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Choice and Change (Time, Truth, and Hearts)

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When the peridexis (or ‘Bobo’ as it had been so nicknamed) had first processed the anomaly, the reaction had been to assume it itself had undergone serious malfunction. However, when the dual-priming subsided, Bobo could only conclude it had been a consequence of Nita’s recent interactions with the Shamask-Eilitt, and their case of hwanthaet that had leaked over to her through her partner Kit. The peridexis had done its best to focus on more immediate concerns from that point forward, and the issue did not resurface for almost a year.
Almost a year.
Just shy of a week after Nita and Kit had returned from the mass excursion on Tevaral (and, incidentally, the peridexis had done Kit a favor, and a prank on Ronan to-boot), the anomaly resurfaced… and sustained.
This time, Bobo decided, it wasn’t going to let matters stand. It was going to get to the bottom of this.
The conversation did not go as planned - which wasn’t hard to achieve, considering the peridexis hadn’t gotten much further than ‘ask Nita if she knew what was happening, alert the Powers if anomaly starts to propagate and/or deal damage to local spacetime’, and even that much proved impossible.
Not that it had many ways to test such a thing. ‘Feeling locked within yourself’ indeed…!

As it turned out, Nita had been called - Called! - elsewhere, and she had elected to bring certain friends of hers back to see home.
Given reality wasn’t shredding at the seams, or screaming at them rather, the peridexis could only complain so much - but then there was the information Nita’s friends had brought.
Waking, the Between, a city called Nautilus and a Deva named Cyrus… there was no precedent for such a thing. More importantly, there was no memory of such a thing, and that was what would have made Bobo pale, if it were capable of such reactions.
True, there being entirely Other Powers - other khiliocosms - only made sense, and that most of them seemed not as malevolent as the Devourer had been proved some small consolation, but then why wouldn’t They remember?
The peridexis could only conclude - as Nita and her friends continued their tour, trying to avoid trouble in the Crossings and elsewhere - that this Isis that had stopped all natural Waking had committed some kind of sabotage as well.
And Bobo wasn’t going to take that in stride.

There was, unfortunately, no way to conduct its own surveillance on what had gone wrong from its current position - and, if what Nita’s friends had to share was any indication, no way to share the information with the Powers either, a worrying thought all its own - but it wasn’t going to take this lying down!
Or any form of passive manner at all, really, but that was beside the point.
However, one of Nita’s friends - Clef, who had seemed oddly attached, both to Nita and his own schema of Powers and Pillars - had given it an idea; tracking Nita’s signature was well within the peridexis’ prerogative. Even if the Between proved hazardous, well - it would know Nita anywhere, or at least its Nita, and their connection had to count for something.
Bobo was also certain of another thing: it couldn’t tell Nita what it was doing. Both on the off chance that it failed, meaning all it would do would be to let the ‘Unawake’ Nita know something was seriously wrong without being able to tell her what it was - and that it had an increasing sense that Nita wouldn’t want anyone following.
Even if that was possibly a sensible idea.
Even if it meant facing Chaos.
Because Nita had spent a long time - more than half the time she’d been a wizard to begin with! - working it all out by herself, as a wizard working for the Powers, in unanticipated circumstances. And if it turned out that, the entire time, she hadn’t had to go it alone…
It would have been unfair - more than! - to get her hopes up, only to have that hope crushed.
And, the not-entirely-reasonable-notion was… Bobo simply didn’t want to do that to her.

The one matter consistent with the last time there had been an intrusion was that these guests, too, did not stay long. Nita had thankfully mitigated the majority of the possible headaches for Life in the Milky Way (and the peridexis had quietly taken care of the rest of them…), but to minimize her own risk value she, too, had to leave.
Which was when Bobo put its plan into action.
Automating Targeting Spell, Rescencion 9… Target Name: [Juanita L. Callahan, reference “Nita”, daughter of…] Clearance: Range: Infinite

This was going to be the exact opposite of a simple undertaking, though the peridexis had anticipated that much. Leaving the Clearance field blank also unnerved it, but that couldn’t be helped.
Now ‘hooked in’, all there was left to do was-