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No One Can Match Up

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Like most things that caused Miranda annoyance, it was entirely Penny’s fault.

One afternoon at the tennis club, she was sitting in the bar waiting for her weekly ‘friendly’ drink with Belinda when one of the newer members caught her attention. The 40-something woman was having a very animated discussion on her mobile phone.
“ What do you mean ‘He can’t make it’?” There was a pause while the other person explained. “Well I can’t exactly film a show called Twelve Best Chefs with only Eleven now can I? You have one hour to find a replacement or you’re sacked.”

“Excuse me?” Penny reached out and tapped the woman on the shoulder. “ I couldn’t help overhearing. You are in need of a chef for a television programme?”

“That’s right. Preferably a good looking one but hell I’d take the disgruntled trolls they hire here if needed.” Penny very quickly pulled out a pen and wrote down the address for Gary’s restaurant.

“ A dear friend of my daughter Miranda owns this place. I believe he will be what I call a perfect fit.” The woman looked skeptical but really had nothing to lose.

That was how Gary Preston became a reality TV star.