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Thunder and Steel: The Masters of Evil

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National City

Kara Danvers, also known as Supergirl, was flying in the bright sky, wearing her suit, with a smile of hope on her face. It had been almost a month since she, Thor, J'onn, Alex and the DEO had beaten Astra, Non and their army of Kryptonians and other aliens.

Most of the Kryptonians and other aliens, including one named Indigo, had been killed by Thor, while Kara had blinded Non forever and locked him up in the DEO where he could never escape. Astra had been defeated by J'onn and Alex and locked up as well.

However, Kara knew that while Astra had fallen, there was some good inside of her. Astra used to be one of the best people she knew. And when she had advised Alex about the Black Mercy, Kara had realized that the good woman Astra used to be was still in there.

So she always talked to her at least once a week, hoping to reach out to her.

Her relationship with Thor was good so far, with no major problems. Her life was great.

As she flew, she heard a girl saying to another one in a mocking tone. "So, you think you're Supergirl? If I shoved you, could you fly?"

Then everyone laughed as another girl said. "You look so stupid."

"No, I don't", a girl's voice said and it was clear to Kara she was being bullied by other girls.

"Everybody thinks so", one of the mean girls said. "That's why you don't have any friends."

Hearing that, Kara immediately flew down. One little, innocent girl was dressed up as her and was being picked on by other girls of her age.

"I wouldn't say that."

The other girls all turned around and gasped in shock on seeing Supergirl standing there with a smile on her face.

Turning to the girl wearing her costume, she said. "I actually think you look pretty awesome."

"Thanks", the girl said happily with a bright smile.

Kara used her X-Ray vision to look into the girl's bag and saw a school id card which had her name on it.

"Laura", Kara said to her with a smile.

"You know Supergirl?" One of the mean girls asked in shock.

"Yeah", Kara said as she moved next to the bullied girl. "I'm friends with all the nice girls."

Patting Laura's shoulder, she said. "See you later."

And with that, she flew off as Laura and the other girls watched in awe.

As Kara flew, her hearing picked up the sound of sirens and a fire spreading in a building. She immediately flew into the direction and saw a building lit up on fire, smoke rising in the air.

There were some people trapped inside. The fire brigade was still a few blocks away. Kara knew she had to save everyone.

Before she could use her freeze breath though, clouds suddenly gathered and it rained heavily on the building. Kara smiled as under half a minute, the fire was extinguished and the clouds all faded while the rain stopped.

She looked up to see Thor hovering in the air, holding Mjolnir as his red cape flowed behind him. The fire brigade and ambulance arrived at that very moment as both of them lowered themselves to the ground.

The wounded people staggered out of the building as the EMTs from the ambulance quickly led them to the back of the van to check them over.

After a few minutes, one of the EMTs walked to the two heroes and said. "Well, nobody is that wounded except some minor burns. Good thing you two were here."

"It's our job", Kara simply said with a smile.

"You're both heroes", the EMT said, in awe of them obviously. He himself was a tall, handsome man with dark hair.

"I think the real heroes are those who go out there and help people to the best of their ability as that is a noble thing to do. And you are one of those heroes as well", Thor said before reading the EMT's name on his nametag. "Davis Bloome."

"Thanks", Davis said with a smile before walking off. "Got to get back to work."

The two watched him as Kara said. "He's nice."

"He started working in my hospital a while ago. Always reaches crime scenes first", Thor said. "He's a good guy."

With that, the super couple flew off into the sky.

Later, DEO

"Senator Crane, it's good to see you again", Kara said as she and Alex stopped to greet the Senator. They had gotten off on the wrong foot but after the White Martian incident, they were on better terms.

"Good to see you too", Crane said.

"The Senator came by to tell us that she's been working with the Budget Committee to get the DEO more money, more resources to fight anything like Non", Hank told them. "To avoid future disasters."

"A lot more money and resources", Crane added.

"That's great", Alex said. "We can use it."

"I also came by because I wanted to personally thank Director Henshaw for the amazing work he's been doing to keep our nation, this planet, safe", Crane said as she looked at Hank who nodded while Kara and Alex smiled at him.

"Well, it's not just me, it's my team", Hank said as he looked at everyone in the room, including Kara and Alex.

"Well, it starts at the top", Crane said gratefully as she looked at him. "This agency deals with the unknown and is often forced to make up the rules as it goes. You don't have the same oversight as other branches of the military. It's important to me that there's someone I know", she held Hank's hand for a bit. "And trust making sure justice is meted out in a way that's consistent with our ideals."

Hank looked at her as she said. "And I'm glad that person is you."

Kara looked at Alex and mouthed softly. "Wow."

"Ma'am, there's fire downtown", Vasquez said from her computer. "A fireman's trapped on the roof."

They all walked to the computer as Hank said. "Punch it up."

She did as Crane asked. "Supergirl, can you get there in time?"

They turned around to see Supergirl was already gone.

"Yeah, she can", Alex smirked.

Supergirl flew to the site as fast as she could but saw it was raining there. Well, Thor was something.

"Supergirl, over here!"

She looked down to see some firemen trying to lift a column off a trapped fireman so she flew down as the chief said. "Thor has the fire!"

"Okay", she said as she landed near them and put her hands on the column. "I got ya."

She lifted the column off of the man as the others helped him up. "You're going to be okay."

"Thank you", he said gratefully.

Kara looked around and walked through the debris before she suddenly felt something like a sting on her entire skin. Her red blood vessels became visible for a second before she turned around, looking at the surroundings.

Thor then flew down joked good-heartedly. "Well, I got here first again, Lady Kara."

"Yeah, no need to make a big deal out of it", Kara said rather unpleasantly with a smirk, confusing Thor as she took off into the air.

"Midgardian women are strange", Thor muttered to himself. "Of course she is not Midgardian but she was raised on here."

He twirled Mjolnir and took off into the air. Unbeknownst to them both, a piece of red Kryptonite was there in the middle of the debris and had affected Kara, unfortunately.

Next morning, CatCo

Kara walked out of the elevator, dressed in adult clothes for the first time in her life, shocking everyone around her, including James, Winn and Siobhan.

"Morning", she said to James as she walked past him before walking past Winn. "Morning."

She stopped at her desk to see Siobhan staring at her. "What? I was getting tired of my old clothes."

"Yeah, we all were", Siobhan said and Kara rolled her eyes.

"Ker-rah, look at you dressed like an adult", Cat Grant said as she walked in. "That's promising.

She looked between Kara and Siobhan and said. "So, I demanded a list of replacements for Lucy Lane, like, yesterday."

"Ms. Grant-" Siobhan started.

"Ah, here you are", Kara said as she handed her list to Cat first. "I already checked all their references and ranked them according to who you'll find the least annoying."

"Excellent", Cat said happily while Siobhan fumed as Cat took out two tickets. "Oh, and look at that. A reward. Someone gifted me tickets for Club Apocalypse for Friday night to see a Scandinavian DJ whose name I won't even try to pronounce."

"Thank you", Kara smiled as she took them from Cat. "I'll put them to good use."

As Cat walked off, Siobhan angrily asked Kara. "Do you even know how to dance?"

"Don't be jealous", Kara mocked before saying. "Or do, I don't really care. You should be jealous, considering my boyfriend has the thunder which none of yours can ever have."

Siobhan fumed angrily again as Kara walked off.

Later, DEO

"Two armored vehicles have been attacked in the last six hours", Hank informed everyone. "Both carrying hundreds of thousands worth in gold."

Showing them images of two goons, Hank said. "Now, these two have goons managed to take out a number of highly trained and heavily armed security personnel."

"Alien weapons?" Alex asked.

"Almost", Hank said before the image changed. "An alien is their weapon. A K'hund. Stronger than your average Fort Rozz escapee. Now, we've obtained intel on their next heist, but we have to move fast. Lucky for us, we have an alien of our own.

They all looked to Supergirl who was sitting on a chair with her feet on the table, looking like she owned the place.

"Hmm?" She asked.

"I'm sorry, Supergirl, am I boring you?" Hank asked sarcastically.

"Only boring people get bored", Kara said before saying. "Sorry. I thought you were talking to some other alien agent at the DEO."

Hank fumed as Alex said. "Well, you know Thor has work."

"Of course he does!" Kara snapped. "With all the work he does, I am second priority."

"All right. We'll discuss that later", Alex said.

"Let's move, let's move", Hank said as all started moving away while he looked at Kara. "Do I need to brief you again or have you got all that?"

Kara walked away and said in the three simplest words possible. "Kick alien ass."

The K'hund attacked the armored truck, throwing the guards down when the DEO vehicles stopped near them and agents got out, led by Alex, who aimed her gun at him. "Don't move!"

He grunted and jumped away as Alex tapped her comms. "Supergirl, you're up."

As the K'hund was running, Kara flew at him, knocking him down. He got up and turned around to look at her angrily. "Your mother-"

"Sentenced you to Fort Rozz, blah, blah, ruined your life, I've heard the story", Kara said casually with a smirk as the K'hund fumed. "You wanna fight about it?"

He attacked but she dodged and punched him twice, staggering him back.

"Is that it?" She laughed as he attacked again but she dodged and his fist broke a stack of bricks behind her. She then dodged and weaved to avoid his punches before pushing him off. He tried to punch btu she grabbed his fist and squeezed hard, cracking his bones as he grunted in pain.

She then threw him down and put her foot on his throat, making him gasp in pain as he choked while she gloated. "I have defeated White Martians and Kryptonians. You, you're not even worth looking at."

She removed her foot and said. "Get out of my sight."

As he gasped, she added. "Before I change my mind."

He got up and ran off just as the DEO vehicles stopped.

"Where did he go?" Alex asked as she ran out before asking Kara. "Are you hurt?"

"No. No, I'm fine", Kara smirked and shook her head. "He got away."

She walked off as Alex watched after her in concern.

Later, DEO

"Director Henshaw, Senator Crane is in your office", Vasquez said. "She said you were going to update her on what happened with the K'hund."

"Well, that sounds fun", Kara said as both Hank and Alex glared at her just as Thor arrived.

"Nice of you to join us", Hank said before telling Vasquez. "Tell her I'll be there in a minute."

He turned to Kara and asked. "Can I speak with you here for a second?"

The four walked to a corner as he said. "Just to be clear, our job here at the DEO is to catch the aliens, not let them escape."

"What happened?" Thor asked.

"How 'bout you get off my back for once, Hank?" Kara snapped, shocking everyone in the room.

"Supergirl", Alex muttered in confusion.

"I thought we were in a good place here", Hank said.

"We're in a good place, when I do what I'm told", Kara said. "When I don't, you come down on me. I am tired of it! You want to catch the K'hund, go try it yourself! You're just as strong as me, if you wanted to be."

"You know how dangerous that is for him", Alex said.

"And it's not dangerous for me too? Every Kryptonian on this planet wants to kill me expect my cousin. I have to live with that", Kara said before turning to Thor. "Or maybe you could do it. You're so much better than me aren't you? Always one-shotting my enemies. You're still a glory hound, aren't you?"

Thor regarded Kara, trying his best to hide the hurt on his face from what she had said.

She then said to Alex. "And Hank could live with that too!"

She turned to him and asked. "What are you so afraid of? You talk about honoring your people, and yet you refuse to be one of them."

Then she turned to Thor. "And what about you? You refuse to go and meet your people as well! What are you, an ungrateful coward or something?"

With that, she walked off. "I got to go. I have work in the morning. Another job that underappreciates me."

As she walked out, she punched a wall angrily, making a dent, as Thor walked after her and watched from a distance, concern and confusion in his eyes.

Later, CatCo

Kara walked out of Cat's elevator, now wearing glasses with her hair tied up. She looked even more stylish now.

"That's Cat's elevator", Winn said in exasperation as he walked to her.

"It is absolutely ridiculous for her to have her own personal elevator", Kara said.

"Ker-rah!" Cat's voice called out.

"You are literally impervious to bullets and I'm worried for your safety right now", Winn said to her.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Cat asked as she arrived, clearly not pleased Kara had used her elevator.

"Your latte, Ms. Grant", Kara said as she handed it to her.

"Oh", she muttered as she took it.

"Walking from the main elevator takes an extra 90 seconds, which means your latte's 90 seconds colder", Kara said, not watching her tone this time.

"Brazen", Cat said as she regarded Kara. "That's a new color on you. I don't mind it. Yet."

She then realized Siobhan was next to her and asked. "What do you want?"

"I've got a scoop for you", Siobhan said with a smirk. "Can we talk? In private?"

"Allez", Cat said as she walked to her office and Siobhan followed her. As Cat sat down, she looked at Siobhan and asked. "What am I looking at?"

Siobhan showed her footage from the last night which showed Supergirl letting the K'hund go. "It's Supergirl letting the bad guy go."

"Put this under your hat until we figure out what's going on", Cat said immediately, knowing someone like Supergirl would never let a bad guy escape willingly.

"What's going on is that Supergirl isn't the hero she claims to be", Siobhan insisted.

"There must be an explanation", Cat said. "Maybe it's another Bizarro."

"Who cares?" Siobhan asked. "Supergirl turning bad, and we're the first to report it. We could change the conversation, we could dominate the headlines, we could-"

"Don't use media jargon that you don't understand", Cat cut her off.


"That'll be all", Cat said and Siobhan fumed before walking out.

DEO, same time

"I see you had better luck than Supergirl", Hank said as Thor led the restrained K'hund inside.

"He's big", Thor said before smirking. "Fought bigger."

"Do not inflate your own ego, Asgardian", the K'hund exploded on him. "Supergirl didn't even try to apprehend me."

"What are you talking about?" Alex asked in shock. "She said you fought and you got away."

"She's a liar", K'hund said. "She said she didn't want to waste her time with me."

"Get him out of here!" Thor said in disgust as a few agents led him away.

"Do you two believe him?" Hank asked the two.

"Yesterday, after we stopped a fire, she talked unpleasantly with me", Thor said. "Something happened to her perhaps. She is not behaving herself."

"I can see that", Hank agreed.

Catco, same time

Kara walked to Siobhan who was typing something on her laptop. "Hi, Siobhan!"

"What do you want?" Siobhan asked before adding. "Stalker."

"Messenger downstairs wants you to sign for Ms. Grant's flowers", Kara said.

"Okay, you do it", Siobhan told her.

"Well, I would, but Ms. Grant needs me to proof a column for her ASAP", Kara said and Siobhan sighed. "I'm sure one day she'll give you more editorial responsibilities too."

"Fine", Siobhan said angrily as she got up and walked off. When Kara was sure she was gone, she opened her laptop and saw that she was sending an e-mail to Perry White, giving him the footage of Supergirl letting the K'hund go.

Well, now Cat was going to let her go, Kara thought to herself as she printed the e-mail and then deleted it.


"I know you see yourself as a plucky heroine who broke a story as big as Watergate and then gave it to my biggest competitor, and I know you think that once the Daily Planet runs the story that you will have a fancy job there, and I know that you believe in the end that I will admire your gumption for scooping me and I will beg you to come back", Cat ranted to Siobhan who sat and listened.

"Will you?" Siobhan asked.

"No", Cat said bluntly. "I admire loyalty, integrity and employees that I can trust. Not backstabbing, opportunistic little….Imps."

Before Siobhan could defend herself, Cat commanded. "Clean out your desk."

Seeing Siobhan was still sitting there, trying to process what had happened, Cat said sarcastically. "I'm sorry, was I using my inside voice?"

She then declared firmly. "You are fired!"

Before Siobhan could get up, Cat said. "Now, before you go skipping all the way back to Metropolis, I will save you the bus fare. I had a much too long conversation with Perry White. And there is no job waiting for you there."

Siobhan looked devastated as Cat said. "Now, be gone."

A dejected Siobhan walked out as Winn asked kindly. "Hey, are you okay?"

Siobhan simply walked out as Kara said mercilessly. "Well, I guess that's your exit."

Siobhan glared at her one more time before walking out as Kara clicked her tongue and looking at Winn and James said. "Well, that was awkward. But not surprising, though. She was a bad seed, it was only a matter of time."

That night, CatCo

Kara flew to the top of the CatCo after James told her that Cat wanted to talk.

"What do you want?" Kara asked Cat.

"Well, I would like to know if Ashton Kutcher and his camera crew are hiding underneath your cape", Cat said sarcastically before saying. "Supergirl would never release an evil alien caught in the act of armed robbery. So, I assume I'm being Punk'd."

"I wouldn't assume anything from now on, Cat", Kara said as Cat regarded her.

"Did you just call me Cat?" Cat asked with an edge to her voice.

"You branded me in the media as a Girl Scout. "Supergirl is brave, kind and strong." Isn't that kind of a stock characterization?" Kara asked casually before commenting. "Very two-dimensional. Everyone knows real people have a dark side."

"Yes, but you don't get to be a real person", Cat said, enraging Kara. As if she had a right to tell her what she could and couldn't be.

"You're a superhero. You get to represent all the goodness in the world", Cat said.

"Yeah, well, I'm sick of it", Kara said before looking down at the city from the rooftop. "And you know what else I'm sick of? Enabling all of you in your victimhood. "Oh, well, my building's burning down, la-di-dah. Supergirl will just swoop in and save the day." Well, get used to the flames, people, 'cause I quit."

Now Cat knew there was something very wrong with Kara.

"Supergirl I fear that you're having some sort of mental breakdown", Cat said as Kara turned to her. "Don't worry, it happens to the best of us, and I'm happy to take you to Dr. Shuman for emergency Lexapro, that is, if your alien brain will respond to the SSRls. But in the meantime, I would lay low. This haughty attitude is highly unsuitable."

"Well, I learned it from the best. Cat Grant", Kara accused and chuckled. "You're the most arrogant, self-serving, mean-spirited person I know."

"Now, you listen to me", Cat sneered. "I made you. And you are not going to let me down."

"Or what?" Kara asked before remembering. "Oh wait! I forgot! You're the most powerful person in National City. At least that's what they say on TV."

Sneering at Cat, she asked. "You want to see what powerful really looks like? Watch."

And then in a split second, she threw Cat off the roof. The powerful tycoon screamed as gravity pulled her down while the people gasped in horror and covered their mouths.

Then Thor flew to the area and caught Cat in his arms bridal style as she looked at him flirtatiously. "There comes the knight in shining armor. Now I hate that term, but you represent it well, Godhunk of Thunder."

Thor sighed as he lowered himself to the ground and put her down. The joke was funny, but now was not the time.

"True power, Cat, is deciding who will live and who will die", Kara said as she flew down.

"Supergirl, have you completely lost your mind?" Thor exploded on her.

"Aww, look, glory hound is angry I'm trying to take away all of his glory", Kara said as Thor glared at her.

She then said to Cat. "And don't ever call me again."

With that, she flew off.


"Director Henshaw, need to talk to you please", James said as he and Winn walked inside.

"Hey, something bad has happened to Kara", Winn told Alex.

"We know", Alex agreed. "She was acting strange. Distracted."

"We thought it was personal at first, but then she let an alien fugitive escape", Hank said as both Winn's and James' eyes widened in shock.

"It has gotten worse."

They all turned to see Thor enter, a grim expression on his face.

"What's the matter, Thor?" Alex asked.

"Supergirl just tossed Cat Grant off CatCo", Thor said as all gasped in horror, worry and fear on their faces.

"WHAT?" Winn exploded. "But why?"

"Is Cat okay?" James asked.

"I saved her", Thor said and all sighed in relief.

Turning to Alex, Hank said. "Pull up the missions Supergirl has run in the last 48 hours."

Alex started pulling it all up as she saw the report of her saving the fireman a day ago. "The fire."

"I was there", Thor said. "Maybe that's where it all started."

"Run a thermodynamic scan", Hank said and she did as something red appeared on the screen.

"Look at the radiation signature", Alex said in shock and all did.

"That's Kryptonite", Hank said.

"But she doesn't appear damaged", Thor said about Kara.

"Because this is red Kryptonite", Hank told them all. "It doesn't hurt Kryptonians. It removes their inhibitions and makes them act in terrifying ways. Superman was once exposed to it after a tragedy in his life and he robbed banks in Metropolis."

Everyone in the room gapped at that before Winn said. "It's synthetic. It's manmade."

"Who the hell would make Kryptonite?" James wondered.

"Yeah, that's my bad."

They all turned to see Maxwell Lord standing there, a smirk on his face.


"Come on. This isn't necessary", Max groaned as he was cuffed and led into a glass cell. "I came here to help. I didn't even know Kryptonite was a thing."

"Until we showed you", Hank said.

"And we took down Bizarro", Alex realized.

"I went through all that trouble to create her, when all this time, right in front of me, was a substance whose sole molecular purpose was to kill Kryptonians", Lord said. "Sort of ironic."

"You're out of your mind, Lord", Thor snarled.

"I'm only practical", Lord said. "Non and his army may be gone. But Kryptonians could still be out there, looking to attack us. So, I took matters into my own hands."

"You've recreated Kryptonite", Alex said.

"The satellite on that rooftop was yours", Hank said before realizing. "You set a trap for any stragglers that escaped the battle."

"The fire, that was an accident. I never meant to endanger any firefighters, any civilians", Max tried to defend himself. "Not even Supergirl."

"So, you figured if you booby-trapped a satellite, then your Kryptonite would kill the straggler just in case he went to go check on it?" Hank asked incredulously.

"It didn't work exactly as planned", Max said.

"It never does with you!" Alex snapped.

"I didn't know Supergirl would show up or that be she's affected by the synthetic K in such a surprising….."

"You're right", Thor cut him off. "You just thought it would kill her."

"When I realized Supergirl had been exposed, I started tracking her to see what the Red Kryptonite would do to her", Max started explaining. "I saw her let the alien escape. I didn't know what to think. And then tonight, she threw Cat Grant off her building."

He then told Alex. "I'm sorry, Alex. I came in to make this right. I created this version of Red Kryptonite. Maybe I can create an antidote."

Thor looked at Alex and nodded so she opened the cell with a sigh. As he walked out, Thor held up Mjolnir and said. "If this doesn't work, you have me to answer to. You just turned Supergirl into the monster you always feared she'd be. But if you know what's right for you, you do not want to suffer my wrath."

Thor's eyes flashed with lightning momentarily and Max gulped before walking off. No stupid mistakes or double-crossing. That was for sure.

Later, after Cat had denounced Supergirl on TV, Alex walked to her apartment only to see the door open. She immediately took out her gun and held it high.

"Kara?" She called out before seeing all of Kara's clothes on hangers. She then looked into the mirror and gasped on seeing Kara standing in a black skintight suit.

She turned to Kara who smirked and said. "Hello, sister."

As Alex stood in shock, Kara walked towards her and said. "Look, I picked out my own outfit without any fashion advice from you. All these years you've pushed those dowdy sweaters and skirts on me! Trying to cloak my beauty so I don't outshine yours."

She then fired Heat Vision on her clothes, burning them all.

"Kara!" Alex snapped as she picked up a fire extinguisher and started putting it out.

Kara laughed maniacally and said. "I needed a wardrobe overhaul."

"Kara, this isn't you", Alex said.

"I'm more me than I've ever been", Kara gloated.

"Please, listen", Alex tried to reason. "You were exposed to Red Kryptonite. It's altered your brain. You're not seeing clearly."

"Oh, I see clearly!" Kara said as she turned to Alex. "I see how you've always been jealous of me! You didn't want me to come out as Supergirl because you didn't want me to own my powers. I can fly. I can catch bullets with my bare hands. And that makes you feel worthless."

"No", Alex protested. "No, I'm proud of you."

"And when you couldn't stop me being Supergirl, you got me to work for you. To retain some control", Kara scoffed. "Those days are so over. I am finally free of you, and I'm ready to soar."

She opened the curtains of the window. "Look at that city. They worship me. And those who don't, will."

"Kara, just listen to yourself", Alex said, knowing the real Kara would be horrified on hearing this.

"Go, cut the big sister act, Alex", Kara told her as she looked at Alex. "We have never been sisters. We don't share blood. And you know what the sad truth is? Without me, you have no life. And that kills you. Deep down, you hate me. And that's why you can't stand that I spend more time with Thor than you."

Alex's lip quivered as a tear rolled down her cheek.

"Aww, did I make you cry?" Kara mocked as Alex sniffled. "You know what they say, the truth hurts."

With that, she flew off as Alex sobbed.


Kara was sitting in a bar as Cat's denouncement of her played on loop. Getting irritated, Kara threw down some peanuts on the bar-top and started flicking them at bottles, shattering them into pieces as the people screamed and ran out.

Kara got up and flew off, shattering a digital screen of Cat as everyone gasped. That was when the cops arrived and started firing at her but she laughed, reveling at what was happening.

Kara destroyed some of the cars with Heat Vision just as the DEO arrived and started firing at her. Alex was about fire the antidote when Kara flew at them all at full speed, disarming all of them and throwing them to the ground as Alex's hand was broken.

Alex groaned as she held her hand in pain while Kara hovered above her.

"Classic Alex. Always in time to ruin the fun", Kara mocked.

"Supergirl", Hank roared as he got out of his car.

"I want to help you", Alex said.

"Supergirl! No!" Hank yelled as he ran at her but was thrown aside.

"Doesn't look like help to me", Kara said.

"Please!" Alex panted. "You have to stop."

"Nothing on Earth can stop me", Kara gloated.

"You don't want to kill me", Alex said shakily as Kara's eyes glowed.

And then she fired her Heat Vision but Thor stepped in the way, twirling Mjolnir as he absorbed the Heat Vision into it.

Kara growled angrily and said. "And there you are again, Thunder God, trying to steal my thunder!"

"You are not yourself", Thor said as she flew at him but he fired her Heat Vision back at her, sending her flying back and crashing into a car.

She got back up as he twirled Mjolnir. She flew at him at full speed, grabbing him and flying him up. She pushed him off and gave him an uppercut, sending him flying up as his back damaged a building.

She then rammed into him and he crashed onto the top of the building as Mjolnir dropped from his hand.

He got back up as she landed in front of him.

"I've been holding back so far. Now I won't if you attack one more time", Thor warned.

"Bring it on! I will defeat you and prove I must be worshipped!" Kara roared as she tried to punch but the much more skilled Thor blocked and punched back, staggering her back before grabbing her shoulders and head-butting her, staggering her back again. He then picked her up and threw her on top of another building, damaging the rooftop.

Kara got up and fired her super breath but Thor fired his own and it overpowered hers, sending her flying back again.

She flew at him at full speed but Thor threw Mjolnir at her. It hit her right on the head, stunning her as she crashed to the ground, forming a crater.

Thor called Mjolnir back and flew after her, landing in her front. She got back up and he threw Mjolnir at her once more.

She managed to avoid and flew at him at full speed, punching and kicking him until he laughed, confusing her.

That was when she heard a metallic humming behind her and tried to dodge but was a second too late as Mjolnir hit her on the back of the head, sending her to the ground.

Thor then leapt up with a roar, about to hit her with Mjolnir but she flew off to avoid and fired Heat Vision once more.

Thor fired his lightning back at her and the two energies clashed, until there was a small shockwave explosion that sent Kara flying back while Thor staggered slightly.

Before Kara could recover, Thor fired his lightning and it hit her, making her gasp in pain as she fell down.

"I am sorry, Kara", Thor said in a sad tone just as Alex fired her gun. A red beam shot out and hit Kara who screamed in pain before falling down.

The two ran at her as she passed out while a red mist came out of her before being vaporized. Thor and Alex exchanged a concerned look. Any injuries Kara had given people could be healed. But Kara's guilty conscience couldn't.

Later, DEO

Kara came to and saw Thor and Alex standing on either side of her.

"Did I kill anyone?" She asked.

"No", Thor assured immediately. "No, you didn't kill anyone."

Her voice breaking, Kara said to Alex. "Your arm-"

"Broken bones heal and this will too". Alex assured.

Kara sniffled and sobbed. "It was so horrible. It was so bad. It was so horrible. Every bad thought I've ever had, it just came to the surface."

She sobbed as she looked at them both. "I couldn't stop it. I didn't mean it I didn't mean what I said to you. I'm sorry, I'm sorry for what I said."

She looked at Thor and said. "I used your past mistakes as a weapon against you. I can't imagine how much that would have hurt you. I am so sorry, Thor."

Thor sighed and stroked her hair. "You weren't yourself. Not completely anyway. So I do not fault you."

"But you should", Kara said with guilt and self-loathing in her voice.

"Kara, you're my sister and I love you. No matter what", Alex said as Kara looked at her when she added. "But there's some truth to what you said. We're going to have to work on that."

And then the three stood in silence, pondering over everything that had happened and would happen.

Later, CatCo

After Kara had apologized to Cat, she was simply sitting on the balcony. Cat had told her she'd need to regain the city's trust and gone off eventually.

Kara then heard some hovering near her and said. "I appreciate the sentiment, Thor, but nothing you say is going to make me feel better."

"I do have a red cape but I can assure you I am not Thor."

Kara turned back in surprise on hearing the voice and then a smile broke out on her face for the first time since she had recovered as she saw Clark hovering in the air, a kind smile on his face.

"Kal!" She said happily as he lowered himself to her level and she threw her arms around him. "Oh I've missed you!"

"I missed you too, cuz", Clark smiled as he hugged back and they parted. "I know what happened to you."

"Yeah, I am a horrible person", Kara said as she sighed. "You must be ashamed of me."

"No Kara, I'm not", he assured. "Do you know what I have done on red Kryptonite?"

"I'm sure you didn't try to blow up cop cars", Kara said.

"I spent my parents' money on expensive things. Slammed my dad to his truck", Clark listed as Kara listened wide-eyed. Clark had never told her about his red Kryptonite experiences. "Went on a date with Lana but then ditched her for a new girl who was really hot while making Lana buy us drinks. Compromised the safety of that very girl and her dad as they were on witness protection program. And the big one! I left Smallville and robbed banks in Metropolis for months."

Kara seemed horrified and shocked on hearing that as Clark said. "And the last time I was exposed, I crashed Lex's and Lana's engagement party with Lois and stole their thunder."

"Wow!" Kara said in disbelief. "I had no idea you had done things like that. How did everyone forgive you?"

"I worked. I worked really hard to regain their lost trust", Clark said. "It may have brought out my most twisted thoughts, but it is my job to make sure such thoughts do not control me. And you will have to do that to, Kara."

Kara sighed and nodded, knowing Clark was right. And if he had done it, maybe she could too.

She looked up at him with a smile and said. "Thank you. Thank you so much."

"Anytime", he assured her as they shared a hug before parting and he flew off back to Metropolis.

National City Hospital

Donald Blake finished checking up a wounded cop before telling him. "All right. You're good to go."

The cop nodded before walking out as Donald walked out and looked at the EMTs tending to the wounded as best as they could. But then he noticed a peculiar sight. One of them was missing.

"Claire", Donald asked as she turned to him. "Where's Davis?"

"I have no idea. He didn't pick up when I called him", Claire told him, as confused as he was.

"Strange", Donald muttered to himself before walking back to his office.

Same time

Davis' eyes snapped open as he realized his face was pressed on concrete. He was on the road. He gasped as he staggered up and realized he was near garbage bags. Then he looked at his hands and his eyes widened in horror to see there was blood on them.

But he didn't feel any pain and there was no cut or gash on him. So it couldn't be his blood. That was when he looked down to see a trail of blood. He followed it and was horrified to see a dismembered corpse on the ground near the garbage bag.

How could this be?!

Thinking fast, he picked up whatever pieces of the body he could and shoved them into a dustbin before running off. What was happening to him, he had no idea.

Metropolis, LexCorp

Lex Luthor was sipping his drink when he heard something behind him and turned around to see a woman walk out.

She was an extremely beautiful Caucasian female with a voluptuous yet athletic body, long blonde hair which reached down to her waist, green eyes, toned broad shoulders, buxom breasts and long legs. She wore a green skin tight suit, which left her shoulders bare, and a matching mini skirt. She wore tight green arm sleeves that went almost up to her shoulders, and black tights with green circles on the sides and a green tiara.

"Mr. Luthor", She greeted as she walked towards him while the portal closed behind her. "How fares our project?"

"Amora", Lex said as he stood up. "Wasn't expecting to hear from you so soon."

"I wasn't busy today", she simply said.

"Well, look at this", Lex told her as he handed her his tablet which she looked at. "Just a month more. That fine with you?"

"He finds it perfect", Amora said as she gave him an ominous smirk. "But I have to ask, what is in this for you really?"

"The end of these so called heroes of course", Lex smirked as he turned around. "What this world needs is to be rid of them all. And once that is over, I have everything I want."

"What?" She asked.

"Power", Lex said. "Money and power. See, once you have those 2 things, you can secure everything else….and keep it that way. Which is what I will do."

And he would. No one would stop him. Not even his so-called allies. He would make sure of it.