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Sugar, Sugar

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Overheard THIS CLASSIC in a store and immediately thought about Bakery Owner!Tony and Hopelessly in Love!Stucky so here, have some sugary sweet fairly shameless (and plotless) stuckony nonsense.

Also for anyone who doesn’t know, I run a bakery! So most if not all of these sweet treats mentioned will be things I have made!

(This will have more than one part, I just don’t know how many parts yet!)


From SteveBucky, where are you? We’re supposed to meet Sam at the movies in half an hour. 

From BuckySam can suck it. I have an emergency down the street. 911 get here ASAP. 

From SteveIs this an emergency like the time you spilled soda down your pants and some little kid screeched that you wet yourself? Or an emergency like you forgot your wallet and have no way to get home?

From BuckyFirst of all, that kid was devil spawn. Second of all, just get down here. I’m right past the sandwich shop on third.

“Bucky?” Steve paused just past their favorite sandwich shop and glanced around for his boyfriend. “Hey babe where are–” 

“Steve!” Bucky poked his head out of the little restaurant next door and grabbed Steve by the wrist, yanking the big blond off the sidewalk and right inside. “Thank God you’re here. I was startin’ to get worried.” 

“Well I’m starting to get worried too.” Steve glanced around the bakery he’d rather abruptly found himself in. “What’s the problem? What emergency could possibly be taking place in a tiny bakery?” 

“Just sit down.” Bucky clapped a hand onto Steve’s shoulder and shoved him down into a chair, biting back a grin when Steve’s bulk made the decorative chair squeak alarmingly. “Sit down and wait.” 

“Babe, you’ve got frosting right–” Steve tried to wipe a glob of frosting from Bucky’s lips, and made a shocked snort of noise when his hand was batted away. “Bucky!” 

“Stop tryna steal my frosting.” Bucky swiped the sugary sweet glob away with his thumb, then sucked it into his mouth. “Punk.” 

“Okay.” Steve pinched the bridge of his nose and blew out a breath through pursed lips. “You’re doing that thing where you aren’t making any sense, but keep looking at me like I’m supposed to know what you mean.” 

“How else would I look at you, Stevie?” Bucky’s hand was warm on Steve’s thigh, but his smile no less aggravating. “Ten years we’ve been together, you tellin’ me you can’t read my mind yet?” 

“You know damn well I can’t–” 

“Shhhh!” Bucky suddenly hissed and squeezed at Steve’s leg in warning. “Here he comes!” 

“Here who comes?!” 


Steve was well and ready to just get up and vacate the admittedly adorable space, frosting covered boyfriends be damned when he heard a soft voice singing along to the overhead music, “Honey! Bah bah bum bum bum bum! Awww sugar sugar!” and the cutest butt Steve had ever seen backed out from a set of double doors, wriggling and bebopping along with the music. 


“It gets better.” Bucky whispered. “Wait till he turns around.” 

He was practically snack sized, no taller than Steve’s shoulder and wearing indecently tight pants. There was a hilariously frilly apron tied around a soft tummy, big brown eyes topped with a riot of dark curls and a fantastically askew bakers hat, and when the man finally looked up and saw Steve and Bucky watching, his face split with a smile so sweet Steve was suddenly grateful he was sitting down. 

“Wow.” he muttered, and Bucky returned, “Tell me about it” 

This was the emergency?” 

“Well I mean,” Bucky gestured to the everything currently filling a sweets display case with freshly frosted cupcakes. “I feel like this qualifies as an emergency, yeah!” 

“Holy shit.” Steve patted at Bucky’s hand absentmindedly. “I’m inclined to agree.” 

Their hushed conversation ceased when the baker approached, and Bucky gripped Steve’s leg tight in anticipation. 

“Hey guys.” Another flash of that knee weakening smile. “Welcome to Sweet Peach, my name’s Tony, I’m the owner. How are you?” 

“Uhhhh holy shit.” Bucky audibly gulped and Steve elbowed him in the gut. “I mean hi! Hi Tony! It’s nice to meet you.” 

“Nice to meet you.” Steve was only marginally less goofy than Bucky, but he managed to cover it with a smooth smile and an outstretched hand. “I’m Steve, this here is Bucky. First time customers.” 

“Oh sorry, I’ve got flour on my hands.” Tony declined the handshake and shrugged his shoulders, holding up messy palms. “What brings you in? See my ad in the paper?” 

“I was walking by and smell heaven.” Bucky blurted, and Tony’s scrunched in delight. “So I hadta stop in and would ya look at that, I found me an angel too!” 

“Aw, I bet you say that to all the boys who feed you cake.” Tony winked and Bucky about melted right off his chair. “Steve, would you like a piece? The one Bucky sampled was Apple cake with salted caramel frosting.”

“You give away samples?” Steve leveled Bucky with a look for trying to drop such a cheesy line, and the brunette only blinked at him innocently before returning his full attention to Tony. “I mean, I’d love a piece, but I’m happy to buy from you too.” 

“Trust me, have a piece of this and you’ll be buying plenty.” This time the wink was directed at Steve and if he hadn’t been staring quite so longingly after a rather peachy backside as Tony sashayed over to the bakery counter, he probably would have melted too. 

“Oh my god Steve, look at that butt.” Bucky bit into the heel of his hand to muffle a lecherous groan. “For fucks sake, it just ain’t right.” 

“You have a nice butt too, Buck.” Steve assured his boyfriend sotto voce, but he snorted a laugh when Bucky argued, “Not like that I don’t!” 

“Now I don’t want to hurry you, Steve.” Tony returned with a thick slice of cake and fork and set it on the table. “And once you take a bite of this, you won’t want to hurry either, but I have a cake tasting for a wedding in half an hour so I’m closing early.” 

“Cake tasting.” Bucky eyed the cake enviously as Steve took a bite. He’d already had a sample piece of course, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t considering stealing this piece and eating it all too. “What does a fella gotta do to get in on that sorta thing?” 

“Get married and hire me to make your cake.” Tony waited with a knowing smirk as Steve took a bite and let out a borderline indecent moan. “And based on that noise, I’d say Steve won’t be too difficult to get to the alter so long as you’re feeding him sweets. Go for it, Buck.”

“I would marry anyone who fed me this cake.” Steve decided and scooped up another huge piece. “This is apple? In cake? Tony, you’re a genius.”

“It’s my Auntie’s recipe.” Tony turned positively pink with pleasure and Bucky clutched at his heart helplessly. “During the holidays I’ll make a version with rum too. This one is for the cake tasting too cos the bride said she loves anything apple, but I suppose it can’t hurt to get a second opinion on how good it is, right?” 

“How about I leave all of our numbers with you–” Bucky snagged a piece of Steve’s cake, and screeched when Steve stabbed him for the effort. “Damn it, Stevie! Share!” 

“The hell I will.” Steve hunched further over his cake. “I share my bed with you, that’s all you get. Stay away from my plate.”

Tony burst out laughing and both Steve and Bucky jerked their heads up, a flush high in Steve’s cheeks and a half lecherous light in Bucky’s pale eyes over how great Tony’s laugh was. 

“Well as I was saying.” Bucky leaned back in his chair and let his gaze warm appreciative. “You call us anytime you need a second opinion on anything. Second opinion, third opinion, we’ll provide them all. I’ve got exactly no problem telling you how good your cake is.” 

“So super happy to help.” Steve snagged Bucky’s water bottle and drained most of it in a few swallows, washing down the thick caramel frosting. “I can’t believe we didn’t know you were here before, how long have you been in business?” 

“Just a few months.” Tony cleared away Steve’s plate and hurried it back to the kitchen, returning with two glasses of milk for the table. “At first I was working out of my home kitchen, but I outgrew the space pretty quick. Rented this spot last week and spend at least half the day reminding my old customers where I am now.” 

“Boy howdy, are we glad you chose this neighborhood.” Bucky ignored his glass of milk in favor of propping his hands up on his chin and staring at Tony with a half dopey smile. “I bet you’ll be plenty busy from now on.” 

“Tell your friends about me.” Tony dug into the pocket of his little apron and handed them a couple business cards. “Now that I’ve got a space to rent and overhead, the extra business would be nice. I plan to do a cupcake happy hour on Thursdays, so tomorrow I’ll have everything on sale and more samples.” 

“Thursday, huh?” Steve turned one of the cards over in his hand. “Hear that, Buck? Guess we’ll just have to come back tomorrow.” 

“Guess so.” Bucky didn’t take his eyes off Tony. “Maybe we can take you out for drinks after cupcake happy hour.” 

Oh, maybe you check with your boyfriend before asking other men out on dates.” Steve countered under his breath and Bucky kicked at him in annoyance. Louder, Steve said, “We’d love to take you out for drinks, Tony. Get to know you a little better, maybe show you around the neighborhood?” That is uh– if you aren’t busy?” 

Tony narrowed his eyes and glanced between the two of them. “Now hold on a minute. Did you guys come in here to try my cake or just to get an up close look at my sweet peach?” 

“Umm….” Neither of them knew how to answer that question, and when Tony gave his uh… sweet peach a little swat, both Bucky and Steve jumped like they’d been shocked. “Well uh— er, uh-” 

“I was joking.” Tony laughed out loud again. “But you boys sure look guilty! Wow.” 

“Uh, I’ll be real honest with you, Tony.” Steve rubbed at the back of his neck sheepishly. “This cake is delicious, but–” 

“Is that why you call the bakery Sweet Peach?” Bucky demanded, utterly shameless in his curiosity. “I’m not complainin’, I just wanna know. Cos it’s a great name. Just fuckin’ great. A+ naming.” 

“Huh.” Tony’s dark eyes sparked in renewed interest as he looked Bucky over. “Not real subtle, are you?” 

“They don’t call me Bronco cos I’m subtle.” Bucky returned immediately. “You don’t like it?” 

“I’d probably like it more if you told me why they call you Bronco.” Tony challenged, but before Bucky could suggest showing rather than telling, Steve cleared his throat and interrupted, 

“Tony. Don’t worry about it. We’d love to take you out for a drink, but don’t think you hafta go with us. And despite us both liking your um–” he cleared his throat again. “–sweet peach, and despite Bucky’s less than tactful flirting, I don’t want you to think–” 

“You’re saying an awful lot of words for someone trying to back out of an offer of drinks.” Tony leaned over and dabbed his finger in a leftover bit of frosting, humming quietly as he sucked the sweetness off and letting his finger go with a pop that Bucky and Steve felt clear through to their cocks. “But don’t worry, I wasn’t going to say yes.” 

“Oh well that’s–” Steve paused, frowned. “Wait, what? Why not?” 

“Probably cos we’re strangers and droolin’ over his booty instead of buying cupcakes and supporting his business.” Bucky decided and Steve sighed over loud. “Sorry about that Tony. Like I said, they don’t call me Bronco–” 

“– cos you’re subtle.” Tony finished with a nod. “Yeah, I know. But that’s not why I’m saying no.” 

He waited until Steve and Bucky looked up at him expectantly and continued, “I’m saying no because I don’t go out on dates with couples. Ever. It causes drama and leads to weird jealousy and I’m not willing to get involved in it.” 

“Oh that’s… that’s fair.” Steve said slowly. “But Bucky and I aren’t that sort of couple. And it wasn’t that sort of date. Really just meant drinks, Tony.” 

“And I’m flattered.” the baker let his eyes drift over their frames. “Trust me. Flattered. But I don’t even do things remotely resembling dates with couples.” 

Disappointment wrote itself all the way across Bucky’s face. “Aw sugar, I promise we didn’t mean nothing by it.” 

“And I’m not assuming anything from it.” Tony checked the clock on the wall, then whisked his apron off, tossing it towards an unseen laundry bin and pulling a fresh one from beneath the counter. “No offense meant and none taken, I promise. I just don’t do drinks and things with couples.” 

“Now, if you boys wanted to skip drinks all together?” Tony tied the apron snug around his waist, plumping a bow just above the curve of his rear. “Then I’m all for that. But right now, I’ve got a bride and eight bridesmaids coming in to eat cake, so we’ll have to revisit this conversation later.”

“Um–” still stuck with the image of Tony in his ruffled apron, and practically drooling over the implication of skipping drinks, Bucky and Steve found themselves outside the shop before they even knew what had happened, 

“So uh–” Bucky coughed quietly. “Somehow we just tossed outta a bakery by the sweetest peach I’ve ever seen. And uh also, did he say he wouldn’t have drinks with us but he was all good with gettin’ nekkid?” 

“I’m pretty sure Tony didn’t call it gettin’ nekkid.” Steve retorted, and grabbed Bucky’s hand, pulling him down the sidewalk towards home. “And seriously, we should talk about you just asking people out without talking to me first.” 

“You’re tellin’ me you didn’t want to ask him out the second you saw him?” Bucky challenged. “I saw th’ way you looked when he smiled, you about died!” 

“I did about die.” Begrudgingly, Steve flushing red clear to the roots of his hair. “But that doesn’t mean we just ask him out. We probably scared the hell outta him, getting all aggressively weird about how good his cake was and then inviting him out for drinks. Let’s come back for cupcake happy hour tomorrow and start over a little less crazy.” 

“Yeah alright.” Bucky tugged Steve to a stop and planted a sweet kiss on his lips. “That’s fair. Sorry for calling this a 911 when the only emergency was me bein’ immediately horny.” 

“S’alright, babydoll.” Steve kissed him back and tried not to laugh. “I mean, when are you ever not immediately horny?” 

“I dunno Stevie, the other night you wore long underwear and slippers while eating a turkey patty and I think that’s the least turned on I’ve ever been.” 

“Ugh…goddammit Bucky.” 


“The apron has got to go.” James Rhodes folded his arms and glared at the ruffled material as it had personally insulted him to his face. “I’m not doing this if you’re prancing around in leggings and one of my Ma’s aprons.” 

“You shouldn’t be doing this at all.” Tony sniffed, sweeping right past his best friend to give his other best friend a hug, squeezing Pepper tight against him. “Pep, why’d you bring the Cranky Pants groom? I specifically told you, no sour patches allowed. And where are the bridesmaids?” 

“The girls will be along in a few minutes, we came early for hugs and to catch up.” Pepper tugged at Tony’s apron and laughed a little. “And sorry about Rhodey, he insisted on having a say in the cake tasting. He also insisted he didn’t trust you not to talk me into some wacky flavor.” 

“He doesn’t trust me?!” Tony cried in outrage. “What, does he think I have some fiendish plan to ruin your wedding because I’m mad both my best friends are getting married? In what universe am I that petty?”

“In every universe, Tones!” James called from over by the cookie display. “Every single one of them!” 

“I hate him.” Tony scowled in his direction, then took Pepper’s hand and ushered her over towards the array of cake spread out on the counter. “Okay, I have it on good authority that the apple cake and salted caramel frosting are better than porn–” 

WHAT?! How is that even a comparison!” 

“– but you also said you don’t want your wedding to feel like a hootenanny.” Tony pushed forward a piece of lemon cake. “This one has blueberry and lemon jam as a filling which should be light and sweet, but also refreshing. Plus, I’ll put sprigs on mint on top to act as a palate cleanser!” 

“It’s literally–” Pepper took a bite and moaned in happiness. “–unfair that you get to make cake all day and don’t gain any weight. Oh my god, this is so good.” 

“Right?” Tony grinned, his eyes crinkling up at the corners when Pepper sighed through another bite. “You can try all the other ones too, but I knew you would like that one the best.” 

“Let me try the apple cake that’s better than porn.” Pepper decided, and James called, “Weird name, Tones! Don’t you dare serve that at my wedding!” 

“He never lets me have any fun.” Tony groused, but pulled a piece of the apple cake for Pepper as well. “Here it is, better than porn.” 

“Well it’s better than any porn I watch.” Pepper mumbled through the frosting. “My god, Tony. How do you this? Honestly.” 

“I’m more worried about which of his customers compared food to nudie flicks.” James finally made it over and took a bite from Pepper’s fork.”Yeah, alright that’s very good. But seriously, which creeper brought porn into the comparison?” 

“Me.” Tony said matter of factly. “Well not really. One of my customers made a nudie flick worthy sound when he took a bite. It wasn’t that far of a leap to think my cake is better than porn, right?”

“Oh Tony.” Pepper rolled her eyes. “Porn is always a big leap. I hope you didn’t strain anything reaching that far.” 

“I did adequate stretching.” Tony shrugged and handed James a different piece,this one chocolate with a swiss meringue buttercream. “Doesn’t matter though. He’s got a boyfriend so a mental comparison of cake to porn was as far as the conversation went. Too bad, too They were both gorgeous.” 

“Still on your no dating kick?” James started to sigh over the cake, thought back to the porn comparison, and decided against it, settling for a pleased hmm! when he tasted the frosting. “It’s been a year, Tones. Probably safe to dip your toes back in the water, you know?” 

“I’m good.” Tony shook his head, then looked up with a smile when the doorbell jingled and Pepper’s eight bridesmaids blew into the shop with screams of excitement. “Besides Rhodey, I thought you were tired of breaking my exes noses. You should be happy I’m not dating anymore.” 

“If this cake wasn’t so good, I’d lecture you about how I wouldn’t have to break their noses if you would just pick decent people.” James pointed his fork meaningfully at Tony, then dug into another big bite. “Be grateful my mouth is full. Be grateful you make good cake.” 

“I’m grateful for both those things.” Tony said mock seriously. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have bridesmaids to feed. Toodle–ooh.” 

“Toodle–fuckin’-ooh, Tony.” Rhodey retorted and Tony laughed over his shoulder as he went to greet the girls. 

Inevitably, his thoughts turned back to Bucky and Steve and the way they’d been so quick to try and ask him out. 

Tony didn’t date anymore, but he hadn’t been kidding about skipping drinks, either. He’d bet good money both the blond and brunette had been drooling over his leggings and apron and Tony smirked thinking about how fantastically unsubtle Bucky had been, and the way Steve had tried to save the moment even though he hadn’t stopped staring once. 

Flattering? Sure. 

Dangerous for Tony’s still healing heart? Absolutely. 

No way he’d be taking them up on an offer for drinks. 

Now if they wanted a chance to get at his sweet peach, whether that meant coming back for more cake or… or something else altogether? Tony grinned to himself. That could certainly be arranged. 

Sugar.” he sang quietly as he brought out more plates. “Awww honey honey! You are my candy boy, and you got me wanting you…!”