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Fake Keanu Reeves Prison Break from the Gender Neutral Bathroom Full of Racist Graffiti

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Fake Keanu Reeves laughed at his prisoners. The gender neutral bathroom was bustling with people, packed in like cattle to the slaughter. The money that lined his pockets also held his morality, something that could be bought and sold with the right price. Sideshow Bob paid him well, and that's what mattered.

Midoriya sat in the corner of the Gender Neutral Bathroom full of Racist Graffiti. Tears leaked from his eyes as the Romans who crucified Luffy comforted him. Fake Keanu Reeves was just too powerful to be challenged.

Or was he?

All Might started up the bus engine, another day of looking for his son. It had been far too many french years for him to keep track, french had never been his strongest subject at hero academia, but any amount of time--coochie standard or not-- was too long for him to have to go without seeing his son. 

"Don't worry, Bakubart." All Might whispered into the steering wheel, "One day we'll be able to say I am here once again." 

Before he could even put his seat belt on the bus caught a whiff of something strong and with that He drove away into the vastness of the nth dimension.

"Don't worry Midoriya, the gender neutral bathroom full of racist graffiti is a great place." The romans said in unison.

"No... Racism isn't plus ultra." Midoriya curled up into a ball, Fake Keanu Reeves watching from his Gender Neutral Toilet Private Jet that flew over the Gender Neutral Bathroom Full of Racist Graffiti.

He dialed a number.

Sideshow Bob lay almost naked in a bubble bath. It too, was gender neutral and full of racist graffiti. Just how he liked it.

"I need three little piggies, to make a piggy pie!" Sideshow Bob's ringtone sounded, he reached to answer.

"Fake Keanu Reeves, wassup?" The man sipped his wine.

"I can sense All Might's tattooed ass waves approaching the Gender Neutral Bathroom full of racist graffiti." Fake Keanu answered his boss, "What do I do?"

Sideshow Bob frowned.

"Get the de-assing apparatus."  Mista cowered in fear. His ass was vibrating with the force of 1000 french instagram notifications. 

"Please no, anything but that!" He had just had his ass privleges reinstated, and he couldnt bare the thought of parting with it so soon. "HOW WILL I GAME????"

"Tch, you pleb." Bob chuckled darkly. "No one will ever be able to game again, not after I become the ULTIMATE TWITCH STREAMER!"

Just as he was about to attach the de-assing apparatus to Mista's quivering cakes, a dvd sliced off the top of his hair.


Mista had weaponized the only collectors copy of Shark Tale in France, Le Tale de Le Fucking Shark.

"More like Sideshow BALD!" Mista did a spinning ass kick, but wrong move, Guido. The de-assing apparatus is now sucking the fat from your fat squishy ass.

Bruno watched in horror as Mista's ass was sucked into the de-assing apparatus, he had truly failed his platonic male friend.

All Might began to feel a disturbance as he floored it through the nth dimension. Each gram of fat sucked out of Mista's ass was like part of his soul being sucked out with it.

"Ooohh.... Sir Speedwagon OHHHH!" 

All Might heard the noises in the back of the bus, he now knew he had forgot to check for stowaways. All Might parked the bus, and ran to the back to check.

Speedwagon was balls deep in Squidward's thick octopus ass.

"Oh my SIRE!" Squidward crooned "I am a squid, not an Octopus" 

Speedwagon didn't care, he was clappin' octopus cheeks regardless of logic. 

"Now now Squiddy boy," Speedwagon's cock twitched as he spoke. "It looks like you've activated my trap card." At that exact moment Speedwagon hit the whoa and hit the g spot at terminal velocity, causing the cephalopod to grow two extra legs. 

It really was a tentacle porn. 

All Might watched in horror and intrigue and horror again. He wondered if he could grow another pair of limbs like this.

"That's not very plus ultra of you." All Might said.

"Who made you the boss of this bus?" Captain America's ass spoke.

Fake Keanu Reeves awaited for All Might in the Gender Neutral Bathroom Full of Racist Graffiti.

"I AM HERE!" All Might burst in, having another set of arms with him. (It's implied All Might and Speedwagon had sex.)

Fake Keanu Reeves raised an eyebrow