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because there are certain aspects of this story that i want, this will take place in an american school system instead of a japanese one.


alternate universe.



She had forgotten her phone in the classroom. All day, she was worrying if someone had stolen it, or if she had misplaced it somewhere entirely different. It felt incredibly strange to have it off of her for the remainder of the day. But after the last bell had rung, she hurried to the classroom where her phone should be located.


Sliding the door open, she scanned the classroom for the object, until her eyes landed on the window sill. 


There it is!


She rushed over and grabbed it, smothering the device against her cheek.


Her reunion with her phone caused her to almost miss the movement behind the curtain.




She reached for the curtain, then gently pulled it back.


It was…




The boy in question was petrified in his spot on the floor. He stared up at her with his large eyes, fear swimming in his brimming tears. She leaned in to inspect him closer, noting the bruises and nicks on various parts of his body. There was red liquid seeping out from his cuts, making her slightly queasy.


Her concern overcame her discomfort. "Are you okay?!"


"Ah…" he scrambled to his feet, "I-I'm fine!"


He tried to run off, but she managed to grab his hand. He winced at the tug, “Ow!”


“Oh, my gosh. I’m sorry!” she stepped closer, “I didn’t mean to hurt you. But you really need to get those patched up!”


“I-I don’t need your help! I told you, I’m fine!”


“Shush!” she dragged him behind her. Since it hurt to pull away, he followed after her with a grimace. They ended up at the nurse’s office, though because it was after school hours, the nurse was already clocked out for the day.


She rummaged through the drawers, and managed to find antiseptic wipes, cotton balls, and bandaids. He was sitting on the patient’s chair, waiting for her to be finished with him so that he could leave. 


Taking a seat beside him, she used the cotton ball to wipe the excess blood off the cut on his arm, where he flinched at the pain. Soon, he became used to the sting, as he usually did whenever he or Tsuchigomori cleaned his wounds. They sat in silence, allowing the setting sun to paint the room in a warm, fiery light.


“So…” she peered at him, “what happened?”


He looked away.


"Who did this to you?"


The tension in the room increased, making her shoulders fall slightly.


It seemed obvious that he didn’t want to divulge, so she decided to switch topics.


“Do you remember me?”


“...Hmm?” he stared at nothing in particular, “No, not really.”


“Oh…” she pointed at herself with a friendly smile, “I’m Yashiro Nene. We were in the same homeroom last year.”


He gazed at her, curiously. “You remembered me?”


Nene nodded, as she put on the first bandaid and pressed it down gently. “Does that feel okay?”


He made a noise of confirmation. She smiled again, “That’s good.”


Plucking out another cotton ball, she began to clean the cut on his neck, making him tilt his head upward. There was a small blush on his face at her closeness, but she paid it no mind, as fixing up his wound was her first priority. 


“Your full name is Yugi Amane, right?”


He made another noise of confirmation. She giggled quietly, “Not much of a talker, huh?”


Amane puffed up his cheeks, somewhat indignant. 


“...I don’t really know what to say.”


“Eh?” she cleaned the cut with a wipe, making him jolt in surprise. “Oh, sorry.”


“I-It’s okay…” Amane forced out. She opened up another bandaid and laid it over the cut.


“You’re lucky that I know a bit about nursing people back to health, like taking care of cuts!” she smiled proudly to herself, “Just one of my many feminine skills.”


“Is that so…?” he brushed his hand over the bandaid on his neck, “What else do you know?”


She smiled smugly. “Ah, you’re asking me questions now~?”


Amane stared at her, before standing up abruptly. “I’m going.”


“Hey, wait! You’re not done!!”


After sitting him back down, she carefully removed the old bandage on his face. He intently looked past her shoulder, avoiding her eyes.


“So, um, to answer your question,” she cleaned the cut healing on his cheek, “I know gardening, cooking, cleaning… you know, the like.”




“What about you?” she replaced the old bandage with a fresh bandaid, “Do you have anything you’re good at?”


He didn’t respond. She held a hand up to her mouth and flustered, “Oh, wait, sorry. Did I make you feel bad? I didn’t mean to, I’m sorry.”


"...Reading star maps." He said quietly, "And I can use and modify telescopes."


"Oh, you like space?"


Amane gazed down, but nodded. She smiled, "That's really cool!"


He eyed her in surprise. She then proceeded to tend to the other cut on his arm. 


"So, are you excited to be a first year of high school next year?" she practically vibrated, "I know I am!"


"I guess…"


"I'm going to pursue my skill in gardening!" she disinfected his cut, "What about you?"


"None of the clubs really interest me."


"Hmm~" she pointed a finger up in the air, "I know, why don't you start your own club? Astronomy club! That sounds like fun."


His eyes widened again, but he snorted and chuckled. She would've said that it was nice to hear, but it sounded… more despondent than delightful.


"I don't see why." He stated simply, "No one would join."


She tilted her head at him.


"I'd join."


"Huh?" he sent her a questioning look, "Why? Astronomy won't help you get another girly skill."


She rolled her eyes. "Why else? So I can hang out with you!"


He was taken aback. "W-What?!"


"Yeah, then we can be friends for real!" she smiled, "Wouldn't that be fun?"


She placed the last bandaid on his arm, securing it in place with a few pats. Proud of her work, she nodded and smirked haughtily. He gave a half-suppressed laugh, shaking his head at her.


She pouted. "What?"




Nene opened her mouth to question him further, but was stopped when Amane gave her a small, soft smile. 


"Thank you."



“Over here!”


“No, over here!”


“Here, here!”


Yashiro Nene was in the middle of her favorite pastime when another person sat next to her. Yugi Amane tilted his head to look fixated at her.


“I'm already here, yet you still ignore me. Are you staring at the rest of the Boys’ Soccer Team again?” 


“N-No…” she sipped on her water bottle. He smirked, "You know that they're the Junior Varsity team, right? So they're all freshmen and sophomores."


Nene blanched, then defended, "Some of them are still nice-looking, unfortunately."


"You admit to watching!"


She flushed, "I-I mean—no, I wasn't!!" 


Amane lightly punched her arm, “Come on, it’s so obvious.”


“Don’t judge me!”


“I’m not judging you!” Amane stuck his tongue out at her, “Maybe I'm just glad that I joined the Boys’ Soccer Team.”


“Eh? Why?”


“So the amazing Yashiro Nene will be the one to watch me all day from the sidelines.”


“Oh, my gosh. Shut up!”


Amane and Nene were best friends, and everyone at the school knew. They were like two peas in a pod, stuck together by some magical, invisible glue. Ever since that fateful day when they met, they've sought each other out more often. Of course, Nene had to be the one to initiate their interactions in the earlier days, slowly opening Amane up. It took him a few months to get used to her hanging around, and now he was completely comfortable with her constant presence.


"See ya, Captain!"


"See you Tuesday!" Amane saluted at his leaving Varsity team members. Then, he groaned, "I am so glad that it's Friday. Come on, let's go already."


"Coming, coming." Nene rose to her feet and patted down her skirt. "Do you have a game tomorrow?"


"Fortunately, nope!" he stretched his arms above his head, "I heard there was an incident with the other school, so they forfeited. Just a few more games to go~!"


Nene snickered and rolled her eyes, then sighed wistfully, “I can’t believe it’s already almost the end of October.”


“Stop talking like that. You’re making me feel old.”


“You are old.”


“Compared to you, it’s just by a few months!”


“Shut up, boomer.”


“Ouch!!” he clutched his heart and started fleeing to the doors with feigned indignation, acting like a limp was hindering his speed. “I’d prove you wrong, but my hip replacement won’t let me.”


“Amane-kun, seriously, shut up!” she was laughing loudly now, and clutched her stomach for support, too entertained by his antics. He grinned and began to walk normally, satisfied with her reaction.


She followed after the somewhat taller boy, noting the disarray of his hair. Even if he just came out of the showers, he could have fixed his hair a bit.


She sighed and brought out her comb, then proceeded to brush his locks.


"What the—?" Amane snorted, then knocked away the comb, "You could've asked me first."


"Since when have I asked you permission for anything? Now, let me brush your hair." 


He grumbled, but allowed her to straighten his messy fringe. 


Throughout their three years of high school, Amane developed from a shy, quiet kid to a popular smart and fun one. He had begun to answer more questions in class, shocking everyone with his sharp intellect. He started his own astronomy club in their first year, and with the help of Nene, it became incredibly well-known for its fun and cool activities with many club members. He gained the nickname "Hanako" after his prank in the spring semester of his second year, where he hid in the girls' bathroom and scared the living daylights out of a few girls during the time that the Hanako-san rumor was peaking in fame.


She piped up cheerily as they exited the practice field. "Did you hear about the freshman who tried to copy you?"


"Yep." He smirked, "Poor kid. He got caught as soon as he went inside the girls' bathroom."


"You've set up a bad example for the upcoming generations."


"Correction: I'm just a legend." He said pointedly, "That's what happens when people copy legends."


"Uh-huh, sure." She clicked her tongue, "Whatever you say, pal."


"It's true~"


He had even stopped gaining injuries, such as the usual bruises and cuts. Nene still remembered the day when he told her that he was going to take up martial arts, and learn knife-wielding skills. She thought that it was going to be too much for him, after his first week where he was roughed up even more than before. He had sore muscles and was covered in cuts and bruises for a whole month, but thanks to her consistent care, it didn't scar or get worse. She nearly urged him to quit, but he only reassured her until he was finished with the course.


"Hey, watch the seat."


The two slid into his car, and she had only just taken shotgun when he started picking on her.




"I just cleaned it. Don't need your radish butt to imprint all over it."


"Rude!" she punched his arm, and he only chortled.


"You'd be lucky to have any girl's butt on this seat," she muttered with crossed arms. Amane cocked his head and started driving. "Hmmm~? Is that a challenge?"


"For you to get a girlfriend? Maybe."


He eyed her with amusement, but declined smoothly, "I appreciate you trying to rile me up, but it won't work. I'm married to the moon. You know that already."


"For someone so carefree, you're surprisingly conservative."


"Shut up."


They were seniors, now, and it seemed like time had flown by so quickly. Looking at her best friend now, and comparing him to the timid boy he used to be, she was incredibly proud of what a stark difference he's made between his present and past self.


It was hard to admit that, though. The guy already had enough pride as it is.


"Hey, let's stop over at McDonald's. I want a McFlurry."


"I thought you didn't like McDonald's." 


Amane mimicked in a high-pitched voice. "'I thought you didn't like McDonald's.'"




"I want a McFlurry, damn it."


"I'll just make you a sundae at my place, idiot."




"Of course." Nene placed her hands on her hips, "I make the best ice cream dishes."


"That I can agree with." He licked his lips, already tasting the delicious, cold sweetness on his tongue. She rolled her eyes at his theatrics. 


"But at a price."


"Oh~?" Amane grinned, side-eyeing her. "And what does Yashiro-san want from the school's favorite supernatural?"


"Shut up, you." She batted her eyelashes at him, "I would like you to hook me up with Haru-kun."


"Our team’s goalie?" Amane arched an eyebrow, "Why him?"


“I don’t know. I like his eyes. They’re so blue, like the sky~” Nene felt her heart pound at the thought of them. Amane remarked, “Are you sure it’s because they don’t remind you of Teru?”


She squeaked, then hit his arm, “I’m over him!!”


“Sure you are.”


Minamoto Teru was her crush for the past three years until he eventually graduated high school, and was entirely focused on his studies in college. She remembered working her butt off just to impress him, usually dragging Amane into the mix of her schemes. However, she never actually got to confess her true feelings to the guy, and to this day, it still wears down her aching heart.


“No, it doesn’t!!”


“Keep telling that to yourself, Nene.” Amane parodied her high-pitched voice once more, “‘Oh, Teru-senpai, if only you could see me now~!’”


“Shut up, shut up, shut up!!” Nene attacked him with a flurry of punches, somewhat vexed that his bicep was—for a lack of a better phrase— like a metal pipe. Even if Amane was lean, it seemed like he had almost no fat on him.


“Hey, cool it!” he ruffled her hair, just to spite her, “We’re already here at your house.”


She made a noise of indignance, before exiting his car. When checking on her best friend, he was apparently texting someone on the phone.


“Are you messaging your brother?”


“Yeah, just telling him that I’m at your place.” His eyes scanned over his phone, before his face twisted with annoyance. She would be concerned if not for the slight pink dusting his cheeks. She inquired, “What did he say?”


“Nothing. Just something dumb.” Amane pocketed his phone and strode onward, “Come on, I want ice cream.”


“Yes, sir,” she drawled in a tedious tone, “would you like tiny, colored candies and cream that is whipped and cooled?”


“Certainly!” his eyes were glimmering, but she deadpanned, “We don’t have any, so too bad.”




Nene unlocked the door, announcing and sliding off her shoes, “I’m home! I have a whack-job with me, so call the police!”


“What did you say?”


Bouts of laughter bubbled out from her chest as Amane tickled her sides. She swatted at him, but to no avail, “S-Stop!! Ahh, help!!”


“Yeah, that’s what I thought!” Amane took his shoes off and shut the door, as she leaned against the wall and caught her breath. Her mother came from downstairs, looking at the two of them with a bright smile. 


“Amane-kun! Welcome!” she ambled over to him and grabbed his cheeks, inspecting his face, “I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve seen you!”


“G-Good evening to you, too.” His face burned with embarrassment, “Ah, I had gotten pretty busy with the soccer team and my Astronomy club…”


“That’s right! You’re Captain this year, aren’t you? That’s so wonderful!” she pinched his cheek, “But you seem skinnier than usual. Are you eating properly?”


Under her scrutiny, he broke into a sweat and darted his eyes over at Nene for help.


“Mom, leave him alone!” Nene placed her hands on her hips, “He’s a big boy, he doesn’t need you to worry about him.”


“Shush, go place your jealousy elsewhere.”




“Honey, leave the kid alone.” Nene’s father called from upstairs, “You’re ruining our daughter’s couple-time.”


Nene stomped her foot down. “D-Dad!!” 


Her parents were out to get her. She just knew it; it was always like this whenever Amane visited. She should’ve been a rebel, but curse their good parenting!


“I'm fine, thank you.” Amane said kindly as he grabbed her hands and lowered them from his face. “You look way better than I do, honestly.”


“Oh, stop!” she waved her hand at him, then headed up the stairs, “Nene, you got yourself some good boys!”


Nene sighed, “I know, I know…”


She paused. “Boys?”


Nene discerned the sound of the television playing, and recognized the smell of waffles lingering in the air. She stalked over to the living room, half-surprised to see Kou sitting on the couch. 


He turned around and put his hand up, mouth full of a waffle. “Yo!”


Minamoto Kou was currently her junior best friend. After Amane’s prank in the girls’ bathroom, Kou took it upon himself to keep an eye on the sophomore for his older brother, who managed to obtain the presidency of the student body that year. Even though he was a freshman, Kou was incredibly energetic and possessed almost no inhibitions, so he was very fun to be around. After a while of him following Nene and Amane around, he got more used to them, and in turn, they became accustomed to his presence.


“Kou-kun, what are you doing here?!”


He paused the show he was watching. “Um, I wanted to see you to ask you something important?”


She lifted her phone, showing him the dark screen. “Why didn’t you text me that you were here?!”


“I… I got distracted.” He lifted the waffle up to show her; it was his whole reason for not telling her. She facepalmed, while Amane came up from behind her. His eyes widened, “Waffles!!”


“There’s more in the kitchen,” Kou pointed at the other room, “Senpai’s mom made them for me. They’re really good.”


“Yeah, I know they’re really good!” Nene commented bitterly, then marched toward the dining table, “They’re my favorite!”


“Can I have some?” Amane asked while he followed her. She frowned, “I thought you wanted ice cream?”


“I changed my mind. I want waffles.”


She snorted, “Okay, fine.”




“But,” she pointed at him, her eyes glinting, “remember our deal.”


“Yeah, yeah, I know.” He patted her head, passing by her as he went to the table, “Get Haru to notice you. Though, I must ask, how do you know him?”


“We’re seniors, Amane-kun.” She took out two plates and two pairs of utensils. “Everyone knows everyone at this point. And, uh, he’s in my math class… I sit behind him.”


She emitted a tiny giggle and performed a little gesture of shy happiness. He laughed quietly at her display.


“Oh?” Amane sat down at the table, stacking a couple of waffles onto his plate. She nodded, “Yeah, do you know anything about him?”


“Of course, I know a little bit about everybody.” Amane bit into a waffle, “Haru’s got, like, a really big…”


He gazed at her with a knowing look, forming a very vague shape with his hands. She flushed a bright red, “A-Amane-kun!! That’s so crude!”


“...boat. He has a big boat. You know, because he’s rich?” He smirked at her red cheeks, “What were you thinking of, you dirty radish~?


“Not that nickname again!” Nene whacked at him with a pout, making him chuckle. “And I am not a dirty radish! You did that on purpose!”






“Hey, guys, so, uh…” Kou peeked in the doorway of the kitchen, a rare shyness evident in his tone, “about the thing I wanted to talk about…”


As he approached the sink to wash his dishes, the two seniors gave their attention to him.


“Oh, right!” she tilted her head at him, “What did you want to ask?”


He stopped scrubbing the plate, and almost scratched his cheek with a soapy finger. 


“...There’s someone I wanna go with to Prom this year.”


Amane paused in his chewing to stare at him in surprise. Nene gasped excitedly, a prediction already in mind. “Who?”


Kou rinsed the silverware. “Uh, you know him…”


Nene was relentless, however. “Who? Who?” 


Amane glanced at her. “What are you, an owl—?”


She shushed him, then went back to pestering the junior. Kou crumbled from her inquisitive stare, leaning back slightly as she peered into his eyes. He felt like his soul was being scrutinized at that moment.


“It’s just… Mitsuba—”


“Ah!!” Nene squealed loudly, spooking both of the boys, “I knew it!! You two were destined to—”


“H-Hey! Wait, wait, wait.” Kou waved his hands around, flinging dish water everywhere, “I’m asking him because no one else is gonna ask him, and I know that’ll make him sad. He’s really into himself, and I know he’ll be ecstatic that someone asked him to Prom!”


Amane resumed his waffle-eating, and Nene squinted her eyes at the blond. “So… you wanna ask him… as a friend?”




“Because you want to make him happy?”




Nene sat back down on her chair and almost slammed her head on the table, but she merely grumbled under her breath. “Kou-kun, I don’t know if you’re stupidly oblivious or too wholesome for this world…”


“What was that, Senpai?”


“Nothing, Kou-kun!” she kicked Amane’s shin under the table when he tried to reveal her real thoughts. Ignoring his whimper, she continued on the topic, “What did you wanna ask me about it, though?”


“Oh, um…” Kou appeared genuinely nervous, and it made Nene want to pinch his cheek, “how do you do a promposal? Or, um, how should I do my promposal?”


Nene hummed in thought, tapping her chin with her finger and reflecting her ideas to the ceiling. Amane suggested, meanwhile, "You could hide in a trashcan, then pop out with a sign."


Kou's eyes nearly bugged out of his head. "Is that really a good idea?"


Nene said, "No."


Amane whined, "Killjoy~"


"I know!" Nene grinned, "Since Mitsuba-kun acts like a spoiled princess, and Kou-kun has princely vibes… uh, sometimes… then you can dress up as a prince and ride to him on a horse!"


Kou's eyes practically fell out of his sockets. "W-Where am I gonna get a horse?!"


"Just ask your friends to dress up as one." She clarified in a giddy tone, "Then you get down to the ground and drop to one knee, holding out a wonderfully decorated sign that says 'Mitsuba-kun, will you go to prom with me?'"


She squealed and clapped her hands together rapidly, whereas Amane only looked on with an amused smirk. Kou blushed slightly, suddenly feeling self-conscious, but he pushed it down and held on steadfastly to his resolve. He was doing this for the happiness of his dear friend!


“W-What about you, Senpai?” Kou asked her with glittery eyes, “Will you be going to prom, too?”


“Of course!” Nene proclaimed, “It’s my senior year. I wanna do everything I can, especially going to prom!!”


She swooned and clasped her hands together, before pressing it against her cheek. “Imagine: me and a dreamy hot-guy all dressed up and ready to attend the most important dance of our high-school lives!!”


“Yeah, right.” Amane snorted, “Now the only issue is finding that ‘dreamy hot-guy’ of yours.”


“Hey, it might work out with Haru-kun!”


“Let’s hope so, hmm?” Amane gave her a pointed look, before lifting up his glass of water, then chugged it down. She scoffed, “You never believe in my romantic endeavors!”


“I’d like to say I’m just somewhat doubtful, but wishes can come true, right?”


“That sounded like sarcasm!”




Kou feebly said behind them. “Uh, Senpai, please calm down…”


“I am calm!!” she huffed at the blond, who only held his hands up in surrender. Nene whipped her head back to the black-haired boy and placed her hands on her hips, “Just watch me, Amane-kun! I’ll get a boyfriend by the end of my senior year!!”


“Is that so~?” he leaned forward with his elbows on his knees, mirth twinkling in his amber eyes. She almost gulped at the sight of them. Amane smirked, “Okay, if you don’t, then you have to dye your hair pink and wear frilly dresses for an entire month.”


Nene frowned, but responded, “And if I do?”


He leaned back, oozing confidence. “Your choice.”


“You have to, um,” her eyes darted around as she racked her brain for a good punishment, “dress up as a girl for half a month!”


“Wow, are you going easy on me?”


“You’re lucky I’m nice!”


“Whatever~” Amane shook his head, then stuck his hand out for her to shake. “Is it a deal, then?”


“Of course.” 


The two brought their hands in a firm grip, sealing the agreement.


Kou only slapped his forehead with his palm. “What have you two done…?”



“Math—what is math? Who even uses math? Why does it exist??” Nene once again rubbed the eraser into the paper, frustrated as usual, “This sucks…”


“Man, I know, right?”


Her eyes trailed up the figure of the person in front of her, until it landed on their face. She let out a very unladylike yelp. “H-Haru-kun??”


“Sorry, did I scare you?” he sat down at his desk, yet he was sitting in a way where he could face her easily. “You’re Yashiro Nene, right?”


“U-Um… that’s right. How did you know?” 


“Well, uh, you do sit behind me. Amane talks about you a bit, too.”


Thank you, Amane-kun!


She absent-mindedly brushed her hair behind her ears, hoping she looked okay today. “D-Did you need anything?”


“Ah, I just saw that you were struggling is all.” His gorgeous blue eyes were making her insides flop. “Would you like me to help you?”


She thought her heart stopped. “Really?”


“Yeah!” he flashed her a smile, “We could go to a nearby café after school today, and I can help you study.”


Nene melted then and there. “That sounds perfect…”


“Great, I’ll see you then!”


After math class was over, Nene couldn’t help but skip through the halls. She passed by many of her friends, making sure to wave hello in an extra cheerful manner. Mitsuba could have sworn that she was leaving flowers behind in her wake.


“What is up with Radish-senpai today? She’s being somehow more nature-y than usual.” Mitsuba snickered into his sleeve, “You’d think being a radish would be enough, but I guess not.”


He was quite proud of his little quip, but he received no praise for it. At the disturbing silence, Mitsuba whipped his head around to question his blond friend. However, Kou was busy formulating a promposal plan in his head, subsequently ignoring the pink-haired boy. He tugged on his sleeve with a puppy-dog whimper, “Don’t ignore me!!”


“Huh?” Kou felt embarrassed at being caught mid-scheme, and hid his face nervously, “Uh, sorry…”


“What is up with you, now?!” Mitsuba irately blew the hair in front of his face, “Why do I have such weird friends…?”


In her next class, she was still as radiant as the sun in the sky, so Aoi felt compelled to inquire why she was so happy.


“Nene-chan, did you get a rare idol in your game?”


“No~” Nene rested her chin in her palms, “I’m going on a study-date today~”


Aoi leaned over, whispering, “Really? With who?”


She smiled and whispered back, “Haru-kun!”


“Wow, he’s good-looking! And I heard he’s nice and rich. Fits your type pretty well, huh?” Aoi patted her back joyfully, “Good job! It’ll be the first date you’ve had since your life before Teru-senpai.”


She sighed, “I know, right? I really let myself waste away like that… But this time, I’ll land someone good, and make up for all the lost time!”


“Good luck!” Aoi nudged her, “How did it happen, by the way?”


Nene shifted in her seat. “Okay, well, I was looking at Haru-kun for a while, but you know how I am, it’s always hard for me to make the first move.”


Aoi nodded to that a copious amount of times, making the other girl stare at her blankly.






“Shh, just keep going.”


“Anyways,” Nene proclaimed pointedly, “I asked Amane-kun to help me out.”

“You know…”


Nene turned to Aoi, her eyes lit with interest. 


Her friend only smiled at her, “you and Amane-kun are cute together. I think you two make a good couple.”


Nene’s world halted for a moment, before starting up again with her very loud and shocked, “ EEEEEEEEEEEEH??


Aoi uncovered her ears once Nene started speaking with words, “Me? And Amane-kun? He’s my best friend!!”


“Well, it’s not uncommon, especially if it’s a boy that likes girls and a girl that likes boys.”


“But I’ve never thought of him like that.


“Really?” she raised an eyebrow, “You’ve never looked at him that way?”


“O-Of course not! He’s not my type!” Nene reaffirmed, “He’s my best friend, and that’s all!”


“You don’t have to be so against it. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with dating someone who is also your best friend.”


“No, Aoi-chan! That’s… That’s so cliché!” Nene shook her head in fervent denial. “I’m not going to conform to such a cheesy set-up!”


Aoi’s face twisted with concern over the girl’s defensiveness, but allowed her to maintain her refusal.


"Really… Amane-kun, of all people!" Nene clicked her tongue and shook her head, like the very idea of viewing him in a romantic light was simply preposterous.


Even though it was the end of that conversation, it still lingered in the back of her mind throughout the rest of the day. She wondered if she and Amane ever came off as a couple-like relationship. His casual flirtiness was a bit suspicious, she supposed,but besides that, he did nothing particularly romantic to her.


It seemed very obvious too that Amane held no attraction towards her. He always made fun of her appearance—her legs, especially—and always teased her for not landing a solid relationship with a decent guy. Whenever she made a mistake or had another klutzy moment, he was there to point his finger and laugh at her. If anything, she wondered if she was best friends with her bully.


Later in the day, Amane asked her, "Nene? Are you mad at me?"


"...Yes. I just realized how mean you are."


The two of them were in his car when he brought up her sour expression. He only chuckled at her pout.


"Oh? What brought this on?"


"You're a jerk!"


"I thought you knew this already?"


"I should have realized it sooner…" she waved her hands angrily, indignantly, "I've spent years suffering from your abuse!!"


He was full-on laughing now. "Nene, what's gotten into you?"




"Uh huh, okay." Amane lifted his fingers from the steering wheel, as he rolled his eyes over at her. "Tell you what. Why don't we stop by the mall, and I'll pay for whatever makeup product you want so you can use it for future dates."






"Okay!!" Her ruby eyes were incredibly sparkly. "Let's go!! Hurry, hurry!"


He snorted, “Yeah, okay, I’m going!”


He redirected his attention to the road. The idea of shopping slowly faded from her mind as she focused on his concentrated face.


He’s not bad-looking. I mean, Amane-kun has never been bad-looking… but he really isn’t… that bad-looking… Nene bit her lip slightly, surprised at her own realization, Why am I noticing this now??


Amane arched an eyebrow, taking a glimpse of her. “Are you hungry?”


She broke out of her reverie. “Huh?”


“You look like you wanna eat something.” Amane chuckled at her reddened face, even if he was oblivious to her true reason of embarrassment. “Want me to buy you something at the mall? I really want salted pretzels, actually.”


“Uh… yeah… yeah!” Nene waved her hands and looked out the window. “Sounds good.”


What am I thinking? But it’s not bad to think that your friend is attractive, right?? Nene pressed her lips into a fine line, My heart’s acting funny, though… Ugh, really, why is it weird for me to find him attractive?? Doesn’t mean that I like him or something! Dangit, Aoi-chan!!


The rest of the trip was left in silence, uncomfortable for Nene yet 

"Ehh??" Tsukasa peeked over his brother's shoulder, catching sight of the picture. Amane instantly cut the screen to black and faced him with a scowl, "Tsukasa, space!"


"That was Nene, wasn't it?" Tsukasa lightly punched his shoulder, then tugged on his arm, "It’s senior year, try something!”


Amane narrowed his eyes at him. “What are you talking about?”


“I mean, you’ve been in love with her, right?”


“This again…”


“Come on~” Tsukasa grinned, “I see the way you stare at her. She’s really just your best friend, Amane?”

Nene sat down on the ledge of the fountain, her phone already next to her ear. She was hugging herself close together as the number dialed. 


Pick up, pick up… 


Tears rolled down her cheeks. She inhaled sharply, and clutched her arms even tighter.


Please, Amane-kun, I need you…


The ringer halted, and her heart nearly dropped, until she heard his voice. 




"Amane-kun…" she perked up, her head now off of her knees, "can you pick me up?"


"Huh? Did your date lose his keys, or something?"


His small chuckle barely did anything to lighten her mood, but she felt obligated to release a tiny, amused breath.


"N-No, just…" her wobbly voice came to a stop, and the tears renewed. Amane was quiet on the other side, as if gauging her silence.


He asked in a low tone, "Nene, what happened?"


She couldn't keep her voice calm. "I-I… I really need you right now."


"I'm on my way," he said instantly, "stay on the phone with me, okay?"


She could hear the sound of shuffling and walking and doors and Tsukasa in the background inquiring him of his intent but Amane only told him her name. The faint beep of the car clicked in her ears, and the roar of the car soon followed after.


Relief swept over her, and she smiled gratefully.


He was on his way. She felt calmer at the thought, but anxiety still gripped her heart.


How could she tell him? 


How could she tell him everything?


"Nene, are you still there?"


She gulped, and then nodded, even if he couldn't see her.


"I'm still here."


"Are you at the restaurant?"


"I'm in the park outside of it."




"The fountain."


"Perfect." He sighed, “Just ten minutes, okay?”




There was a sort of serenity that passed through the phone, and came forth a comfort that coated her despite the lack of words being exchanged. He was there at the end of the line, even if she couldn’t see him. He was there, then he’d be here beside her, and then she’d…








“Do you wanna talk about anything right now? While I’m driving?”


“No, um…” she shook her head, “I want you to be here.”


“Should I talk about anything?”


“The silence is okay, Amane-kun.” She chuckled, albeit her sniffles making her true feelings obvious, “If you’re still there, then it’s okay.”




It seemed like he arrived at a shorter time than ten minutes. Once the call disconnected, she pocketed her phone and awaited his arrival. She could discern his figure running across the walkway to where she was perched. Her mind berated her slightly, and a strange sense of awkwardness filled her.


Amane appeared in front of her, inspecting her for any injuries. She waved shyly, “A-Amane-kun, you came pretty fast—”


“What happened?”


He grabbed her hands and sat down next to her, his amber eyes swirling with worry. She wilted a bit, her face showing more distress.


“The date didn’t… go well…”


Amane eyed her skeptically.



Aoi mentions that they’d be cute together

Nene sets out to prove that she won’t conform to cliche and get with her guy best friend

Starts going on a bunch of dates with dumb guys while realizing little by little how good amane is to her

Lots of teenager stuff

Final straw when one date tries to molest her

She breaks down and reveals that she has fallen in love with him

Passionate kissing

Next day, concerned friends and amane; aoi talks to nene and nene tells her that whether it was cliche or not, her feelings were still serious and unavoidable and that it didn’t matter how cheesy it was, she wanted to be with amane

Next day guy tries to hit her up again but vengeful and pissed amane but nene manages to hold him back

Guy gets scared off, but gets banned from prom cus he punched the dude

Nene decides to skip with him to have their first date (their own special memory)

Tells him to wear a tux, he is confused but obliges

She’s wearing a nice spring dress with a ponytail but carrying a bag that she leaves in his car

They go to movie, then to the gazebo on the lake

She changes into her prom dress in the car, and steps out in it with her hair brushed over her shoulder

They dance in the gazebo, under the moonlight, surrounded by the warm glow of the lanterns.




thnx for reading! stay safe, you all! i’ll try to deliver more oneshots during this time of quarantine just to satiate some boredom! ;3.



best girl



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canon universe.



“This is stupid.”


“How typical. No. 1 can’t handle a bit of a challenge~”


“You’re stupid.”


“You may as well forfeit, huh?”


Hanako placed his hand on his cheek, looking at the other boy with a cheeky grin. Akane felt his eyebrow twitch, before he grinned sinisterly, “Forfeit? If I did that, then I’d be disrespecting my goddess’s name.”


“Then you’re still in?”


“Of course.” Akane leaned forward with a darkened expression. “You can’t scare me off that easily.”




Akane’s shoulders jumped with shock, as he whirled his head around to find the one and only Minamoto Teru.


“Oh, shit.” Akane whispered under his breath, before he cleared his throat and straightened his back. “Minamoto-senpai, what brings you here?”


“...I was just passing by, but I’m surprised to see you here.” He looked the boy up and down, noting that he wasn’t in his human form, but instead donning his supernatural appearance. With a strained smile, he said, “You texted me earlier that you were sick.”


Akane looked about as guilty as a child caught stealing from the cookie jar. “W-Well, you see—”


“Now, now...” Hanako uttered loudly, looking at the taller blond from under the rim of his hat, “Minamoto-senpai, No. 1 and I are currently in the middle of something very important. It would be rather kind if you’d leave us be for the time being.”


Minamoto felt his grip on the clipboard tighten. “And why would I listen to anything you say?”


“We won’t be doing anything harmful.” Hanako rose his hands, showing off his empty palms. “Just supernatural business, promise!”


Teru glared at him, then turned his gaze to his vice president. “Is that true?”


“...Yes.” Akane nodded, “It is.”


“...I see.” Teru assessed the two momentarily, then sighed, before walking away, “In the case of an emergency, I know who would have caused it.”


Hanako’s face contorted with indignance as he grumbled, “How presumptuous of you…”


“And,” Teru voiced just before he rounded the corner, sending them both an icy stare, “they’ll receive deserved punishment.”


Both Akane and Hanako shuddered as the blond walked away completely. Hanako looked up at the timekeeper with a disbelieving look, “I don’t know how you can work for him.”


“If it’s for Aoi-chan, then I can do anything.”


“Right, that does explain how you’ve roped yourself into this situation with me~!” 


Hanako chuckled into his hand, despite Akane’s face of sudden regret. The timekeeper groaned and folded his arms across his chest, “Stop wasting time. How are we going to go about this?”


“Well, it’ll be easy!” Hanako affirmed cheerfully, “We’ll just set up various tests for the girls to go through, and observe who does it successfully or better! The girl with the most points wins, and rightfully will earn the title of ‘Best Girl’!”


“This will be a piece of cake for a goddess like Aoi-chan.” Akane shook his head, almost in a pitying manner. “I’m starting to feel more bad for you than me.”


Akane paused, before avowing, “Wait, no, I don’t.”


Hanako had to stop himself from rolling his eyes. This human never ceased to entertain him with his constant dislike of supernaturals—his own leader, in particular.


“Shall we get started?” Hanako insisted, his hand outstretched between them. Akane shook it firmly, “We shall.”



The first test was simple: a test of speed.


“How is this supposed to decide anything?”


“What?” Hanako held his hand up to his mouth, gazing at him with false incredulity. “You mean to say that your goddess isn’t as great as you make her out to be?”


A hand suddenly grabbed his collar, and Hanako was now facing an irate timekeeper. Akane seethed darkly, “How dare you even imply that I’d think that way?”


“I was hoping the opposite~” Hanako looked to the side with a frivolous smirk, “A test like this shouldn’t be so bad for her, right?”


“Tch.” Akane released him, “No.”


“Great! Then onward to the first test!”


The two supernaturals hid behind the bush as they observed the pair of girls work in the practice garden. Akane couldn’t help but swoon, “She’s so lovely, even among the dirt and grass…”


“Focus, No. 1!” Hanako clapped his hands, “This is important stuff. The title of ‘Best Girl’ is on the line!!”


“Right, can’t get distracted by her beauty.” Akane shook his head, forcing himself out of his reverie. “So, what do you have planned?”



spies, spies, spies





alternate universe.



He should’ve expected this plan to fail. Obviously, since the boy was the one who thought of it, after all.


“This shit hurts more than Yashiro’s throat jab…”


He dared her to spring out of the ground and start proving him wrong by jabbing him in the throat extra viciously. At least he wouldn’t be alone in this situation.


Ah, but that’s right, he wasn’t alone. 


He was surrounded by a bunch of fucking lunatics working for an even bigger lunatic. 


And his damn arm was currently bleeding out from the laceration he received earlier. All he had was the bottom of his shirt to use as a bandage. It was a good thing it was his left arm—he’d have a harder time shooting his gun.


Speaking of which…


“Hey, bastard, come on out!!” one of the slobs shouted. Amane swore he could smell his beer belly from across the parking garage. “You’re as good as dead!”


“Fuck, I wish I was…” Amane grumbled under his breath as he single-handedly reloaded and cocked his pistol. “Yashiro would not be happy, though. She’d cut off my damn head if I died…”


“Hurry, he must have ran over there!”


He waited for them to rush past his hidden position like a bunch of idiots before announcing haughtily, “Wrong!”


They barely had time to react before he shot one guy—two, actually—right in their chests, knocking them over like pins in a bowling alley. Hopping over the car he was hiding behind, he barely avoided the spray of gunfire that flew over his head.


The leader shrieked angrily as he reloaded his gun. “You piece of shit!”


“Ah, ah, ah!” Amane peeked out and shot two bullets, effectively bringing down two more of his henchmen. He pointed his finger upward from below his coverage, taunting him, “I am the shit!”


“Peek out again, I dare you!”


Amane hummed, then peeked out faster than the guy could shoot off his bullets. His laughter echoed throughout the parking garage, “You’re so bad!”


“Why, you—!”


Amane quickly peeked out again and shot at him, where his bullets drove straight through his leg. Once he was down, he hurried over to the open car that those morons left running and swung open the door to the driver’s seat. There was another person in there, albeit he appeared somewhat young and a bit peculiar, and incredibly frightened as he gazed up at him with shrunken pupils. 


He had no time for introductions, however. “Get the fuck out of the driver’s seat!”


“O-Okay!!” the young man unbuckled and jumped into the passenger’s chair, instead of just leaving the car entirely. Amane wanted to scream more at him for his half-witted move, but, again, no time.


He slid behind the wheel and began to drive off with haste, ignoring his passenger’s frightened wailing. Amane soon was in the streets, and thinking he was in the clear, he let out a sigh of relief.


Then, a multitude of motorcycles appeared in his rearview mirror, insistently chasing after him. Amane growled, “Ah, you gotta be shitting me.”


The young man beside him looked like he was just about ready to piss his pants. “G-Get me out of here!!” 


“You’re staying with me!”




A sensation vibrated in his seat. He cursed and shifted himself slightly, “Yo, kid, can you take my phone out?”




“Just do it already!”


“B-But it’s in your back pocket!”


“I don’t care if you have to grope my ass, just take my phone out!!


The young man whimpered and swiftly plucked his phone out. As he guessed, it was a phone call from his team (and his favorite person, in particular).




"Hey, babe, what's up?"


"What's up?!" Nene was yelling directly into the speaker, "You've been MIA for more than two days, what do you mean what's up??"


"Sorry, just got caught in a sticky situation." He swerved the car, narrowly dodging the road obstacles. "I was gonna call you, I swear."


"Everyone's been worried sick!"


"That's cool. What about you, though? Did my cutie miss me~?"


"Shut up, stupid. Where are you??"



the moon and the earth



alternate universe.


sun = kou

m = mitsuba

v = yako

e = hanako, moon = nene

m = tsukasa, phobos = sakura, deimos = natsuhiko

j = kako, mirai, akane, ganymede = lemon, europa = aoi

s = tsuchigomori

u = no. 6

n = mei



Sometimes, he wondered what he could do for her, since she always did a lot for him.


She shines her light down onto him almost when night falls onto his dark side. She pulls and pushes his tides, and keeps him steady on his axis.


Unlike his unhelpful self, the Sun always gives her light, allowing her to illuminate him where the Sun couldn’t reach. Despite the Sun and the Moon being opposites, they still worked well together, and sometimes did small things for entertainment in front of him. The humans knew them as ‘eclipses,’ but it was just another one of their wonders of compatibility. 


The Earth gave a groan, and something like a tremble shook the grounds of the planet. He was lucky it wasn’t near any major islands.


He was... slightly jealous with their strong and stable interactions. It was just because he wanted to have some sort of usefulness to her, too.


Amane blew some hair out of his eyes.


And… he also wanted some of her company. 


She was beautiful. She was whimsical. What could he say?



my voice, my words, my thoughts



alternate universe. (idol au)



Nene was chilling on the couch, mindlessly watching the old classics, when her assistant ran up behind her.


"Nene-chan, I've got exciting news!" the young woman excitedly clapped, her blueish-purple hair bouncing behind her. Nene rolled her head up to look at her. "Huh? What news?"


"The Music Mystic Awards is inviting you to their ceremony!!" Aoi beamed,



danger lurks in the streets



doesn’t everyone need some danger? lol jk no!! oof gl nene.


alternate universe. (mafia)



it’s amane phantom





what have i done??


alternate universe. (danny phantom au)


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alternate universe. (succubus)



the demon king’s maid





alternate universe. (demon king hanako buys slave human nene au)



till death do us part



alternate universe. (marriage)



your wish is mine



u-uwu. sowwy for this.


canon universe. (nene lives her life)