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The PBS Kids Games

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As Scoops stared at the TV, she felt like she was getting sucked in. She was, and she was scared. "OH FUCK! SOMEONE HELP ME!"

Minutes later, she was trapped in a light green room. A light green human then walked in. He had spiky black hair and was wearing a white shirt, jeans, and white shoes. He then spoke: "Welcome! You have been 1 of 100 people chosen to participate in The PBS Kids Games! Take this Dragon Scale and wish on it as much as you need to!" She took the scale and wished to be OUT of the green room. Within seconds, she was warped to the first universe: The Thomas & Friends universe. As she stood in the tracks, she saw a train with a face approaching her. "WHAT THE FUCK? GET ME OUT OF HERE!" She then then taken to The Big Comfy Couch universe. "Hi! I'm Loonette and this is my doll Molly! You're just in time for the clock stretch!" "TAKE ME SOMEWHERE ELSE! THERE"S NOTHING GOOD TO DO HERE!" She continued saying this every time she was warped to a universe, from Cyber Chase (Where The Hacker, who she called "Invader Zim's Dad", tried to kill her), to Curious George (Where she asked The Duck in the Yellow Hat how the hell he's able to keep a feral monkey in his apartment), and finally to Bob the Builder (Where she pointed out that one of Bob's construction vehicles was one letter away from having HER name). When she got too the Sesame Street universe, this was the first thing she heard:

"70! 70 intruders! Ah-ah-ah!"

"Hey Count, how the in the holy grail of FUCK do i leave this place?"

"71! Ah-ah-ah!"

Scoops thought to herself "What kind of place is this? How did i even get trapped in the TV to begin with?" but not before she was warped into the Word Girl universe.

She just walked around until she ran into what appeared to be a clone of her, but without visible eyelashes. It turned out to be a male version of her.

'What the fuck is this shit? Why is there a female version of me? I WANT HER KILLED!"


As she arrived back to said universe, she heard this:

"Can we stop these intruders?"


"Sir, do you mind if i borrow your steamroller?"

As she and Roley (the steamroller) warped back to the World Girl universe, well, i'm pretty sure you all know whats gonna happen next. To make a long story short, she crushed the Scoops clone with the steamroller,Word Girl herself said "You killed my love interest! Time to kill you WITH SPELLING!" causing Scoops to wish on the Dragon Scale that she could lebve these damn "Games", causing the steamroller to take flight out of the Word Girl universe, pass over the It's a Big Big World universe (Where Snook said "I didn't know donkeys roamed this forest!") and the Zaboomafoo universe (Where the Kartt Bros. tried to make an "episode" about her), and into the horizon, all while Gas Gas Gas played.


Just then, she woke up. She had been sleeping on the couch since 8 PM that night, and when she checked her phone it was 4 AM on a Sunsday. Muffins was sitting next to her.

"It's about time you woke up."

"What the hell just happened?"

"We have to wake up at 4 AM to go to that big thing, remember? Seeing Sonic again, but this time as early as possible to avoid loud kids and Pinky being Pinky?"

"Oh yeah. Almost forgot about that. I think I had a weird dream. I got trapped in the TV and the guy from the PBS Kids logo forced me to become part of the "PBS Kids Games". I need to stop watching TV when I sleep on the couch."

They then hugged as they prepared to head out.