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4 times they couldn't resolve the enigma and one time they could solve it

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Shen Wei/Zhao Yunlan 

Shen Wei left his credit card on the table for Zhao Yunlan because he wanted to treat him because he didn't do something stupid for the last case. 
But if he wanted this reward he had to solve the little enigma. 

When Zhao Yunlan wakes up and saw the card, he was happy, because he could buy some "couple things" about him and Xiao Wei. 
But then he reads the text that he left and he was like face-palming "Shen Wei Shen Wei…" 

Zhao Yunlan searched way to solve it but he doesn't want to ask SID Team. 
So he waited at home and when Shen Wei arrived home, he saw Zhao Yunlan who was waiting for him "Did you have fun doing shopping? I thought it's could be one treat for not have to do something stupid for the last case" 

Zhao Yunlan answer him  "Why did you leave me this enigma"

Shen Wei was smirking "You thought it's would be so simple" 

"Xiao Wei, love of my life, baobei, could you have given me the code, I could do anything and promise you to not do something stupid" 

"I will maybe give you the code," say Shen Wei with a smirk and he kisses Zhao Yunlan

The kiss turned to be heated and they have go to the bedroom where Shen Wei decided to play again with Zhao Yunlan and to tell him while they have lovemaking. 

"The code… Is… xxxx" 

Zhao Yunlan didn't listen to this because his mind was totally off during this particular lovemaking. 


Jing Ran x Zhang Yuan

Jing Ran decided to have fun with his baby. He doesn't mind be the sugar daddy of Zhang Yuan. They were in one relationship. 
But he knew that Zhang Yuan hated doing maths. He knew that Zhang Yuan would be in his study 

He was thinking "Until how minutes he will come in the room for one rant or ask the solution" he was smirking because he knew how to play with him. 

And when he was counting the minutes, Zhang Yuan was here "Daddy, I would like the code please, you know how much I hate solve the enigma. Remember when you asked me to do the math for the roses you have offered me because of the meaning." 

Oh yes, it's was a pleasant surprise because the flowers were the declaration of love of Jing Ran who loved x 100 Zhang Yuan. 

Zhang Yuan sit on the lap of Jing Ran and say" Daddy I promise to be good" and he began to kiss him 

Zhang Yuan had the code when he looked at his body in the mirror and saw all the lovebites in his body, but couldn't catch it because it's missed some part because some marks were not really visible since they were placed at some particular place.


Han Chen x Luo Fusheng 

Han Chen and Luo Fusheng were together for a while, he was trying to give one chance of Luo Fusheng not do something reckless that he would have to put him outside the jail. 
Han Chen was proud of Luo Fusheng because he was clean since they were together. 

"I have to go to work, but since you were so amazing I have given you a little surprise so you will check on the table" 

When Luo Fusheng checks the table he saw the card and he was thinking to treat Han Chen with cake and other things. 
But then he saw that he doesn't have the code he had the enigma. 
And Han Chen thought he would do that, he was kidding. 
So he had a plan and it's implying to handcuff Han Chen. 

When Han Chen arrive in their house, he was against the wall and Luo Fusheng began to kiss him everywhere, he takes his handcuff and says "Tonight you will be tortured of pleasure, I want the code" 

"You think I will let you give it," said Han Chen with one smirk. 

"We Will see" 

They go in the bed where Han Chen is handcuffed to the bed while Luo Fusheng was tickling him and kiss him everywhere. 

Han Chen still didn't give the code because he knew how to support all of this. 


Jing Ran x Bai Qi. 

Bai Qi was living with Jing Ran and also A-Li, A-Li had his own room. 
Jing Ran was amazing, he was glad to have found him again because he was feeling he was the reincarnation of his love from before Ying Ji. 
They were now happy that they have found each other. 

He was still a doctor for spirit, Jing Ran supported him even when he was ranting because he was low in the pay because some clients were long to pay. 

"You could take my card if you want to buy something, I don't mind," said Jing Ran while he was leaving for see for one new house to design. 

Bai Qi have seen the card and think that he knew Jing Ran wouldn't leave it like this and saw the enigma. 
He knew his lover that he loved to play. 
He will find a way to Crack the enigma. 
Except he doesn't arrive at all. 

A-Li looked at this, he couldn't help his boss but he was laughing because Bai Qi wanted to smash lots of things. 

When Jing Ran arrive he was surprised to find the house messy and ask "Did one tornado was here?" 

A-Li was laughing so bad and Bai Qi was pouting, Jing Ran kiss him and say "I will prepare dinner don't be mad, I knew you liked one challenge and I wanted to distract you, so now come help me to prepare food" 

And then after for dinner, Jing Ran hand-feed Bai Qi. 

A-Li didn't mind all of this stuff between them because he liked to see his boss happy. 

Bai Qi didn't have the code because he was distracted by how he is happy with him



Luo Fei x Luo Qingeng 

Luo Fei was so bored, he doesn't have one case at all, Xiaoman was on vacation and couldn't bother her, Benjamin was on rest day. 
He was so bored

Luo Qingeng knew his husband was bored, so he was thinking to maybe change his mood and also occupy his mind. 
So he had one idea with his credit card. 

"Hey darling, do you want to do one enigma" 

Luo Fei looked at him and then Luo Qingeng give him the paper "Will you be able to crack the code of the credit card and don't worry it's mine" 

Luo Qingeng looked at him while he was drinking his tea, he liked to see Luo Fei focused on something and it's also like this that he falls in love with the great detective. 

One hour later Luo Fei kiss Luo Qingeng and say "I found it the code is xxxx" 

"It's great," says Luo Qingeng and carress his cheek and he kisses him.