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Short raven hair and warm onyx eyes.

Even at the other man’s age Kim Jinhyun could definitely say that Lee Bumsoo is quite handsome. Add in the older man’s temperament and the way he dresses-up; the red head was starting to understand why Bumsoo was considered to be one of Seoul’s well sought-after bachelors.

To think, he’s now even dating the said bachelor and entertaining him in his quaint home.

“Jinhyun, what are you thinking about?”

Taking a deep breath, Kim Jinhyun smiled at his companion and leaned closer to the taller man’s embrace as they lounged in the red head’s apartment. “Nothing much. I mean, I just can’t wrap my head around the fact on why you keep insisting to be in a relationship with me when there are a number of people with greater status who likes you.”

“Seriously? Can’t you just believe the fact that I like your genuineness and found myself falling in love with you?” Lee Bumsoo entreated as he held the shorter man closer and kissed Jinhyun’s cheek.

“But…But what about women? I mean, considering your status, doesn’t your parents expect you to have a family of your own now and an heir?”

“Hmm…. I don’t like women. That, and I’d rather you be the mother of my children, Jinhyun. After all, with the way you are I know that our kids would turn out to be great.”

Stunned in disbelief, the ruby eyed man then turned around and straddled the raven once he got his bearings back and snapped, “What the heck are you talking about, Bumsoo!?”

“What? I’m just saying what’s on my mind,” the onyx eyed male defended before he smiled confidently and continued, “Besides, if Jinhyun really became my wife I’d be happy for the rest of my life.”

With those words said at his face and the loving look that Lee Bumsoo was directing at him, Kim Jinhyun couldn’t help it but bit by bit fall for the person in front of him.



Kim Jinhyun knew that in his previous life he dearly loved his wife, Lee Yeonhee. That being said, with the way his current experiences were shaping him in a manner that was going against the odds, things are turning out differently.

In this life, his first love was his friend, Lee Sangmin. Now, he was also starting to develop some feelings for the blonde’s elder brother.

He was starting to fall for Lee Bumsoo.

Sure, he still somewhat cared for his previous wife. But, compared to the feelings that he now had for the two men, his affection for the brown-haired woman is now akin to faded wisp like smoke that could just disappear in any moment as long as the wind blows.

Meanwhile, Lee Sangmin is like a hot inferno of a shining star that you want to reach out and hold unto but you can’t; and Lee Bumsoo…The raven for him was like a warm comforting fire that you can hold close and like. But, somehow, this fire also felt like it could be a fire that belonged to large house that was burning down. It was inevitable that you’d find yourself trapped within it.

And here he was now.

By being with raven most of the time it was unsurprising that the feelings that he’s developing for the man was only getting stronger. The affection that he was receiving was enabling him to have the urge of giving back.

So, with the time they were spending together accumulating, it was such a shock for the ginger to suddenly receive the news that the raven was dead.

It was such a shock because Kim Jinhyun knew that Lee Bumsoo wouldn’t just kill himself for no reason.

The raven was so headstrong and confident that the problems he had were usually solved not much later. Which shows that with the older man’s capacity, it was questionable on why would Bumsoo suddenly decide to off himself.

Heck, Lee Bumsoo even promised him that he’ll find a way for them to publicly be together. The man actually vowed about it and remarked that he’ll even convince his family about them (LB and KJ) having children of their own. The man wouldn’t just give up.

The abrupt news of the raven’s death was definitely suspicious. It was impossible for the other to suddenly resort to suicide. That being said, Kim Jinhyun had no proof that someone killed the older man nor could he say that he knew the man better since only a select few know about their relationship.

To be exact, with him suggesting to Bumsoo about keeping their relationship in wraps, in the eyes of others if he suddenly speaks up about them it would be more suspicious and he’d be one of the main suspects if an investigation happens.

Which is why, as he was quietly worrying about his dilemma, he silently supported his lover’s younger sister. He watched over Lee Haemi and tried to make sure that the blonde woman was alright.

Kim Jinhyun was then startled to find Lee Sangmin smiling at him during the time that he was silently supporting Haemi during Bumsoo’s funeral. The scarlet eyed man had this dark look in his eyes as he smiled that made the red head feel something was wrong.

Clutching his chest, Jinhyun took a deep breath and was then pulled out of his reverie when Haemi called for him. “What are you looking at?” The weeping woman questioned as she pulled on the red head’s sleeves.

Looking back at Lee Sangmin, the ruby eyed man was puzzled to find the man now gone. However, that odd feeling that he had was still there.

“Jinhyun, are you okay?”

The ginger then shook his head and smiled reassuringly to his friend. “I’m fine, Haemi. That said, why don’t you have some rest? I know that your Hyung wouldn’t want you to be so distraught because of him.”


So, guiding the woman back, Kim Jinhyun couldn’t stop wondering on what the hell was really going on now.