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Am I a Monster?

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            Elsa shut the door with her foot, carrying two bags of groceries for the week. An exhausted sigh escaped her mouth at the silence that filled with dingy apartment, located in the poorer parts of New York.


            “Hey,” Anna, her little sister, greeted with a weak smile. “How were classes?”


            “Alright,” smiled the pale blonde with a small smile. “I’m just happy that winter break starts next week. Speaking of which- I got you another blanket.” She reached into one of the grocery bags and pulled out a fuzzy fleece blanket in pink and purple.


            “Thank you!” Anna happily squealed, snatching the blanket from her sister and promptly wrapping herself in a warm cocoon.


            “Well with how easily you get cold, I just figured that I should just wrap you up in blankets and have a little Anna burrito,” Elsa teased her said with a laugh. “Especially with Paul being such a grade A sleazebag excuse of a landlord and flat out refusing to fix the heating system.”


            “Yeah.” All that could be seen of Anna were her eyes and nose, causing for Elsa to reach across and tap her little sister on the nose.


            “Speaking of which, how are you on medication?” Elsa asked as she began to put the groceries away. “Do I need to make a drug store run?”


            “I don’t think so- my inhaler is half full,” Anna said, taking her glasses of to scrub at her eyes. “But I think I’m coming down with another ear infection and head cold.”


            Elsa groaned under her breath as she figured the cost of the medicines that Anna would require to get to her bubbly self once more.


            “I’m so sorry Elsa,” Anna apologized. “I don’t mean to be so sick all the time.” Elsa didn’t have to look to see her sister was trying not to cry.


            “I know you don’t,” Elsa took out a saucepan that had seen better days. “Does chicken noodle soup sound good for tonight?” Anna nodded, setting her homework aside as she curled up into a little ball.


            “Oh Elsa, before I forget, you got a letter today,” Anna said in an excited voice.       “Had to sign for it and everything. I put it on our bed.”


Elsa smiled her thanks through a mouthful of food before standing to place her now empty bowl into the sink. She entered the only bedroom in the crap excuse of an apartment and immediately saw the letter- an official looking envelope of heavy cream colored parchment.


“Well, well, well… what have we here?” Elsa muttered, using her thumbnail to peel the flap open.