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Bella's Trustfund

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I don't own Fifty Shades of Grey. E. L. James does. Nor do I own Twilight Saga. Stephanie Myers does.
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I don't have a beta so all mistakes are mine.

Takes place when Christian and Ana comes home from their honeymoon. Also when Bella has graduated from high school. Edward never came back but she is in contact with Jasper Whitlock. He left the family. No hea for Christian and Bella. Just wanted you to know that.

Chapter 1


"Welcome home home Mr and Mrs Grey." My housekeeper said to us when we got off the elevator. I looked over to her and asked where Taylor and Sawyer were. Àt that moment Taylor walked out of my study and told me we had three guests in my study and that we have a problem. I looked at him and said get rid of it he looked scared to death and said that he would not and that it was best that Ana and I will have to see to it.

I took Ana's hand and walked into my study and saw the person I never wanted to see again. I realized my world just collapsed and that I have lost half of everything I have worked at. There sitting behind my desk was my true backer for my company and sitting in one of the chairs was a young lady I knew. In the other chair was someone who I didn't know.

I just went and sat down on my couch and pulled Ana to me and held her hand for dear life.

He looked at me and said, "I guess the rumors are true. I guess you are prepared to say you could not live up to your end of the agreement, so my daughter is now half owner of GEH and all the other stuff you have. You thought that I would not find out you thought Jack Hyde was a problem for you. But don't sorry about him my daughter's best friend took care of him and that Lincoln bitch too." He looked over at my wife and said "You were spot on about that bitch she was caught with another fifthteen year old by this gentleman here."

Ana looked at me with questions in her eyes. I finally made introductions. "Ana meet Charles Swan and his daughter Isabella Swan and sorry I didn't know who you are. Please let me introduce my wife Anastasia."

The person looked at me and said I'm Jasper Whitlock. Bella's best friend and bodyguard and I will tell you it was great pleasure killing that bitch and just say my brother loved killing that other asshole because of the threat he made on Bella's life. I guess you forgot to put security on her. But then again the bitch told you that it was not a good idea to do so. You see I have better security skills and my brother just knowing mind we have been protecting her."

I looked at the man that I made a deal with and said "I fell in love and asked what he would have done?"

He looked at me and said that they will see me in court because he can provide proof of GEH is half hers and half mine. I just realized that he has eyes on me. He looked at me and said I know all about you and your family and the lifestyle you lead before. So I will tell you that you have to come clean with your wife and family because if you don't I will release a press statement all about you and and the fifthteen and that bitch and don't forget I am in law enforcement. We don't have NDAs so you have one week to tell your family and we will want to be there so that your father can read the contract you and I signed. With that his group left the room.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Time Skip to a week later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

After a long week of telling my wife and family about the person who really backed me when I started my company and thinking I was going to lose Ana. We wanted the meeting at the Mile High club with my family and attorneys and him and his dáughter and her best friend/bodyguard and his attorneys.


I'm sitting here with Jasper holding my hand and letting him use his gift on me. I looked up and saw my dad I'm still angry with him but I can't blame him for it. He used my trust fund on this ass hole but I can't believe it that I was a billionaire at the age of eighteen and recent highschool graduate. I guess I can go to college in England where I wanted to. Jasper has told me that he was pleased when he drained the bitch was a pleasure for him and he could not wait to change me and take me away after this mess. Because I have a target still on my back.

Looking back on the day after graduation when my dad handed me the contract and the information on the man I'm to wed. I had Jasper with me when I read everything and his phone rang and it was Peter and he had Charlie and me on speaker and he told us all about this man and where my life is headed. Jasper and I sat down to tell Charlie about the real world and the people, shapeshifters, and vampires in our lives. He knows that I have to be changed because my ex is now a member of the Voltori and Jasper is the best friend and bodyguard to have in my life the kings are scared of him. But first I need to deal with this asshole and make sure he deals with my attorneys for now on and I will release a press statement about his past and let him know that I am the one in charge.

I saw Charlie hand Mr. Grey the contract and you can see the color drain his face and the paperwork on his son's life. I told dad it would show his dad we know everything about him and his family he knows now that his son is going to lose a lot. He looks at me and Ana and bows his head down in shame. I guess he finally sees we know his deepest darkest secret. I wonder how his wife going to take this information. I looked over at her and handed her a copy of Carrick's background check and she looks at me and mouths thanks.

I finally speak my first words to the asshole and say, "SignS the contract and change the name of the company to Grey and Swan Enterprise and holdings. Because that money was my trust fund and now I want it back with the rules you and Dad sat up. But just to let you know that you will now be under the press hounding because of the paperwork Carrick just read and now it has been delivered to the press. So good luck. Because soon as I leave here I am headed to college and you will deal with my attorneys for now on. So you see that bicth was wrong when she told you that it was all legal. It was and now I hope you understand my situation because at the time of the contract I was only eleven years old and you stated that you marry me and if you married anyone else that GEH will be half mine when I became of age. So I bet the bitch is the blame of you wanting me and trying to get me but then again you were hers to control. By the way, look at this video and listen to what she had to say."


I am in shock when she spoke to me about the contract and Elana told me she was seventeen and now I see that she was a lot younger. I now see that Elana was a huge con artist and only cared about anything but money and power and to get me to be her toy again. I look at Ana and she just holds my hand and looks at my mom and says part of this is your fault. Then she shows me what Bella handed to her and I see red. My dad knew and did nothing to protect me and to come to find out Carrick Grey is hiding something and I am going to ask my security do a full background check on my dad.

Charlie looks at me and says "I will tell you if he doesn't." At that point I see my dad drop down into a submissive pose with his head bowed and hands on his knees.

I look over to Charlie he says "He was Elana sub at the same time as you were in college. She was brainwashing both of you and using your mother for information. I will tell you that she tried to kidnap my daughter about three months ago. And she was saying that she was going to to kill Bella calling her a gold digging whore. She was saying that Mrs. Ana Grey was next saying that she was the only one who can be in his friend and lover she said she hated all the subs you had. So I am happy to say that she and Jack Hyde are no longer going to be a problem. But you do understand that I am going to be a problem because of the contract you signed and the money that was Bella's and in a way we could take everything but Bella is being generous with you. She just wants half of everything and have her name on the deed of just GEH and all the businesses underneath it's umbrella. She is going to want her share of the money the company made too. She doesn't want the houses or properties that you have."

I'm so screwed GEH will have four owners and they list Ana and I Bella and Ros where Bella will be fifty percent Ana and I will be forty nine percent and Ros at one percent. I sit down and pull my phone out of my pocket pocket and call Ros and tell her to get ahold of the PR department and she and them need to get to the Mile High club. I look over to Ana and say I guess we are about to have our first board meeting with the four owners of Swan/Grey/Bailey Enterprise and Holdings. I look over to ask Charlie and Bella if they can stay. Jasper just stood behind Bella like Taylor does me.

Charlie told me that he would talk to me about my father's background check tomorrow. He looked at Carrick and said he needed to be there along with the rest of the family.

At that point, Ros and the PR team walks in and I tell my family to sit down so we can get together a good story that says Isabella Swan is now the majority owner of the company. But Christian is still the CEO and Ros is still COO. We could say that Bella and Charlie have been silent partners until Bella graduated from high school. Bella then stated that s will always be a silent partner. She is off to college in England to get her education. They all agreed to make it look like that Charlie and Christian were close friends and believe in his business plan and not to mention that in the original contract about he and Bella getting married. Because it would put him in a bad light.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~THE NEXT DAY~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Charlie, Bella, and Jasper arrived at Escala. There in the great room was the entire Grey family. Charlie handed first Taylor and then Christian some paperwork and let them read it. Just say it tells of three deep secrets. One he was Elana's sub for the last nine years. Two he gave Christian trust fund to the bitch. Carrick has been cheating on Grace their entire marriage and has two biological kids out there. And he knows where they are. He knows that he will lose everything if the two kids find out and they are both in the great room right now and could destroy his life.


~~~~~~Authors note~~~~~~~~

A cliffhanger. Any guess who the two kids are?

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