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Very Well, Advisor

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Hearing no arguments against continuing Wrathion withdrew his hand and bit off the nail of his middle finger, burning the edge neat and smooth with a touch of his dragonfire. He licked the finger wet and returned to where it had been, pressed lightly on Anduin’s back entrance. He let magic seep through his hand. The spell tingled into the muscles and cells spreading relaxation through them. Anduin was breathing through his mouth, listening, as it were, to these new sensations.

“I learned oils are used for this purpose but I don’t think we can go around the Keep asking for any, don’t you agree? Fortunately I’m a very apt conjurer.” With a satisfied smirk he noted Anduin’s erection in full hardness again. Despite his embarrassment the young king found he enjoyed this immensely and he struggled to find meaningful words to answer.

“Yes. What? No! Yes. Oh, Light–” He gripped the sheets when Wrathion pressed the finger in, sliding effortlessly in the magic-slicked canal, the enchanted flesh yielding just enough to accommodate the digit. He moved it slowly, pushed and bent gently, and felt the muscles spasm in synch with Anduin’s twitching, weeping cock. He pushed a little deeper and bent the finger up again, and the human cried out in surprised pleasure. 

”Oh? This here?” Watching his royal lover’s features he prodded the particular spot again and oh, how gratifying it was to see – and hear – the results. He had read the salacious books thoroughly with the keenness of a scholar, trying to decipher the suggestive metaphors littering the pages. They had hinted at an elusive point deep in the body of the receiving partner that seemed to be the key to the whole thing. His inexperience had made him devour every drop of information like the most valuable piece on knowledge in history. He probably could have talked to someone but for the longest time the only company he had were his Blacktalon Watchers and the ghost of Medivh. He couldn’t bloody well go ask questions about the flesh from a disembodied wizard, could he?

Fortunately it looked like he had understood his reference literature correctly.

”Please, please – stop – oh Light, don’t stop – ah! I – I don’t –”

He knew what he needed to do to solve this paradox of Anduin’s ecstatic panic. Easing his finger out carefully Wrathion conjured up a vial of enchanted oil and spread the lubricant on his thick member. He guided Anduin to pull his knees up and placed himself between them. It looked like no way would his thickness fit in but as he pressed the oil-slicked tip through the outer ring of resistance it slipped inside with considerable ease. Anduin grabbed his shoulders frantically and they both looked down, eyes on their joining as Wrathion slowly sank in. 

The squeeze around his cock felt magnificent. The stretch and the eventual bumping into the sweet spot made Anduin fall apart with alarmed pleasure. When he was all the way in he halted, letting them savour and get accustomed to the feel of it. Anduin took short frantic breaths through his mouth and Wrathion found himself breathless as well. The glowing red eyes under the dark lashes watched his partner with adoration and devotion.

”Anduin.” And he kissed him, gently, with hot lips, conveying a feeling he believed the human wasn’t yet ready to hear put into words. But it was there, glowing brightly, in the tremor of his voice and in the passion of their kiss. Anduin trembled and he knew the message had gone through, at least on some level. Wrathion kept his lips on his when he started moving, pulling out halfway and thrusting back in, causing a muffled moan that wouldn’t be the last one he heard. They were so tightly squeezed together it was intoxicating, sliding in felt amazing every time for both of them until the building tension demanded more. 

He quickened his pace, angling himself so he hit that spot on every thrust. His hand caressed over Anduin’s erection that was bobbing between them, rock-hard and needy and longing to be touched. He wrapped his fingers around its girth and pressed a thumb up the ridge making Anduin wail even more. Nothing in the world had ever felt like this carnal and spiritual joy, to unite with the one he’d longed for all these years. Wrathion let go of the last threads of his self-discipline and sank into the ecstatic feeling, closing his eyes. 

“Yes, oh yes – come with me, come–”

”Oh, gods, Wrathion –!”

And so he did. Anduin’s moans, his pulsating climax around the shaft, his fluids shooting over the squeezing hand swept Wrathion along like a leaf in Maelstrom and he joined him with a cry. The dragon’s fiery seed burning inside prolonged Anduin’s orgasm deliciously until it settled into a low purr of relaxation.

They rested in the embrace, their heartbeats calming down, hot, sweaty skin wonderfully stuck together. With a happy sigh Anduin ran his fingers through the dark curls making the prince look up.

“Romance novels, seriously?”

Wrathion chuckled and kissed him silent. He decided to recite one of them to him later just to get that blush rising again.

A knock on the door interrupted them. Fortunately the entrance to the royal suite was two rooms away from the bedchamber so whoever was there couldn’t hear Anduin’s little yelp. He had never done anything intimate in these rooms – at least, not in company and certainly not during daytime. The Black Prince pressed his finger gently on his lips, reassuring that everything was fine. He pulled out slowly as they listened to the guard call through the door.

“Your majesty, the Speaker and the champion wish to bid their farewells.”

Wrathion refreshed them with a spell and flashed a conspiratorial smile. “Oh well, responsibilities call. Until next time, then. I promised you so much more.”

Anduin rolled his eyes at that. He could hardly lift a finger for being so utterly spent, any more would send him hibernating. “Wrathion, this… let’s keep this a secret for now.”

“Of course.” He understood the humans had prejudices against several aspects of this union but Anduin’s voice and smile told him he had accepted his lover wholeheartedly.


“Champion, I apologize for my conduct earlier. I was not myself.” Sitting on the throne felt… challenging.

“Well, that was a pleasant reunion. Champion, I will await you in Silithus.” With that, Wrathion left the Keep. Both Magni and the champion completely overlooked the blush that crept on the High King’s cheeks when his eyes followed his now very welcome advisor.