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Five times Shang Qinghua got roasted

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Shen Qingqiu

“So that’s how it is, huh?”

Shen Qingqiu whispered to Shang Qinghua in the midst of the annual meeting between Cang Qiong Mountain Sect and the Demon Alliance. The An Ding Peak Lord glanced outside the window, making sure there was no lightning storm that had struck Shen Qingqiu just now. In his defence, Shang Qinghua had every right to be shocked. That Cucumber-bro, the perfect stunt double for the original Shen Qingqiu, was the one who started their conversation. 


Whatever it was, it must be awfully important. Cucumber-bro would never start the conversation if it wasn’t a pressing matter—at least to him. They were not the best of friends, after all. 


“Demons smile when they’re in love.” 

Ah, Cucumber-bro, observant as always. Shang Qinghua didn’t pay much attention to such details. It made sense for Cucumber-bro, he had to stare at the protagonist right in the eyes. Shang Qinghua had lost count of how many times Shen Qingqiu had looked up to his dearest son Binghe and told him ’it’s okay, you’re good’. Wouldn’t be too long before Shen Qingqiu slipped up and said something like ’mommy’s here’ and—right, that’s a bit too far even for Shang Qinghua’s collection of kinks. 

Back to the main issue. Shen Qingqiu mentioned that demons smile when they fall in love. There were lots of demons in the assembly today, so this was a good opportunity to scan around the demon lords present. 

Nobody was smiling. 

Well, except for Luo Binghe, but he’s not an actual demon. Besides, whenever Shen Qingqiu was in his proximity, Luo Binghe would smile no matter what. Shang Qinghua didn’t find it fair to include that gay outlier amongst demon. 

“Huh? I never noticed that.” 

In his previous life, Shang Qinghua had never been one who looked at someone in the eyes. The habit persisted even when he transmigrated and grew up here. Ancient cannon fodder parents weren’t the best role models to teach him confidence and his subservient attitude had been more effective as a survival tool. 

It was different in Shen Qingqiu’s case. In both of his lives, he was a confident man—or at least appeared confident enough. Still, Shen Qingqiu is observant; Shang Qinghua would without a doubt admit to this superb quality of his fellow transmigrator. There were no details that escaped his keen, watchful eyes. 

“Then you must be so dumb.” 

Dumb?! Goodness, Cucumber-bro is stepping out of the line this time. 

“Be nicer to me, ah! Look around you, bro. Not a single demon is smiling. They’re vile. They’re not built for softness!” Shang Qinghua huffed. “I would know this best. How dare you call me dumb?” 

Shen Qingqiu’s brows furrowed. “It is obvious that you don’t know best," he pointed toward Mobei-jun, who sat at Luo Binghe’s side. “Look at that guy! He’s in love.” 

“Bing-ge? Ah, bro. That’s nothing new.”

“Not Binghe you dimwit author, I meant to his left.”

“Bro, how dare you to call me dim—what.” 

Shang Qinghua looked at the direction Shen Qingqiu had gestured toward with his fan. The end of his fan pointed a bit to the left. Right beside Luo Binghewas Mobei-jun, sitting down, inattentive as per usual.

Shang Qinghua had to squint his eyes. If it was Mobei-Jun, then he should have noticed if he did something abnormal. Shang Qinghua was closest to Mobei-jun, surpassing even the protagonist in that regard. 

“Mobei-Jun?” Shang Qinghua whispered. Hands clasped in front of his face, his expression turned serious. “Him, liking someone…?” 

His gaze landed on Mobei-Jun, gaze full of disbelief. Much like the original Luo Binghe, Shang Qinghua had no plans to give the original Mobei-Jun a happy ending. With that in mind, this Mobei-Jun too would’ve started from the same root of being cold and arrogant, knowing nothing about love. 

So him, of all people, liking someone? 

Shang Qinghua may have been staring at him for a bit too long, long enough for Mobei-Jun to smirk at him. The An Ding Peak Lord averted his gaze, opting to wander around instead, looking around for potential candidates of his ice king’s beloved. A snap of Shen Qingqiu’s fingers broke his concentration. Shang Qinghua turned to Shen Qingqiu again, raising his shoulder. All right, maybe Shen Qingqiu was right. But who could Mobei-jun hold such affections for? 


Qi Qingqi was the one who sat beside him. She was gorgeous, radiated a motherly aura, yet at the same time she contained the strength of a thousand men. Demons love strong women, much more with the perfect duality that Qi Qingqi possessed. It wouldn’t be surprising if a demon went head over heels over Qi Qingqi. Shang Qinghua, the father of this world, was more than confident about that fact. 

What was surprising, however, was Shen Qingqiu face-palming and groaning until he attracted the attention of several other peak lords and demons that were standing near them.

“Oh my god. You’re an even bigger idiot than I thought you were.” 

“So it’s not Qi-shimei?!” Shang Qinghua was in shock, banging on the table with his fists without realising. “If he is in love with someone, I would have—no, I should have known it first! How did you know that?!” 


Yue Qingyuan was looking directly at him with that gentle, murderous stare for disrupting the meeting. Shang Qinghua apologised before glancing back at Shen Qingqiu; the insulting stare was hard to miss. 

Shen Qingqiu looked like he was trying his best to hold in the urge to slaughter Shang Qinghua at this very moment. 

“Cucumber-bro, answer me! How did you know that?!” 

“I believe that there’s no point in speaking any further with you. Your idiocy is without a cure.” 

“Cucumber-bro!” Shang Qinghua was on the verge of wailing. This was so exasperating! How could Cucumber-bro know more about Mobei-jun's love life than he did?!

“Just... If it’s not Qi-shimei, then give me a hint!” 

Shen Qingqiu had no interest in discussing this matter any further, but he also couldn’t stand seeing his fellow transmigrator look so pathetic. “All right, all right. But we’re not discussing this anymore.” Shen Qingqiu opened his fan, covering half of his face with it. 

“It’s the person he smiles the most at. Good luck finding out who that is.” 


That should be easy. He’s always following Mobei-jun around so it should take no time for Shang Qinghua to discover who had managed to bewitch his most beloved OC into falling in love.





“My king, I would like to give an update on some important points discussed at last week’s joint meeting.”

Mobei-Jun hummed at Shang Qinghua, though his stern fingers still played with the yarns to create a little handiwork. “Speak.”

“As discussed, the joint project between the two realms has started. The Northern Ridge trading point began construction from three days ago…” 

Mobei-Jun kept busying himself with… the embroidery.

The universe must be joking with him.

The more Shang Qinghua observed, the more Mobei-Jun became engrossed in the necklace. The design didn’t seem too intricate, but shit, perhaps Mobei-Jun being in love is less weird than this. Shang Qinghua stopped talking, not knowing whether to laugh or to scream in frustration at the sight of Mobei-Jun hand-crocheting a necklace. 

“Don’t mind me, continue.” 

“Do you expect me to continue while you knit?” 


Too OOC, too OOC! God knows what Cucumber-bro implemented through his excess accumulated points. He didn’t want to know.

“The details are quite straightforward, as described in this scroll, which I believe my king can read by yourself—” 


Shang Qinghua sighed. Of course, he had no other choice than to be obedient.

Mobei-Jun wouldn’t let him go before he did everything the demon said, this god damn pampered bratty king. “Uh, but there has been a setback. The overseer requested to halt the project starting next week due to terrible weather. They have dedicated a team at the outpost nearby to survey and report the weather conditions in regards to the project.” 

The cultivator could hear the shifting creak of the chair, followed by several steps. Shang Qinghua was still focused on the details written in the scroll, trying to read and summarise it through one more time. So focused, in fact, that he didn’t pay too much attention to Mobei-Jun, who had been steadily walking closer to him.

“Perhaps my king has input on how to deal with this problem?” 

Mobei-Jun hummed before nodding in understanding. He was already right behind Shang Qinghua, shifting the human’s hair to the side. Shang Qinghua trembled at the chilling cold on his exposed nape when Mobei-Jun touched his skin. 

What did he do? 

“We will not fight the blizzard. Nothing we can do about the project in the meantime then.” There was something soft grazing his skin. Before long, his neck felt a tad heavy, Shang Qinghua could see the detailed engraving on the carved ice. The carving wasn’t cold at all, surprisingly, given the material was a literal block of ice. “Tell the overseer to dispatch his men to help with the banquet preparation. I want the banquet next month to be as grand as possible. I don’t want to hear excuses. Everyone should be aligned with working on that task.”

“Assign the workers as additional help in the banquet and make sure the preparations are completed by next month. Okay—” 



That secretive banquet with all the plans (not so) well-kept stashes on his personal locker? What’s so important about this banquet that Mobei-Jun had to allocate the men back into capital and prepare for a mere banquet?!

Well, banquets weren’t small events but there was no need to bring almost three hundred additional workers to work on the banquet, right? 

“Pardon me, my king, but this servant can visit the project and figure something out for the worker to keep… working. Under the weather. Safe.” Shang Qinghua didn’t know why he had a sudden impulse to handle the project. Curiosity, perhaps. 

“You are not going there.” 

“Then this servant can help with the banquet instead. Qinghua won’t disappoint my king with the quality of the banquet.” 

There was no way he could admit his curiosity. Not when Mobei-Jun looked half confused, half pissed, holding balls of leftover yarns in his hands before stuffing it back to a box on his drawers. How uncharacteristically cute.

“No?” Much to Shang Qinghua’s surprise, Mobei-Jun looked utterly confused. “Why would you want to work on the banquet…?” 


This was the first time Shang Qinghua didn’t help to prepare a banquet. It didn’t help that Mobei-Jun fired up his curiosity even more by being so damn secretive about it. 

“My king has declined to assign this servant with many tasks as of late.” Come to think of it, he hadn't had much to attend to back at the palace. If any, Mobei-Jun only asked him to taste the food made by the recently employed head chef. That wasn’t exactly a job either if Shang Qinghua ended up lying around in his workroom, eating all day long. He’ll get fat in no time! “Or… or was the last banquet was so disastrous that my king won’t entrust even the banquet matter to Qinghua—?” 


Shang Qinghua wasn’t sure what Mobei-Jun meant by no. He could only optimistically hope that Mobei-jun was trying to communicate that the last banquet ended up okay. 

“Well, then Qinghua could be of service by—” 

“Shang Qinghua, no.” Mobei-Jun sighed. He didn’t look displeased but wasn’t too happy about it either. “Just pass the message to the overseer, that’s enough.” 

Shang Qinghua had to admit that he was curious about the details of whatever this ongoing project at the palace was. But well, this is Mobei-Jun’s palace and he can do anything without having to report everything. 

“My king, you can entrust this matter to Qinghua.” 

It didn’t satisfy Shang Qinghua’s curiosity, but, eh, he couldn’t have all the good things in life, right? 

Shang Qinghua gave his king a salute and continued to stand where he was, observing Mobei-Jun’s face for a while. 

“Good.” Seeing that Shang Qinghua didn’t move from where he stood, he asked the An Ding Peak Lord, “Is there anything else?” 

“Yes, that’s…” The conversation made Shang Qinghua remember what Shen Qingqiu had said. “My king, this servant has a question, but it may be a tad personal. May I?” 

Mobei-Jun raised his eyebrow, “Speak.” 

Shang Qinghua breathed; there was a bit of fear to be had at asking something so personal, but it should be fine. Mobei-Jun wouldn’t be angry at him, that he believed. “So,” He cleared his throat. “Qinghua wonders if my king has someone that... that you’re having affection towards?”

There was a long silence. 

A long, uncomfortable silence as Mobei-Jun didn’t answer him. 

But then Mobei-Jun snorted. He fucking snorted at him while holding in a small laugh. He even had the guts to bend over to recollect himself. 

The fuck is wrong with Mobei-Jun today? Which OOC setting did he or maybe Cucumber-bro trigger by accident?!

“My king, I’m serious!” 

“I should be the one asking you,” Mobei-Jun smirked. “Are you serious?” 

“I am dead serious! No joke!” 

Shang Qinghua was flustered. Why did Mobei-Jun laugh?! Not to mention that Mobei-Jun’s laugh was creepy—okay, the point was, it wasn’t something that he usually did. What the hell did he do that had caused Mobei-jun to… to laugh at him?! 

“Fine,” Mobei-Jun looked even more amused. Other than his raised brow and annoying smirk, Mobei-Jun didn’t look any different from usual… at least he attempted not to. “Why the sudden interest, then?” 

“A little bird whispered to me that when demons are in love with someone, they smile a lot,” Shang Qinghua raised his shoulder again, “and I’d like to know whether the little bird is correct.” 

Mobei-Jun stood up from his chair, smirk still not leaving his face. He took a step closer to Shang Qinghua, playing with the necklace he put on Shang Qinghua’s neck, before giving his human companion a pat in his head. 

“That little bird is way smarter than you are.” 

He already had Shen Qingqiu roast him to filth last week and now his king is also roasting him?! What is this? Was this a spontaneous week of roasting that he didn’t get notified of or what?

“Excuse me?!” 

Mobei-Jun was visibly shaking. It was likely he was holding in low, creepy laughter before turning back to face Shang Qinghua with another smirk. 

“Well then,” the demon instructed Shang Qinghua after another long, uncomfortable wait while Mobei-jun reigned in his laughter. “If you want something to do, follow me then.” 

Shang Qinghua combed his hair with his fingers, right where Mobei-jun had patted him before. There was no need to get angry. This was fine. “What now?” He obediently followed his king, walking right beside Mobei-Jun who was currently wearing his formal robe attire. Mobei-Jun only wore that robe when he needed to see exactly one person. “Oh, we will see Bing... Erm, Luo Binghe?” 

Mobei-Jun nodded. It didn’t take long for them to arrive at the front gate. “He said it’s urgent. I need you to note some things.” 

Some servants had gathered around them to help them don thick clothes, appropriate to face the merciless blizzard outside. Among the servants that surrounded them, Mobei-Jun kept his gaze at Shang Qinghua. 


Without missing a beat, Shang Qinghua leaned towards Mobei-Jun. Feeling his waist held tight with Mobei-Jun’s strong hand, he enjoyed the warmth between them before going on an arduous journey. 


Luo Binghe

It took them about a day to arrive at Luo Binghe’s residence.

Their trip could have been way faster if Mobei-Jun had the silly protagonist ability to make portals out of nothingness. Shang Qinghua regretted not assigning Mobei-Jun with that ability before he died but hey, at least the journey to the southern border wasn’t half bad. His king wasn’t as pissed as he used to be several years ago when he realised that humans could not run that fast.


Upon entering Luo Binghe’s base, they went straight to the protagonist’s office. Unlike his usually grand, charismatic demeanour, Luo Binghe looked unusually tired. His working table was full of scrolls, presumably intel that he had gathered regarding this rebellion.

“Right on time,” Luo Binghe raised up from his seat, bringing several scrolls with him. “Come.”

Shang Qinghua knew that no matter what happened Luo Binghe would prevail but seeing Luo Binghe reduced to this pathetic state of being overworked, he couldn’t help but pity the half-demon. Don't blame this poor author! He hadn't known that the protagonist halo Luo Binghe had didn't prevent him from suffering the symptoms of being overworked.

“Junshang, what troubles you this time?”

“A rebellion is happening right now at the border. It started as a small bunch of displeased demons protesting but I had quelled that. But as of late, they have started infiltrating the palace. Leaking information, disarming my weaponry, among many other acts of subterfuge. I can no longer trust anyone from this palace.”

Maybe that was the reason why Mobei-Jun often took Shang Qinghua around. After all, Mobei-Jun saw Luo Binghe the most, second to Shen Qingqiu. Through years of seeing his lord’s exhaustion, Mobei-Jun’s incurable laziness must have decided that he would take things leisurely.

That must have motivated Mobei-Jun to take him into his service after Shang Qinghua was done with his spy work. From taking notes at strategic meetings to summarising it to him later on where it should have been Mobei-Jun’s job, Shang Qinghua did it all. Even in regards to the preparations right before each and every of the mission, Shang Qinghua was the one who did it all. Mobei-Jun need only to make a grand entrance, looking handsome, and punch everything to dust.

“Junshang, please leave it to me to clean this place. Feel free to use my palace in the meantime.”

So typical.

Shang Qinghua had a bit of regret for designing Mobei-Jun like a pampered brat; he placed the blame on his previous life’s bias. He thought that the icily arrogant, bratty prince would be redeemed by having a handsome face and a muscular body.

If only he had known how wrong he was.

“I didn’t ask you here to turn my palace into dust, but I appreciate the enthusiasm.” Luo Binghe massaged his temples. “I know who’s behind all these actions. I called you here to tell me everything that you know about Linguang-Jun.”

Another reason why Mobei-Jun carried Shang Qinghua along with him was in case the problem was complex enough (for this universe’s average IQ level) that Mobei-Jun needed a second opinion. In this matter, whatever involved Mobei-Jun’s despicable uncle was equal to impending doom. 

“Oh, him.”

The existence of Mobei-Jun’s abusive uncle was another one of Shang Qinghua’s regrets. His life, post-ending of his own novel, was plagued by the occasional appearance of that god-damn maniac, each as unpleasant as the last encounter.

“Shang Qinghua, do you have something to say about this man?”

Luo Binghe glanced his way, choosing to ask him this time. If this was any other situation, Shang Qinghua would feel a bit happier at being noticed by his protagonist son. However, his hatred towards Mobei-Jun’s shitty uncle surpassed any other feelings he might have. His oak brown eyes met Mobei-Jun’s chrysoberyl eyes, exchanging a glance and nodding to each other, before answering Luo Binghe in unison:

“Yeah, he’s a jerk.”

Luo Binghe sighed. He was this close to cutting them into pieces with Xin Mo.

“Please tell me something I don’t know.”

Shang Qinghua clicked his tongue, picking at his nails as he remembered several previous encounters. Almost all of them involved him getting beaten up again and Mobei-jun having to save him again and again to the point it became embarrassing to Shang Qinghua.

“—Unfortunately I may not know much. I haven’t spoken to him in ages.”

Before Shang Qinghua could further speak, Mobei-jun came forward and commanded Luo Binghe’s attention once more. The incident at Mobei-Jun’s ascension didn’t count as exchanging pleasantries, so it was likely that whatever more Mobei-jun had to say about his uncle wasn't going to be good.

“I heard he came to your ascension. Did he tell you nothing? Not even the slightest hints of his goal?”

“He wants the clan’s seat.”

Mobei-Jun’s voice held a bitter tone. It was clear that what Luo Binghe asked brought back all the memories he had buried deep. “As Junshang may have known, he would be the next in line if I die. It should not be your concern, I shall crush him—”

“—no, wait,” Luo Binghe interrupted him, “unfortunately the solution isn't going to be that easy. I tried but I need him alive. As it turns out, the situation is more complex. He has gained more support as of late.”

Linguang-Jun couldn’t kill Mobei-Jun the old-fashioned way, so, of course, he had to disarm Luo Binghe’s power first. Luo Binghe was Mobei-Jun’s greatest ally and one who could instil fear into any demon, it made sense.

Since Luo Binghe will always choose to use his protagonist halo towards Shen Qingqiu first in any kind of situation, more likely than not he would only send military backup if Mobei-jun was in need of assistance, as was common practice. Linguang-Jun had no way of knowing about the protagonist halo, so he must believe that if Luo Binghe's army was weakened that he would have more ways to bring Luo Binghe and Mobei-Jun down at the same time.

‘Makes sense,’ Shang Qinghua thought to himself and nodded. He added his opinion on the other corner of the scroll before moving on to note the rest of their conversation.

“Linguang-Jun enlisted the help of some nobles. Even if we kill him, there is no guarantee that it will end the rebellion fully.” After all Luo Binghe, being a half-demon, faced tons of opposition from the pure-blooded nobles. It mattered not to them that he was the son of the last Heavenly Demon. “We suspect he used the opposition regarding the banquet to gain the displeased nobles’ support.”

The banquet again.

Why was it that everyone knew about this darn banquet yet Shang Qinghua knows absolutely nothing about it?

“Junshang, with all due respect, I will not postpone the banquet.”

God. It’s as if the universe didn’t wish for him to know about this mysterious big banquet that apparently existed in everyone’s reality except him. The fuck was with this unnecessary cliffhanger? Also why the fuck this stupid banquet so important that it trumps the concern of a possible rebellion?

Shang Qinghua sighed, raising his voice to jump into the conversation. “Pardon me, but what is this banquet—”

“I knew you were going to say that which is why you’re here. We will think of another way to quell the rebellion.”

Luo Binghe sure had guts if he was going to interrupt his own creator. Well, in the half demon’s defence, he did. But in the freedom of Shang Qinghua’s own inner dialogue, he wasn’t going to give his protagonist that much leeway. Fuck you, Bing-ge.

Okay, back to the main concern. Uprising. Rebellion. Whatever. If Shang Qinghua was lucky enough, maybe he would hear more about this mystery banquet sooner rather than later.

Especially in regards to this situation, no days have passed without Shang Qinghua regretting having created Linguang-Jun. It was even more cringey given the fact that Linguang-Jun had the IQ above the average of this world’s NPC, yet still made decisions as though he had 0.5 IQ altogether.

Opposing the protagonist? Trying to fight two of the strongest demons in this world? Bah, don’t make him laugh. That man will definitely get crushed for real this time.

But Shang Qinghua never realised how complicated solving these problems must be. He often forgot that the miraculous feats that Luo Binghe did have their own payback; his own suffering.

No time to dwell on it too much though. As much regret as he had, it was too late. He never had much choice in changing the way things went from the beginning.

“Or we can ask the courtesans,” Shang Qinghua mumbled while taking notes of their conversation. He might have been too cowardly to take responsibility for these things in the past, but now that his System had ceased in pestering him (plus the fact that he was a changed man now) Shang Qinghua would make use of all of his knowledge. “The commoners will follow the nobles that rule over them. They must have no other option, so that could be our insight. Either way, I have a hunch that the courtesans in the city might know of something.”

“Are you suggesting—”

Before Luo Binghe could finish his sentence, a huge explosion shook the palace. Dust crumbled down from the ceiling, making Shang Qinghua sneeze. It didn’t take long before he heard a loud crack above him.


It all happened too fast and he couldn’t see clearly. Every step he took was full of wariness, leaving him wondering just where that cracking sound came from. He was afraid that he might have stepped on a brittle structure.

“My ki—”

Before Shang Qinghua could even realize what had happened, thick dust covered his face. The cultivator swore that he saw the ceiling was about to hit him, but then his body was thrown out of the crumbling palace. Shang Qinghua landed roughly on the palace ground, groaning over the bruises on his skin as he tumbled on the icy, cold surface.

It didn’t hurt though.

“My king—!” When Shang Qinghua looked down he learned that Mobei-Jun had covered for his fall. In the nick of time, he managed to make an icy path to slow down the impact. No wonder it didn’t hurt at all. “Oh, goodness. Are you hurt, my king?”

Shang Qinghua cursed himself. If only he had been swift enough to pull out his sword and bring Mobei-Jun along with him, then he wouldn’t have gotten injured.


Not that it was fatal to Mobei-Jun though, Shang Qinghua knew that Mobei-Jun could heal faster. This injury may have been nothing, but it still would have been better to not get hurt.

Mobei-Jun pushed Shang Qinghua behind him, sensing some movements that seemed to come from the assailant. His gesture wordlessly implied that Shang Qinghua was to not go too far from him, not that Shang Qinghua wished to.

He took out his sword, hands trembling at the thought that this was what Luo Binghe had to face lately. Shang Qinghua clicked his tongue. He should have made Linguang-Jun way dumber than this.

Suddenly, Mobei-Jun moved towards the deep woods. Shang Qinghua followed suit and caught up to Mobei-Jun’s lightning speed with his sword, flying low. He tried to stay close behind the king, as instructed, watching his back just in case they were ambushed out of sudden.

As he predicted, there were men attacking them. Some were using poisonous darts and there were nets specially designed for capturing demons.

Mobei-Jun fiercely defended them both. Most of his movements were quite defensive and he utilised his ice magic more than usual. Shang Qinghua now knew Mobei-Jun so well that he had noticed how Mobei-Jun would habitually take a step with his left foot before landing his notorious punch.

It was all over in the blink of an eye. Men laid on the ground, half-dead, unconscious. It wasn’t the least exciting. Shang Qinghua even would go as far as to say that Mobei-Jun had overdone it on beating these thugs.

“You dropped this.”

Luo Binghe arrived not long afterwards, bringing the necklace Mobei-Jun had placed on Shang Qinghua earlier. It must have fallen when he was catching up to Mobei-Jun. Shang Qinghua was too afraid to look towards Mobei-Jun, much less to say something. He placed the necklace back on his neck, hands trembling. The ice demon must have been angry at him for losing such a precious thing he had handmade.

“Mobei-Jun, you’ve done a good job with the necklace.”

So Luo Binghe knew that Mobei-Jun was the one who made the necklace.


Alright. Luo Binghe doing the occasional feminine chore was not a weird thing. Everyone knew that Luo Binghe was perfect at sewing, cooking, and many other tasks. He was so good at it that some old, rotten demons would demand their girls to have at least a quarter of Luo Binghe’s charm and grace.

“Much appreciated, it would not have been possible without the guidance from Junshang.

What?! Mobei-Jun , of all people, asked for Luo Binghe’s guidance in hand-knitting, of all things?!

System-dada, what the fuck is going on?! What kind of changes have you implemented without notification?! This is a breach of user’s consent and terms of use!

If only lawsuits existed in this cheap xianxia world, he would have sued the system for misconduct. Fuck.

“All I did was give you mere suggestions. You’re the one with impressive ideas for the proposal and wedding preparation—”


“Wait, my king. You—?”

Shang Qinghua ran as fast as possible to where Mobei-Jun was right after hearing Luo Binghe mention marriage, not believing what he'd just heard.

“Yes, this Mobei-Jun will wed in a month’s time,” Mobei-Jun, again, fucking smirked at him. Look at that annoying smirk. “Did Shang Qinghua perhaps have any qualms about it?”

Who’s the god damn idiot that decided to marry this stupid king?


Unfortunately, he couldn’t answer that, not when he had yet to know who the fuck Mobei-Jun’s mysterious intended was. What if… it was Luo Binghe. Considering the number of steamy fanfictions between the OG Luo Binghe and Mobei-Jun, it might be possible that Shang Qinghua stumbled into one of that stupid threesome fanfiction of bottom Shen Qingqiu being manhandled by both Mobei-Jun and Luo Binghe. As much as he would love to read such galaxy brain idea, Shang Qinghua couldn’t bear to read it, not after he had seen the real beings—


On the odd occasion, Luo Binghe would call him Shishu. What’s going on? Could today get any weirder? System-dada, please don’t answer that. Qinghua couldn’t stand any of these tortures any further.


“I will be forever faithful to Shizun.”

Yes, of course, my gay son. I know you’re head over heels for that stinky cucumber.

“…I’m afraid I don’t quite follow.”

“Hence, Shang-shishu, please do not worry about me and Shizun… Doing threesome… or whatever Shishu said before…”

Shang Qinghua just realised that he had spoken aloud that previous nonsense. He felt like he had made an irreversible mistake. Will Luo Binghe kill him? Here’s to hoping that he won’t. Shang Qinghua still wanted to live well, get rich, and eat more melon seeds for years to come.


Fortunately, Luo Binghe didn’t do anything other than walk past him, catching up to Mobei-Jun who was trying to hold in his laughter. It was obvious and Mobei-Jun was terrible at hiding it. Shang Qinghua wondered what was so funny, but thinking whatever entertained Mobei-Jun must be beyond his comprehension. Shang Qinghua took a deep breath, trying to calm himself.

It was only a bit wild. Just some rebellion that they’ll get over in less than a month and then Shang Qinghua can rest and Mobei-Jun can have his wedding with god knows whoever this person was. It will be fine—

“Mobei-Jun, I’ve heard from Shizun that Shang Qinghua is… uhm, terribly sorry, an idiot, but…” 

Luo Binghe never got to finish his sentence. For the second time, Shang Qinghua screamed loud enough he could chase away a flock of bats in the middle of the night.




Madam Meiyin

The succubi lair.

Shang Qinghua had heard tales about reaching this place. Down to the valley, those who seek the peerless beauty should only follow the gorgeous, enchanted melodies. Follow the song through the bottom of the valley, where you will find the lair of all things beautiful.

The addictive song, so teasing and titillating. It echoed throughout the walls of the valley, clear enough for anyone at the edge of the cliff to follow. Strong enough to lure even the tougher, stronger demons to get lulled into their dreams. Then the succubi will suck on the victim’s energy until they are left half-alive.

Of course, it had no effect on Mobei-Jun and Luo Binghe’s level. Reason being that they were both the strongest demon and one of them has the protagonist halo.

It didn’t affect Shang Qinghua either because he had no more fucks to give. His mind clouded with the thought of who the fuck is the lucky fuckhead that will marry Mobei-Jun.

There were around ten young girls who emerged from the cave entrance. They were no fool either; knowing who had come to their residence, the girls bowed in respect. None of their sparkling eyes dared to face the two strongest demons in the entire realm.

“Welcome to our humble abode, your highness.”

Luo Binghe gave a little nod. His hurried steps reverberate through the cave. He stopped right when he heard another step coming from the cave, approaching them.

“My lords.”

Shang Qinghua may be the creator of these characters, and this was not the first time he saw Madam Meiyin either. Still, no matter how many times you’ve seen her, she will always be a sight you wouldn’t want to miss. 


Madam Meiyin’s alluring smile has always been a nice greeting. After all the mess Shang Qinghua had to face, at least that fanservice-grade smile put him in a bit of ease.

“How could I be of service for your highness?”

Her amorous face, sumptuous white skin, and graceful movement brought out all the charms possible from that lithe figure. If only Luo Binghe wasn’t gay and Shen Qingqiu wasn’t Cucumber-bro, Shang Qinghua would have to think of Luo Binghe and Madam Meiyin as the true power couple. 

“We have questions regarding the unrest within the civilians.” Luo Binghe answered her with his equally charming smile. Truly an idiot who wouldn’t consider them a matching couple. “In particular, any information regarding a certain scum who destroyed my castle.”

Madam Meiyin nodded, ushering the party of strongest demons to come deeper into the cave.

“I understand.” As they went deeper into the cave, chills and darkness soon engulfed them. It wasn’t until her girls lighting up their way that they can see their path once again. “My girls should give you a little bit of information.”

As they went deeper, their steps landed on the sweet-scented carpet. Each of their steps oozed out a relaxing aroma from mixtures of herbs. Behind them, girls with sumptuous figures walked in an elegant manner. Each of them bringing oval fans, hiding their tender smile as if they were shy.

Madam Meiyin let them sit around the stone table, pouring jasmine tea and served it for them. Luo Binghe didn’t spare any time as soon as they were seated to show Madam Meiyin the remaining pieces of the explosion. Some of the girls let out small gasps and murmured to each other as they saw the remainder of the explosive. Madam Meiyin’s expression changed when she saw one of the broken vials with traces of liquid in it.

“This belongs to us.” Madam Meiyin clicked her tongue, her spiteful gaze turned into her girls. “How could you let our customer take this away from us? Seems like I have to discipline you too in addition to those useless men.”

That was such a powerful word. Shang Qinghua may or may not be sweating at the intensity of her words. Truly the novel’s biggest seductress!

“W-we’re sorry, Madam!”

One of the meeker girls at the back came forward. She spoke in a shaky voice, eyes looking down towards the carpet. “I think I know… who might steal it from us—”

“Well then, you know what to do. Don’t waste your time!” Madam Meiyin snapped, scaring the rest of the girls who decided to back down. Smart moves, Shang Qinghua thought. “Those girls… oh, apologies for the unsightly behaviour. Since it will take my girls sometimes to fetch his associates, perhaps I could entertain you instead, my lords. Would any of you perhaps be interested in fortune-telling? I’m most confident when it comes to the romantic aspects, although I’m afraid that might be a bit redundant…”

Madam Meiyin’s accurate fortune-telling? An indulgence that Shang Qinghua should never miss. He raised his hand, about to speak, and got to know how his future worked out in this world.


“I would like to.”

The room fell silent.

Mobei-Jun didn’t believe in superstition. That is NOT how Airplane Shooting Towards the Sky designed Mobei-Jun. Beneath his icy looks, tactics driven by instinct and sometimes reckless attitude, Mobei-Jun was never a believer of superstition. To see that he offered up and seemed to get excited to have his fortune read, it was truly OOC of him!

“You, my lord.”


“Pardon me, but should it be necessary for me to read you when the answers are crystal clear?”

“Consider it as a precaution on my side, Madam.”

What the fuck are they talking about.

Madam Meiyin leaned down. Right in front of Shang Qinghua’s eyes, he witnessed those bombshell curves he could only see from televisions and knock-off Marilyn Monroe posters.

For some reason, those curves no longer make the tingling sensation like he used to feel. Weird.

“My lord, Mobei-Jun, you’re one interesting fellow.” She pushed the glass filled with enchanted flowers. As the flower bloomed, Shang Qinghua could see glitters coming from the flower crown. “You’re someone who was never meant to have a soul mate. Fated to be alone, forever. Yet here you are, defying fate for how many times. But before I continue, I would like to bid my congratulations on your marriage.”


So whoever this person was, they weren’t Mobei-Jun’s soul mate? What kind of unfair treatment was this? Why would Luo Binghe and Shen Qingqiu be said to be fated to each other? 

Shang Qinghua would like to file a complaint. He remembered the details of Shen Qingqiu’s drunken story of how he visited Madam Meiyin years ago and she said about this prophecy that he will marry someone who will always be by his side and extremely faithful. How happy he was when he discovered that fateful person was Luo Binghe. His favourite character. Shang Qinghua didn’t forget the one and the only instance of Shen Qingqiu, thanking him, was that because Shang Qinghua galaxy brain created Luo Binghe. Best husband ever, a great man with flaws as little as a speck of dust.

Of all things!

Of all fucking things he could have thanked Shang Qinghua, Shen Qingqiu only mentioned that. Wow. Shen Qingqiu never thanked him for all the ordeals he had been going through. Especially on that instance when they obtained the Sun and Moon Dew Flower only for Shen Qingqiu to use it ONLY for him. Let’s not get into other matters. Shang Qinghua would die out of petty bitterness.

Point was, if that god damn awful cucumber could have that, then why, WHY, was this whole thing with Mobei-Jun won’t marry his soul mate was allowed?!

Luo Binghe, meanwhile, stretched his legs while drinking his second cup of tea. Understandable, although he looked cold and indifferent on the outside, that was the resting bitch face of someone that will not get interested with anything other than his Shizun.

Heh, Bing-ge, you may fool everyone in this world but you wouldn’t escape father’s watchful eyes. Heh heh.

Alright, back to the most important matter: Mobei-Jun was not going to marry his soul mate, and that was hecking pathetic.

“You two have come a long way.” Madam Meiyin looked at the flowers with the softest, most charming smile that made her seemingly innocent. So pure, that for a split second, nobody could sense the default lust and thirst she possessed. “Two people never meant to be one, but against all odds, you two spun your own faith into one of the most beautiful romances I've been privileged to bear witness.”

But they seemed to work it out well. Good for Mobei-Jun.

Shang Qinghua wondered if his jealousy was justified. To know that there was someone else Mobei-Jun could fight for that much, it… it was beautiful. A privilege, if Shang Qinghua had to say.

“My lord, I have seen people who have been so reliant on their thread of fate. But you two are a pair of soul mates, forged against fate, and that is stronger than anything else.”

Her gaze turned soft, she put her hands on top of Mobei-Jun’s hand. A little light appeared before it faded out gently. “Your future is bright. Obstacles are bound to happen, but those are the things necessary to toughen up your bonds even more. I can see that not only your love everlasting, but it will become a tale of its own.”

And heck, this lucky bastard will make legends with Mobei-Jun. Shang Qinghua, being years by Mobei-Jun’s side, has all the rights to get jealous. 

“Madam, you should have reserved that blessing right at our banquet.”

“Your presence here is a blessing of one’s own, my Lord. But of course, I will be honoured to do so the second time at the banquet if that’s what you wish.”

Wait, wait, WAIT.

Mobei-Jun, asking a god damn demon equivalent of a courtesan, for a blessing? Wow, what the fuck. System. SYSTEM-DADA. ANSWERS PLEASE.

The system gave him no answer. Well, if that was the case, then so be it. But still, courtesy over everything else. Since Madam Meiyin had given her blessings, then Shang Qinghua shall give Mobei-Jun one too.

“My King!”


“Please allow Qinghua to give blessings for you too!”

Or so he thought before another uncomfortable silence filled the room for the second time.

It wasn't a complete silence this time, though. Although Shang Qinghua doubted whether the sound of Luo Binghe slipping his teacup until it almost fell from his grip was better or not.

“Shang Qinghua.” Madam Meiyin looked confused, but the expression was hard to discern. It could be something else. “Lord Mobei-Jun does not need your blessing…”

What bullshit.

“Well, that's nonsense—”

“She's right. That's… not how it works.”


Well, alright. Alright if that's not how it works.

“Qinghua understands.” Shang Qinghua bowed before he took a step away. He didn't bother with his expression. Looking dejected, be damned. Nobody cares. “Pardon me.”

Oh, but wow.

Mobei-Jun dared to go so far to defy fate. Making someone who's not even close to his soul mate and in the future will forge a legend out of his shitty romance by marrying this person. They seemed to be so happy too, even before they were married. All done behind his back.

On top of that, Mobei-Jun didn’t need his blessing. Seemed that was the extent of his role as Mobei-Jun’s human confidant.

Shang Qinghua wouldn’t lie that felt like a little painful sting. It hurt more than he expected it to be. A stab and then a good squeeze right at the heart. Anger, rejection, jealousy, all mixed up.

“My lord, Mobei-Jun, are you sure about that human being…?”

And yet they speak as if Shang Qinghua was a deaf man. It pained him that, as he went outside the cavern, he could hear echoes of Mobei-Jun’s laugh.

Shit, this hurts.

Shang Qinghua should have left.

Stop following Mobei-Jun. Go into the most secluded place neither Luo Binghe and Mobei-Jun knew; which was possible because he created this world. Let his anger out. The longer he stayed, the more his anger piled up. This past week crafting plans and inn-hopping to stay low from Linguang-Jun had been tiresome for him. Everything will be fine again after he took a breather for, dunno, perhaps half a decade.

But of course, he could not allow it. Not even his jealousy was going to prevent him from catching Linguang-Jun. That asshole. The failed concept that he cooked for barely five minutes because family tension and merciless angst seemed pretty good half a century ago when he was still fat, pathetic, and stuck behind the mercy of horny readers. Fuck that man.

Well, that said, but Shang Qinghua found himself did not contribute to anything.

Shang Qinghua ended up sitting like a good little girl, taking notes, summarising in an autopilot efficiency. Crossing the sentences when Luo Binghe said ‘that is not possible’, or when Mobei-Jun grunted in C minor; a growl of disapproval.

Man, he was so good at reading Mobei-Jun. Not like this fated person that everyone seemed to try to hide from him. Assholes. 

“Since we have limited resources, we cannot wage a full-blown attack towards him. Perhaps we should consider negotiation—”

“No.” Shang Qinghua interrupted. His voice fell flat, expressionless as he kept writing the last suggestion Luo Binghe talked about before he crossed the sentence. Nice line, he thought to himself. Too bad he couldn’t frame it. “He’s not someone that Junshang can charm through. Ambush him and risk our lives will have a better chance to defeat him.”

Incredibly unwise advice, coming from someone who had lived through two lives.

“Then, I assume you have a better idea, Shang Qinghua? We need a plan to capture him in his lair.”

Shang Qinghua sighed, his eyes still lowered down to the paper beneath him. He kept writing as he talked as if he was programmed to do so. “That prideful bastard would not stay in such a pitiful hideout. The information about his pathetic hideout was set to trap us, or else we wouldn’t obtain these tips with ease. He must have let that information out on purpose.”

Luo Binghe moved the chair to sit down in front of him, “Continue.”

“Ambush him at his palace. He had an estate not far from here. A lavish and obvious one. There are two main entrances but three secret doors around his estate. We need to put some traps over these because there are only three of us and perhaps some other help with IQ 40 which will not be helpful. So we have to—”

He only stopped when he coughed loudly. Shang Qinghua raised from his seat, didn’t pay attention to the dumbfounded expression these two demons expressed. He let his document open to let the ink dry; he didn’t bother to bring the notes to his room and left it at the dining table. “Qinghua shall be in his room. Pardon me for not being in shape.”

Shang Qinghua ignored the piercing stare from the two demons as he walked upstairs to his room. He was too tired to get afraid. His heart was full of anger. It was the weirdest reason to get angry too. Something he couldn't confront Mobei-Jun either.

He sighed, locking the door behind him. The chatter of those two demons seemed so intense from afar. Not that he cared, Shang Qinghua enjoyed sulking more in the darkness of his room rather than discussing plans with those two hot no-longer-bachelor demons down there.

Not long afterwards, Shang Qinghua heard someone walking towards his room. The steps were gentle, the creaking of woods stopped as a certain somebody arrived in front of his door.

“Shang Qinghua.”

It was Mobei-Jun who knocked on his door. Shang Qinghua didn’t feel like opening and greeted the man. Somehow the anger in him raged even more at the thought that Mobei-Jun didn’t tell him anything about the wedding. Even afterwards, he wasn’t allowed to help.


He’ll pretend to sleep, and if Mobei-Jun ever dared to come inside… well, let him be. Shang Qinghua will pretend to sleep until he actually drifted away to the dream world.

“Wake up before sunrise tomorrow.”

It wasn’t as if his contribution will change anything in this world.

It never had, anyway.




In addition to jealousy, Shang Qinghua caught flu.

This has been such a terrible week. But there was no way it would stop him from interrogating this bastard. They have done the bust successfully (that was strangely according to his blabber that it felt like a déjà vu), and all that was left was to interrogate this man.

In all honesty, Shang Qinghua was too tired to deal with the rest. The more days went by, the more he got pissed off. He had been avoiding those two demons every now and then, and now he had been running out of excuses of sickness. Of course, they wouldn’t buy it and now he had to face the cold, hard truth.

This bastard he accidentally created on a five-minute whim.

Shang Qinghua had never been so angry at himself. For creating this bastard almost half a century ago because he thought angst was a good and necessary spice. For not being able to confess his feelings and now Mobei-Jun will marry some random NPC that was not fated for him. For not being able to focus on this bastard right here.



“Until when are you going to stare at me and do nothing?”

He forgot that all he did was staring at Linguang-Jun and didn’t do anything else.

“You’re not here to question me,”

Shang Qinghua stood up from his chair, taking two heavy steps towards Linguang-Jun and punched him right in the face.



“You’re here to answer me.”

Luo Binghe couldn’t help but side-eyeing Mobei-Jun when he heard a gulp. Of all things, he would have never expected Mobei-Jun to get… affected, by a mere slap.

“You stinky human, do you think you’ll scare me?”

Honestly, no.

The only reason Shang Qinghua was there, interrogating Linguang-Jun was because Mobei-Jun asked him to let the peak lord try. Linguang-Jun was so persistent, he didn’t speak a word even though Luo Binghe and Mobei-Jun had attempted various interrogation methods.

Although looking at how Shang Qinghua only used Linguang-Jun as mere punching bags, Luo Binghe doubted whether Shang Qinghua could squeeze out some confessions out of Linguang-Jun. Seemed like he could only wait and see from this portal.

“Tell me everything about your plan.”

Luo Binghe wished he could unsee Mobei-Jun’s scary—no, creepy—reaction just now.

“Will you think this is work? He didn’t even speak to us.”

“Patience, Junshang.” Mobei-Jun didn’t take his eye off the portal. Watching every second intently like it was a gold comedy. “He’s good.”

“You’re putting too much faith in him.”

Luo Binghe didn’t get to hear his reply, but he was sure that Mobei-Jun hummed in delight. A very low and short hum. His right-hand was definitely experiencing some carnal desires looking at his human’s display of anger. That was creepy.

“You think I’m dumb for blurting out everything I’ve been—”

Another huge slam and Linguang-Jun got thrown to the edge of the room. Luo Binghe flinched at the pained grunt.

“Tell me.”

Shang Qinghua pulled his chair, sitting down in front of the slumped and tied-up-to-the-chair Linguang-Jun.

“Or what? Annoy me to death?”




“—why? Why?! It could have been me!

Perhaps getting punched by those two ruthless demon lords would be much better than hearing this human wailing.

Linguang-Jun had heard about the banquet. Being the next Mobei-Jun who happened to be the aide of Tianlang-Jun’s half-breed son and so giddily excited to get married, the banquet would have been the perfect place to blow the demon realm’s stability.

He could have killed Luo Binghe, took over the palace as he scavenged his nephew’s dead body to gain his share of the inheritance, but right now he’s stuck with this awful human.

“Well so who cares if Mobei-Jun won’t be together with his soulmate?! He does not have one! Then I can be one, why he had to marry some stupid ass stranger that I haven’t met?!”

Scratch that, this human wasn’t awful. He was god damn stupid.

“I wonder how Mobei-Jun managed to put up with your stupidity.”

Linguang-Jun flinched as he saw Shang Qinghua had started to sob and snort like mad. His cheeks were absolutely red. Those were real tears of pain and Linguang-Jun was at a loss of words.

“You shut up! This is my moment! Let me be sad!”

“Who cares about your emotions?” Linguang-Jun sneered. This man was unbelievable. “You’re disgustingly cunning, nasty, no dignity—”

“Why, thank you.”

“That was not a compliment, you dumbass.”

Linguang-Jun had to take a breather before he glanced to the portal. Mobei-Jun was smiling at him, eyes dazzled with love. He still didn’t understand why his nephew went so head over heels towards this… idiot.

“Anyway, back to this problem I have over the marriage ceremony,” Shang Qinghua sighed, pulling the sleeve of his robe to clean his snot. “I cannot believe nobody wants to introduce me to this bride… I won’t bite whoever this lucky bride is… I’ll congratulate her, give tips on how to take care of Mobei-Jun…”


Is this human for real.

Linguang-Jun had to look up to Mobei-Jun once again and back to this sniffling human for a few times, back and forth. Was Shang Qinghua being serious about… not realising who’s the lucky bride? With the necklace carved with the Mobei Clan’s sigil that Shang Qinghua proudly wore right now? Had his nephew gone full idiot by choosing this man over… over any other man in this world?

“I know for a fact that you’re the stupidest being I’ve ever met.”

Linguang-Jun sighed, resigning to the fact at the uncertainty of the Mobei Clan’s future in the hands of this couple of idiots.

“Well, what do you know!” Shang Qinghua kicked Linguang-Jun, hard enough until the chair bumped the wall once again. The wall reverberated, although the little crack resulting from the hit was amiss from Shang Qinghua’s observation. “That’s it. Fuck you for destroying my legs back then, fuck you for not listening to my laments and now for ruining my sad moment!”

“You’re the one who should ask me questions! I’m not here to entertain your shitty sad times—”

Then it hits him.

Oh no.

This is it.

This is the real torture.

Accompanying this brat as he lamented his own stupidity while his nephew jeered at him from the portal above.

“Get me out of here!”

Linguang-Jun gritted his teeth. A mix of anger at the realisation why Mobei-Jun decided to ask Shang Qinghua to interrogate him, while said human kept on kicking him until his face started to turn bluish from all the kicks and punches.

“No, you will not! Not until you tell me your plans!” Shang Qinghua pulled Linguang-Jun’s hair, looking at this bastard while smirking. “And you better hurry because I’m going to get busy after this to give whoever Mobei-Jun’s fated asshole a good slap in the face—”




Shang Qinghua gave himself a gentle, embarrassed slap, as he sat on the throne beside Mobei-Jun. He didn’t mind his appearance, of how his cheek had gone red. No one would notice the additional red aside from the jarring, luxurious blue wedding clothes he wore.

Except for Mobei-Jun, who tried to hold his laughter by his side. It came out as eerie, however, but Shang Qinghua was already used to ranges of weird expressions coming out of Mobei-Jun’s face at this point.


“You did give my fated asshole a good slap in the face.”

How dare this fucking demon quoted him word by word. Shang Qinghua didn’t deserve this.

More people bowed to them. Giving the couple their blessings and presents for the newlyweds. It was frightening how Mobei-Jun could shift his expression from that ugly chuckle into his default cold, icy arrogant expression in a mere second. Of course, that was a mere façade. Shang Qinghua knew that deep down, Mobei-Jun still laughed at him. He had been a constant entertainment for his now-husband for a god damn month, and Shang Qinghua didn’t know how to feel about it.

“Shang Qinghua.”


“I noticed you’re agitated since we left Madam’s cavern; I assume it was about what she asked whether I am sure about you being my partner for life,” Mobei-Jun put his trademarked smirk. Again. As if he hadn’t had enough of teasing Shang Qinghua to filth. Fuck this man. “I told her that you’re as good as you are, and there is no other person that I would like to marry.”

Fuck this man for talking full of context, loud and clear, just when he had to further announce more embarrassing misunderstanding details Shang Qinghua had for weeks.

“And I would also like to thank you to annoy my uncle until he speaks. We’ve intercepted his men, so rest assured that nothing bad will happen during this banquet.”

Also, fuck this man for that asshole move.

Did Shang Qinghua get embarrassed? Sure. Sure he did.

“If anything bad happens during this banquet, it’s on you.”

Did Shang Qinghua want to strangle this man until he begged for mercy? If the hypothetical situation was plausible, Shang Qinghua would be glad to do so.

“You know that won’t happen; I’ll protect you.”

But never he saw Mobei-Jun got as happy as he did right now.

Those little glances and tiny curved corners of his lips that were supposed to be a smile. That sad, depressing Mobei-Jun got to experience happiness. Truly enjoying the banquet for once while still being handsome as always. Shang Qinghua couldn't stop staring at Mobei-Jun’s wedding attire. For once, he didn't curse his concept of a demon wedding dress being shameless and all; Mobei-Jun’s pecs were god sent.

And holy fuck, Mobei-Jun’s fated person was him all along. He was the one who was meant to be with his most favourite beefcake all along . They were not in any way a fated couple. Not even meant to be at the beginning like a certain sweet and disgusting couple at the corner of the room, trading flirtatious, shameless glances towards each other. They might not be like those two people, and that might get disheartening at times.

But looking back at where they started from, to sitting side by side today, it didn’t seem too bad. Shang Qinghua may not have his fairy tale plot lines, but to know that all those efforts were paid off, right here, right now, that was satisfying.

Shang Qinghua couldn’t help but smile as he leaned closer and gave a little peck to his husband’s lips. Perhaps all those roastings were fine to endure, as long as Mobei-Jun was happy.

“Happy now?”

In turn, Mobei-Jun gave him a kiss on the cheek, a satisfied smirk, while caressing Shang Qinghua’s face; gentle, full of love.




Mobei-Jun and Shang Qinghua

(Art by Ataratah)





The night before Linguang-Jun’s arrest.

Right after Shang Qinghua spit all his plans and surprised the two demons with information that Madam Meiyin didn’t even know about Linguang-Jun’s hideout, Luo Binghe stood there. Stunned. 

“That was… something.”

Mobei-Jun nodded, a little curve at the corner of his lips indicated his satisfaction. There was nothing more satisfying to know your superior praised your beloved, indeed.

“He really is.”

From the corner of his eye, Luo Binghe glanced towards Shang Qinghua’s room. The walls were thin enough to let them hear what the cultivator said behind the closed door. He started to cry harder. Now blabbering about he should have been by Mobei-Jun’s side forever.

That aside, Mobei-Jun was the real evil here. He chuckled as if his lover’s misunderstanding was a game. There was no way Luo Binghe could do that to his Shizun.

Poor Shishu.

“Are you sure about him?”


He could not believe that this drunkard, idiotic Shishu of his will help him quell the rebellion. Not that he had many options left; his palace destroyed, his communications to his intel cut. He only got these two. His best bet.

“Are you sure you are not being biased just because he accepted your proposal?”

“There is no way this one allowed his judgement to get clouded.”

Other than Mobei-Jun’s recommendation—which wasn’t even trusty sometimes—was because Shizun even told him to listen to Shang Qinghua more. Reason being, he knew way more than he looked. Since contacting his Shizun for a second opinion right now wasn’t an option, guess he could only follow Shizun’s advice.

That aside, Luo Binghe had a sudden concern over Mobei-Jun’s poor choice of partner. Said partner, who didn’t even realise that he was who Mobei-Jun will marry in a few weeks’ time. The more Luo Binghe thought about it, the bigger his concerns became.

“Are you sure you wanted him to be your… partner… for life?”

“He’s perfect.”

“What if he found out and he didn’t agree with the… arrangements?”

“Then it’s a problem for later, but I doubt that will happen.”

Then, Mobei-Jun smiled.

Luo Binghe shook his head as Mobei-Jun headed upstairs. On second thought, it wasn’t his place to judge Mobei-Jun’s choice of husband. He didn’t need to inquire about this man any further.

He had enough evidence that Mobei-Jun was a lovesick fool.