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The Girl With the Snake Tattoo

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A snake eating it's own tail was a odd chose to most but for Dana Scully it made a lot of sense. While she sat in her hotel room getting ready to pack up she thought about Mulder and their fight they had. He seemed to think it was just because of the desk thing. But it wasn't just that. Scully felt like she was less compared to Mulder. But in fact they were in it together. It wasn't always about him. A sigh left her lips as she looked at herself in the mirror and saw the bruises on her forehead and cheek form the attack she had with Ed. Her thoughts then went to Ed and their night they spent together. Biting on her lower lip she packed up her things. But when she got ready to leave she looked outside and saw it raining. A sigh then left her lips for she knew now her plan wasn't going to take off.

On some levels Scully was ok with that because she didn't want to go back home to Mulder just yet. That and the fact that she hated flying. It was one of her biggest fears. But now she needed to find another hotel to stay at. So she picked up her things and found another hotel. This one was nicer but almost a lot more money. Scully payed for a room then placed her things down on the ground. Hearing her phone ringing she reached for it and picked it up.

"Scully?" Scully asked.

"Scully it's me." Mulder said.

Scully looked over to the side unsure if she wanted to talk to Mulder right now. But she knew she had to at some point or another.

"Are you coming back today?" Mulder asked.

"No the weather is bad." Scully said while she picked up a welcome paper on the desk and read it to herself.

"Look Scully I know you are mad at me because of the whole desk thing and I---." Mulder got cut off.

"Do you think that it's just the desk? Mulder you really...." Scully stopped and sighed. "Look I went through a lot the other night and I would really like to get some sleep. Goodbye Mulder."

With that Scully hung up the phone and throw it a few feet away from her and laid down. Another sigh left her lips as she closed her eyes. Scully tried to go to sleep. But it just wasn't working for her. She remembered seeing a bar when she walked into the hotel and thought about getting a drink.

A small smile formed on her lips as she got out of bed and put something else on. Then she fixed her hair and walked out of her room. As she walked down the hall she played with her cross necklace around her neck and thought about if she was going to forgive Mulder or not when she got back.


"Yes keep them coming." A blonde with light gray eyes spoke to the waiter.

"Miss Gibson how many more can you handle?" The waiter asked.

"Now, now Benjamin you know me by now, you now I can have another three." The blonde said.

"You are right, how much longer are you here for? I've seen you here a week so far." Benjamin said while pouring another drink.

"I'm here for as long as I want to be." A small smirk formed on the blonde's lips as she drank some of her wine.

As the blonde was talking to the waiter, Scully walked into the bar and looked around. She then dusted off her black dress and sat down a few seats away from the blonde and asked for a glass of red wine from another waiter.

Scully listened to the blonde and the male waiter talking to each other and wondered if they were a thing. Shaking her head she turned a bit, having her back to the blonde while she drank her wine.

Soon the blonde looked over and saw a snake eating it's own tail tattooed on the redhead's back. She blinked a few times and smirked a little. Slowly she moved next to Scully. "Nice ink."

Scully gasped then turned around and looked at the blonde who was now next to her. "T---Thank you." She said softly.

"My name is Stella Gibson and you are?" The blonde asked.

"Scully..Dana Scully." Scully said softly.

"Well Dana Scully what happened to your face there?" Stella asked while she moved some of Scully's hair from her face and traced the bruses.

A small blush formed on Scully's cheeks as she watched Stella for a moment. Then she looked away. "I work for the FBI. I just got done with a case and the person thought he could..." Scully stopped when she thought of Ed once more. "It just ended badly."

"A FBI agent? Stella asked. "Seems we are in the same line of work." She added then drank the rest of her wine.

Scully looked at Stella for a moment. She looked so formal, a black pencil skirt with a white top. To Scully, Stella looked like a lawyer or someone of that nature. Her bright blue eyes then lowered a bit.

"Where are you from? You have a beautiful accent." Scully said softly.

"Thank you, I am from London." Stella said.

"That's a long way from here." Scully said while she looked into her empty glass.

Stella nodded. "Yes it is. I needed sometime away from home."

Scully understood that fully. Of course a case brought her out here. But she chose to stay longer because she too didn't want to go home anytime soon.

"So tell me agent Scully, do you have someone back home?" Stella asked.

Scully thought for a moment. Did she have someone back home? Mulder and her were very close but unless he tells her that he feels the same way for her that she does for him then were they truly together?

"No." Scully said.

"That's a shame. You are a very beautiful women." Stella whispered causing Scully to blush a little.

Scully wasn't sure if Stella was coming onto her or not. Either way she liked the attention Stella was giving her. After what happened between her and Mulder then her and Ed she needed this. But when she thought of Mulder she looked down into her glass and sighed for a moment.

Stella raised a brow, knowing something was bothering Scully, for she didn't have to know her well to know that something was wrong. "So tell me agent what is on your mind? I can tell something is bothering you. It's written all over your face."

"I---." Scully couldn't lie of course it was written all over her face. Looking up at Stella for a moment she felt her heart race for a moment when the two of them locked eyes with each other. She then shook her head and looked back down at her drink. "Honestly it's nothing."

"All right then if you don't want to share with me agent Scully that's fine." Stella said while she drank her drink. "Then tell me about the tattoo."

The tattoo, of course Scully knew people were going to ask about the tattoo on her lower back. What could she say? She felt the need to walk into a tattoo shop and get ink down? Was that really the story? Or did it go deeper than that?

In deeper thought Scully thought of Mulder and how he was the snake running after something, his sister's case but getting nowhere's. Or maybe it was more like Scully was the snake and her running after Mulder would lead her to run around and around, getting nowhere.

A sigh left the redhead's lips as she looked back over at Stella. "It was just something I got without thinking twice about it. More like a impulse." Scully said.

"A impulse? I see." Stella said softly while she drank the last of her drink then got up from where she was siting.

Scully watched Stella move from her seat and watched the way the blonde's body moved. She moved like a swan. Something Scully knew she wasn't.

"Are you staying in this hotel as well agent?" Stella asked while she picked up her coat.

"Yes I am." Scully said softly.

A small smirk formed on Stella's lips as she moved over to Scully's ear and whispered softly into it. "I'm staying in room 22 on the second floor."

Scully blushed deeply as she felt Stella's hot breath on her neck. Her words bouncing off the redhead's eardrums. There was something about this women, something that made Scully question everything about herself.

"Come up to see me whenever." Stella said then walked away.

Scully bit down on her lower lip while she thought to herself for a moment. Soon her phone started to ring and she snapped out of it. Her bright blue eyes then looked down at her phone.

"Scully." Scully said.

"Scully it's me." Mulder said.

A sigh left Scully's lips as she got up from where she was siting. "Mulder it's late." She said softly.

"Yeah I know Scully but I..." But before he could finish Scully cut him off.

"Mulder I had a really long day I would really like to get some sleep." Scully said.

"All right fine." Mulder then hung up and Scully sighed as she payed for her drink.

Of course she didn't want to be curl to Mulder because apart of her still cared about him. But she was still made at him and honestly she wasn't sure when she'd get over it. Maybe that's why she is staying longer than she needed to. Because if and when she goes back home she has to face Mulder and Scully wasn't sure how she felt about that.


Stella walked to her room and unlocked the door with the hotel key card and took off her shoes. Closing the door behind her she placed her coat on a chair that was near the bed and fall onto the bed. Her feet were killing her from being on them all day and all night. Hearing her phone ring she moved her hand to the side of the bed and gripped onto the phone but kept her head in her pillow.

"Gibson." Stella answered.

"Where have you been? I've been trying to get a hold of you for hours." The voice on the other line said.

This called Stella to roll her eyes as she slowly lifted her head up from her pillow.

"Jim...After I left I thought you would not call me again." Stella said.

"It's been months Stella. Are you ever going to come back to Belfast?"

This made Stella sit up and get a bit annoyed. "And why the hell would I come back?" She asked not hiding how annoyed she was.

"Because I miss you." Jim said.

"You've been drinking again haven't you?" Stella asked.

"I've had a few yes. But that doesn't mean anything." Jim replied.

Stella rolled her eyes as she started to unbutton her shirt. She wasn't really sure what else to say to Jim. There was no way in hell she'd ever go back to Belfast. Not after everything she had been through there.

"Stella...I am going to leave my wife." Jim said.

Just before Stella could say anything someone knocked on her door. "I have got to go Jim." With that she hung up the phone and placed one of her silky pink robes and walked over to the door. She opened it and smiled a little.

"Agent Scully."

"I don't know why I am here." Scully lied. "And I know it's getting late but I am don't think I want to be alone right now."

"That's all right. Come in." Stella said while she held the door open.

Scully looked at Stella for a moment. "Why did you tell me what room you are in? You don't even know me."

A small smirk formed on Stella's lips as she moved the door latch open so the door wouldn't close and moved closer to Scully.

Scully's eyes locked with Stella's for a moment as she felt her breath hitch. Slowly Stella moved her fingertips to Scully's jawline. When she got to her chin and curled a finger around it. As she did so her face moved closer to Scully's face.

"Why must you ask questions you already know the answer to?" Stella asked.

Scully swallowed hard as she stood there. Her body felt frozen as she stood there. Did she really know why? Maybe. But she didn't want to assume anything. Without saying another word, Scully leaned in and pressed her lips roughly on Stella's.

Another smirk formed on Stella's lips as she pulled Scully closer to her own body and kissed her back deeply. Their tongue's fighting for a moment until Scully let Stella's tongue dominant hers.

What are you doing Dana? The voice in her head said as she pulled away from Stella's lips and looked down for a moment. "I---I am sorry...I have to go."

Stella nodded her head as Scully walked away from her. The blonde then walked back in her room and shut the door.


Scully woke up the next morning and looked over at the clock on the nightstand. A sigh left her lips as she placed the pillow over her head, not wanting to get up or leave her bed. Hell she didn't even want to leave town to go back home at this point. But she knew at some point she needed to get out of bed.

Rolling over to the side she looked at her phone for a moment and sighed. She thought about calling Mulder. She wanted to say sorry to him for last night. But then a thought came to mind. Why the hell would she say sorry? She didn't do anything wrong. He was the one who started with her. But she did miss him dearly.

Their relationship was so hard to explain to people, but not to them. After all they have been working together for almost four years now. So of course they understood each other than everyone else around them.

Turning over to the other side she saw it was sunny just by the sunlight that was shinning in the hotel room. Slowly Scully placed her fingertips on her own lips and touched them softly, remembering Stella's lips on them. Her warm, soft and beautiful pink lips. Shaking her head, Scully closed her eyes and crueled up into a ball and sighed.


Around lunch time a knock was heard on Scully's room door. Sighing she got up and walked over to the door. She looked through the hole and sall Stella. A sigh left her lips as she opened the door and covered herself with her robe. "Miss Gibson?" Scully asked.

"Please just call me Stella. I see you haven't gotten out of bed yet. So I take it you haven't had any lunch yet." Stella said with a small smile.

Scully stood there as her stomach started to make sounds.

"Point proven." Stella said while pointing to Scully's stomach.

"I---." Scully started to say but stopped.

"Come on I'll buy us some lunch. It's the lest I could do." Stella said.

Scully thought for a moment then sighed. "All right let me get dressed." She said while she held the door open for Stella.

Stella walked into Scully's room and looked around for a moment. She then placed her hands in the pockets of her black pants.

"How did you find out what room I was staying in?" Scully asked while she picked out some clothes and walked into the bathroom.

"Oh, Dana I am under the FBI as you are and we both know how easy it is to find these things out." Stella repiled as she sat down on Scully's bed.

Scully poked her head out from the bathroom and looked at Stella.

"All I had to do was way my bage and that was that." Stella said while she looked over at Scully.

Scully put on her shirt then walked out of the bathroom and went for her heels she left by the door. As she did so Stella looked at her for a moment. Her light gary eyes slowly moved up and down Scully's body. She then looked over to the side.

Once Scully was ready to go Stella got up from the bed and walked over to Scully. A small smile formed on her lips.


Stella took Scully to a near by diner, somewhere they could walk to. It was a nice day out for a walk anyways. When they sat down Stella asked for a glass of water with a lemon in it. The waiter nodded and looked over at Scully but Scully wasn't sure what she wanted.

"May I have a mimosas?" Scully asked.

The waiter nodded and waked away from them.

"So tell me what are you doing here?" Stella asked.

"Huh?" Scully asked.

"Well were you working on a case? Or just sometime off?" Stella asked.

The waiter came back with the drinks. Stella smiled while Scully said thank you. They then order food and Scully drank some of her drink.

"Well?" Stella asked pushing the question she had asked before the waiter came around.

Scully placed her drink down and sighed to herself. "I was working on a case." She finally said.

"I see." Stella replied.

Scully nodded while she reached her fingertips up to her cross around her neck and played with it for a moment. As she did so Stella noticed while pressing her lips to her glass.

Of course Scully didn't want to talk to much about the case because then she would remember Ed and how the trust she gave him was taken and thrown back at her.

"And you?" Scully asked.

"And me what?" Stella asked.

"Are you here for a case or...?" Scully stopped when she looked down removing her fingers from her cross necklace.

Stella thought for a moment then placed her glass back down on the table. Running a finger around the outside of the glass she slowly smiled a little. "No."

Scully's bright blue eyes watched Stella's finger slowly running circles. Studying the finger carefully, Scully found herself lost in her own thoughts.

For a moment everything seemed like it was going in slow motion, like everything was moving as slow as Stella's finger moving around the glass.

"Agent Scully." Stella's voice broke the motion Scully was feeling and snapped her back into the real world.

"I am sorry...What did you say?" Scully asked.

Stella moved her eyes to Scully's phone that was ringing like crazy. Scully followed Stella's eyes and looked down at her phone. She didn't have to pick it up, for she knew who it was going to be. A sigh left her lips as she picked up the phone and placed it in her pocket.

"Not a friendly call?" Stella asked.

Scully thought about Mulder for a moment. She thought about the way they would look at each other, the way they spoke to each other. It was like they had their own little code. Biting on her lower lip Scully shook her head.

"It's not that..." Scully said softly then pressed her lips together to form more words.

"Then...What?" Stella asked in a bit of a husk voice.

"It's my work partner..." Scully said while she looked at Stella once then down to her lap.

"Things ended badly then?" Stella asked.

Badly? Scully asked herself while she played her with fingers under the table. How could she reply to that? Because in away it was bad. But they didn't end things. It was just a fight. Right? Slowly Scully looked back up at Stella.

"We got into a fight." Scully paused for a moment.

"A fight?" Stella asked. "What about?" She asked.

"I just don't feel like we are equal and it's imported to me that we are." Scully said not wanting to air her own life down.

Stella nodded her head. "As you sure." She replied.

Scully felt that Stella was a women who didn't take shit from no one and she liked that a lot. In fact that was something she really longed for. Yes Scully fought for what she believed was right but when she looked at Stella she saw a strong, graceful women.


Scully played with her fingers as she stood outside of the diner, waiting for Stella to come out. It was warm with a bit of a cold breezs. As she stood there she placed her hand on her own lower back and felt the tattoo, remember that night, remembering how getting the tattoo felt. Scully had never felt that side of her before and apart of her wanted it back. But she was afraid, afraid that Ed would always be there in the back of her head, eating her up alive, taking the trust she gave him and chewing it then spiting it back out at her.

"What are your plans agent?" Stella teased Scully while she walked out of the diner.

"Plans?" Scully asked while she removed her hand from her tattoo.

Stella looked at Scully for a moment then she smiled a little. "May I see it again?" She asked.

Scully looked at Stella then nodded her head. But when Scully went to turn around to show Stella the tattoo, Stella took hold of her hand and shook her head. "No, not here." She said in a low but husk voice.

A small blush formed on Scully's cheeks as her bright blue eyes looked from Stella's hand around her arm to her light gray eyes.

"A---All right."