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Give you inspiration

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Sometimes when Mu Ge was stressed when he was working at one screenplay, he was thinking at the music of the violin that plays Jing Ran.
It's peaceful and gives him inspiration.
He missed him a little, he knew he would be back soon but he just missed him.
He had one meeting to do before arriving at their home.

When Jing Ran arrive, he saw that Mu Ge was in deep thought about his future project so he says hello to him and kisses his forehead.

He knew what to do for make relax Mu Ge.

"Maybe we should eat, maybe it's will give you a little inspiration and after maybe I can play something for you"

Mu Ge kiss him "It's a wonderful idea"

After the beautiful dinner, they had who was relaxing, Jing Ran was playing a song at the violin and he had one another idea that he had in his head for a long time and it's was to propose him.
Because he wanted to be with him for the rest of his life, he have found that when they were apart from him in the US for some screenplay and him in Italy. They have missed each other, their break was bad for bad of them. And when they have returned to China that they have reunited they were so good together and have found that he doesn't want to live without him.
He knew their family at first weren't very happy, the parents of Mu Ge were thinking at his career like the mom of Jing Ran but little by little they change of point of view when they saw after break up, little insécurity and Jealousy they were still together.


When he finished the play, he tell Mu Ge "I have to search something, will you wait 2 seconds"

"Of course what it is ?"

"it's a surprise"

Jing Ran have searched for the ring and then put in one knees

"Jing Ran.."

"Mu Ge, I love you so much, I want to ask you something will you marry me?"

Mu Ge was a little crying and goes kiss Jing Ran "Of course yes, I want to be with you forever"