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Your touch and My moans

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The first time Bai Yu saw Zhu Yilong he was too drunk to remember it.


What a pity.


He wishes he could go back in time and drink lesser that night when he first laid eyes on the singer. He remembers his voice though. Sultry like a siren calling out to everyone in the club, inviting enough for each of them to drown themselves in the mesmerizing ocean that was his voice. 


It’s been a while since that night and Bai Yu has been coming back to this club aptly named The Impulse many times after that. The first time that he came to this club was indeed a coincidence when his friends dragged him out of work to celebrate his promotion and his friends got him completely wasted on the good kinda alcohol that this club served, but each and every time after that, when he found himself here sitting at his favoured table near the bar, with an unobstructed view of the stage was anything but a coincidence.


He knows he’s here for one person and one person only. 


Bai Yu usually just sits with a cold beer and watches the art that is Zhu Yilong perform and ensnare everyone with his honey voice. Zhu Yilong isn't a regular performer, he performs on selected days only usually the monday and friday evenings. Bai Yu got to learn his routine after a few weeks of frequenting the club and then later asking the bartender as well.


He knows he’s hopelessly vying for the singer’s attention if only for a second, but yet he still looks forward to the singer’s appearances every time he’s here. Though he might not be completely hopeless if he thinks about the way the singer’s eyes sometimes linger on his side of the stage at his table, but The Impulse boasts of decor that is rich and decadent making it too dark to be sure of it anyway.


Bai Yu thus has a regular routine of visiting the club whenever he can manage on those special monday or friday evenings. He is sometimes joined by his friends, the very same ones who introduced this place to him and who also regretfully let him get shamefully drunk. He usually prefers to be alone here though. Call him selfish but he doesn’t want to share Zhu Yilong with anybody which is absolutely stupid of him since the singer doesnt belong to him and nor have they even spoken a single word to each other.




Today is a bit different though, Bai Yu has had a very shitty monday at work and he thinks a bad start to the week doesn't bode well for the rest of the following days. He just wants to sit back with a stiff drink and let his favorite singer take all his stress away if only for a night.


He sees the other regular patrons along with him all settled in their tables and getting started in on their evening. He orders an old-fashioned cocktail at the bar and settles in at his table which has been luckily left still empty. He mutters a thanks to whatever God might be listening because this is the only thing which has gone well for him today so far. There’s some other singer performing for now, a girl with a melodious voice and he eases back into his chair relaxing, pulling out his phone to fiddle with it. He answers a few texts to his friends on their group replying about his current whereabouts which lead them to teasing him about his frequent visits to the club. Again.


The girl’s singing draws to a close and there’s scattered applause from the people. She steps off the slightly raised platform meant for the artists and makes her way backstage where Bai Yu supposes the green rooms must be. The conversations get louder now without the live music and Bai Yu sighs wondering when Zhu Yilong will step onto the stage.


The lights start dimming after a while again signalling the entrance of another performer and this time Bai Yu sits up and fixes his gaze onto the stage where someone has placed a round bar stool behind the already there mic stand. His pulse starts beating a little quicker anticipating the entry of the singer. A smartly dressed waitress places his long ordered cocktail finally in front of him and smiles at him coyly in apology,


“Sorry for the long wait, there’s quite a crowd tonight.” she says to him as he looks up at her. She shifts a little closer and asks “ Can I get you anything else?”, he leans back and gives her a polite disinterested smile shaking his head, “ Nothing for now. Thank you.” She backs away smiling and says “ well call for me if you need me” which sounds like blatant flirting but Bai Yu doesn't pay attention to it any more, choosing to instead focus on the middle of the stage where a sole golden spotlight shines.


The music starts slowly, a slow humming starts echoing and Bai Yu’s eyes are riveted to the figure that comes forward with a lazy gait and his eyes widen as he takes in what Zhu Yilong is wearing for tonight.


You keep me connected to you

Like I was your shadow


His soft voice washes over Bai Yu as he hungrily takes a look at the singer from top to bottom. Clad in a red robe which looks and feels so slinky and smooth draped all over his body as he settles down into his seat sinuously.


You're givin' me answers

To all of my questions

Here on my pillow, oh


Zhu Yilong looks like a vision in his silk robe and Bai Yu wants to run his fingers through the long hair that is tied in a short pony and pull them out of their binding.. oh how he wants ..


Can't nothing get in between us, baby


His low voice lulls him in a daze like a siren’s temptation and Bai Yu is helpless against the pull of it. He picks up his drink, the cold surface of the glass tumbler sending a shiver up his neck as Zhu Yilong’s gaze slides over the club resting on him for a second before passing on as he sings the next lines,


We've been waiting on this moment for so long

You wanna be reckless, restless

Right until tomorrow


Bai Yu feels the same thrill rush through him every time Zhu Yilong looks at him.




His breath gets stuck in his throat for a second at that soft voice sounding so much like a command but voiced like a honeyed appeal. He raises an eyebrow when the singer’s eyes settle on him and the full blown effect of him staring straight at him hits Bai Yu like a truck. His eyes take in the beautiful shape of Zhu Yilong’s face, from the pouty lips to his high and slim nose travelling up to his elegant eyebrows, painting an absolute image of perfection in front of his eyes as he sings to them, glowing under the golden spotlight and Bai Yu cannot take his eyes off of him for even one second. He’s loathe to move his eyes away afraid to miss even one second of this performance. The singer’s lips part on the next lines as Bai Yu draws in a shaky breath the lyrics pulling him down a spiral.

When I put my lips on you

You feel the shivers go up and down

Your spine for me

Make you cry for me


Zhu Yilong’s voice caresses his every sense and Bai Yu bites his lips to control his wayward reaction to the singing. The singer has looked away from him now and is swaying along to music, enthralling everyone every time he opens his mouth,


When I put my lips on you

I hear your voice echoing all through the night for me

Baby cry for me


The lyrics set something off in Bai Yu and so does the singer’s eyes on him, which rove around but come to a stop on him at recurring intervals. Bai Yu feels eyes on him again and lifts his drink to take a sip as the continuous interaction has left his throat parched. The drink slides smoothly down his throat leaving behind a soft burn as his eyes raise to catch the siren’s eyes on him again. Zhu Yilong smirks a little and tosses his head back in time with the music showing off the long line of his neck, his adam’s apple bobbing as he swallows and Bai Yu can’t take his eyes off the sight of all the pale unmarked skin glistening under the golden spotlight.


“Fuck” he mutters under his breath and signals for another drink to the guy at the bar. He needs another drink quickly if he has to sit through this exquisite torture. The singer looks like an unattainable deity draped in luxury blessing them with his mere presence and Bai Yu wants to touch this glistening God so much his fingers shake with the need for it. He curls his fingers into his palm, feeling his nails dig into it and the slight pain gives him clarity. His second drink arrives far quicker than the first one carried by the same smiling waitress who leans even closer this time while picking up his previous empty glass and replacing it with the new drink. Bai Yu glances at his drink and sees a phone number written on the paper napkin under the glass. He purses his lips pushing the napkin away from him and looks up at the girl and says a quiet thanks in a curt voice.


Zhu Yilong was definitely having the time of his life singing for the crowd and throwing sultry looks at that one guy on the table near but yet far from him on the stage. This is not his first time watching the guy, he knows the other man is a regular to The Impulse and has seen him numerous times sit at the same table, nursing his drink for the evening as he stares at him on stage for the entire time. Sometimes he feels that gaze follow him even after he steps off stage and makes his way to the dark of the backstage. However it definitely is Zhu Yilong’s first time where he’s paying a lot more attention to him than other days. He’s wanted to talk to the man many times now and today seemed like a day as good as any when he saw him sit down at his table earlier. With his brows furrowed and a deep set frown on his handsome face, Zhu Yilong took one look and decided to distract him from whatever was bothering the man. He usually wouldn't care about any of it preferring to just perform instead, but he’s grown to have a soft spot for this particular man.


He watches the man as he performs and feels his heavy gaze settle over him like a cloak. He sees when the man bites his lips which sends a bolt of arousal rushing through his veins and he smirks throwing his head back knowing that the other man won’t take his eyes off him. 


All of his thoughts fly out of the window the very next second though when he sees the waitress stand a bit too close to the man..a bit too close for his comfort. The man looks at the waitress disinterestedly but Zhu Yilong wants those eyes only on him. His mind clicks back to the music playing and he sings the next lines,


Just turn off the lights


Deliberately changing the lyrics for the next line,


And I could be your private dancer


The man’s gaze pivots back up to him and Zhu Yilong bites his lips lightly all the while slowly crossing his legs. His silk robe, a dear favourite of his, slides smoothly on his skin and falls off, exposing his black thigh high garters on one leg. Feeling heady with the rush of arousal that hits him when he sees the man’s fingers tightened around his drink, the amber liquid inside sloshing precariously for a second before he raises it for a sip. He continues singing, barely focussing on the crowd now as he zeroes in on the man in front of him.

When we close the curtains

You and me can forget all our manners

Bai Yu can’t catch enough air and his throat is still burning from the much needed sip of his drink he earlier took. He feels arousal burn through his veins as he rakes his eyes over the thigh high garter Zhu Yilong has decided to wear today. Earlier when he looked straight at Bai Yu and crossed his legs which let the robe sidle off to one side showing off his shapely leg in the black garter, Bai Yu felt himself harden so quick, he had to keep himself from audibly groaning out loud. His mouth pools with saliva as he wishes to bite the skin under the thin elastic straps of his garters. 


He’s sure the singer will be the death of him today.


Bai Yu’s hit with the full force of Zhu Yilong staring at him and he looks back at him unashamedly; noticing just now, the pale red eyeshadow around his beautiful doe eyes. Two can play at this game my great beauty, he thinks inside his mind. His erection isn't going down anytime soon as he hears Zhu Yilong continue to croon to them, his voice and presence obliterating every other thought. He wants to lick up those pretty collarbones of his and smudge his pretty makeup, wrecking him entirely.


The neighbors must think we're crazy, baby

'Cause look how easily we keep coming undone

You wanna be reckless, restless

Right until tomorrow

Bai Yu aches for some form of relief, his erection pushing against his tight trousers and yearns to touch Zhu Yilong or be touched by him. As if hearing his thoughts the singer rubs his hand up and down the mic stand, the mimicry of a hand job not lost on anyone least of all on Bai Yu, who is so hot and hard inside his pants, a mere touch might set off fireworks inside him. He looks up at Zhu Yilong who licks across his glistening lips and Bai Yu wants to kiss them swollen.

When I put my lips on you

You feel the shivers go up and down

Your spine for me

Make you cry for me

When I put my lips on you

I hear your voice echoing all through the night for me

Baby cry for me

The music hits the crescendo and Zhu Yilong’s voice rises above it gracefully as he unhurriedly brings the song to a finish, the music echoing after him elegantly.

When I put my lips on you (when I, when I, when I)

When I put my lips on you (when I, when I, when I)

The entire club is silent for one moment before it breaks out in thunderous applause along with a few whistles as well and Bai Yu joins everyone in applauding Zhu Yilong knowing despite him being turned the fuck on and only having half of his brain functional, the singer is indeed immensely talented. The singer smiles showing off his pretty smile and winks at a few patrons at nearby tables. He slides off the seat fluidly, once again hiding his gartered legs, his scarlet robe trailing after him giving him his usual opulent feel. He walks off the stage like every other time but unlike other days this time he turns to look at Bai Yu for a second and gives him a barely perceptible nod and walks down to the backstage looking back at him over the shoulder and nods once more beckoning him forward.

All rational thoughts get chucked out as Bai Yu shakily stands up to follow the singer into the dark. He steps forward walking towards the  backstage, glancing around him surprised when no one comes up to him to question his presence. He walks ahead parting a flimsy black gauze curtain leading to a dimly lit hallway decked out in crimson decor when he catches sight of the trailing end of the red robe turn a corner at the end of the hallway. He follows, his heart pounding with excitement and heat kindling through his body. Bai Yu turns the corner and is pulled through a door, breath coming out in a shocked gasp, blinking at the sight in front of him and bites his lips as he takes in Zhu Yilong standing before him still clad in that silken robe looking like sin personified.

Zhu Yilong steps up to him getting into Bai Yu’s personal space making him lean back into the door now closed behind him. He throws a look around and find that the singer has pulled them into a washroom, a lot more cleaner than he expected. His attention is pulled back when he feels the singer press into him slightly, their chests rubbing against each other. The singer tilts his head up to look at Bai Yu and Bai Yu looks at the pretty face of the singer, taking in the mottled red eyeshadow framing his eyes, his eyes drop down to his lips which glisten with lip gloss and are now looking slick with spit as the singer runs his tongue over them before murmuring,


“ Hey there stranger ”


His voice is a lot more soft and muted now that he isn't singing and Bai Yu wants to hear more of it everyday. He looks into his eyes and replies back,


“ Hey there beautiful”


Zhu Yilong huffs out a soft laugh and blinks at him innocently. Bai Yu looks down and raises a palm to touch the other man’s cheek. The singer’s eyes close momentarily as Bai Yu takes in a steadying breath before voicing out his desire since the moment he saw him for the first time,


“ I really need to kiss you..”

Zhu Yilong’s eyes fly open as he parts his lips in eager need as soon as he hears the other man voice out what he’s been wanting to do for a long time now. He tilts his head back further to look at the man with hooded eyes, knowing he looks good, knowing he’s the reason why the man is breathing harder, knowing that he’s the reason why the man’s heart is pounding where he can feel it against his own chest; and says,


“ I’m not stopping you..”


The man’s hold on his cheek which was shaking slightly earlier tightens as he bends down to capture his lips at the same moment Zhu Yilong surges up. Their teeth clash for a moment before their tongues entangle each other in a battle, He bites the man’s full lower lip before soothing it with his tongue, as he feels the other man pull him closer to himself with a hand on his hips. He pushes himself even closer to the other and moans low in his throat when he feels how hard the other man is against his own aching erection. His own hands clutch at the other man’s neck, pulling at his hair as he leans his weight into the other man more now. Their lips separate as Zhu Yilong throws his head back breathing hard but the other man simply drops his face down to mouth at his neck instead. He shivers when he feels bites being littered on his skin and he doesn’t want to stop the other man from marking him up. He furrows his brows when he realizes  he still doesn’t know what the other man’s name is and manages to recover a bit before asking,


“ Shouldn’t you tell me your name before marking me all yours?”


The other man stops for a second, lifting his lips from his skin and Zhu Yilong wants to whine because he didn’t want him to stop.


“Shouldn’t you have asked me for it first before pulling me inside?”  he fires back dropping another kiss below his ear now.


“ I had other things on my mind, namely if you were actually going to follow me or not..” he tries to say steadily with some effort but fails when he feels the man take his ear lobe between his teeth and bite it softly.


“ Bai Yu, call me by my name when you scream it out later” the man whispers in his ear and Zhu Yilong flushes scarlet as his cock hardens impossibly further making him groan. The man.. Bai Yu now, turns and pushes Zhu Yilong against the door making him gasp, startled at the sudden change. Bai Yu noses at his neck and the robe starts sliding down from his shoulders exposing his chest to Bai Yu’s greedy tongue and touch. He miserably fails to keep his sounds in when he feels a wet tongue circle his exposed nipple. His hands once again clutch onto the other’s hair tighter, pulling him closer.


“ Gods, you’re so beautiful..” Bai Yu whispers to him as he plants wet open mouth kisses all over the exposed skin. His own hands scramble from his hair to the buttons of his shirt now, wanting...needing skin to skin contact. But Bai Yu moves away making him cry out in distress and drops down to his knees instead,


“ Let me see you..”

Bai Yu kneels down in front of Zhu yilong and looks up as the singer blushes deep red again, the colour travelling from his ears to his neck down his chest. He throws his head back making contact with the door behind as he stutters out,


“ Yes..Yes please..”


Bai Yu doesn’t waste time after that and runs his fingers up the singer’s shapely legs over the robe reaching between his legs where is erection is bulging out in an obscene manner, he breathes out over it and feels Zhu Yilong keen out above. He parts the robe and lets it fall open and his mouth dries when he sees the garters on the singer’s thighs up close and personal this time, He inches closer, aching to put his mouth on him. He drops soft kisses on the skin just above the elastic, licking around it, pulling the elastic away from his skin by his teeth and letting it snap back in place. He hears a choked off moan from up and smirks before nosing at the erection in front of him. He mouths at the singer’s cock from over his underwear, licking at the wet spot formed from where he’s leaking pre cum. His hands travel up and down Zhu Yilong’s legs and he takes his mouth off to suck a mark into his inner thighs.

He gets his fingers on the waistband of the singer’s underwear and Zhu Yilong helps him slide it off. He quickly puts his mouth back on the hard cock in front of him, sucking and lapping up the moisture leaking from the cockhead. The other man whimpers when Bai Yu sucks the tip of his cock into his mouth, and then swallowing further down cheeks hollowing out as he takes Zhu Yilong completely in his mouth.


“fuck ..Xiao Bai...that feels so good”

The nickname makes Bai Yu’s eyes widen but he gladly accepts it and works on making Zhu Yilong feel good. He runs his tongue over the underside of his cock, feeling minute shivers run through the singer where he’s holding his thighs. He feels saliva dripping around his slack mouth as Zhu Yilong starts to push his cock into his mouth in shallow thrusts. He lets Zhu Yilong take what he needs as he runs his fingers up his thighs, reaching his backside and grabbing a hold of his ass. The singer’s pace falters for a second before he thrusts a bit harder than before and Bai Yu hums in his throat encouraging him. His pace going erratic as he continues to thrust into Bai Yu’s warm wet mouth before managing to voice out,

“ Bai Yu please.. I’m going to...” he doesn’t get to finish his sentence before Bai Yu feels warmth filling his mouth as Zhu Yilong cums down his throat, he swallows it down but some of it dribbles down his chin giving him a thoroughly lascivious look. A shudder runs up his back as he keeps sucking him clean, wringing every drop out of him and driving the other to over sensitivity. Zhu Yilong whines high in his throat and Bai Yu takes pity on him and gets up from the floor only to get roughly kissed by the other man. Zhu Yilong licks into his mouth, tasting himself and starts to pull Bai Yu’s shirt out of his pants. Bai Yu puts his own hands over and stops him, the singer stills and looks up at Bai Yu with furrowed brows, parting his lips to probably ask him why he decided to stop but Bai Yu beats him to it by talking first,


“ As much as I’d like to continue this here and fuck you hard till we’re both crying in relief”, the singer draws in sharp hiss of breath before tilting his face up closer to Bai Yu’s face as he continues saying, “ lets move this to somewhere more comfortable..yes baobei..?” Zhu Yilong narrows his pretty eyes at him for a second before pushing away and goes to open the locked washroom door behind him, dragging Bai Yu out by his wrist. They’re back out in the hallway again as Zhu Yilong adjusts his robe to cover him to be somewhat decent again and walks ahead with purpose making Bai Yu stumble after him in haste to follow him. The singer reaches a door marked with a small red dragon painted on it, he takes a deep breath, lets go of Bai Yu’s hand and opens it, stepping aside and letting him enter.


Bai Yu enters what he takes to be Zhu Yilong’s personal green room and takes a look around it. Its moderately sized with a big and well lit mirror on one side in front of a desk, which itself is littered with a number of things and a small but cozy looking armchair in one corner. He hears the sound of the door locking behind him and turns around to see Zhu Yilong leaning against the now closed door still breathing hard. He lifts his hand and crooks a finger at him beckoning him forward. He walks forward towards him and Bai Yu meets him halfway, then they’re crashing together and meeting each other’s lips again. He reaches for the tie of the robe and swiftly opens it letting the garment fall open, completely exposing the other to the harsh cold air in the air conditioned room. Zhu Yilong is making progress of his own as he finally pulls the shirt Bai Yu is wearing out of his pants and slides his hands under the shirt up his naked back. He sighs feeling the warm skin and murmurs, “ you’re wearing entirely too many clothes..take them off” his voice tapering into a needy demand near the end. 

Bai Yu steps back and rapidly sheds off his clothes not wanting to make a show out it, concentrating on rather reaching Zhu Yilong back again. He leaves his underwear still on and steps in the other’s personal space again, who pushes him slightly backwards towards the only desk in the room. Bai Yu leans against the desk as Zhu Yilong licks down his neck, worrying at his collarbones with his teeth, leaving marks of his own as he works down to his throbbing erection. He reaches his goal and quickly takes Bai Yu’s cock out of his underwear and licks his lips at the sight of it. Bai Yu chokes on his next breath when Zhu Yilong takes him all in his mouth in one deep swallow. His hips thrust in reflex and he hears the other choke a bit and tries to rein himself in but Zhu Yilong doesn’t let up and sucks on his cock harshly. He opens his mouth wide open, letting his tongue out and blinks up at Bai Yu innocently whose brain has stopped working the moment they stepped in this room. Bai Yu slides his fingers into the singer’s hair, finds the elastic holding his hair together and pulls it off. He grabs hold of the strands that slip out and pulls them in his hands tightening his hold on the other’s head holding him in place as he roughly fucks into his mouth. He stammers out an apology when he feels the other gag and moves to bring himself out of Zhu Yilong’s mouth. Zhu Yilong looks up at Bai Yu again with tears clinging to his long wet eyelashes, with his beautiful eyeshadow all smudged out and wrecked as he pants for breath with his mouth open teasingly. He grabs hold of Bai Yu’s cock and licks at it again, letting it smack on his tongue making the most obscene wet noises.

Bai Yu pulls him up and turns them around to shove the other up the desk now. Zhu Yilong leans on the desk as Bai Yu starts licking down his chest again, sucking at his nipple and hardening it to a nub, its twin gets the same treatment as Bai Yu keeps pulling at it with his fingers and rubbing at it when it becomes a hard peak, making him squirm against Bai Yu. His hands roughly travel all over his body, squeezing his ass before pausing, “ tell me you have lube somewhere here..” Zhu Yilong grins and reaches a hand behind him finding the bottle in between the mess on his desk and hands it over. Bai Yu quickly gets the liquid warmed in his fingers and Zhu Yilong parts his legs open allowing the other to step in close to him. He lifts a leg up and Bai Yu places wet kisses on the skin around the garters, nibbling at the skin again while his fingers reach Zhu Yilong’s entrance. Bai Yu keeps kissing the other’s thighs to distract him as his finger breaches the tight ring of muscle, he feels Zhu Yilong tense up in his arms before whispering sweet nothings into his skin urging him to relax. Bai Yu himself is controlling his own reaction intensely when he feels Zhu Yilong clench tight around his finger. He adds in another finger, scissoring them together when he feels Zhu Yilong grind down on his fingers, fucking himself down on his hand. Their jarring breaths echo around the room when Bai Yu brushes against a spot and Zhu Yilong arches in his arms, his voice crying out in pleasure. He pushes against it a few more times with his fingers before the singer grows impatient and growls out,

“ come on please..fuck me.. I’m ready..”


“Eager aren't we..”

Bai Yu takes his fingers out and rubs some more lube on his hard cock, hissing when he makes contact with it, he’s been on edge for far too long now. He pulls the other off the desk and turns him around to face the mirror, Zhu Yilong lets himself be manhandled willingly and settles into position arching his back slightly. Bai Yu skirts his fingers along the broad back of the singer, worshipping the skin he gets to touch and grasps his hips to hold him in place as he takes his cock in one hand slowly enters the other man. Zhu Yilong stutters out a low moan as Bai Yu bottoms out inside him filling him up completely. Bai Yu clenches around the base of his cock to stop himself from spilling too quickly when the singer clenches tighter around him. He moves out and slams back in, jarring Zhu Yilong forward into the desk where he scrambles to get a hold. He sets a brutal pace, pounding at the man under him relentlessly making him babble his name in between delirious requests to go harder. Bai Yu’s bends down, his chest to Zhu Yilong’s back, still snapping his hips into him and his hand slithers into the hair of the singer and he gathers them in his fist and pulls at it backward. 


Zhu Yilong groans in pain and pleasure, eyes gone hazy as Bai Yu sinks his teeth at the back of his neck. He knows he’ll have marks from this, blooming red and purple all over his body. He feels a bead of sweat running down his temple and chokes when he feels Bai Yu taste him, kissing it and licking it away. He fucks himself back on Bai Yu’s cock and feels a violent shiver run through his entire body when he hits that spot inside him again. He feels Bai Yu lean up again and clasps his hands on his ass as he adjusts his angle and rams at that spot over and over again. “ so fucking’re doing so well baobei..” he gasps out as he keeps fucking Zhu Yilong slowly into insanity. His hands run all over him before landing a hard smack on his asscheek.


Zhu Yilong is stunned for a moment before crying out, “ that again..fuccckk..” Bai Yu rubs his hand over his ass before spanking him again, he grunts when he feels the singer clench on his cock even further. His pace stuttering now, going erratic at the continuous sensation and he knows he’s going to cum soon, but he needs to see how Zhu Yilong looks like when he reaches his high before that. He wraps a hand around the other’s cock and jerks it off in time with his thrusts. He meets the singer’s eyes in the mirror and says to him,


“ Can you cum for me, pretty?..let me see you?..” Zhu Yilong’s eyes close from the amount of pleasure running through his body only to spring open again when he hears Bai Yu again, “ keep those eyes me fuck you in the yourself cum for me..” He keeps his eyes on the mirror, catching eyes with Bai Yu where he’s hungrily looking at Zhu Yilong’s every expression as they flit across his face. Bai Yu parts his lips and whispers,


“You’re so beautiful..”


Zhu Yilong’s vision whitens out as he cums so hard his teeth ache, splashes of his ejaculate fall on his desk as he whines out loud, when he feels Bai Yu speed up his thrusts unsteadily, shouting his name out loud before releasing inside him, filling him up again.

They both take a minute to catch their breaths, gulping in oxygen eagerly. He feels Bai Yu lean down and place a soft kiss on his shoulder before slipping out of him leading to Zhu Yilong make a noise of complaint. Bai Yu shushes him and picks out wet tissues from the pack on the desk and cleans them up as much as possible, before moving them to the single cozy armchair in the corner of the room. He sits down with the singer climbing in his lap as he snuggles into Bai Yu’s neck. The entire room smells of sex as they relax into each other now.

"So I think we got the order of doing things entirely wrong by tumbling into bed before I even take you out on a dinner date at least" Bai Yu mutters. 


"There isn’t even a bed here" Zhu Yilong laughs replying, Bai Yu rolls his eyes, "You know what I mean"


"Well there’s always a next time'' he says tilting his head up to look at the man. Bai Yu looks down at the singer catching his hopeful gaze, "Does this mean you're agreeing to going out on a date with me baobei?"


Zhu Yilong smiles and leans closer to Bai Yu, their breaths intermingling as he breathes out,


" everything that you want Xiao Bai.."