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School for everyone

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Feng Yong had the idea to create a school, with the education that could be allowed for every child. But some people were against his idea and the fact that the school would be free.

He was upset because where he wanted to put the first school and the people against him were mafia. He was a little sad about this and doesn't know what to do.
He have to see maybe and talk in a calm moment with one of the mafia, maybe they could change opinion.

He have one meeting with Mister Luó Qíngēng where when he have first him he doesn't have think of him as someone from mafia and very scary.

"Hello I'm Feng Yong"

"Nice to Meet You, I'm Luo Luó Qíngēng" and Luo Qing Cheng invites him to sit on a chair and ask "Would you like tea? I love this brand of tea"

"I Would like it," says Feng Yong while smiling and he tries to the tea and it's was great

"So what you wanted to ask me?" says Luó Qíngēng

"I would like to create and open a school for children that everyone could be into school and it's would be free. Unfortunately, I had multiples reject because of people against it. And people have said about the mafia who were against that"

Luó Qíngēng was a little sad because he liked the idea of the school for everyone and free, he knew that some people wanted more money but the school would be open for everyone.

"For my part, I'm not against it, Mister Feng Yong and I would totally help you for that"

Luó Qíngēng was not like the other gang so his people would totally help Feng Yong to create this.

"Maybe I have one plan and one land that could be great, if you want we can meet tomorrow and propose something"

"Yes of course" and they shake hands

The next day they have meet where Luó Qíngēng was only with his right man and close friend that he know he have as friends, Feng Yong was surprised because he thought they would be lots of people near him.
But maybe he is one of the mafia guy who has not lots of friends or maybe in his own clan he would have enemies.

They were walking and the land was perfect, Feng Yong liked this.

"I like this land it's would be perfect"

"Yes this land would be perfect for the school, garden for the games of children and the kitchen because I think there would be one kitchen for child"

"Oh yes, you so right mister Luó Qíngēng I forgot that," he said a little embarrassed

Luó Qíngēng was a little laughing "I'm glad I could help you, if you need any help I would help you" with a big smile

They returned together in the house of Luó Qíngēng where they have signed the contract for the land.
They have eaten together where they have talked about other stuff.
Feng Yong thought he was not one bad guy.

The first thing after this is that Feng Yong had to make accept all of this by the government and it's would be complicated to make it open.
The school would be built thanks to the help of Luó Qíngēng.
They have met a lot after this, for see the advancement, and talk about some stuff.

Feng Yong thought they become friends little by little, he appreciates the fact of be with Luó Qíngēng.
One night they were eating together and he was a little tipsy and he have kissed Luó Qíngēng, he was not drunk, just a little tipsy, but he wanted to kiss him for a moment because he have wonderful lips.

"Will you remember this tomorrow Feng Yong?" says Luó Qíngēngafter returning the kiss

"Of course, I'm not drunk" says Feng Yong

"Let's talk tomorrow maybe about what happens, and you should sleep in the spare room," says Luó Qíngēng while put one hand on his shoulder.

Luó Qíngēng really liked Feng Yong because he was nice to him, he treated him like a friend and he was not scared of him.
He always hide the fact that he liked boys and also girls.
He also didn't have lots of friends because of the fact he is a mafia leader.
He have also enemies in his own clan since he decided to help Feng Yong and he would protect him.

The next day when Feng Yong wake up he remembers the kiss and he doesn't mind at all the kiss and he wanted more.

Luó Qíngēng have put some tea in the table and say "Good Morning"

"Good Morning"

"Did You Sleep well?"

"Yes thank you and you"


They have drink tea together then Feng Yong decides to break the ice and say "I didn't forget our kiss, and I still mean it"

"Oh, that great," said Luó Qíngēng with one smile.

"I'm not scared of you, I like you because you are one kind guy, you are friendly and fun, and I have liked to know you more since we know each other since 4 months, and you are beautiful"

Luó Qíngēng blushed a little and say "You are not scared of me, you are one great guy with good dreams that I hope you will make them realize and I hope I could help you for maybe forever if you want my help"

"Luó Qíngēng"

And they kiss, they have make out for a while.

They started one relationship after this, where they become lovers even if it's was discreet.
Especially since little by little they had some threat. Some people were against Feng Yong because they thought he was using mafia to create it and also for bribe the government
And Luó Qíngēng had a threat because some of his men were against their relationship because he was mafia and mafia didn't had to be in one relationship between men he knew that unfortunately one of his right men was against them and planned to do something but it's was only rumors.

One day while he was in the way to meet Feng Yong, Luó Qíngēng have been caught by his so-called right man and begun to hurt him.

"How come you have do that Luó Qíngēng, how come you are so weak to have fallen for another man"

"I'm not weak I just found love"

"There is no love between man," he said while cutting his clothes and leaving some scars on his body.

"There love with everybody, there is nothing wrong to love another person of same-sex, love is love, you can't deny when you have these feelings. I have felt them when I have met him"

"This is bullshit and I will make sure you will be reminded how much it's sick"

Luó Qíngēng was hurt, his leg was so hurting, he have hurt his leg so he couldn't be someone weak with only almost one leg.
It's was Feng Yong and police who caught them and helped Luo Qing Cheng to go to the hospital.

"Luó Qíngēng…"

"I will be alright, I wanted to protect you, you don't deserve to be hurting or caught for me so I have take your place" and Luó Qíngēng was kissing Feng Yong

They discover that Luó Qíngēng was suffering from his leg and would be a little invalid and will be limping forever.

"Don't worry they will not be out of prison freely" say, Feng Yong

When Luó Qíngēng was out of the hospital, he left the mafia because of what happen and was near Feng Yong for the school.

Until the day where the war was finally announced, Feng Yong would be on the battlefield and Luó Qíngēng decided to not do something for their country.
So he decided on one alias who was Cen Zimo.
He decided to fight in the underground for codes and the alliance and resistance.

Little by little Cen Zimo/Luó Qíngēng have take care of some kids who had no parents because of the war and decided to continue the promise he have do at Feng Yong for the school instead it's was like one orphanage.

When the war was over, he was glad to see Feng Yong here and alive that they have been crying in their arms and kissing even if they had people around them.
They were just so happy to see each other.

Luó Qíngēng tells him that he had one role during the war and also make meet the child at Feng Yong

"There are some kids I have saved and I thought about your idea of a school that maybe we could have one orphanage and one school after.
That if people wanted them, they would have family and if not we will raise them and teach them. What do you think?"

"You are wonderful my love," say Feng Yong and kiss him.