3: oh! i love all of you too! 


ceo.ofpiano: awe


ribsbylorde: all of us…. like every one of us…..


prideandprejudice2005: That is intentionally leading!


goldfinches: What is that leading into?


burninghill: none of you say a fucking word


dreamsmp3: huh?


goldfinches: I think they’re conspiring against us, Boris. 


ceo.ofpiano: we would never 


ceo.oflesbian: i would


strawberryblondmp3: we (jo excluded) would never 


ribsbylorde: jo isn’t that homophobic 


burninghill: AMYYY


burninghill: PLEASE


ribsbylorde: boris isn’t straight!


dreamsmp3: this is true


burninghill: yes but you know that’s not what you meant >:(


ceo.oflesbian: i think it’s about time we have this conversation…..


strawberryblondmp3: and we’re moving on


prideandprejudice2005: We can do this another day.  


goldfinches: I don’t like what any of you are suggesting. 


ceo.ofpiano: this groupchat has barely existed for an hour and it’s already a mess. i love it


ribsbylorde: you’re welcome!


ceo.oflesbian: hey i deserve a little credit


ceo.ofpiano: as a treat


strawberryblondmp3: as a treat


ceo.ofpiano: AYYYYY


dreamsmp3: nice


prideandprejudice2005: Nice. 


ribsbylorde: nice 


goldfinches: I have work tomorrow. 


ceo.ofpiano: goodnight theo !!


strawberryblondmp3: we’ll keep an eye on boris


ceo.oflesbian: no promises 


prideandprejudice2005: Talk to you tomorrow, Theo. I should probably turn in too. 


burninghill: awe :( goodnight you guys


[dreamsmp3 + goldfinches]


dreamsmp3: you okay potter?


goldfinches: Yes, I’m fine. I do actually have work in the morning. 


dreamsmp3: just making sure! goodnight potter! love you 


goldfinches: You too. 


[goldfinches + ceo.ofpiano]


goldfinches: Remind me to talk to you about something tomorrow. 


ceo.ofpiano: okay weirdo


ceo.ofpiano: sleep well! <3


goldfinches: :) <3


[dreamsmp3 + strawberryblondmp3]


dreamsmp3: is normal to tell friends i love you right?


strawberryblondmp3: absolutely


dreamsmp3: okay that is what i thought 


strawberryblondmp3: if you’re looking for advice on how to behave like a human i’d suggest going to meg she’s much more well adjusted 


dreamsmp3: haha


dreamsmp3: you don’t give yourself enough credit you are a very good man 


strawberryblondmp3: thank you boris :’’


dreamsmp3: talk to you tomorrow laurie!


strawberryblondmp3: talk to you tomorrow :)




[ribsbylorde + strawberryblondmp3]


ribsbylorde: baby


ribsbylorde: dear


ribsbylorde: love of my life


ribsbylorde: i can hear you playing music and like. are you okay 


strawberryblondmp3: YES i’m fine just working on a playlist 


strawberryblondmp3: oh my phone is connected to the speaker. that is why. 


ribsbylorde: dummy. what kind of playlist?


strawberryblondmp3: uh….. maybe a um… makeout type of playlist 




strawberryblondmp3: because it’s about the vibes? perfect makeout song


ribsbylorde: that is such a garbage opinion 


strawberryblondmp3: GARBAGE?


[group: mitski fan club]


strawberryblondmp3: settling this once and for all


ribsbylorde: oh my god


strawberryblondmp3: best makeout song go


ribsbylorde: most other songs besides what you suggested 


strawberryblondmp3: come here and say that to my face!


ribsbylorde: i’m painting i am busy


ceo.ofpiano: you said predatory wasps didn’t you 


strawberryblondmp3: :/


ceo.ofpiano: :/


dreamsmp3: after hours by velvet underground. easy. 


ribsbylorde: boooooo


dreamsmp3: what?!


ribsbylorde: that song is so sad!


prideandprejudice2005: You guys are making out to music? Grow up. 


ceo.oflesbian: WE GET IT YOU’RE MARRIED


burninghill: marceline by willow 


ceo.ofpiano: you touch my hair i’m playing on your bass…. 


dreamsmp3: that’s a euphemism, right? i’m not crazy or gross?


strawberryblondmp3: not in this case no


burninghill: PFFFT


ceo.oflesbian: theo’s gonna beat your ass


ceo.ofpiano: shhhhh


strawberryblondmp3: honestly i would like to see him try. 


prideandprejudjce2005: He could. 


ribsbylorde: he could


dreamsmp3: he could


strawberryblondmp3: BORIS


ceo.ofpiano: AKSHDHSJAK


ceo.oflesbian: betrayal!


dreamsmp3: he called me crazy and gross did he not


goldfinches: Hobie wants to know what’s making my phone have a seizure. 


goldfinches: I would never fight Laurie. 


strawberryblondmp3: i have one friend in this chat apparently 


goldfinches: Slow down. You did call Boris crazy and gross. 


strawberryblondmp3: IT WAS A JOKE


strawberryblondmp3: i can’t stand you people 


dreamsmp3: thank you potter :)


ribsbylorde: i can’t believe none of you have said i wanna be yours by arctic monkeys


ceo.ofpiano: ooooo


goldfinches: Wait, I don’t like the name of this group. 


ceo.oflesbian: oh i forgot you’re straight 




burninghill: JOOOOOOO


strawberryblondmp3: zoinks


prideandprejudice2005: Well Jo, at least you’re trying. I guess. 


burninghill: this chat has aged me ten years


ceo.ofpiano: wait theo come back


goldfinches: Yes?


ceo.ofpiano: say hi to hobie and popchyk for me please!


burninghill: me too


dreamsmp3: me as well


goldfinches: Hobie says hi, and he hopes you’re all doing well. 


dreamsmp3: what did popchyk say


goldfinches: Boris he’s a dog. 


ceo.ofpiano: what did popchyk say


ceo.oflesbian: what did popchyk say


ribsbylorde: what did popchyk say


strawberryblondmp3: what did popchyk say


burninghill: what did popchyk say


prideandprejudice2005: What did Popchyk say?


goldfinches: You guys are rude. 


ceo.oflesbian: OKAY THEO. 


ribsbylorde: me when i’m throwing stones in glass houses 


burninghill: jesus christ 


dreamsmp3: awe potter chin up


goldfinches: I have to get back to work. 


ceo.ofpiano: pet popchyk lots for me :)


burninghill: make hobie bake some gingerbread 


dreamsmp3: tell popchyk i love him!


goldfinches: Do you guys like the dog more than you like me?


dreamsmp3: i love you too potter you know this


ribsbylorde: i am looking away i am looking away


ceo.ofpiano: i love not being able to read


burninghill: so close…..


strawberryblondmp3: yes this is all very exciting but none of you answered my question 


burninghill: first of all i did


ribsbylorde: as did i


dreamsmp3: amy boo’d me


ribsbylorde: i also did that


ceo.oflesbian: like real people do by hozier….. you guys have no taste


ribsbylorde: oh that song….


prideandprejudice2005: A good makeout song needs to be slow, tender, and romantic but not in a sad way. It needs to put you in the mood without being outright horny. 


ribsbylorde: i LOVE seeing my older sister say horny


prideandprejudice2005: But am I wrong?


ribsbylorde: no :/


strawberryblondmp3: meg you’re so wise


ceo.oflesbian: okay but that’s not news


ceo.ofpiano: meg could do or say anything and we’d all be like heart eyes 


burninghill: as we should


[ceo.ofpiano + goldfinches]


ceo.ofpiano: hey what were you going to talk to me about?


goldfinches: Oh, right. 


goldfinches: Is it normal for friends to say “I love you” to each other?


ceo.ofpiano: theo….. yes absolutely 


ceo.ofpiano: it’s normal to say i love you to anyone you love. it’s not just for significant others and family


goldfinches: Oh, okay. 


ceo.ofpiano: for example, i love you, but i’m obviously not in love with you. you and boris and pippa love hobie. we all love boris. love is everywhere theo and it’s okay to say it!


goldfinches: Thank you, Beth. 


goldfinches: I love you, too. 


ceo.ofpiano: i know! get back to work doofus


[ceo.oflesbian + strawberryblondmp3]


ceo.oflesbian: do you think pippa likes meg more than she likes me


strawberryblondmp3: HUH??


strawberryblondmp3: jo no offense love you lots but WHERE did you get that idea


ceo.oflesbian: as we should….


strawberryblondmp3: jo….


strawberryblondmp3: it’s not like we were all talking about how much we love meg


ceo.oflesbian: shut up


strawberryblondmp3: why do you care so much anyways 


strawberryblondmp3: WAIT


strawberryblondmp3: are you…. do you…….




strawberryblondmp3: of course not!!


[group: mitski fan club]


strawberryblondmp3: what good is a makeout playlist without anyone to make out with though


ceo.oflesbian: oh fuck you


prideandprejudice2005: Sorry, I can‘t relate. 


ribsbylorde: ….. laurie also can’t relate what the fuck


burninghill: must you three always remind the rest of us that we’re single?


dreamsmp3: we will all find love someday!


ceo.ofpiano: okay but jo hates the idea of having to share their time with anyone


ceo.oflesbian: well. 


ceo.oflesbian: idk


ceo.oflesbian: when i thought i was attracted to men i did. but women are objectively better on every level so i don’t really hate the idea anymore i guess


strawberryblondmp3: interesting…. 


ceo.oflesbian: shut up


burninghill: character growth 


prideandprejudice2005: I love my husband but Jo is kind of right. 


burninghill: women are pretty great


ceo.ofpiano: yeah


dreamsmp3: yeah


ribsbylorde: yeah


ceo.oflesbian: theo has left the chat


ribsbylorde: SHUT UPP


ceo.oflesbian: i will once he stops hating women 


ribsbylorde: i don’t want to say it but you’re giving me no other choice 


burninghill: AMY NO


ribsbylorde: i’m just saying like 


prideandprejudice2005: Oh my god. 


ceo.ofpiano: let‘s not 


burninghill: thank you beth you’re doing amazing sweetie 


ceo.ofpiano: :)


[ceo.ofpiano + strawberryblondmp3]


ceo.ofpiano: hate to do this but i know boris talks to you about theo


ceo.ofpiano: i would like to compare notes


strawberryblondmp3: i have no idea what you’re talking about 


ceo.ofpiano: i may be small but i am not dumb


strawberryblondmp3: never suggested such a thing. what did theo say this time?


ceo.ofpiano: okay he asked me if it was normal for friends to say i love you to each other which is honestly just really sad 


strawberryblondmp3: boris asked me the same thing….


ceo.ofpiano: I HATE IT HERE


strawberryblondmp3: oh you know how boris said after hours for best makeout song?


ceo.ofpiano: yes 


strawberryblondmp3: theo introduced him to that band SPECIFICALLY through that song


ceo.ofpiano: oh :’’


strawberryblondmp3: boris be like yes i love men no i will not admit i’m in love with theo 


ceo.ofpiano: PFFT SHUT UP


strawberryblondmp3: theo does make me kind of sad sometimes though. like he knows literally everyone in his life would accept him but he can’t accept himself and it’s just :((


ceo.ofpiano: oh please don’t make me sad about theo 


strawberryblondmp3: as much as we joke i hope he trusts us enough to come out on his own terms


ceo.ofpiano: he does and he will :( he just needs time


ceo.ofpiano: boris has no excuse though


strawberryblondmp3: HE REALLY DOESN’T


[burninghill + ceo.oflesbian]


burninghill: hey


ceo.oflesbian: hello


burninghill: read any good books lately?


burninghill: meg hasn’t had time to read because she’s “busy” with her “kids” and her “job”


ceo.oflesbian: sksksksk


burninghill: and i know you have really good taste! in books and everything else 


ceo.oflesbian: oh tysm :’)


ceo.oflesbian: boris made me read the idiot and i really liked it


ceo.oflesbian: it’s kind of fucked up but it’s boris. so. 


burninghill: oh yeah i’ve been meaning to read that!


ceo.oflesbian: the song of achilles


ceo.oflesbian: is also a really good book that you should read


burninghill: i’m sure it is!! well i trust you :) i’ll report back when i’ve finished at least the idiot 


ceo.oflesbian: okay cool :) enjoy


[ceo.oflesbian + strawberryblondmp3]




strawberryblondmp3: oh my god what happened 


[ceo.oflesbian sent a photo]


strawberryblondmp3: AWWWWW


ceo.oflesbian: shut up shut up be quiet shut up


strawberryblondmp3: okay but she’s also a lesbian she has to know what she’s doing 


ceo.oflesbian: some of us are normal 


strawberryblondmp3: but is she


ceo.oflesbian: i think so


strawberryblondmp3: i will wash your hair at night and dry it off with care i will see your body bare and still i will live here



strawberryblondmp3: go to bed love xx try not to yearn too hard


ceo.oflesbian: SHUT UP!!