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Sans tapped the small vial of liquid in his fingers, watching as the bubbles rose to the top before dispersing out into the liquid proper. He grinned, the blue liquid slowly turning a bright green as he swirled it around, signifying a positive reaction. He’d done it, he’d finally figured the formula out! 

Setting the vial carefully in its resting place, Sans wrote the final pieces to the puzzle down in his notebook, glancing around the empty lab at the cameras as he paged the front desk. 

A crackly voice came over the intercom, “Dr. Font?”

“Yeah, Maria, is there any way you could send in whoever they sent as my new assistant?” Sans asked as he carefully put away any notebooks that pertained to his little project. Each one was tucked carefully into a locked briefcase, the key tied to a string wrapped around his neck. 

The door across the room hissed open, a short loox-ish monster padding inside, their one eye blinking lazily as they adjusted their lab coat. “You wanted to see me, Dr. Font?”

Sans nodded, picking up the briefcase by the handle and gesturing to the mess of liquids and vials he’d left behind. “I needed some help cleaning up, I’ve just made an important discovery and need to go take care of a few things. You’ve got this, right?”

The loox stared at the mess disdainfully, but nodded, sullen as Sans passed by. 

“Thanks, you’re a peach.” He went through the door, briefcase securely in hand as he made his way down the hallways and through the corridors until he reached the main office rooms. He didn’t bother knocking, heading straight inside the Royal Scientist’s office without preamble. 

A conversation stopped just as he came inside, Sans glancing up to find a taller looking skeleton monster, a Fell one at that, standing in front of the Royal Scientist’s desk, expression stony. The Royal Scientist, a bear monster named Gloria, was rubbing her eyes as if she was warding away a migraine. 

“Oh, did I interrupt something?” Sans asked, ready to step back out and just head home for the day. Groundbreaking discoveries aside, he’d been at it for nearly 23 hours, he was dead on his feet.

“No, no, Dr., please come in, this pertains to you anyway.” Gloria said, waving him inside. He followed her direction, avoiding looking at the Fell monster still standing there beside him. 

She glanced between the two of them, seemingly amused about something, before she finally spoke. “I know we’ve discussed getting you a more permanent form of bodyguard, Sans, but you were fairly against it at the time. How do you feel about the prospect now?” She gave a pointed look to his briefcase, Sans pulling it tighter against his chest. 

His first, knee jerk response was to reiterate that he didn’t really feel all that in danger. He was aware that a few of his fellow scientists didn’t exactly care for him and his over use of puns, but there was no way they wanted him dead, like Gloria was so willing to believe.

However… his recent breakthrough would catch the attention of a lot more people than the monsters he sat by in the cafeteria. He’d catch the attention of both Tale and Fell officials, and monsters that didn’t care about his good intentions. He was probably now in more danger than he’d ever been, carrying around this briefcase, and Gloria was well aware of it.

“I’d be… okay with it. Depending on who it was.” He finally answered. 

Gloria grinned, gesturing with one paw to the skeleton still standing just to the side, the one Sans had been trying not to stare openly at the entire time he’d sitting there. Sans glanced at him, taking in his scars and military dress. He had to have been a member of the Royal Guard on the Fell side of the city, his posture as straight as a ruler and his silence full of words unspoken.

“Meet your new bodyguard. Superior Guardsman Edge Aster.”

Sans gaped at her, hands tightening even further. “A Superior Guardsman? Are you sure??” 

Not that he meant any disrespect, it was just that… most of the higher up guardsmen were needed on the Fell side, to keep the peace. Wouldn’t Edge being here most of his days mess that up?

Edge, that was his name, turned to him with a raised brow. “Are you insinuating that I cannot protect you?”

Sans shook his head. “Not at all.”

Gloria clapped her hands softly, aware of the monsters in front of her. “Good. Then it’s settled, Edge will be your new guard and you will give me reports on what your new project is. Good day, gentlemen.”

And with that, they were dismissed. Sans glanced at Edge as they both walked out of the office, leaving Gloria to look over reports and camera feeds. 

“Are you okay with this?” Sans asked, as they stood in front of the elevator that would take them to the main level. Edge wasn’t looking at him, didn’t deign to even glance his way as he responded. 

“I don’t have a choice.”

Well. Sans didn’t like that. But really… there was only one way to make this better, in the short term at least.

“Well, would’ja like a cup of coffee?”