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Human Xperimentation

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Asuna was currently in way over her head. She was pressed up against the alien architecture, gun drawn up against her side in defense as she peered around the corner. She didn’t remember how she’d gotten here, but her only goal was to get the hell out. Seeing nobody in the hallway she was looking down, she turned the corner.

She passed a door, looking at the strange glyphs above it. Asuna squinted, hoping to make out what could be hidden inside the room to no avail. She paused, wondering if it was worthwhile to check inside, mostly to make sure it wasn’t the exit. There was a deep, dreadful feeling in her gut telling her something bad was in there, but if she was wrong…

Readying her gun, she hit the open button.

“W-who’s there?” A disoriented voice called out from the middle of the dimly lit room, where some large table-like object sat. It was dark, but Asuna could swear there was some sort of being on top of it. Something about it pegged as familiar to Asuna, and she flicked on the lights, cautiously stalking into the room as the door closed behind her. “W-Whatever you’re going to do this time, I won’t let you get away with harming Daichi-”

“Daichi?” Asuna lowered her gun slightly, realizing the man who was laying strapped down to the table. She ran up, checking to see if he was alright. “Daichi, are you alright?” She shook his shoulder, trying to get his attention as he stared hazily at the ceiling.

“A-Asuna?” The voice- it wasn’t Daichi’s- stumbled. She couldn’t pinpoint where it was coming from. “How did- why are you-- No, that’s not important right now. Listen, you’re not going to be able to get his attention, he’s drugged pretty badly right now. Not even I can-”

“Who’s there, who are you?” Asuna looked around, pulling her gun up again. “What have you done to Daichi?”

“I didn’t- I didn’t do anything.” There was an exhausted, but honest tone to his voice. “I’m up here, in his Devizer.” She glanced up at the device in question, which was currently hanging above his head. A bunch of strange wires were jutting out of it, a strange blue mark glowing on the screen. She followed the wires, seeing them trail into the headset Daichi was currently wearing. Based on how it gave off an other-worldly glow, she assumed it wasn’t good.

“What is… going on here?” she took a closer look, realizing how frail Daichi’s body looked. He’d been missing for only a few days now, but somehow his body showed signs of multiple weeks worth of injuries. His shirt was ripped open, flecks of dried blood stained every inch of them despite his chest being mostly clean. One of the legs of his pants had been ripped off at the knee, judging by the fray on the fabric, it hadn’t been cut very cleanly. Scars lined his body, ranging from recent to looking at least a month old. The area around where his hands were strapped down showed signs of scratches, like some sort of desperate attempt to free himself. Despite his drug-induced blank stare, there was a fatigued look in his eyes.

“He’s… experimenting on Daichi.” There was a deep weariness to the words. “I’m so, so sorry, I couldn’t protect-” the voice froze. “You need to hide, he’s coming back.”

Asuna looked back at the door, then back to Daichi’s phone. “What are you talking about?” She drew up her gun, ready to protect her friend from… whatever was doing this to him. “Who are you, anyway?”

“Just hide, He’ll overpower you like he did Daichi!” There was a frustrated tone to his voice. “Please, There’s not enough time to escape before he comes.” Asuna wasn’t happy hiding, but she ran to flick off the lights, ducking behind one of the piles of machinery in the corner. A few seconds later, she got a text on her phone.

Can you see what buttons he pushes to deactivate the narcotic?

I need to get him out of this place soon.

She checked the number, seeing it came from Daichi’s Devizer. She poked her head out and gave a quick thumbs up. Despite not knowing whoever was currently talking over the scientist’s phone, he seemed trustworthy enough. She flinched as the door slid open with a mechanical noise, lights being turned up shortly after. Asuna held her breath, hoping to not get caught.

“Not going to greet me like usual?” there was some deranged laughter. “I must be close to breaking you, aren’t I?”

“I’m… not giving up yet.” Daichi’s phone spat defiantly. “I believe in Daichi, he’ll pull through.”

“It’s not about if he pulls through alive or not.” Whatever kind of alien this was, it sounded like he was wearing high heels as he walked around loudly. Asuna wondered if the metal shine to his body meant he was a robot, or if it was some kind of armor. “I just want to see Ultraman suffer more.”

“I’m not letting you get away with this- I swear-”

“Oho, what are you going to do? Vibrate your phone body to death at me?” There was silence. “Now be a good partner and heal your host up for me, I have tests I want to run on the Ultra-host link you two have.”

Asuna peeked out again, trying to find out the information she’d been requested to get. She watched as the alien turned a few dials at the console, causing Daichi’s body to shudder slightly. He pulled out some kind of needle, and injected it into his arm.“Wha-wher… X? X, How long have I been out?” He was trying to sound brave, but the clear confusion in his voice let on otherwise.

“About six hours, are you ok?”

“Six… Six hours? So it’s Friday now?” He was glaring daggers at his captor as he walked around, grabbing various tools off his workbench.

“Friday, about 04:00 military time.”

“My my, such a friendly conversation.” there was that creepy laugh again. “Good morning, Mr. Ultraman’s human. How’s your leg doing?”

“Fine.” Daichi spat. Asuna felt disgusted as she watched the stranger gently stroke his right leg. “Like nothing happened.”

“Would you almost say… like brand new?” Based on Daichi’s stern face and the maniacal laugh that echoed through the hall, Asuna didn’t want to know what had taken place. “I guess you don’t have the heart to make jokes like that, now do you.” Daichi jolted in his restraints, clearly angry at the response. “Now now, I’m just curious what kind of maximum output you two have. It’s in the name of science, isn’t it?”

“This is nothing remotely close to science.” Daichi growled back. “You’re a disgrace to scientists ev-” He was cut off by the alien grabbing his neck with his clawed hand.

“Just because your morality calls it a disgrace doesn’t mean mine does, human.” There was a horrible choking noise as Daichi gasped for air. “I’m sure you’re also curious about what kinds of things X here can do with your link, are you not? You’ve both done plenty of amazing things with it, you should be grateful that I'm helping you find your limits!”

“D-Daichi!” There were pained noises from the human’s phone. After a moment, the alien dropped his grip, loud coughing as Daichi gasped for air. “Daichi, are you alright?”

“I’m fine, X. Sorry you have to… for me.”

“Don’t be. I’m sorry we’re in this mess.”

They were cut off as a loud, whirring noise came from nearby. “So then! Last time you gave me a leg up in my studies. What shall I research next?” he raised what Asuna could only describe as an alien buzzsaw, blade glinting in the light. “Would you like to give me a hand picking, or shall I do it on my own again?” Asuna hid behind her pillar again, doing her best to block out the screams of agony that rung through her head.

She wasn’t sure how long she’d been listening to Daichi’s pained screaming, but it was long enough that she was terrified to find out how long he’d been enduring it. She didn't even realize it had stopped till the alien spoke again. “I’ll let you do the medical work, Ul-tra-man X~.” There was a soft chuckle, followed by the alien’s clacking footsteps as he exited the room. After a few seconds, the lights dimmed. Asuna sat still, trying to calm herself down.

He’s gone now, you’re safe.

I’m so, so sorry.

It took her a moment to gather the energy to stand, not wanting to see whatever damage had been done to her friend. Realizing the longer she delayed, the more chance he might perish to his wounds. Asuna returned to Daichi’s side.

His eyes were glassy and dazed, pupils dilating wildly. His left arm was now a stub just below the shoulder, dry blood staining the table underneath. She was slightly concerned about how it’d healed over so fast, but chalked it up to alien technology. “Daichi? Are you ok? Daichi?” she gingerly shook him.

“He can’t hear you, that Alien Chibu turned on the narcotic again.”

“You. He said you were-” Asuna looked at the phone, voice trembling. “Daichi is-” she was so shell shocked from what had happened she was having trouble processing the new information.

“Yes, I’m Ultraman X. Daichi is my partner.” There was a shudder of agony in his voice. “This machine forces us to stay United to leech off my healing ability.” there was another pained groan, and Asuna watched as Daichi’s arm glowed slightly. The glow faded, and the stub had grown another inch longer.

“Y-you’re healing Daichi?” She paused, looking back at her friend. “You’re regrowing his arm?” she felt it to make sure it wasn’t an illusion.

“I’m the only thing keeping him alive right now, I’m afraid. I’m... being forced to keep him alive with what energy I have left.” there was regret in his voice. “All this suffering Daichi’s been through is because of me. I… I’m so sorry. He’s been through so much because of me. If only I-”

“We’re getting you out of here. Both of you.” Asuna was horrified to think of what else the Chibu could have done if X was currently recreating an entire arm with his energy. “If I turn off this machine, will Daichi be able to walk?”

“Daichi is on something stronger right now, I’m not sure how lucid he will be.” there was more anguish from X, and Daichi’s arm grew again. “It’s a mix of the narcotic and some sort of hallucinogen, I think. I’m blocked out of the Unite right now, unfortunately.”

“How long would it take to wear off?”

“At least an hour, maybe more. Before it wore off quickly because he used the antidote, I doubt he’d leave it lying around.” X panted, exhaustion in his voice. “Given the flashes I’m seeing from his mind every now and then, It won’t be a fun hour.”

“What do you mean?”

“While we’re United, we’re fused as one. One body, one mind. Part of the anesthetic he’s on is blocking me out. When his emotional state is strong enough, he’s able to break over it temporarily. What I’ve seen so far… isn’t pretty.”

Asuna gulped, unsure what to say. She watched as X gave another cry of pain, Daichi’s arm already regenerated back to his elbow. “It’s not affecting you, is it? The drug, that is.”

“No, I’m unaffected. My body is made of data and stored in Daichi’s Devizer, it’s not something easy to sedate.” X’s logo flashed as he talked. “I have a feeling it’s on purpose though. He’s trying to mentally break us.”

Asuna just shook her head in disbelief, trying to figure out what to do. As it was, she didn’t even know the way out of what she assumed was an alien spaceship. Getting out while carrying one human who was currently not entirely there from alien stimulants would be hard. Waiting at least an hour for said stimulants to wear off might not be an option. “Let me turn off this machine, maybe we can figure out how I could carry Daichi out of here while we wait for him to sober up.”

X hmm-ed in thought as Asuna moved over to the control console. “I’m not sure it would be wise to have you carry him, if we run into trouble we’ll be unable to defend ourselves.”

“Do you have any better ideas?” she studied the panel, trying to make heads or tails of it. What dial had he turned again? “I’m going to guess you’re stuck in Daichi’s phone, based on what that creep said.”

“I might be able to force control over Daichi’s body, use it to walk him out of here on his own two feet,” X replied. “I’ll have to stay United with him anyway, at least until he can get some medical help.”

Asuna looked up from the panel. “You can what over Daichi’s what?”

“One body, one mind.”

“R..right. So you’ll just be walking around while he’s overdosed on whatever this machine is giving him.” She turned back, deciding to focus on making that a past tense action. She squinted, trying to remember what the dials had looked like before. “I think... it’s this one,” she mumbled, twisting a few knobs.

“It might be for the better, give him time to recover while we escape,” X responded. “Have you turned off the narcotics yet?”

“Yeah. Let me unstrap him, you do your thing.” Asuna decided agreeing with him was probably the best plan of action, since he was right about her plan lacking defense if something went wrong. She’d undone his right arm and was halfway through with his leg when Daichi sat up to help with the final leg. She gave a small yelp of surprise, which he flinched at.

“What’s wrong? Is he back?” X’s voice responded as Daichi did his best to cover Asuna from view.

“No, I wasn’t expecting Daichi to sit up, is he ok?” Asuna looked to the Devizer, only to see the logo no longer glowing. “X?”

“I’m still here.” Daichi’s body responded, still trying to get his restraints off. He shook his stub-arm in annoyance, frustrated at his lack of an appendage. “Could you help me get this one off?”

Asuna nodded, taking a moment to realize it was X who was talking. He waved his hand after a second, and she snapped back to reality to help him. “You… going to finish his arm?”

“Trying to save energy, apologies. I’ll be sure to finish duplicating it once he’s safe.” X sprang off the table the moment his legs were free. He turned back around, grabbing the Devizer. “Can’t forget myself now.” He stowed it in his pocket, Daichi’s belt long missing. “Ready when you-” he paused, steadying himself on the table.


“Hallucinogen.” his face was taut, beads of sweat dotting his forehead. The moment passed, and he raised his head, shaking it off.

“What did you see?”

“I’m not sure I’d like to repeat it out loud.”

The two set off to escape, leaving the conversation at that.