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The Truth: Echoes Beneath Shadowlight

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(The Previously on The X-Files portion contains spoilers for the fic, Rooted in Friendship, you can skip to the start of this story, beginning at the the area noted as Chapter 1, at any time.)

Previously, on the X-Files...

Mulder took a deep breath and Scully noticed his hands beginning to shake. Her heart leapt into her throat. "and it would mean everything to me to have the honor to call you my wife.”

Mulder took the ring box from his right pocket and made his way down on one knee, cracking and popping as it bent, irritating scar tissue as it supported his weight at home plate. “Dana Katherine Scully, will you marry me?”

Dana Mulder. If that thought hadn't sent her running... Not that she had to change her name. They didn’t need marriage, didn’t need a ceremony or a piece of paper or fancy nothingness or people to witness. She knew the only meaning was what they decided to put behind it, but she understood why and she understood that they needed to give each other what neither of them had before - simplicity. peace. prolonged happiness. Some color inside the lines.

Scully didn’t realize how much time had past as these thoughts ran through her head until Mulder said, “Scully, my knees aren’t getting any younger.”

A tear ran down her face at the relief, the anxiety, and the honesty that she wanted this as much as he did and much more than she let herself feel. Then she really started to break down which made tears spill from him, and she let out a breathy laugh and said, “Yes Fox William Mulder, I will marry you.”

*****The Wedding*****

It wasn’t until the minister prompted them to read the vows they had prepared for one another that they both snapped back to reality.

“Scully, you have always been my constant and my touchstone. My one in five billion… or whatever it is these days. My light in the darkness that’s always seemed to find you and me, as much it may continue to try, I am choosing you, for better or for worse,” Mulder’s voice started to break as tears fell freely down Scully’s cheeks. “You had me from the moment you first walked into my office twenty-six years ago and now you’ll have all of me, forever.”

It wasn’t just his words that made her a believer, but his actions that truly convinced her they were made for one another. Hearing his love verbalized in this manner was almost foreign to her ears as they almost always communicated wordlessly.

“I once said that the best relationships, the ones that last, are frequently the ones that are rooted in friendship. That one day you look at the person and see something more than you did the night before, like a switch has been flicked somewhere. And the person who was just a friend is suddenly the only person you can ever imagine yourself with.”

Scully paused a moment as Mulder regarded her with a grin, yet his eyes betrayed his emotions.

“That person is you, Mulder. It always has been… even in the moments of most extreme duress and uncertainty, your stubbornness never fails to remind me why I fell in love with you. That’s why I followed you and why I would do it all over again. I don’t want to be married to a brain surgeon or to be Kersh’s boss. I want to be with you, Mulder. For better or for worse.”

Her voice was as steady as she could make it for her own part. Tears ran silently down her cheeks for a lot of it, but Mulder held it together for the most part. That is, right until the end, when the minister was reciting a small part Mulder decided to add. It was a quote from Benediction of the Apaches:

"Now you will feel no rain, for each of you will be shelter to the other. Now you will feel no cold, for each of you will be warmth to the other. Now there is no more loneliness for you."

Mulder’s gaze never wavered from hers, even as they filled with tears, the tears swiftly overflowing, running down his cheeks before the minister had even finished the line. Scully reached up and softly wiped them away with her hands. It was only fair. He had been quietly drying her tears since they met.  

“By the power vested in me, by the American Marriage Ministries and the state of Virginia, I now pronounce you… Husband and Wife!”

*****The Baby*****

Bill’s demeanor transformed instantly, his normal stiff exterior loosening as he held her. “She’s beautiful. She.. she looks a lot like both of you. Even her eyes.. She’s got that shit hazel of Mulder’s mixed with our family’s blue and it created the most beautiful turquoise coloring.” He looked up. “What’s her name?”

Scully rested at Mulder’s arm and he placed it around her. “We named her after our mom and grandmother. Margaret Katherine.”

Monica piped up, “Mulder and Scully together created from an empty darkness, pure light.” 

*****William/Jackson’s Origins*****

Squinting through her glasses Scully read the results. “Well, the first thing that jumps out- you have two distinct genomes. It could be part of your alien DNA not able to attach properly.. Well, now this is interesting...” Scully went through the paperwork and pointed at the values. “This strand.. You see how this matches? It is an obvious link. Your link to Cassandra is undeniable. You have her alien DNA.. but interestingly, I don’t see evidence of that on this strand. Yet, your junk DNA is turned on even on this strand.”

William leaned in closer. “What is junk DNA? Cassandra? The old lady from Thanksgiving? That man’s wife? Jeff’s mother. What in holy fuck?”

“Watch your mouth,” Scully said pointing at him. “You’re not related to her. It’s a lot to explain.”

As Scully spoke she sifted through the papers. Something caught her eye and she stilled. Astonished. “Your junk DNA, is coded.. It’s a direct match to mine. I can see the indicators of a grafting on this strand, but the one that matches mine does not contain indicators.”

William stood beside her and followed her fingers as she pointed and posted each section on the wall, jotting notes as she went. He nodded and frowned. Wrinkled his brow and scratched at his head, she wasn’t certain of his actual understanding. She decided to continue anyway. “Now if you look at Mulder’s DNA.. the percentages are too low.” A lump gathered in Scully’s throat as her chest grew tight. “You two are not a match.” She took a breath and spoke as though she had just been stabbed. “He’s not your father.”

They stood in silence staring at it as though it might change something. Scully picked up the next set and slid it into the long clip beside the first. It was puzzling, but the results were very clear. “If you look at this report, your DNA and Mulder’s...  This is a high percentage. Very interesting. William, Mulder is the father of this genome.”

“What does that mean? I don’t get anything you’re saying.” William spun around in frustration, his hands in his hair. Scully tried her best to explain.

“You’re a chimera William. Made up of several genotypes. DNA code for creating more than one individual.”

“I already know I’m a hybrid.”

“Yes, but what I’m looking at.. The only way this is possible is if I had more than one zygote inside of me during my pregnancy.” Scully walked over to the results posted at the beginning of the wall. “This,” she said pointing at William’s paper deciding to not even touch on percentages with him, “This is one of your complete DNA strands. It would be considered a match for myself and Cassandra with repaired or missing nucleotides from a third.”

“I-I don’t understand,” William said fixing his hair.

“You have DNA working independently from the other. Some chimeras might have two different eye colors or blood types. Organs that normally wouldn’t be able to survive inside a body are able to within these conditions.”

“How did this happen?” William asked, his eyes wide, his arms falling to his side.

“It’s been known to occur with fraternal twins. The fusion of the two usually happen at the blastocyst or zygote stages. It results in the development of an organism with intermingled cell lines.”

“How come I didn’t find this out before? Why didn’t you know about it?”

“That information wouldn’t be detectable in a paternity test. You only have one blood type, so with most exams doctors wouldn't question it.”

“What about the other doctors? With the tests?”

“Well, it’s like you said, they already knew you were an alien/human hybrid, so under that assumption they may have concluded it was intentionally part of your makeup.. Your design...”

“So which am I?”

“Which is your dominant DNA? It depends on a lot of factors, the fittest genes will win out, environment also plays a role…” Scully stopped mid sentence. Through the frosted glass she could see men standing on the other side. They were pressing their luck staying in the lab for such a long time. “William, I think it’s time to leave.”

*****Scully/William’s Connection/The Baby’s Origins*****

William kicked a rock down the sidewalk and pulled at his jacket. “When we had that connection, the visions of the future, could you, could you feel it was me?”

Scully lifted her chin. The sky was clear, the sun warming the cold November day. She grasped his sweaty hand. “I knew.”

He squinted her way. “What did you feel? From me..”

Scully let their arms naturally sway and he returned her smile. “I felt your fears, your terror, stress, frustration, anger.”

William's blue eyes connected with her own and they paused as they reached the car. “I felt you too. Your fears, your frustrations, and what you really wanted. I felt you love me, I know you wanted to raise me.”

Scully tightened her lip. “That’s past us William, but we can have something now, something special. When you’re ready, we can move forward.”

They got in the car and Scully started it up. William put his head in his hands then slapped at the dash. “I’m fucked up. Sometimes I hate myself. I feel like I give misery and pain to everyone I care about, but when I thought… when I felt how much you loved someone you didn’t even know and how much it hurt you..”

Scully was shocked. “That one vision, it had that effect on you?”

“It did. It wasn’t just that is was a bleak future, but you.. And Mulder. How desperate you were to save him. I had other visions. The inside of your house, you and him on the run from some Russian dudes and you two kicking some serious ass.. but I saw and I felt it through your eyes, how you looked at him and I saw the way he looked at you and all the pain I caused..” William’s chin started to quiver, his voice cracking, he ran a finger across his temple, “I felt like I could fix it.. I wanted to give.. wanted to give, something I knew my abilities were capable of. Something good out of all my fucked up destructive bullshit.. I wanted to give my mother a gift.”

“William, I’m not understanding you.”

“I’m the reason you were able… to get pregnant.”

*****The Dyson Clusters*****

A pillar of fiery smoke and dust, still boiling up from where the space shuttle lifted off, impaired The Scientist’s view. A series of new flashes broke out, rising and spreading the incandescent radioactive gasses, and then a great gush of flame rose. A column of pure hydrogen must have rushed up into the vacuum created by the explosion; the next blast of flame, in a lateral sheet, came at nearly ten thousand feet above the ground, great rags of fire, changing from red to violet and back through the spectrum to red again, went soaring away to dissipate in the upper atmosphere. The shuttle already breaking past the Karman line. It carried with it the chosen few to live among the Dyson Sphere. The Scientist pondered what they might be thinking; knowing this was the last time they would step foot on the planet. Was this the 144,000 the book of revelations prophesied or was Lucifer leading this crew?

*****On the Bridge/The My Struggle II Vision coming to Life w/a twist***** 

Barely conscious, using his last bit of energy, Mulder’s eyes rolled open and Scully joined his gaze, directing her own eyes towards the blinding light. An ARV hovered above, a door on the underside retracting, the spotlight closing in on Scully. She stared into it as a single black drop of liquid, perhaps no bigger than ink from a dropper, fell from the ship into Scully's eye, swirling around it, until the sclera, now indistinguishable from her pupil, went completely black.


*****Chapter 1 - Andromeda*****

A shudder ran through Scully as she stared up at the underside of an unidentified aircraft. Fear made her eyesight blur, anger of time lost that could be spent saving Mulder made her chest tight, then everything went fuzzy, her extremities, numb. Then, she saw…. Nothing. 

She felt her inner voice scream as inky tentacles ripped her away from her own physicality, floating her into a thick static. There was nothing to hold onto as she traveled away, the static transforming to stark jagged lines of blood and arced light, forming a bizarre web of overlapping pictures of her life, personal and professional, childhood and those with Mulder, all playing on an ever moving reel.

It was distracting, but her pull to save Mulder was greater. Her heartbeat pounded loudly against the space where she was trapped, the only greater sound resonating from indiscernible machinery coming from unknown directions.

Somehow she knew her body was moving in a forward momentum although not under her control. She could not see her surroundings, smell the air, or taste the saliva in her own mouth. She couldn’t feel herself breathing yet somehow knew it was happening. Something had taken over and all her strength proved futile against this parasite.


72 hours later…


“We’re headed towards a Dyson cluster?” Skinner asked the man who he guessed had to be close to one hundred years old if he truly was who he thought. He was thin, pale, and walked with a slight limp.

“Yes, Mr. Skinner. The Syndicate and all our families will be there.”

“Right, but where do I fit into all this? Why did you take me aboard?”

“Your family is there as well.”

“My family? But how? When?”

“Mr. Skinner. We had to guarantee certain eventualities. We will need your help to police in our new government.”

“And if I don’t?”

“You will Mr. Skinner. It may take some time, but you will come to understand.”

A man dressed in sanitary scrubs, and a mask hung around his neck, excused himself into the room. “You told me to update you on Mulder? His vitals are faltering and he’s currently in the active stages of dying. The antivirals were not effective. If there were plans by Spender to save him, it was from a bounty hunter or a healer.”

“How much longer does he have?” the man asked the medical professional.

“Could be hours. Up to three days possibly, no more,” the doctor replied.

The man looked at Skinner. “Guess it’s time you paid your respects.”

Skinner felt as if a bag of rocks laid in his gut. “I’ll get Agent Scully.”

“Dana?” Skinner asked as he entered her cabin, approaching her delicately. “We need to go see Mulder. It’s time.”

She looked at him with an empty gaze that he interpreted as despair. “You need me to hold Maggie?” he asked, and she blankly shook her head. He knew there was nothing he could do but be there for her yet he couldn’t stand to see her in pain.

They made their way to the quarantine unit, Skinner staying in the hallway to allow Scully her privacy with only Mulder and Maggie. She opened the door slowly and stood by the bed. She squeezed Mulder's hand, her finger stroking his bruised cheek. Maggie shrieked and wriggled, stretching out, reaching for her father.

Scully’s body instinctively brought her child to her chest to comfort her. Maggie didn’t accept it, pushing at her mother’s chest, punching and kicking, until she was free, sliding down to the bed, falling down on what was left of her father’s life. She crawled onto his chest, his heart beating shallowly against her ear. She closed her eyes as if creating the most pleasant of dreams and sucked her thumb, her other arm clinging to his neck. 

Mulder’s pulse grew weaker, his breath shallow. Maggie, in a moment of clarity, started to cry. She gripped her father’s white gown, at the center of his chest, her tiny feet kicking just above his waist. She pulled herself up, her angel hands haphazardly patting at his frosty blue lips, his bruised and battered face. “Dada,” she whined, releasing a tiny cry, her puffy cupid’s bow lips kissing his cold cheek. Mulder remained lifeless, his monitor displaying an even more erratic heartbeat. The graph not mapping days or hours, but minutes, until the finality of his life.

Maggie sat up with her knees on his chest and slapped both his cheeks, her small unlined forehead leaning into his deep creviced one. Mulder’s eyes lifted and stared into his baby girl’s turquoise shine. His lips parted and his throat released a death rattle.

“Dad-dee. Dad-dee.” The child sounded almost annoyed. Maggie squeezed his cheeks tighter, puckering his lips, her tiny nails scratching his cheek. Looking straight into his eyes without blinking, she commanded, “Daddy. Up!” 

Mulder felt a chill as his body numbed. The painful process, the feeling of pins and needles at his extremities, as he lost oxygen while his circulation decreased. Regretting the things he’d never get to do with his family haunted him only briefly, his love for Scully, his children, lingered much longer. His final thought as he grew cold, was that the world would soon follow in his steps, the plague of death and war leaving few to grapple at what was left, if anything, of humanity. When the last spirit’s arm laid outstretched to receive him into the heavens, the bright light grew dim into a final pinprick of light. His hope still strong, his will to live refusing to give up, the white light shifted to a color no less beautiful than the Maldives, slowly growing wider, and more in focus. He bathed in the strength of the hue, the blues and greens of fairytale dreams. When the colors came to focus he knew those open and loving eyes, for they were more familiar than his own, and the door to his very soul. His precious Maggie touched him with those gentle hands and he was made anew, not like sculpting clay, but as if his body was reborn in its most perfect form. What life she was breathing into him, weaved in innocent unadulterated love, he held it in deep gratitude, sensing what she was giving him was sacred and transient, bypassing the eternal cycle of existence.

With his first ounce of restored strength he held his child. “Maggie, my girl. Wh-what have you done?”


Scully had been pushed down deep within herself by the parasite. She was buried in a place with no door or windows and the way out didn’t quite suit her. Every minute hell. Scully heard voices, machines ticking and beeping, penetrating the stillness in the indefinite expansion of internal nothingness. Even with those facts, she got the feeling of suffocation, like her lungs had collapsed, like she could run forever, but get nowhere- no progress, no light, no shadow. No color. Prisoner of her own body. 

She felt a warmth in the void. A voice. Mulder, calling to Maggie. Maggie’s wonderful infectious laugh. Scully strained against the blackness to hear the divine sounds of her true loves.

24 hours later in an undisclosed location...

William tried to move, but the rattling chains held him to the metal chair. He took in a breath, the rancid residue that coated the floor penetrated his nostrils. It smelled like death. The sound of distant footsteps distracted him. The footfalls got louder until the man came into view. He knew this man. The one that identified himself as his creator.  The one that shot him in the head believing he was his father.

“These chains might hold me in place, but they won’t stop me from killing you,” William spat.

CSM smirked as he lit his cigarette. “My boy, you’re not going to kill me. I have something you want.”

“What could I possibly want from you.”

“What does one look for in life? Simple pleasures. Answers, reason, purpose. That’s what I can offer you.”

“Answers? To what?”

“Who your parents are.”

“I know those answers. I have the proof.”

“You know of your human origins, possibly, but I’m talking about the part of you which is what you may call... extraterrestrial.”

“I’m listening,” William hissed.

“There is another father besides myself from which I harvested your alien DNA. It was not from a preserved fetus. He is very much alive and on this ship.” CSM inhaled deeply. “Shall I introduce you?”


“It’s good to have you back, Mulder,” Scully purred, her hand blazing a trail down his bare chest. 

Strange was the word Mulder would use to describe Scully’s current behavior. With a shirt in his hands, he was contemplating putting it on, because where she was leading, he didn’t need it. 

“I’m happy to be missed, but how am I back?”

“Must we always search for an answer, Mulder?” Scully remarked. 

He looked at her curiously. What had gotten into her? With a push of her fingertips he fell backward onto the mattress. Her clothes slithered to the floor right before her smooth legs straddled his hips. Her nails ignited his nerve endings as they scraped his skin like the little magnetic shavings under the plastic toy he’d played with as a kid. When the pen moved, so did the shavings. Her body calling to his, he arched into her when she bent over and kissed him at the base of his neck, her tongue tracing a line across his shoulder. Not a single word left their lips, even when he felt himself growing against the inside of her thigh when her hands moved across his stomach. His erection could feel her heat through his jeans. God, when she touched him like that, and the way she kissed him, her lips were more than lips, they were the physical memory of every time, of who they were. Tonight, her touch and kiss had an edge that bit. 

She kept grinding into him, pinching his nipples, biting at his neck. Scully hadn’t acted this crazed since.. well, it had been some time. Mulder looked down and watched her as her hands freed his cock. The intensity of the lust in her eyes was nearly intimidating. She whispered hotly in his ear. “I hate these jeans. I hate everything between myself and you. I want to feel your cock Mulder, rigid and hot, sliding inside me, your hands at my breasts. I want those hard dry thrusts to have purpose.”

Mulder was not a man that had to be told twice, well, maybe he was, but his pants and underwear were at his ankles before Scully could leave his ear. He turned his head to meet her tongue, to let them tangle, while his fingers worked their way deep into her, grazing her clit with his thumb.

Scully moaned. “They said you were good Agent Mulder, but I underestimated.”

They were role playing. He definitely could get into that. “Who is They?” he asked her.

“The men that watch. They see it all.”

Voyeurism. What brought all this on? She didn’t give him much time to ponder, sitting up and bearing down, lodging his cock, now hard and firm, between her folds without allowing it entrance.  He did a crunch to watch her move against him, and she rubbed the length of him with her clit for the show. His teeth sunk into his bottom lip so hard he tasted blood. “Please, Scully.”

The blue of her eyes were absent in the dark as she growled at him. “Not Scully. Call me, Andromeda. You get so hard, and you’re so very very long. Impressive, Agent Mulder. I’m not used to someone so big, where I’m from.”

“Where is that?” Mulder panted, the tip of his cock tingling as she teased it around her opening. 

“Not yet,” Scully commanded, twisting her hips, sliding his cock up her folds without the ability for him to enter, rubbing the length against her clit, sending waves of pleasure through him. She was so wet, he slid against her easily. Her legs parted farther as she leaned against him tortuously. He wanted to be inside her. She was using his cock to masturbate and it wasn’t like he minded, but his heart yearned for their connection.

“I want you, Scully” he finally admitted. 

“Not until I’m ready, Agent Mulder.”

“Tell me then, please, what will it take?”

“Say my name,” she commanded, leaving a wet trail of arousal along his cock.

Mulder’s eyes closed, the back of his head pushing against the rough fitted sheet of the mattress, absorbing the pleasure. “Andromeda.”

Chapter Text

CSM left William alone in his captivity only to reappear hours later. The sunlight flooding the room when CSM opened the door stung William’s eyes and blinded him, forcing him to squint as the smoking man appeared from the shadows. Somebody had been walking behind the smoking man, the shape of the body blocking the light as it entered the doorway. The outline of the man was skinny to the point of deformity, shorter than the Smoking Man by at least a foot. Its head, large and bulbous. As he stepped closer, William noticed the greyish leathery skin, reminiscent of Ghouli. He shook that image out of his head, but the grey looked up at him with his large eyes, black as night. It had read William’s mind and captured the image. It intrigued him, this William knew, because in the process of opening William’s mind to read, he had opened himself for William to see. 

Mind reading was not in William’s repertoire, even if visions were, but this was extraordinary. While William knew of whom the twin he absorbed in utero had been constructed from, of what, to see it in flesh, this was an experience which he found fascinating. 

If only his father, Mulder, could see this being for himself. He’d love it. 

Your father, the alien spoke into William’s mind, you believe it is someone other than this man next to me with the cigarette. Your father, is Fox Mulder.

Yes. It’s funny, my father told me that the humans have been trying since 1973 to create a hybrid to assist in your takeover, to survive the apocalypse, and in the end, the God that created me wasn’t human after all. 

The alien rebuffed, This wasn’t a war they could win William, whether by our hand or theirs, the results were inevitable. Inscribed in the heavens, and in the bowels of this planet. This Earth. And you, my son.

I have had more parents than most, but you, are not one of them. Fox Mulder is my father and I have the DNA tests to prove it. Transferring of DNA code no matter how it’s done, is simply that, a transfer. I owe you nothing. And those great plans, they have made me a prisoner, alone in my alien affliction.

You are not alone. As far as you may go, I cannot leave you, even in the face of death, you cannot deny me or your ancestors. All our knowledge, our evolution, we bequeath to you. Our strengths are yours, and you will come to see life through my eyes as your life is seen through mine.

William scoffed . The son becomes the father, and the father the son. That’s from Superman. Classic. Although, you’re no Marlon Brando. So as you give me my life, I in turn give you yours? You believe I am the light to show them the way? To what? Being a slave? Drone?

The alien became insistent. This isn’t a fantasy, or a comic book, or something dreamt of wild imagination. Humans were born as placeholders, they were always meant to serve. They were here to assist in the preservation of resources and instead all that resulted from such primitives was wanton violence and destruction. We sent out our warnings, but they continued. They don’t need us to destroy them, they did that themselves. In a way, we will save them. It won’t be what you conceive to be ideal, but what you fail to comprehend is that they are incapable of leading themselves, or deserving of free will, of choice.

William drew his attention to CSM. And how does he, the Smoking Man, play into this? He is one of them, isn’t he?

The alien showed no expression as he continued. He was an architect of the intended revolution against our plans as well as playing the part to ensure his place if his plans failed to succeed. Once our race decided against it, decided this planet was too far gone, that fighting the rebels was not worth the losses we were taking, it was set into motion that there were other planets that could be colonized with much less effort. The Smoking Man was the one that authored the insidious plot to establish a new order among you, with himself as absolute ruler.

So, if you chose other planets to conquer, why are you here? William asked.

The alien continued , Because the prophecy spoke of a ruler, a savior, one that needed to be taught by his father by his eighteenth birthday - give or take a few revolutions of the planet. The alien tilted his head. You really believed Fox Mulder was the one? The one to teach you The Truth? My son, even though you were raised as a human, you will never be one of them. You have many more talents, characteristics, only some of which you have yet to discover. I can be the one to teach you, but, the choice is yours. 

Their conversation, which occurred in real time of only a fraction of what it would have taken by vibrating their vocal chords, was over, and CSM, while not able to read a mind, was quite good at body language.  

CSM brought his cigarette to his lips and inhaled deeply, appreciating every last bit of smoke. “Are you ready to answer the existential question, who am I?”

“I’m ready,” William answered. Whatever this thing wanted to teach him, he was ready to learn.

***Meanwhile, on the ARV headed to the Dyson Cluster***

All this teasing had Mulder aching. Hard to almost bursting, a throbbing hunger filled his skin. He tried to touch her, but she grabbed both his wrists, holding them against the mattress with all her weight, rocking her hips back and forth. She ground harder, increasing the pressure against his cock, rubbing faster until he felt her swell and tighten, watched on as she closed her eyes and allowed her orgasm to wash over her. It was enough for him to feel, but not enough to get him off. Somehow, he felt a little empty, slightly dejected. 

“Don’t look so heartbroken, Agent Mulder,” she said. “We’ve only just begun.”

Scully, the real Scully, fought valiantly inside herself, but even so, when Mulder’s love came rushing in, she couldn’t not embrace it, allowing it to seduce her and forget for the moment there was someone sharing in her bliss, controlling her very body.

Scully’s body paused, as if the entity had been shaken by their bond. Mulder tenderly reached for her hand and their fingers entwined. In that instant, he felt their connection. Somewhere, in his mind, like a fading dream, he thought he heard Scully call to him, crying out - Mulder, I need your help, it’s got control of me - and then disengage. 

“You ready for me Mulder?” the entity asked, using Scully’s tongue to slowly trace his bicep. Her eyes, dark as night, transfixed on his as she sunk her teeth into the sensitive skin. 

Mulder, panic-stricken, did the first thing that popped into his head, and yelled in pain, clutching his thigh. “My leg! My leg! I-I’ve got a Charlie horse!” Before she could reply, he rolled out from under her and darted into the bathroom.

Mulder ran the water, opening and closing the medicine cabinets, calling out, “Be out in a minute,” but it didn’t take long before Scully was banging on the door.

“You alright in there?” Scully replied.

Mulder composed himself. When had the black oil entered her? It must have been somewhere on the ship. He decided the wisest thing to do was play along. “Yeah, I’m fine. I think maybe I’m not fully recovered from the virus yet. I may need more time to recuperate.”  

“Okay,” she said through the door, “There will be time later.” Then before she left the doorway she called out, “You need to take care of yourself.” 

Even with her last expression of affection, Mulder felt a distance. Scully was buried inside, but so was the alien parasite. His heart contracted, needing to help her, yearning for the connection she failed to return.    

Several hours later, reinvigorated from a forced nap, Mulder climbed from the cot he was assigned and stretched. A tinge in his back letting him know it wanted the bed in their home while his heart reminded him he needed to be sleeping with Scully. With the exception of a few fading bruises, he felt good, young, like he had stepped into a time machine. He used the bathroom and got dressed, walking down the hallway past aluminum walls and steel piping. When he got to the common area he secured his rations and located Scully, sitting across the table from her. He reached for her hand and gave it a squeeze, taking note of her lack of response. Perhaps Maggie’s sudden reluctance to go to her had merit after all. 

“We need to find William,” Scully said dryly.

“I know,” Mulder replied. “The war is still raging on Earth. And I need to find my father. He needs to be stopped. There has to be an end.”

“Your father,” Scully said slowly.

“Yes. The Smoking Man. The madman that has decided to single-handedly destroy all humans.”

“How did he survive?” 

“Does it even matter?” Mulder asked, his brow slanting downward.

Before Scully could answer, an elderly gentlemen interrupted them, he looked like something right out of an old time gangster movie. Gingerly, he sat down next to Mulder with a hefty groan. 

“You’ve made quite a miraculous recovery Mr. Mulder,” the man rumbled. “Before you killed him, Mr. Y told me you were special. I never could have imagined the magnitude. And now I’m beginning to understand what Spender saw in you.”

Mulder pushed away his breakfast. “Your stench is nauseating. Did you come over just to compliment me or did you want to ask me out on a date?”

“Might we speak in a more confidential location?” the older man asked as he carefully rose from his seat. 

“I’ll be back shortly,” Mulder whispered to Scully and followed the man to the other end of the ship, past the dormitories, the gym, the solarium, through the innards of pipes and wires to the control area, until they were back to formal offices. 

“Have a seat, Agent Mulder,” said the man. 

“Don’t think that I don’t know how you’re powering this project," Mulder jumped in. "I know all about how you’re pumping power from an alternate dimension. There will be consequences. If you destroy them, what makes you think it won’t destroy our reality?”

“We have carefully laid plans, Agent Mulder.”

“By sucking the energy from their sun, you will destroy them and that’s okay, as long as you survive.”

“There’s always someone that has to die. Isn’t that what survival of the fittest is all about?”

“What do you want with me? My son?”

“You failed! Your father lives. But, you do have some value to us. If for nothing else, we must find your son. Even under the protection of the Dyson clusters, the aliens will eventually come for us to be under their control. We’ll need his protection. For now, Agent Mulder, all we need from you is your cooperation.”

Mulder left the offices and returned to the passenger areas of the ship.  They couldn’t wait for the ship to make its final pickup before heading to the cluster. This had to be stopped now. As if the ship read his thoughts it rocked so hard he almost lost his balance, his hand steady against the wall. He raced for a viewing area, and from the dark came a small fleet of triangular ships. Mulder recognized the formations as U.S. Military. Was the government trying to take command of the ship? For once, was someone attempting to do the right thing? 

More shots fired and the ship rocked again, but they weren't direct hits. Mulder knew what they were doing. They were trying to get the shield down so they could commandeer the ship. The syndicate couldn’t return fire with the shield activated.

Whatever the case, Mulder wanted a front row seat. 

“Mulder!,” Skinner shouted as he ran into the room. “Military personnel are boarding the ship. The war, it’s here.” 

Mulder and Skinner raced towards the gunfire, but as they reached the last corridor, Skinner made a sharp left. Mulder shouted, “This is our chance.”

“I can’t leave my family.” Skinner stopped moving and lowered his voice, emotion pouring through the cracks. He gathered himself and spoke frankly. “Someone will have to organize everyone and prepare for their safe trip back to earth. I’ll contact X’s daughter in the CIA and get word to FBI headquarters, get the message to them somehow. I’ll organize the resources to deal with the tear between dimensions.”

“Skinner, it’s a suicide mission,” Mulder replied.

“Someone has to stay behind and it’s going to be me. Hey, you’re not the only one that can perform miracles,” Skinner said with a forced smile. 

Mulder nodded in acceptance and took off to find Scully and his child.  

Without a firearm, Mulder could only duck and use his body to shield his wife and daughter from the onslaught of bullets. Eventually, they were located by the soldiers, who cuffed Mulder, but allowed Scully to continue to carry Maggie, leading them onto a smaller ship, locking them in a small room.

They waited in seemingly endless silence, until finally the door swung open and Charlie Scully stepped in. “Shit, you’re getting old. I figured you’d put up more of a fight,” Charlie said with a smile.

Mulder chewed on the inside of his cheek as he gave Charlie a look. Then came in for a hug, giving his brother-in-law a hard pat on the back. “How’d you find us?”

“Gibson confirmed it was you, but mostly by using human made instruments and a surveillance technique patented by your friends, The Lone Gunman. We were able to pick up their pulses on radar, in addition to that wide fucking beam they threw over the bridge to teleport your asses up.”

“Well, either way, I’m glad you did,” Mulder said.

Charlie waved at Maggie who lifted the fingers that she was not sucking on to wiggle his way,  not bothering to lift her head from her mother’s shoulder.

“Sis?” Charlie said, looking curiously at Scully that only returned a blank stare. “Have you heard from William?”

“No, we got separated,” Mulder answered.

“Is there a way to locate him?” 

“Yes,” Scully said, finally speaking. “I can find him. I can speak to him.”

“You can?” Mulder asked, “When did that start?”

“I-uh, recently,” Scully said. 

“How does it work? Can I give you coordinates and you send them through telepathy, or..” Charlie sounded excited, but Mulder had several more questions for Scully.

“If I can put a picture in my head, something similar to a landmark, it will help,” Scully explained.


“I know where they are,” William said to CSM, watching him take a drag. “I will bring them to us.”

“And your mother?”

“She will join us. She will come to understand as I have.”


The ship landed on a carrier parked inside the Andaman Sea off the shores of Myanmar, close to Thailand. Mulder leaned in to mumble into Scully’s ear. “I’m not sure about this Scully. Why is William out here? How did he get here?” 

Scully twisted her face into a smile. “This is the place.”

Chapter Text

William ran towards the ship as they disembarked, greeting his uncle and father, embracing his mother. He recoiled immediately. “You’re, you’re not my mother.”

“William?” Mulder said, “Maybe we should go inside first.” He knew William would see the black oil inside his mother just as he did, but showing his cards in front of everyone might not have been the best laid plan.

“No,” he shouted to his father. Mulder felt his own stubbornness slap him in the face. Who are you?” William insisted, staring down his mother.

“My name is Andromeda. I know you have a Bounty Hunter among you. Take me to him.”

“William, what is this about?” Charlie asked. 

“I’m not sure,” he answered.

Mulder watched the exchange, grateful that Gibson volunteered to stay inside with Maggie.

Scully, showing no trepidation, forged ahead of them off the platform and entered the carrier. She walked down a long narrow metal stairway, her jaw ridgid, her breath steady. She walked until she was face to chest with the tall man with stark features and dead set eyes. 

“You could have picked a taller host,” said the Bounty Hunter.

“This host contained all the answers I needed,” Scully replied. “The colonists have left for other more sustainable planets. What are you serving?”

“There are some of us that stayed, to follow a new design, led by a human, the one they call Spender. In return, he gave us freedom from you, the viral parasites.”

“You’ve teamed up with a human because they developed a vaccine,” Scully corrected. “You won’t stop us when we’re hatching inside every host on the planet.”

“Then what? This planet is headed for extinction. Our plan is to thin the herd enough to make this planet viable for all of us left. If you rise up, and sustain your population, extinction will be inevitable.”

“You forget. We have our ships,” Scully reminded him.

“The ships?” the Bounty Hunter asked in confusion.

“The ones that were sent to Earth, that created the first five extinctions, that pushed evolution forward, theology, science, the creation of the humans, all  to prepare for colonization. Humans were not meant to be equals, but hosts and slaves to enable us to thrive. They are so far behind on the evolutionary path, their DNA incomplete, designed not for sustainability, but to further and serve our species. They were meant for extinction.”

Scully stepped toward the carriers railing and inhaled a deep breath of salty ocean air. “My host has bared witness to two of our ships. I know this is the location of one of them because that is why you are here. You think that the boy, William, can control the ship, that the ship will obey and won’t protect itself with plagues and boiling of the sea. You want to use it to repair the Earth for your pitiful human and yourself to lead in taking over the Earth.” Scully laughed. “Only I’m not just here for the ship, and the ship buried itself here for a reason. If my timing is correct, the volcano will blow shortly.” Scully watched the Smoking Man approach, but before the cigarette left his wrinkled lips, she spoke, “but while we’re waiting, why not take it all?”

Scully’s body stepped closer to The Smoking Man, her body spasmed and collapsed onto the deck. An oily ebony worm slithered it’s way down Scully’s cheek and undulated toward its destination; the white’s of the Smoking Man’s eyes morphed from yellow to black as his body stiffened in pain.

Mulder ran towards Scully praying to the God she believed in that she was unharmed. The Smoking Man raised his arms and Mulder fell to his knees. A horrific sound speared through his frontal lobe, paralyzing him. The ground shook and trembled underneath him, a roar filled the air with sound as plumes of ash took flight and painted the sky in a graphite fountain. Spewing from the nearby volcano - black oil.

Mulder lifted his head with his hands at his ears, just enough to see his son wink at him. He looked over at Scully who was back on her feet. Then, before Mulder’s very eyes, the Bounty Hunter seemingly multiplied. The ABH glanced William’s way and then spoke to Andromeda, now inside the body of The Smoking Man. “You’re not the only one who can multiply. If it’s a war you are looking for, you will get it, but you will lose.”

Feeling William blocking Andromeda’s signal, Mulder forced himself up to his feet and yelled above the roar, “Charlie, to the ship.. Scully, we have to go, NOW!”

Hunched over Mulder and Charlie ran, Scully close behind, leaving the aliens to battle it out. Once the door sealed shut and Charlie fired them off, Scully faced Mulder. “What about William?”

Mulder placed a hand on her shoulder. “I have my beliefs that William is stronger than all of them. If he is the true leader, then the black oil will obey him. Right now, we need to get back, the virus is still spreading across the planet and all of humanity will need your help.”

Speeding back to Virginia, Charlie contacted Jeffrey Spender who agreed to use his resources to help in the replication of Scully’s vaccine, requesting a couple days to set up production. They agreed to meet on Saturday as Charlie landed the ARV in Mulder and Scully’s yard. 

Charlie said his goodbyes, paused before they left. “Look guys, we need a plan going forward, but for right now, Scully’s initial cocktail is at least keeping people from dying. Once we meet with Jeffrey, we can proceed with a more viable cure. Until then, let’s try to get some rest. Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and unless Jeffrey interrupts, I’m spending it with my wife. Considering it will be your first as husband and wife.. try your best to enjoy it.”

Chapter Text

Mulder held the door open and Scully stepped into the banquet hall, the candlelight casting golden hues on her auburn hair, the earrings he gave her last year sparkling like a prism of color. He always thought she was stunning in a classical elegant kind of way. Tonight, she was in a red gown with a black frock that draped off her shoulders, hugging her curves, and ending just above her knees. It forced her hips to take on a sashay, while her pumps elongated her exquisite legs. He found it difficult to focus his eyes on anything else. Especially, considering the festive place they had just stepped into. 

“Why do I have the strange feeling I’ve entered a Hallmark movie?” Mulder whispered in Scully’s ear as the Maitre D showed them to their table.

“Behave Mulder, this is for charity. The proceeds go to the children’s hospital so they have the money to distribute our vaccine. Remember, this was your idea.” 

“I guess I didn’t realize that meant cupid vomiting heart balloons and streamers everywhere,” he muttered.

The room was in perfect Valentine’s day decor with hearts hanging from the ceiling sporadically throughout the room, roses at each centerpiece and various reds and pinks everywhere. People were mingling, adorned in gorgeous gowns of various reds and pinks, the gentlemen, each with a red boutonniere tucked in their coats. 

To Scully’s dismay, Mulder wasn’t finished. “All we need is a unicorn to come in and shit a rainbow.”

Scully looked up at him. “No baskets of puppies?”

Mulder raked a hand over his face. “Lord, are those doves?”

“Where?” Scully asked, but when Muder broke a smile she laughed. “You got me.”

Mulder pulled out the chair for her, the hairs on her arm standing on end as they brushed against his jacket sleeve. Scully slipped into the chair and glanced up at him, “You think Maggie and the dog will be okay with Molly until we return?”

Mulder sat across from her, reaching out over the cream linen tablecloth to cover her hand with his. “They’ll be fine, Scully.” 

“Molly is worried about William and so am I.”

“I understand, I am too, but William can take care of himself and we don’t have the power to protect him. Scully, he’s part you and me, you know that means he’s going to be fine.” 

Flashing a grin, her nerves dissipated as his humor colored her cheeks. She turned her attention to the wine list. When the waiter came, she rattled off the bottle she chose for them in her impeccable Italian.

They decided their entrees as the waiter decanted the wine and after they ordered, Scully raised her glass. “To saving the world.”

Mulder clinked his glass against hers. “To saving the world,” he repeated before sipping.

Placing down the glass, her eyes gleamed at him. “Those flowers you, Molly, and Maggie picked out for me were beautiful Mulder. Peonies, hydrangeas, roses, Lily of the Valley...”

“Instead of flowers, I figured this year, plants would be better. I’m tired of watching things die, I rather watch them grow.” Leaning back in his chair, he sipped his wine, glancing at Scully over the rim. “I know I haven’t said it yet, but you look beautiful tonight.” 

Scully blushed, grinning cheekily, “Thank you, Mulder. I know those things aren’t always easy for you to say.”

“I think the wine makes it easier,” he said, moving closer, lowering his voice. “That and I can’t handle you in that dress.”

Smirking, Scully polished off her wine. “Mulder, you couldn’t handle me if I was in a potato sac.”

Mulder pursed his lips and chewed on the inside of his cheek. “True, but only because of the thought of getting to be the one to peel it off of you before the night was over.”

Scully met his gaze over the table, the air between them intensified with a charge he could taste. Her blue eyes sparked with desire. He felt his blood heat under his skin. 

She filled her glass again and her fingers wrapped around the stem. Her breath increased with each passing second as she stared back.

Mulder inched closer, the collar of his dress shirt suddenly chafing his neck, his limbs restricted in his own clothes, “Scully,” he growled, his focus so intent on her that he didn’t notice the server approaching. 

“Your entrees,” he announced, both of them springing back from their chairs.

They shared a bit of humor between them as the waiter placed their meals in front of them. There was his Scully, the one that showed him her vulnerability as equally as her strengths, her face glowing, her eyes wild, and he fell in love with her all over again. He appreciated every good time they ever mutually shared, and even more now that those times had evolved to fond memories.

“You give my life stability, Scully,” he said as he brought the fork to his mouth. “A family, a certainty for the future.”

“You see certainty in our future? Even with the world caving in on us?” Scully asked between chews.

“We will find a way,” Mulder said confidently.

“Nothing ever taints you, does it Mulder?”

“You’ll just look for any reason at all to say taint,” Mulder smirked. 

Scully’s mouth fell open, a laugh tumbling from her lips. It was short lived as her expression grew serious. “Mulder, the vaccine I made was very weak. Eventually, the virus will mutate and continue to attack immune systems. Maybe there is someone more qualified than I am Mulder, that can help.”

Mulder leaned in closer. “No one, could hold a candle to my wife. No one ever has or ever will.”

“Except you,” Scully reminded him.

Reaching out, his fingers caught in her elbow and settled in the crease of her arm. “Only on our first case.” 

Scully drew her eyes from his for a moment, scooping up another bite of cherry cobbler and ice cream. He loved watching her enjoy food. “This is amazing,” she said, offering him a bite from her spoon. He let her feed it to him and hummed in agreement. The move was so intimate, so nurturing, he felt almost naked in front of so many patrons. 

Placing the spoon down, she tipped her face towards his, arching her neck, and he closed the space between them. Mulder’s mouth brushed against hers slowly, as if he was recalling a memory. Closing her eyes, her hands tentatively moved to cup his cheeks, but before it was able to become a kiss he said, “Dance with me.”  

Slipping her hand around his elbow, he led her to the dance floor. With her in his arms they swayed to the soft music the band was playing. He grinned, twirling her around. When she returned to his arms he dropped his head and brushed a rough kiss across her cheek. She beamed up at him, her face open and radiant the way he remembered from every dance they ever had. The night had grown into a celebration of the love and the future he had yearned for since he was a young boy. Something permanent. Something real and stable. Something honest. The thought swelled his heart and his cock.

“Let’s go home, Scully,” Mulder said, piercing her with his eyes.

Back at the house, Mulder left Scully in the living room only to return with a large wrapped rectangular object about three feet wide. “This, is for you,” he said, pushing away his papers and laying it on his desk. 

Her blue eyes sparked with curiosity. “Mulder, when did you have time? I didn’t get you anything, I mean, there was no time..”

Mulder laughed. “Scully, it’s fine.” He tilted his head and waggled his brow. “They’ll be plenty of time… later.” He drew their attention back to his gift. “I meant to give this to you for Christmas, but I ordered it late and thought I’d give you it for Valentine’s Day instead.” He shrugged. “Just got lucky I guess.”

Hesitantly, Scully tore at the shiny red paper, as it revealed three midnight blue circular pictures. As she read the plaques beneath them, they explained they were the night’s sky for that date and location. Heat twisted up Scully’s spine and tears prickled Scully’s eyelids, but she quickly blinked them away. “Mulder, I-I don’t know what to say…”

“You hate it,” Mulder said, feeling dejected. He should have stuck with jewelry.

“No, no Mulder, this is amazing. It-it’s perfect.” She pointed at the first set of stars. This one... is the first day we met?”

Mulder smiled and nodded, relieved, euphoric, and excited. “Yes, since all the stars aligned. The next one is our wedding night.”

“And the last,” Scully said as he guaged her reaction, “is the day Maggie was born.” She raised a brow. “What about William?”

Mulder held out his index finger and fumbled through his desk drawers. “I didn’t get William’s done, because I already had it.” He held up one more plaque. “The Lone Gunman gave it to me as a present when William was born,” Mulder explained. “We can hang them all up together.” 

“Mulder,” Scully said and just the tone made Mulder’s cock thicken, “I want to go upstairs now.”

Climbing up the stairs, Scully was acutely aware of the way the warmth of Mulder’s fingertips traveled through her dress. Her body in tune as ever to every move Mulder made, the way his palm found her thigh when she was driving the car, how he comfortingly pressed his fingertips into the small of her back when they walked, and the scrape of his stubble against her cheek before he asked her to dance.

By the time they reached the fish tank at the top of the stairs she was biting into her bottom lip imagining his sexy body with no clothes on, muscles rippling as he held his weight above her as he moved. But if she was being honest with herself, her favorite position, her favorite part of Mulder’s muscles and strength was when he wrapped his arms around her and rested his chin on her head. It made her feel safe and protected, reminded her they were never alone, that he was there to hold her joy, her sorrow, her happiness, her pain. All as her smaller body was cocooned by his much larger one. She looked at him and his warm hand glided up her back so his fingers could rest at the base of her neck. 

Reading her eyes, softly, he kissed her, stoking the fire, a quick flash of ignition but with a slow burn, the embers heating inside her core stealing her breath. She opened her eyes and the look in his made her ache. She was ready for him to do the things to her that made her sore the next day.

Closing the door to the bedroom, Mulder turned, his eyes drinking her in, the atmosphere charged with emotions considering the weight of what was to come. 

Scully crossed her arms in front of her so she could pull her dress up over her head, hanging it neatly in the closet. She stood before Mulder in her pumps, clad in only a black bra and matching panties. His gaze traveled along her body like a caress, warming her from the inside out.

Her sightline dropped to his slacks and behind his zipper, barely containing the thick cock that had stretched her to its form from the very first time. Mulder self consciously adjusted it. She loved getting him excited, making that long alluring cock of his hard.

He stripped slowly for her. Mulder was 6 foot 2 inches of lengthy tanned, muscled lusciousness. Bigger and harder than last month or the year before, if that was even possible. His dark hair curling slightly at his hairline, he posed, keeping his hands at his hips so she could get an unobstructed view of his body in all its glory, the sarcastic endearment stabbing at her heart. She took in all of him - His dusting of stubble across his cheeks and sharp jawline, full lips even when he was not smiling, kissable and soft, large hands to span her waist or lift her into his arms with ease. His unyielding gaze seared her, rooting her in place. He captured her mouth with his, giving it everything he had, reminding her how he felt. 

They made their way slowly to the bed, Mulder appreciative of Scully allowing him to have the pleasure of removing her remaining clothing. 

Lying back against the pile of pillows Scully positioned herself. Mulder’s eyes slid over her again, a palpable caress, and though some small part of her was self-conscious about her body not being the younger version of herself he used to stare at hungrily, that inner wanton he brought out preened proudly as he groaned in appreciation. It helped that his hand was slowly stroking his cock as he did, like he could get-off just seeing her laid out like a feast for his eyes. Her eyes were drawn to that up and down movement, but she traced his entire sensual body with her eyes too, appreciating the broadness of his shoulders, the V lines of his waist, the bumps of his abs, and every dip and bulge of muscle. 

Mulder knelt down between her spread legs, looking up at her, making sure it was what she wanted. Her mouth was open, small pants of need passing her lips as she pressed her hips forward. So slowly, he kissed across her knee and up her inner thigh, pausing as he reached her swollen center. With an angel’s breath he licked along her lips, right then left, before flattening his tongue and tasting the honey coating her slit. Scully moaned and grew even wetter, as he left her throbbing clit to lick the flavor off her thighs. When he drew close again to her center, she bucked, her hands plunging into his hair, pulling to the point of pain, but he didn’t care. All he cared about was the taste. Mulder drug his tongue back across her, dipping it inside. How did he ever live a life before that taste?  He teased her with his tongue, using the rhythm he knew to make her stiffen underneath him. More of that perfect flavor flooded his mouth, and she shook, hips bucking, toes curling. He knew what she wanted and exactly how to give it to her, bringing her to that edge quickly, but then backing off, allowing her orgasm to slip just out of reach. She groaned in frustration, but it only made him do it again, enjoying her sweet sweet taste. 

He felt her legs trembling, her thighs trying to close around his ears. He wrapped his arms under her thighs, locking his fingers together over her belly like he was prone at her altar. “Patience Scully,” he warned, “because as soon as you start to come, I’m going to be inside you, feeling you pulsing around me, and then we’ll really make love.”

“You do that too well, Mulder. You make me feel too good,” she admitted as she writhed. The raw honesty made his head swell with pride and his tongue get back to work, bringing her teetering once more, her nails scratching at his arms, using him for leverage to put more of him in her mouth, begging for release.

He loved when she got needy, when her demanding side broke free to let him know so clearly what she wanted. He sucked her clit into his mouth, battering it with his tongue in rhythm with the suction. She drenched him as she cried out his name, and while a part of him celebrated her cries, he didn’t lose focus, gliding on top of her, gripping his cock and sliding it into its home. 

Just like he said, she spasmed around him, squeezing him with her velvet walls, coating him with her honey. It felt better than he was prepared for and he held her in his arms, groaning in a whisper into her eyes. “Scully, relax, you keep that up, you're going to make me come.” She listened, her walls relaxing for a moment, a fresh gush of her juices letting him know that she was okay, her nails now digging into his back, while she squeezed his hips with her knees pulling him against her even when he was completely inside her. “I’m having trouble holding back tonight, Mulder. I almost lost you again, and now I feel like I can’t get enough of you.”

Mulder passed her a soft smile between ragged breaths. “I’m sure I could fix that.”

So many years of being with Mulder, and the way he filled her still took her breath away. Scully shifted, wrapping her legs around him to get as much of him inside her as possible. His mouth landed on hers, plunging his tongue deep, with sure strokes. Scully moaned. Mulder’s thrusts were slow, steady strokes, burying his entire length inside her each time, then pulling back to the tip. She was so full, each time he moved it felt like fireworks. Mulder hit that deep spot that only he could find. He changed the angle of his next thrust, just a slight adjustment, and she gasped, suddenly, he tapped the gates of heaven. Mulder was perfection - focus and speed. “Oh God,” Scully cried. 

“There it is,” he hummed into her forehead. He didn’t pull out far, instead moving faster, driving into her, making the world burst into vibrant colors. Her words disappeared, blurred by pleasure, and she could only moan. She begged him for more, and he gave it to her. Harder and faster, his groans aligning with hers. Scully couldn’t keep her lips away from him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and they locked their mouths. She wanted to share his breath. That was what they did. They shared. Everything. The truth of it resonated through her like a bell. This man who held her, defended her, created their family, and had claimed her so thoroughly that he stole her breath with a glance— her husband- She was deeply, passionately, in love with. 

His voice was breathy in her ear, telling her how beautiful she was, how good she felt, telling her he loved her, telling her yes. He scooped his hand under her ass and tilted her up to him so he could push just a little deeper, and the pleasure froze her in place. “Oh God, oh God. Muuuuuulder,” she screamed and held him tight, desperately trying to hold on so she could come with him. 

Mulder thrusted, deeply, one more time, and Scully fell into bliss. He didn’t stop, through her orgasm, building another. She contracted around his cock, and reveled in that delicious friction. There was nothing between them, just like he promised years ago. Scully was shaking, climaxing, pleasure pouring over her. Resting in a haze of perfect pleasure, Mulder continued his rhythm, his mouth crashing onto hers with bruising force, and it felt like he had crawled deeper inside her. She felt it as he came, filling her with his perfect, exquisite heat. Holding himself deep, he shouted out his pleasure, his body going taut before nearly collapsing on top of her. They were breathing in perfect synchronicity, just holding on to each other. Scully didn’t move, relishing that perfect feeling of being connected and filled by him. 

His arms scooped under her shoulders, fingers tangled in her hair. They held each other and their gaze. Mulder’s brow furrowed. “It’s still getting better.”

“I know,” Scully said. 

Mulder buried his face in her neck, leisurely working his lips from ear to shoulder. Giving her slow kisses and drags of his tongue that tingled and made her nipples grow hard and her muscles squeeze around his semi-hard cock. 

“I will never get tired of tasting you,” he murmured. “Every part of you.” 

The drag of his mouth and plush lips trailed a path to her shoulder, then back again, all the way to the underside of her jaw. “Remember when we could spend days doing this? Slowly covering every part of our bodies with the other’s mouth until we tasted everything.” 

Scully closed her eyes as he gave her one long lick across her collarbone. “Those were good times, but so is our lack of alone time now.”

“I love both of those,” he said, his eyes full of desire as he teased her ear. 

Scully contracted instinctively, and Mulder groaned against her temple. “I wonder what else we have time for?” he asked and pressed his lips to the hot skin of her cheek.

Scully reached over to the nightstand and tapped her phone. It lit up, displaying the digital clock. “It’s almost time to get Maggie.”

He nodded, slowly, but reluctantly, pulling out of her, releasing her from his embrace. Scully sat up so she could be next to him, both of them sitting at the edge of the bed. He passed her her panties and bra, reaching in for a kiss. “I’ll leave you the bathroom here and use the one downstairs. I’ll be ready in ten minutes.” He smiled and covered her hand with his as it sat on her thigh, giving it a squeeze. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Scully.”

Scully twisted her hand to thread with his, returning his smile. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Mulder.”

Chapter Text

“Dada!” Maggie chanted happily as she wiggled her little butt on Mulder’s lap, drawing with her crayon on the big red heart she made with Molly for her father.

“It’s beautiful, M,” Mulder replied, planting a kiss on her rosy freckled cheek. “You’re my valentine.” He sent another kiss to her head, her soft cherry locks tickling his nose as she held a stubby index to her puffy cupid’s arrow lips; her trimmed nail squishing her button nose. “Shhh” she murmured in acknowledgement.

Molly approached them with a warm smile and lifted Maggie into her arms. “Shhh!” Maggie repeated to Molly. 

“Okay, Maggie, Shhh,” Molly replied. She noticed the powdered sugar stuck to her chin and the jelly on her shirt. “Someone has been sharing a jelly donut with Daddy.” Molly looked over at Mulder. “I don’t know that Mommy would approve.”

“It was a little father/daughter treat,” Mulder said, winking at Maggie. Maggie nodded her head and giggled. 

“I wish my dad had been a quarter of the one you are. I wish we had traditions,” Molly said, looking a little saddened. “Okay, Maggie, let’s go upstairs and give you a bath.”

“See you soon M. Say hello to Dr. Rubber Ducky!” Mulder called out. 

Scully passed Maggie and Molly on her way down the stairs to sit across from Mulder at the kitchen table. 

With an exchange of amorous glares, Scully rested her feet nonchalantly on Mulder’s lap. A peculiar move for Scully, but he took the left one and gently rubbed from her ankle to the top of her foot. “Last night..” he started, the emotions still fresh in his heart.

“It was really something,” Scully finished, indenting her bottom lip with her incisor. She pressed her heel deliberately into his thigh, causing it to slide into the seam of his pants. Mulder hummed as she wiggled her toes, but quickly gathered himself, slanting his brow. “You feeling okay, I mean since your encounter with the black oil? Maybe we need to make sure there were no residual effects? Nothing or no one left behind?”

“Mulder, I’m fine,” Scully said, her large toe tracing the outline in his sweatpants. She felt him press against it as he grew taut. “But, to be on the safe side, I will run some tests.”

That failed to convince him, her libido had noticeably heightened since the black oil had intervened. Still her foot was making a pretty good case that he shouldn’t be so hung up on it. She stroked him again and he throbbed into her arch, his hand coming to hold it still as it pressed solidly against his formidable erection. “Ahh, Scully, as tempting as that is.. We’ve got company upstairs and company coming..” He closed his eyes and absorbed the pulse of pleasure before he jolted up from the chair.

Scully rose up with him, running her fingers down his sternum. “I better get Maggie’s clothes in the laundry before we leave. If you have anything that needs to be washed, give it to me now.” Grabbing the basket of clothes from the couch and throwing in a couple of his own, Mulder followed her into the laundry room. 

“What did it feel like when it was inside you?” Mulder asked, and she felt his warmth shift closer to her in the small cramped room. Scully smiled and finished loading the washer before answering. “Invasive, yet I didn’t feel that it was trying to harm me. I could sense its thoughts and it could sense mine.” Scully sighed and then continued, “Mulder, when that thing was inside me, I had no control over my physical body..”

“Scully, I know.”

“..but I was still in there, still feeling.. Everything. I tried to stop it. I guess I wasn’t strong enough.”

“Scully, none of that was your fault,” he monotoned.

“It did make me realize, Mulder,” she said, her fingers threading through his hair, “made me remember, what it felt like between us in the beginning.”

“Yeah, was it that much different?”

“No, just newer. Mulder, what we have now.. It’s so much better, textured and nuanced, exciting..”

“You’ve always been exciting, Scully.”  Before she could say a word, she felt his fingertips tracing up her arm, finding her jaw and cup it in his hand, guiding himself almost blindly with closed eyes, before pressing his lips to hers. It was sweet, exploring without pressuring her for more. Forward, but respectful. Exciting. She moved her lips to adjust slightly, tasting him, and it lit a spark in Mulder, kissing her deeper, hotter, eagerly. The door to the washer slammed shut when she pressed him against it, with her free hand she started it up, then wrapped her arms around his neck, their tongues starting to tangle as he twirled her around and lifted her onto the machine.  Dimly in Scully’s mind she heard a clunk as the detergent fell over, but she really didn’t care. Feeling his cock between her legs gave her irresistible pleasure. Mulder rubbed harder and a jolt hit her, making her hips roll against him, grinding herself into the seam of his sweats. “It feels so much better when it's just us,” Mulder rasped against her lips. “Really good.” 

He gently tightened the grip in her hair,  the other hand reaching for the hem of her shirt, slipping it over her head before cupping her bra in his hands. She could feel the smooth, flat pads of his fingers as they palmed and traced over the swells at the tops of her breasts, humming in appreciation. He pulled from her lips and rested his forehead on hers. “You’re soft as silk, Scully.” 

“Mulder, we can’t.. They’ll be here any minute,” Scully said, but even as she spoke, she was tugging on the back of his shirt, finding his skin and tracing his muscles. Mulder growled, running his palm across her bra-covered nipple in a velvety soft caress that was her total undoing. She desperately wanted him, rough and fast, and brutal, but Mulder was preoccupied, being gentle with her, worshipful as he dipped his mouth to suck her through the plain cotton of her bra. And that.. felt even better. Scully moaned at the onslaught, her scalp prickling as he gripped her hair tighter, the warmth of his kisses on her skin, the fire at her core. She ground her hips harder against his hard cock, finding a rhythm that made them both pant. Two layers of cotton between them and she was still soaking, rolling and riding his bulge on top of the rumbling and vibrating washer as the heat built inside her. His hands locked onto her hips, guiding her at the pace he knew she wanted, desperately wanted.  “Scully,” he rasped. “You’re gonna make me come.”

His breath labored. “I can feel your heat right through our clothes.” She did too, bucking against him, finding his mouth and stifling her cries in their kiss. They hadn’t planned for things to go this far, with Molly upstairs and Jeffrey and Charlie on their way, but right now she didn’t care. Scully’s neck elongated as her head fell back, the vibrations of the spin cycle thumping through her. Mulder only thrusted faster. “God Mulder, I’m gonna come, the feel of you, it’s so hard against me.” 

Mulder moaned, kissing the exposed skin. “Show me how hot I get you. Come, Scully. Please, I need you to come,” he growled out.

Scully squeezed her eyes closed, just as the white sparks flew across her lids, taking her over the edge, Mulder covering her mouth, muffling her cries. She could feel her body shudder, the rhythm turning into spasms, but he took over, pushing and pulling her hips as he worked his cock against her, prolonging her orgasm,  gasping his need for release. He pulled down his sweats to expose his long thick cock, his hand wrapping around the base, Scully’s insides clenched in anticipation and “fuuuckkk…” Mulder’s words disappearing into a groan, along with his cock as he tucked it away. He let out a whine. “I heard a knock. That has to be Jeffrey, no one has timing like he does.”

Low and behold, on the other end of the door, standing on the porch, was Jeffrey. “Mulder, Scully,” Jeffrey said as he acknowledged them. “Good morning. My scientist tells me, after careful testing, that we were successful in replication of your… cure.”

“I’m not certain we can consider it a cure considering the potency,” Scully commented, standing in front of Mulder, his erection tickling the small of her back.

“We have tested it, and people are recovering.” Jeffrey  spoke in even soft tones, seemingly unaware of his interruption.

Scully looked back at Mulder. “I’m going to the lab with Jeffrey, they may need more of my DNA.”

Charlie snided as he let himself in the house and entered the room, “So much for the human race.”

“What does that mean?” Scully shot back.

“I’m just saying, your plan is to change everyone’s DNA? How do you know you aren’t playing into their hands? How do you know this isn’t exactly what they are planning you will do?”

“Aren’t we all really alien anyway?” Jeffrey chimed in. 

“Not exactly,” Scully said nervously. “We are an evolution from this planet.”

“They don’t have our complex emotions, morality, ethics. We are different,” Mulder muttered. “From our origins.”

“And where is that, Mulder?” Scully asked.

Mulder locked onto Scully’s eyes. He wanted to speak with her alone. With a look over at her brother and then at Jeffrey she answered him. “I have some clothes in the wash. Let me start the dryer and then we can go.”

Mulder met her in the back room. “You want to tell me what’s on your mind?” Mulder asked as soon as they were far from earshot.

“What’s bothering you , Mulder?” Scully returned.

Mulder inhaled deeply. “Scully, what if we didn’t need to modify everyone’s DNA in order to save them? What if Charlie is right, what if giving everyone alien DNA is part of the plan, the grand plan. We could be playing right into their hands.”

“How is that, Mulder?” 

“Modified DNA is what created super soldiers, bounty hunters, drones.”

“But how could my DNA, what’s inside me, do that Mulder?”

“I’m not sure. What if we could find another way? You said it yourself, long term, this virus will mutate and become resilient.”

“Gibson,” Scully said in revelation. “You believe Gibson might be the key?”

That stopped Mulder in his tracks. “Possibly.”


Sunlight prismed through the stained glass of the church as Scully stepped inside. She reached into her saddlebag and handed Maggie her sippy cup of apple juice which Maggie eagerly slurped as she checked out all the church goers. 

“It’s been a while since I’ve been in one of these. Maggie’s baptism, I think,” Charlie muttered.

“If the walls didn’t crumble when I walked in, I think you’re in the clear,” Mulder replied.

After genuflecting, Scully took their regular seat inside and shortly after, the priest began his sermon: 

“I see some new faces here today, which is always a welcome sight. It’s important to remember, when one cannot come to celebrate the mass, God is not contained by these walls. He is inside you, in the mountains, the rocks, the rivers, the spirit of all the animals. God is the love that made our world and we are safe with Him, with Love. Just as this is the house of God, so is the earth, we are with Him everywhere, all the time.

Unfortunately, our earth is being desecrated daily. It is up to us to take the empty buildings and house the poor, take your riches and feed them. The devil cast himself to Earth years ago, but we let him in every time we worship the sins of the flesh, money and power, instead of Him. Only we can cast him out and teach our children to be weary of such a predator.  Remember, as you leave today, your actions are all that prevents us or enables us to live in peace, love, and harmony with nature and Him.…”

Maggie, who was playing with a folded missalette, reached for the bible inside the pew. Mulder picked her up and sat her on his lap facing the priest. Every so often he would bounce his knee to bring a smile to her face and a little giggle. She tossed her head back and patted his clean shaven cheek and whispered, “Dada.” 

Mulder pressed his lips to her forehead and gave her a kiss, “Love you, honey.”

Scully bent down to pick up the bible that fell from Maggie’s hands. She flipped through the pages to find the day’s readings. A yellow card inside one of the pages caught her eye. In the top right corner in small plain handwriting - Agent Dana Scully, Sometimes we must come full circle to find the truth. Midnight tonight, Pete’s Diner, come alone. She looked over at Mulder who was entertaining Maggie with sleight of hand. Carefully, she removed the card and folded it, placing it in her pocket in case there were prints she could get from it later. The page of the bible had a highlighted verse:

 And he said to me, It is done! I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. To the thirsty I will give from the spring of the water of life without payment. The one who conquers will have this heritage, and I will be his God and he will be my son.

Scully retrieved a pen from her pocket and copied the location, Revelation, 21:6-7. 

***Pete’s Diner, Washington D.C.*** 

The waitress brought over hot water and a selection of teas for Scully to choose from. Today she decided to go with an organic Chai. The clock over the bar clicked over to ten after midnight. She could see it from the booth. Maybe ten more minutes before she gave up and went home. Mulder didn’t want her there alone, but he didn’t put up much of an argument. Someone had to stay home to take care of Maggie and he knew Scully could take care of herself. 

The sound of the bell above the door drew Scully’s attention. Kevin, the boy she saved so long ago, now a full grown man, entered, his hands covered by black gloves, wearing a hooded jacket and Timberlands on his feet. He carried himself with an even stride and Scully thought he looked taller than the their last meeting. 

“Mrs. Mulder?” Kevin asked tentatively, holding out his gloved hand for her to shake and sliding into the booth. 

“Call me Dana,” Scully returned. “Are you taking care of yourself Kevin? Has your family been affected by the outbreak?”

“That’s why I wanted to meet with you. The outbreak spread through my office and I didn’t even get the sniffles. Before Gibson got your treatment to his staff, everyone in my house, my husband, my kids, they were all sick, yet I never got a stomach ache. Years ago, I had asked God for guidance and he came to me in a dream, a vision, with a scripture. The one I highlighted for you out of the Book of Revelations. That verse, stuck with me, haunting me, and later in life, when I heard the trumpets, I used the CRISPR CAS9 to inscribe it in my DNA, to make it part of my very being.”

“You performed this procedure when you heard the seven trumpets,” Scully repeated for clarity. 

“Yes, I heard the trumpets, and late in March of 2016 I performed the procedure.”

“Those trumpets, it made the news, even Mulder thought he heard them. Kevin, why are you coming to me?”

“Because I believe what I have inside me is the answer. If I can help save the world, protect my family… the end of times has come.” Slowly he removed his gloves, revealing the stigmata on his hands. Lifting his shirt, he revealed the telltale mark of the spear on his side, removing his hat he showed her the marks of the crown of thorns across his forehead. “They are on each foot as well.”

“You will need to come to the lab, we can do the tests there,” Scully said as her brow quivered. “If it is your DNA preventing you from being affected by the virus the results will tell us.”

Kevin shook his head. “I’m in danger. The angel of death is on my trail. At night Michael’s icy breath is tickling my neck and his cold tendrils wrap around me, choking me.”

“Then come back to my house. I have some equipment there. I can collect your blood, then bring it to the lab under the radar. You can spend the night until we can figure out a better way to protect you.”

“What about your daughter?”

“Mulder will protect her. I need to protect you.” 


Startled awake, Mulder flared, grabbing the monitor screen to make sure Maggie was okay. “Mulder, it’s me,” came the voice out of the dark. 

“Scully?” Mulder sat up and ran hand through his mane, spiking his hair. “What time is it?”

“It’s almost 3am,” she said sliding in next to him. “I brought Kevin back with me. He’s in danger. He’s being tracked and followed. Gibson may not be the key after all. It may just be Kevin.”

“Where is he?” Mulder asked as he watched her undress and redress into her silk nightwear. Watching her perform her nightly rituals never got old.

“He’s in William’s room. He’s staying the night. We’ll know more in the morning after I run the tests in the lab.”

Mulder rotated to his side so he could face her as she slid into bed. He searched her eyes, touched her face, glided his thumb along her cheek. Only with a slight quiver of her chin did her vulnerability show through. He pulled her in close and he felt her squeeze him back. “We will find the answers, Scully. You will find a way.” 


Rubbing her eyes, Scully made her way into the kitchen where Mulder was busy feeding Maggie her breakfast. Maggie, more interested in Peppa Pig blasting from the television in the other room, was pushing his hand away.  

“Where’s Kevin?” Scully asked as she opened her yogurt.

“I thought Kevin would stay for breakfast, but he was gone this morning when I came down. He left you a note saying he’ll call you later today,” Mulder replied pointing to the fridge. “And a wooden carving for Maggie. Looks like one of the ones Owen Jarvis used to make.”

An hour later, Scully’s cell danced across Mulder’s desk in the other room and Mulder watched her rush to get it. He didn’t need to hear the other end of the phone conversation, the distraught look on her face made his heart thump, his stomach turn, and his muscles flex in preparation to kill whatever caused that crease between her brows. 

“Yes.”, “No.”, “Yes. We’ll find him. We’re leaving now.” Scully ended the call. “That was Kevin’s husband. Kevin called him early this morning saying he was headed home. He never arrived.”

“What about Maggie?” Mulder asked as he gathered his gun and badge.

“She’ll have to come with us.”


They drove along I-95 and got off at Kevin’s exit, taking the desolate road that led to his house. A little farther down Scully released a painful groan of “No.” The tires crunched over wet ground and gravel as they pulled over to the side of the road behind Kevin’s car. It was clear from the dent on the side of the car that there had been an accident.

Scully called the local law enforcement and kept an eye on Maggie while Mulder searched for clues. He found none, other than the long deep cuts in the metal, covering the left side of the late model Volvo sedan. There was nothing suspicious inside the car that Mulder observed as he climbed in and searched under the seats as best he could. He felt Scully’s eyes upon him and looked back. Was she checking out his ass? Giving a little lightheartedness to the tense situation, he got out a little slower than he needed. 

“Anything?” She asked.

“There’s some black paint along the bumper, but the car itself isn’t telling us much. The keys are still in the ignition, money and wallet in the center console,. I don’t see any signs of a struggle.”

“The tracks outside have been raked over.” She looked up at him. “No tire tracks, no footprints.” 

Mulder walked away from her, distracted by a sparkling flicker on the ground near a tree. He bent down to pick it up and realized it was one of Kevin’s credit cards. There was blood. Mulder carefully slipped it into one of the sandwich baggies he had shoved in his pocket just for this purpose. 

“Mulder, you’re contaminating a possible crime scene,” Scully called from the other side of the car as he palmed the credit card, placing it into his pocket.