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Amphibian Depths

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Years had passed since that final battle against the ultimate lechuck, and he died before doing the ultimate attack, Peebles is now 27 years old, he and his pal: Guybrush had the mis-wonderful idea to visit Chuck evil incorporated after a long time, even they entered to the building, everything was the same.

“So Peebles, you are now the owner of this, right?”

“Actually, no, Bob is now the boss, now i'm getting annoyed of those villains from the sequels that are the sons of the villains from the first movie”.



(Le flashback)

Kid villain: hahahahaha, as the son/daughter of (insert villain here) now i shall destroy (insert son/daughter of the hero couple) or having a romance with some edginess on it, and how about you.., PB?.

Peebles: i can regenerate my limbs

Kid villain: what an useless ability to be the son of a villain.

Peebles: actually, i'm not, but he treated me like if i was his son.

(end of flashback).

“That’s why i hate them, anyway, where’s bob?”