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Turning Tides

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There was a cluster of rocks Eric liked to rest on. They were smooth, still standing against the ripples of waves. It didn’t hurt his damaged fins, unlike the ragged rocks that isolated him from the human world. He wasn’t sure any of his kind knew of this spot either. Which he wasn’t complaining about. 

The sun was bright today. It made his scales glisten and reflect against the clear water, beautiful shades of orange and bright white. 

A soft hum sang alongside the natural song of the waves. Eric could sing, all of his kind could, but he always hesitated. Humans and all sorts of land creatures were drawn to his voice. With how dangerous his surroundings were, it only ended badly. They were swallowed by unforgiving waves, lost their footing and tripped onto razor-sharp rocks. No matter how cruel they were, no matter how kind. They always… always…

Eric has seen too much. 

It silenced him. Silenced him to the point where his voice feels non-existent. His voice was drowned out by the waves, no matter how calm they were. Just how he liked it.

Instincts made it so he could never be fully silent. So, for a crowd of no one, he hummed whatever song came to mind. Today was a song he overheard while following a ship. Some sort of sea shanty? He could barely remember. All that mattered was that it managed to calm him down. With closed eyes he continued to hum, swaying slightly with the rhythm. 

Only a crowd of no one can hear his call, for that crowd was never one surrounded by blood. 

Isolation was never his dream life, how could it be? However, on bad days it seemed like that would be his fate. Just him and the quiet waves. Never before has such a pleasant atmosphere felt so crushing. Perhaps it was for the best that no one spent time around him. Being around humans never ended well, and being around his kind too was risky, especially since they can be so… 

Eric mindlessly brushed his fingertips over his tail. The soft fins abruptly ending in torn tatters, its former glory stripped away long ago. It hurt. It hurt so badly.


So he continued to sing by himself, on the same set of rocks, every day without fail. Fate had its funny way to mess with him, misfortune after misfortune… 

Truly, at this point, he begged for mercy. He begged for his life to be as calm as the waves on a peaceful sunny day. He begged for the tides to turn in his favour.