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Night time events

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At the end of each day, King and Diane went up to their room in the Boar Hat. Leaving their sovereign duties at the door to their bedroom, allowing them to simply be a couple. Tired from the day, Diane goes to the dresser while King drifts to the other side of the room where their bed sat. She couldn’t stand sleeping in her day clothes anymore, not when she had a collection of a certain male’s shirts to choose from. She smiled to herself when King turned around as she undressed, he has seen and touched her naked many times now, but still gives her privacy when undressing. Undoing her leotard and taking it off, she folded it and placed it on top of the dresser for tomorrow. Now completely naked her hand hovers over the handle to the drawers with her lover’s shirts, looking back she sees King with his jacket off and wings relaxed. She found what she wants to wear. Walking up behind him she hugged him, careful to avoid his wings. “Mmm, Diane.” he muttered placing his hands over her own, unaware of her current state of nakedness. She pressed her face into his back, placing a kiss between his shoulder blades. Then sliding her hands from beneath his, she moved to the top button of his shirt. Shocked, King turned to look back, eyes widening at her lack of clothing. “Diane! Why aren’t you wearing anything? What if someone comes in or you catch a cold?”


Not caring, the shrunken giantess continued to unbutton his shirt, exposing the skin on his chest. To her surprise, King joined her in this task, undoing the rest of them before turning around and placing it around her shoulders. She raised an eyebrow at him, of course even now he is concerned for her well being. Always thinking of others, this is what made him a good king. She touches her fingertips to his reddened cheeks, smiling at his concerned expression. She is dazzled by the crooked grin he gives back. Maintaining eye contact, the giantess kisses his chest, distracting him from her hands. Unknowing of her plans, King’s mouth opens in protest when he feels her hands fiddling with his belt. Before a sound comes out, Diane stands on her toes, swallowing his objections with her mouth, smothering them with her tongue. Successfully, his pants drop to the floor with a thud. Diane lifts her arms around Kings neck, the shirt dropping as well. The two of them now stand together, completely naked, their mouths molded together. King travels to her neck, kissing before whispering, “We’re naked Diane.”


“An astute observation Fairy King.”


He nuzzled into her neck, pulling her close whilst wrapping his wings around them. The vibrations from his voice tickle her as he mumbled, “Now you have to stay here with me so I can keep you warm, I don’t want you getting sick again.”


Her hand rests on the back of his head, fingers tangling in his hair. Pressing him into the crook of her neck, she kisses his temple. Standing together in the middle of their room they sway to non existent music, letting their stresses from the day before melt away. His fingers trail up and down her back, leaving goosebumps in their wake, while Diane continues to rub his head, her lips still pressed to his temple. The sweet silence was broken by Diane first, “We should go to bed Harlequin, it’s getting late.”


King grunted into her skin in agreement, making Diane giggle. He was almost childlike when tired. Moving her arms so they wrapped around his waist, she delicately lifted him a couple inches off the ground and moved towards the bed. The sheets were still pulled away from the night before, allowing easy access for the couple. Finally separating, Diane crawls on first followed by King who insisted on laying on top of her, his face in her bare breasts. He holds her around the waist, pushing his face into the soft mounds on her chest with a pleased groan. Diane throws the covers over both of them, admiring the view of his naked back end before covering it completely. He must be really tired, She decides with a kiss to the top of his head, he’s not as embarrassed as he usually is cuddling naked. One hand is tangled in his hair, messaging his head and messing up his soft hair. Her other hand rests in between his wings, nails dragging lightly up, down, following the constellations of freckles. King snores softly into her skin, encouraging Diane to follow his lead. Content, she closes her eyes. Her final thoughts fading into the velvety darkness of sleep, I can live like this, with you… for you Harlequin.