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Seriously People?

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It started out as a headache and light sensitivity. I don't understand, my ophthalmologist gave me the glasses with special lenses to wear while doing computer work. This should have stopped. Maybe sleep will help. I can't write fanfic if I don't remember how the game started. I need to rebleach my hair. Tomorrow.


He woke up in the darkness. Cold. Confused. His hands in shackles. The guards shouting that he was awake. Three women appeared in the entrance of his cell. One in full seeker armor, the other robes of the divine staff, the other was too far away to see clearly, she was a bit blurry, with white hair. His head was pounding so he didn't hear the question the armored woman asked at first. 

"Tell me why we shouldn't kill you now. Everyone at the conclave is dead. Except for you."

"You think I'm responsible."

"Explain this." She grabs his left hand. The women circle him like sharks in the water, the third watching the first two.

"I can't."

"What do you mean you can't?"

"I don't know what that is or how it got there."

"You're lying!"

Pain exploded across his face as she backhanded him. 

Apparently that was enough for the white haired woman. 

"Are you insane? You just hit a person with impact trauma that was unconscious! I hope you don't need him alive."

She threw her hands up and made that disgusted disappointed sound that all women learn to make because of siblings or children. 

"He needs to be in a trauma unit not suffering these conditions! What about hypothermia?!"

A knife from the quiet woman glides through her torso from behind, doing... absolutely nothing. 

The armored woman whips her head around and glares at her. 

" What? Are you going to hit me now too Seeker? Please."  She puts her hands on her hips and glares at her.

The Seeker just froze, her face inches from the translucent woman, who apparently didn't know she was translucent. Did she die before he arrived here? 

"Well? Get him up! He needs care! I swear to... that's it. I'm going to find a case manager." Turns and dissipates.

The two more solid women stare at eachother and then as one turn towards him. He raises his hands to cover his head.

"We need him Cassandra." 


Apparently that was enough information for now, as he was hauled up, dragged out of the cells and shown the torn sky. 

Hopefully she made it back through the fade.