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The sun of this world

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The sky was clear and the light of the sun a soft, still early day yellow. It was promising to be a very nice early spring day, the Cloud Recesses calm and quiet like always. Well, too calm and quiet as some would say, at least if they were putting it lightly. Others would find different, a bit more harsh words for it like “Finally some peace and quiet!” as Lan Wangji had heard his uncle say the first day Wei Wuxian and some of the juniors had been gone.

Today was the fourth too quiet day and Lan Wangji was starting to get really restless, for various reasons. It was getting really hard to focus and he had to almost constantly hold himself back from just going after Wei Wuxian and the juniors.

Maybe he was being dramatic – Wei Ying rubbing off on him – but part of him really regretted not going with them, leaving them to their own devices and him being left behind. Yes, he was being very dramatic, especially because Wei Ying and he had decided to do this to test it out, the question of “What will being apart for a few days do to us?”.

A reasonable question to ask. They hadn't really been apart for more than a few hours since Lan Wangji had found Wei Ying again in his new body and especially after eloping they hadn't even thought about ever being apart.

But of course something eventually would separate them temporarily, no matter how tightly they would cling to each other.

When Lan Wangji had told Wei Ying about this worry or even fear of his, his husband had after some thinking suggested that they would separate temporarily on their own terms. He could still hear him say “Like this we will be prepared if we are ever forced to be apart!” and he also still very clearly remembered how he had smirked afterwards and pointed out in a lower voice “I'm curious to see what it will do to your inexhaustible lust for me!”.

They had done it all night afterwards, Lan Wangji being unable to keep his hand off his husband for even a second. The days directly followed had been filled with multiple sessions throughout the day, causing Wei Ying to say “We are just talking about separating for a little bit and you already get this crazy possessive and even more lustful! This either means we really never should and never will really separate for a long period of time or that it will be truly intense if we were to actually do it!”.

Being completely honest with himself Lan Wangji had felt challenged and even somewhat offended by this kind of observation of his husband, so he had slowly but surely gotten a bit more comfortable with the thought of separating for a certain amount of time and now it had gotten to the point of them actually being apart.

It was a good test, a good practice, very necessary and reasonable, something they needed to do for their relationship and themselves.

None of that changed anything about the fact that he didn't like it though. It felt like pointless torture which was just his heart and his body talking. But they were talking very loudly. So much so that he eventually gave up on trying to prepare future lessons for the juniors and left his room to try to calm himself somewhat.

There were a few things to be done to calm oneself, but right now he was in a state where only one thing could help. The one thing that had always helped him even in the darkest of times. He could already see the white, black and gray bunnies jump around on their meadow from afar, immediately feeling a certain peace settle inside of him.

Approaching their area slowly, a basket filled with carrots in one of his hands, he could feel the peace spread within him, fully engulfing him, his whole being as he sat down in the grass, paying no mind at all to his white robes getting dirty.

Even before putting the basket down and fully settling into a comfortable position the bunnies were already coming closer, gathering around him, jumping onto the white fabric of his robes that had fanned out on the grass.

A light smile formed on his lips and he grabbed a few carrots, silently feeding the little creatures for a while. He enjoyed to see how lively they jumped around and how eagerly they munched on the carrots.

Time was meaningless on this meadow. Not just time, but problems, worries, fears, even pain started to fade, becoming meaningless as well.

The first time this had happened, all the way back after Wei Ying had gifted him the first two bunnies, he had thought it was some kind of spell, magic, maybe even an effect of demonic cultivation.

He had been full of weird thoughts like that back then, a socially very insecure teenager struggling with his feelings for another boy that was so bold, so fear- and shameless. And the bunnies had at first made him very flustered, being a constant reminder of Wei Ying and thus his feelings for that boy.

So when he first had felt this kind of peace looking at, feeding and playing a little bit with the bunnies it had really confused him. But over time he learned to appreciate it more and more while also realizing that it was just the natural effect animals and for him bunnies in particular could and did have.

In the 13 years without Wei Ying there had been days were only the bunnies had managed to calm him.

They didn't fail to have this effect now either. And, just as back then, the deeper the peace settled in, the longer he felt this calming effect the more he relaxed and eventually opened up.

He had placed all of the carrots onto the grass in a loose half-circle in front of him, so that hopefully all the bunnies were able to get some. One of those, which he had just fed personally, was sitting calmly on his lap happily letting itself be petted. It was one of the black ones, those always reminded him of Wei Ying even more than the bunnies in and of themselves already did.

“He would love to be in your place right now”, he said quietly. “I would love to have him here right now. I miss him really badly.” He sighed softly and picked the bunny up gently, looking at it with longing eyes. “Yes, I know he will be back soon. There's no need to worry. A-Yuan is with him. They will protect each other and return to me in no time.”

He gave the bunny a little kiss on its head. “Wei Ying turned me into an impatient person. I can't wait to hold him again, show him my love again, kiss him, touch him, tell him that I love him over and over again. He will laugh and giggle and tell me that he knows and that he wants me to tell him and show him every single day and that's what I will do. I'll never stop loving him, telling him, showing him.”

He put the bunny back onto his lap where it nuzzled against his stomach, still staying there for Lan Wangji to pet it which he more than gladly continued to do.

“Do you think he misses me? You're right, he probably does. I spoil him, I really do, I just can't help myself. I want to make him happy, take care of him. That is what makes me happy. He makes me so happy, just having him around, just seeing him...”

He realized what he was doing – more or less catching the bunnies up on his life, their life, Wei Yings and his. That was what he used to do – just talk about his day, let everything out, get it all off his chest, make his heart feel at least a little bit lighter.

It had often ended up in him crying, just him by himself surrounded by the bunnies. It had felt okay to let himself go for a little bit, to be vulnerable and loose control, loose himself for once. No one knew about this of course. Well, they knew that he had spend a lot of time with the bunnies by himself when he was feeling really bad, so he supposed in a way they did know. He knew his brother had been glad that he had the bunnies to find some comfort in.

He was glad too, very very glad. “I hope Wei Ying comes back home to me soon”, he smiled softly, still running his hands through the bunnies fur. Another bunny, one of the white ones, came up to him now as well, jumping into his lap with no hesitation at all to snuggle close to the black bunny. They both looked like they had claimed his lap as their nesting spot. He didn't mind one bit, he actually felt really honored.

The bunnies trusting, liking and snuggling up to him had really gotten him through a lot. He would forever be grateful to them and never stop feeding them and spending time petting them every now and then. He had already done it a few times with Wei Ying actually. They should do that again soon once his husband was back.

First they would do something else though! Ah, he really really couldn't wait much longer. Even now that being with the bunnies had calmed his emotions somewhat and made him feel at peace again, there was still this other reason for his restlessness and only having Wei Ying back would really be able to actually help with that.

So the waiting and the restlessness continued. It was much easier to not focus on it too much while he was with the bunnies, away from everything else, time having no meaning. With the bunnies he could be waiting for ages and not really notice. Being with the bunnies made hours feel like seconds. If only he could stay with them until Wei Ying returned. That would make things much easier.

But Lan Wangji wasn't one to hide forever from his problems. He was way too responsible for that and it would make him feel really guilty. He had responsibilities to attend to, things to do, to take care of. He couldn't let any of that slide, at least not for too long. There still was and always had been a small part of him that felt he was doing something bad, something wrong when he put himself first like this and just spend some time on taking care of himself and his feelings.

He knew he would never be truly able to shake this feeling, even though he had come a long way of overcoming it. This slight guilt would always be a part of him.

The guilt did in fact serve a very important and necessary purpose. It helped to remind him that time did in fact still exist.

Yes, he could very much disappear for a few hours since part of the juniors weren't around anyway and he had the freedom to organize how and when he wanted to take care of preparing the classes for the juniors. That was his own responsibility, as so many other things were too.

But precisely because that was the case he needed to be even more mindful of how exactly he spend his time. So he really did need that little bit of guilt to remind him that he couldn't spend all his time with the bunnies, no matter how much he might want to.

With that in mind he did eventually get up, taking one last longing look at the bunnies. They were very much connected to Wei Ying and that was also a part of them that managed to calm him very much. It always reminded him of how much Wei Ying had touched him, touched his heart, his soul and how this effect that the annoying carefree boy had had on him would echo throughout Lan Wangjis whole life, with and without him actually being by his side. The bunnies were physical living proof of Wei Yings everlasting effect him. They would always make him feel close to his husband.

After he left the bunny filled meadow the day continued like usually. He was able to focus better, the restlessness being at a tolerable level again. Nonetheless he could feel how his emotions quickly started to get worse again. At this rate he would need to spend more time with the bunnies tomorrow already.
The problem was that it just didn't help at all with his sexual desire for his husband. Not being able to have him, feel him, hear him moan and plead, connect their bodies, feel him so very close, pure pleasure running through their veins...

It was extremely frustrating and it would be just as extremely hard, in more than one way, to hold himself back even for just a few seconds once Wei Ying returned. He really really couldn't wait much longer.

Especially when he laid down at 9pm all by himself the absence of his husband hit him hard, again in more than one way. It always took him way too long to fall asleep. In this fourth night alone he concluded that he didn't want them to ever separate again, even if it was just for one night. They always had to be together again at night. Otherwise it was just too painful and that pain wasn't worth it at all, at least to him it wasn't.

On the fifth day he got the message that the juniors and Wei Ying were on their way back to the Cloud Recesses and that was good news. Of course it was! But it also made his restlessness a billion times worse and every few seconds he was about to get up and travel in their direction to meet them on their way and like that effectively shorten the time he had to wait, the time they were apart. It felt like such a good idea to him, no matter how foolish and silly it actually was, that it kept popping up in his mind.

Even as he went again to feed the bunnies, sit with them, pet them, he couldn't stop thinking about it. There was in fact nothing else he could think about. He couldn't do anything else, it just was impossible. And since that was the case it was in fact more reasonable to just go with it and follow this desire of his, get Wei Ying back, get them back together as soon as possible.

He immediately went to tell his brother that he was heading out.

Lan Xichen, “Heading out? Where exactly are you going, Wangji? Senior Wei and the juniors will be back in a few hours. You...”

Lan Wangji just nodded at the realization sparking up in his older brothers eyes. He couldn't and wouldn't straight up admit that he simply was unable to wait even a second longer and had to go towards Wei Ying now.

Thankfully his brother smiled at him gently and nodded as well. “Alright then. I will greet the juniors when they return. Enjoy the reunion with your husband.”
Lan Wangji could feel his ears heat up a little bit as he returned the smile slightly and then said goodbye to finally get back to Wei Ying.

He knew which route they would most likely take and traveling on his sword not only made him fast, but also gave him a good overview of the area which made it easy to spot a bigger group of people.

It still took him some time though, because a huge area around the Cloud Recesses consisted of forest and it wasn't easy to see through the top of the trees and depending on how fast they were traveling back they would most likely have already reached the forest area, so he focused his search on the paths going through the forest which also weren't that easy to follow from above.

Eventually he saw movement underneath the layers of leafs and branches and searched for a good spot to drop down. The forest was really thick in most areas, so it was really hard to find somewhere were he could get through. It didn't help that he was at a point where he was so near and yet still too far away to even see his Wei Ying that his focus was even worse and he couldn't properly look for an opening which only caused him to take even more time to get to Wei Ying and... he really needed to calm down a little bit.

He also had yet to think about what he would tell the juniors regarding why he had come to meet them and not just waited for their return at the Cloud Recesses. Hopefully Wei Ying would just come up with something, because all he could think about was his husband and what he would do to him once he could hold him again.

As he finally managed to find a way down to the ground again he was relieved. He maneuvered himself and his sword through the canopy of leaves and elegantly stepped down onto the ground. There wasn't much distance between the group and him now. They were right around the next few trees behind the turn of the path in front of him. He could hear their footsteps, their voices, Wei Yings voice.

It took a lot out of him to walk slow and calm towards them and not run. He didn't want to alarm them or anything. Though his longing and desire for touching his husband were definitely at a very alarming rate right now. But that was obviously no reason to make others panic. It would embarrass him a bit if others knew about how desperate he was right now. Wei Ying would most definitely comment on it in an amused way and he couldn't wait for it!

As he got around the turn of the path and the trees that had blocked the group and him from each other, the first thing he saw on everyone's faces was surprise. They really hadn't expected to run into him in these woods when they were still a fair bit away from the Cloud Recesses. So he couldn't say that he had just been going for a little walk, that would be very unbelievable and, not to be forgotten, a lie and one shouldn't lie. Not even in a situation like this. Lying could be very much avoided even when one wanted to hide something.

The surprise and slight shook was shortly followed by glee and excitement and happiness to see him. All the juniors were screaming out “ Hanguang-jun!“ as they moved close to him and asked what he was doing out here, if he went to look for them and why. They also told him that they had missed him and were glad to return to the Cloud Recesses and excited about telling him what happened on their night hunt.

It was a chaos of voices. They did try their best to speak after each other and not all at once and some even stayed silent, but it was still too much, so he eventually had to cut them off. “You will have time to tell me everything tomorrow. Don't forget to write your reports. They are best to be written when the memories are still fresh.”

Then his eyes fell on Sizhui and he smiled slightly. “Sizhui, make sure that everyone gets back safely. Senior Wei and I will stay behind. I want to talk to him. We will get back on our own eventually, so don't worry or wait for us.”

Sizhui just nodded and then smiled widely. “I'm happy to be back”, he said quietly before hugging him quickly as the other juniors had already started to continue their way down the path. “Mn”, he returned the hug softly. As he let him go again Sizhui waved at Wei Ying. “See you later!” Then he hurried after the others who were already out of sight around the next turn of the path.

Finally Lan Wangji could lie his eyes on his husband. He had been afraid to just immediately loose his control, grab him and pull him away right in front of all the juniors. He would rather avoid that. Now that they were alone there was no reason to hold himself back anymore and Wei Yings bright slightly smug smile and the way he placed a hand on his hip and threw his hair back were very inviting.

He still tried to keep his composure though, walking towards his husband slowly, his expression neutral as usual, but there was a certain glint in his eyes that showed how impatient he actually was right now and Wei Ying knew this kind of look all too well.

At the last few steps it was his husband that lost his patience, rushed over and threw himself into his arms, wrapping his arms around his neck as he leaned up, bringing their faces very close together. Lan Wangji thought he would kiss him, but he didn't and instead just looked deeply into his eyes, his own eyes filled with curious smugness. “Did you miss me, Lan-Er-Gege?”

“Mn, of course I missed my Wei Ying.” The slightest hint of a smile moved the corners of his mouth a little bit upwards, his hands now placed on his husbands lower back. For a few more seconds he continued to resist the growing urge inside of him. This urge that had been growing for the last few days of them being separated. This urge that, once he let it take over, he would most likely not be able to stop it anymore and he knew that his husband wouldn't want him to stop. Not any time soon at least. Right now Wei Ying was probably eagerly waiting for him to totally loose it.

And he was close to, very close. Even closer as he pulled his husband further against him causing them to touch almost everywhere, their bodies moving and pressing against each other. Wei Ying made a small 'Ah'-noise that sounded relieved, but also a little bit shaky already. He did also still look rather calm, though his eyes were saying something else. The excitement and impatience showed very clearly in them and also in the way he somewhat rubbed his body against Lan Wangjis.

“What are all the things you missed about me, Lan-Er-Gege? Tell me! Tell me! I want to hear them all! I'll tell you about what I missed as well! For example I really really missed just looking at your beautiful face! Do I tell you enough how beautiful you are? Because you really are truly the most beautiful and I can never tell you that enough! Now you! One thing you did miss about me!”

Lan Wangjis smile widened a little bit. “This. You talking none stop. Hearing your voice. And holding you, feeling you against me. And...”

He couldn't and didn't want to wait any longer and there really was no more reason to now. Right now they were just extending their little game to bathe a little bit more in the heightened tension that it had very clearly created between them. It was extreme, making Lan Wangji feel as if he couldn't breathe properly, almost as if he would suffocate and he was actually sure that if he wouldn't finally get what he was longing for so badly, he would actually suffocate and die. That's how intense it felt.

So as he finally closed the last bit of distance between their lips, his eyes falling shut right after he saw Wei Yings eyes do the same, it was like the ashes of his need for Wei Ying, which were always glowing and glimmering, were now full on burning again, new fresh material being added to the pile, creating a new roaring fire that beforehand had to be dimmed, the ashes only being able to give off very little heat while Wei Ying had been gone, but now the strongest heat was back again and it felt even hotter than it ever had before.

Now both of them were actively pressing and rubbing against each other, totally unable to help it any longer or make it stop again. Their need was so intense that they were already panting, the lust pulsing through their veins, causing their hands to move on their own. Wei Yings had already found their way into Lan Wangjis robes at his chest while Lan Wangji had already pushed off Wei Yings robes on one side revealing one of his shoulders. Hmmm, so much wonderful skin to bite into, to mark with his teeth, to...!

“Ah, Lan Zhan, shouldn't we get back home? We are on this path in the middle of the forest. This is no place to just–“
Lan Wangji interrupted him by pulling back slightly to then grab one of his husbands hands and just walk straight into the forest. It happened so fast that Wei Ying didn't even have any time to protest. One second they were still pressed against each other and in the next second he was already being dragged into the rather dense forest that the path was leading through.

“Lan Zhan! Lan Zhan! Lan-Er-Gege! Where are we going? Where are you taking me? This isn't the way home, I'm sure of it! It should be the opposite direction!”, he said in a complaining almost whiny kind of tone that made Lan Wangji pull him even harder and faster with him. Not because he was annoyed, but because he had missed all this way too much and he couldn't wait to finally take him again.

Well, he could at least wait long enough to drag him to this place close by that he had seen from above while searching for the group earlier. So for now he told his husband: “Be quiet. We are almost there.”
And just as he had finished saying that they came upon an opening in front of them and found themselves on a little meadow filled with wild flowers. A small pond covered most of the opening and sunlight was being reflected on it's surface, sending small beams of light everywhere. It was a very nice spot.

“Wow!”, Wei Ying exclaimed, wonder and appreciation sparkling in his eyes. “This is really beautiful! We should remember this spot and get back to it someday! You know, the journey back was so exhausting, I would really like to just–“
Again Lan Wangji interrupted him, this time by pulling him close again, kissing him with fierce, unrestrained hunger, moving a hand into his hair to pull on the red ribbon that his hair was tied into a ponytail with. He managed to get it loose without much effort, causing his husbands hair to fall down onto his shoulders, tickling both of them a little bit.

“L-Lan Zhan...”, mumbled Wei Ying against Lan Wangjis lips as he wrapped one of his legs around one of the others legs, getting them to press even more against each other and also allowing himself to rub his crotch against the others more, small moans slipping from his lips.

“Wei Ying”, Lan Wangji answered with a deep, hoarse voice as he grabbed his husbands butt with both hands, lifting him up to then lie him down on the meadow in the middle of the wild flowers. As he let go of him just a little bit he immediately started to wiggle around underneath him, his hands pulling at Lan Wangjis robes.

“Want you. Need you. Now!”, Wei Ying mumbled with somewhat red cheeks. Finally Lan Wangjis robes came apart and the one with the forehead ribbon sat up to fully get his outer robes off, brushing the top of his inner robes off as well.
“Me too, Wei Ying”, he answered while he undressed his husband with growing impatience. Every single second that he still had to hold himself back to some degree felt like torture, actually painful. He physically needed to be inside Wei Ying again and he really was throbbingly hard already.

“My forehead ribbon”, was all he needed to say for his husband to reach his hand up and pull it off. Lan Wangji right away grabbed this hand, tying his forehead ribbon around his husbands wrist, so that he would keep it safe and it wouldn't get lost in the grass and the wild flowers. And he loved seeing his forehead ribbon on his husband, no matter where exactly he tied it, it always looked wonderful on him, marking him as his.

“Lan Zhan! Lan Zhan! Lan Zhan!”, Wei Ying pleaded underneath him, wrapping his arms around his neck to pull him down and kiss him hungrily. A soft moan escaped him as Lan Wangji placed his hands on the others restlessly moving hips, steadying the squirming man.

“Wei Ying”, he mumbled against his lips, one of his hand finding its way between his husbands legs right after he had pulled off the others pants and underwear. Their lips parted for a moment as Lan Wangji took a good long look at his naked husband.

How much he had missed this unforgettable view. How much he had missed to see all that was this man that he loved so incredibly much. How much he had missed to touch his soft skin, feel every corner of his body. How much he had missed to hear the moans that came out of his mouth with every single touch of his fingertips. How much he had missed being this close to him, showing him so clearly how much he loved him and how deep and strong and indescribable this love was.

Holding Wei Yings hips steady with one hand on one side and one leg on his other side, he felt with his other hand not only how extremely hard, throbbing and leaking his husbands dick was already, but also how wet and ready his entrance was.
He made a pleased humming noise and pushed one, two, three fingers inside the other to test how ready he actually was. It had been a few days after all and it was always better to make sure, no matter how strong the urge to just push inside was right now.

“Ah! Lan-Er-Gege, you are being so mean! Teasing me like this! Just take me already! I can't wait anymore! I'm gonna die if you don't fuck me already! For the past few nights I have been lying all alone in a very small bed, tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep! My body got so needy for you that every single night I had to finger myself and hump the blanket until I came a few times and could finally get a few restless hours of sleep! I never ever want to be separated from you ever again! I need you! I need you so much! I can't live without you, Lan-Er-Gege! I just can't! And I don't want to! Please! Please put it in already!”

Wei Ying looked like he was actually close to tears, he was even sniffing slightly. He truly was very desperate, Lan Wangji could feel his insides twitch around his fingers, sucking them in greedily and the others dick was also twitching already, calling for attention.

“Alright”, was the single simple word that Lan Wangji said while he pulled out his own painfully hard dick, stroking it a few times and then positioning it at his husbands dripping wet entrance. With a single deep thrust he pushed all the way inside.

“AHHHHHH!”, screamed Wei Ying, clawing his hands into the others shoulders, his back arching up, his hips moving into the push, letting the other slide in even deeper even faster. “LAN ZHAN!”

Said one also let out a very audible groan as he finally felt the others tight wet hot flesh around his dick again after such a long time of not being able too. His mind went completely blank for a few seconds as he just soaked in this feeling, letting the fact of being inside Wei Ying wash over him again and again.

Eventually the small whiny and needy noises that his husband was making pulled him back out of his little trance and he leaned down to kiss him. A slow and very intense kiss that ended up with both of them licking and sucking on each others lower lips before their tongues met again to press and rub against each other as they moaned into each others mouths.

Only after a little bit of this heated kissing did Lan Wangji start to move inside his husband, only a few little hip movements at first as he enjoyed it way too much to just be buried deeply inside the other, filling him out completely, having him as close as possible.
More whining and moaning could be heard from the one underneath that, with only one hand on his hips, as the one knee on his other side was needed for Lan Wangjis own stability now, could squirm around more once again and did make very good use of that new found freedom.

“It feels so good! Ahhhhh! How full you make me! You are so big! I love it so much! I want to be filled like this always! Not go one second without you anymore! I need you in me at any time! Please! Ahhhhh, Lan Zhan!”

“Please what? Tell me more clearly what you want right now, Wei Ying”, Lan Wangji said with an unfitting calm voice, though it still was way deeper than his usual voice. Nonetheless Wei Ying was clearly impressed at how composed his husband still was. He seemed to be asking himself the question if Lan Wangji was teasing him with what he said or if he was actually honestly curious. Lan Wangji didn't know the answer to that himself. Maybe a mixture of both.

“More... Ahhhhh!... More clearly? Fuck me harder, Lan Zhan! Wreck me! Break me apart! I want to be so sore after this that I can't walk anymore for the next few days and you will have to carry me around everywhere! I want you to make me come so many times that I will pass out from exhaustion! But even then you should still not stop fucking me! Make me come again even when I'm passed out, so that I wake up again! Make a total utter mess out of me, Lan Zhan! That's what your husband wants! Is it more clear now? I could go into even more detail! I–“

Another interruption once again, this time through Lan Wangji moving his hands under the others back to pick him up, causing the other to immediately wrap his legs around his waist, pressing his whole body close to the other. At the same time his eyes widened as he could feel Lan Wangji sink into him even deeper then before. “Ohhhhhhhhh! Yeeeeeees!”, he moaned loudly.

And then they both started to move their hips, quickly getting into a very fast rhythm with Wei Ying practically bouncing on top of Lan Wangjis dick. The taller one had placed one hand on the smaller ones back to prevent him from falling back. His other hand was grabbing his husbands dick, stroking it in time with their quick pace.

“Ahhhhhhh! Haaaaaah! Ahhhhhhh!” That was all the noise Wei Ying could make right now and it was such wonderful noise. His moans, his panting combined with how tight he kept clenching around Lan Wangjis dick, the way his body pressed against him...

Lan Wangji bit down on his husbands shoulder multiple times and also on his neck a few times, leaving many very clear marks. He groaned into the smaller ones ear, biting into his earlobe as well before licking it, then moving to lick his husbands lips before starting another very heated kissing session as the speed of both of their hip movements increased further.

“So good! You're so good, Lan Zhan! So extremely good! I'm so close! Touch me more! Push into me even harder! I want to come! I want to come for you! I want to come into your hand and then lick my own cum off while you continue to fuck me! AHHHHHH!”

With those words Lan Wangji firmly pressed his thumb onto the others tip, not to stop him from cumming, but to harshly rub his finger over the sensitive spot. He could feel how intensely his husbands dick pulsated and even how he tried to hold it back, to enjoy this feeling of the highest pre-cumming pleasure for a little bit longer before it would explode into an even more extreme feeling.

Then he hit Wei Yings sweet spot very hard, he had actually waited to hit it just for this very moment, for the last push to send his husband over the edge. Wei Yings eyes widened as he threw his head back and screamed in pleasure, thick cum spurting in waves out of the tip of his dick, dirtying both their stomachs and Lan Wangjis hand which he still continued to move, causing Wei Yings body to twitch again and again while his orgasm seemed to be never-ending.

He was clenching around Lan Wangjis dick so tightly that for a moment he really couldn't move. As soon as he could thrust into his husband again, lifting him slightly up of his lap to be able to, he hit the others sweet spot again and again and again until tears rolled down Wei Yings cheeks from how blissed out he felt, from how overstimulated his body was.

Most of the others body had gone limp at this point, heavily leaning onto Lan Wangji, his arms loosely wrapped around his neck, only tightening a little bit at those very deep thrusts. “Lan Zhan... Lan Zhan... Lan Zhan, I love you! I love this! I feel so wonderful! This is heaven! You are heaven! Please fill me! I want to be filled by you over and over and over again! Lan Zhan! Lan Zhan please! I love you so much! Fill me already!”

“Haaaahhhh.... Nghhhhhh...” Moaning, groaning and panting were the only answers Lan Wangji could manage as he was too lost in pleasure, taken over by his need to just feel this wet hot flesh around him, thrust into it again and again, holding this heated whimpering body in his arms. His love, his husband, his soulmate, his other half, the one he would never ever let go again, the one he always needed by his side.

“Lan Zhan...”, did he hear him whisper directly into his ear. “Lan Zhan...” Just his name. He repeated just his name with his somewhat weak but very loving and very pleased, very happy voice. “Lan Zhan... Ahhhh...”

Holding tightly onto his husbands butt, pressing him all the way down onto his dick and holding him there, he finally came too, releasing everything that had been build up over the last few days as he actually hadn't been able to even get off once. No matter how much he had tried and how intensely he had imagined his husband being with him and everything, none of it had been able to do it for him.
Only now could he feel those waves of pleasure that made his body shiver again while he groaned loudly, his hands digging into the others butt cheeks. All the while he could hear small moans escape Wei Ying as he was being filled more and more and even more.

Wei Yings dick, that had just gotten hard again, was already releasing more as well as he came a second time without even being touched, just from the feeling of Lan Wangji cumming so much inside of him.

Now it was Lan Wangjis turn to mumble into his husbands ear: “Wei Ying... Wei Ying... Wei Ying... I love you. I love you with all my heart. I love you more than words can say. I never want to let you go again. I never want us to separate again. I want to have you close like this always. I don't want to exist one single day without you. I love you, I love you, I love you.”

They spend a few more hours on this meadow until both of them eventually lied in the grass, Wei Ying cuddled close to Lan Wangji, his head on his chest and Lan Wangjis arms around him. They were just looking at each other in silence, bathing in the afterglow of many many orgasms that had now actually exhausted both of them. Wei Ying was definitely very exhausted, looking like his eye lids were very heavy.

“You can sleep, my love”, Lan Wangji whispered softly, his own throat feeling a bit rough from all the moaning and panting. His fingers were lazily drawing patterns onto his husbands skin, his eyes steadily focused on his face just like Wei Yings were on his.

The other shook his head. “I don't want to sleep right now. I want to continue looking at you. I have to make up for all the time I couldn't look at you. I need to...” He yawned and was now clearly fighting to stay awake.

“Wei Ying, you can look at me for much much longer once you have gotten some sleep. You will have all the time you need to look at me. We really won't be separating again, so don't worry”, he responded gently, letting his husbands hair run through his fingers.

Again Wei Ying, his eyes now already half closed, shook his head. “Even all the time in the world will never be enough time to look at you. I've already lost a few days. I can't possibly loose even another second!”

Lan Wangji made an amused noise and said: “Ridiculous.”

Wei Ying smiled, finally letting his eyes fall closed completely, mumbling: “That's why you love me, because I am ridiculous and shameless.”

Lan Wangji, “Mn.”

Nonetheless even though Lan Wangji himself felt exhausted too, he knew all to well what the other had been talking about and kept looking at his sleeping husband who was finally back in his arms. Just like Wei Ying had said about him, he couldn't look at him enough, couldn't touch him enough, couldn't hold him enough. Especially now that they had been separated for a few days. All the time in the world truly would never be enough.

Of course they should focus on here and now and the time that they did and would and already had had together. But even that just made Lan Wangji refuse even more to close his own eyes as well. Right now he could look at Wei Ying, so he would.

He for sure had gotten just as or maybe even more ridiculous and shameless as his husband.