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The Heirs

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Jing Ran was the owner of one society of design and architecture for many buildings and things about culture.
He was in competition always with the company "Oolong" where the guy who owned the company have always flighted against Jing Ran.
Jing Ran have always fought back and not let down.
The owner of the Oolong company have one son called Yang Xiuxian, he was supposed to be the next owner of the company.
When they will win against the company of Jing Ran and take his company.
But Yang Xiuxian didn't really care about all of this, he liked doing party and throw some money.

He was called at one of the meetings of his dad but wasn't excited to go there because he doesn't care about the company.
They showed the picture of their rival Jing Ran and Yang Xiuxian in is head had one illumination and was thinking "He is the most beautiful person I have ever seen, he is just handsome" so he blurts in big voice "I will be the spy of the company"

The dad of Yang Xiuxian said "You are not serious, you don't care, you should stay behind all of this, and you are my son people will know about you"

Except no-one cared about Yang Xiuxian who was the son of his dad, so he typed his resume to the company of Jing Ran who was looking for a new assistant
He waited for the answer and now that he knows about him and his company he had one plan, he wanted this Jing Ran, he wanted to have sex with him, he wanted maybe more and it's was the first time.
So he sends chocolate and flowers at Jing Ran in an anonymous way.

Jing Ran was surprised by this gift and his secretary of Jing Ran say "You have one secret admirer".

Jing Ran was a little blushing about this, he tried to not show it and he said to his secretary "They are so so"

And she was laughing under her mouth then Jing Ran says "I don't have time for admirers"

But as soon the secretary have left he put the flowers in one case, and veery week he had new flowers.


Some weeks pass and then Yang Xiuxian had the green light to be in the company.
He had to do one good impression and was at the meeting where Jing Ran was here to give directives.
And Yang Xiuxian was just in shock, he was just so good looking so handsome in face to face.
He couldn't say anything, he couldn't stop looking at him.

All his thoughts were "I want to be with him, I want to kiss him"

Then after the reunion, he thinks he have one stupid crush because he was sure it's will last the day they will have sex. Because it's will be one night stand only.

Since he was the assistant of Jing Ran, Yang Xiuxian works with him and saw that little by little he is not like the other could say.
He is one hard worker who is not a lot out, he doesn't eat with the others.
And leave after everyone else, he knew he was the boss but he needed to be a little out.

So he had one idea he will try to invite Jing Ran to eat with him for lunch

"Jing Ran, I have made a reservation for both of us in this restaurant, it's had a good review and I was looking to try it and since you have not eaten yet, I invite you"

Then Yang Xuixian stopped in what he could say because he noticed the flowers in the vase

"what are you smiling for" ask Jing Ran

And Yang Xiuxian answer "Nothing- I just think those flowers are really nice, who sent them?"

And Jing Ran couldn't answer because he doesn't know the answer.

Yang Xuixian was thinking "He have kept my flowers, maybe I should continue to send them maybe"

The lunch was okay, even if they didn't talk a lot because of the fact, it's was awkward between them.
But they were trying to talk about other stuff that the work.

"I'm glad I have taken the reservation, here because the food is good"

"Yeah, I agree and thanks for have invited me, I realize maybe it's should have been me who invite you since you are my assistant but I was busy"

"It's okay I understand, maybe the next time it's would be your turn" say Yang Xiuxian while smiling.

Little by little Yang Xiuxian have réalise that Jing Ran is lonely because he works too much, he leaves after everyone, he eats only when he proposes him to come with him.
It's good that he have seen some restaurant that he wanted to try to proposing them with Jing Ran.
When sometimes he leaves at night he saw that he doesn't leave at all.
It's at this moment that Yang Xiuxian have realized that he wanted to take care of him and maybe cherish him because he deserved to be loved.
Except it's was the first time that Yang Xiuxian had this feeling, he never feels that for anyone.


Some days after Yang Xiuxian decided to leave and that Jing Ran was still here and ask him "Why are you still here?"

"I wanted to finish this, you can leave, I will close everything when I finish" with a little smile

"Maybe I should rest with you and we could have one late dinner in one nice place just for relaxing because you seem stressed"

Jing Ran was stressed because of all the due projects, and this guy in front of him Yang Xiuxian was a little mystery about him and he began to feel weird around him.

"Okay, I accept," said Jing Ran.

And they left for one little place who looked cozy. They were talking about some stuff and they were ordering food when the waiter says "HI Yang Xiuxian it's been a while since I didn't see you, you didn't call me after the last time between us, I miss you"

The waiter was totally flirting with Yang Xiuxian because they had one night stand some months ago before Yang Xiuxian meets Jing Ran.

"Damn, why I have chosen this place, it's will leave one bad impression for Jing Ran but why I react like this it's not like I want to date Jing Ran" was thinking Yang Xiuxian

"I was busy and then between us, I'm sorry but it's was just fun"

Yang Xiuxian didn't see the face of Jing Ran who had his fist curled he was a little upset and in his head at Jing Ran he was thinking "Oh…", he felt something like jealousy. And it's been a while since he didn't feel like this.

"Yang Xiuxian, I'm sorry but I will leave, you could chat with him" and he was leaving

When he was outside Yang Xiuxian catch him and say “I’m sorry- I haven’t talked to this person in some time so I don’t know why they approached me.”

Jing Ran had one calm face in front of Yang Xiuxian but he was Bolling hard and say to Yang Xiuxian “Why are you trying to explain yourself? You can do whatever you want with your life, it’s not my business. Just don’t let it distract you from work.”

Then Jing Ran left and Yang Xiuxian was just outside the restaurant and he doesn't know what to do or what. He was speechless, he was so lost.

Jing Ran when he arrived at his home was a little in the same state because he kinda liked him, and it's been a while since he was like this.
He cared about Yang Xiuxian and then say "I really like this guy but how it's can work he is my assistant at the company"

He was really sad and disappointed because he didn't think that Yang Xiuxian was a playboy with multiple conquests.

The next day at work it's been awkward where Yang Xiuxian doesn't know how to act with Jing Ran, Jing Ran was like calm but he was more serious, he had put back his shell and was more hard worker than before.
He doesn't have to fall for him.

Yang Xiuxian décide to maybe prove to him he could work hard and that he can trust him.
He have ordered some food for both of them and takes it to Jing Ran "Your lunch is here if you don't want to be outside"

"You can keep it and eat it, I don't think I will eat," said Jing Ran

And for the first time, Yang Xiuxian takes his strong voice and say to Jing Ran"You need to eat or you will be sick and tired, so you will eat this. "

The dad of Yang Xiuxian called him one day at work to say" You have to come back soon at the company, we need you at the company".

He had soon also one meeting with the team of Jing Ran so he had to find an excuse "Boss, I'm sore but I have to take some moment of leave, I have one issue at home, and I can't be here for the meeting. I will be back soon"

And Jing Ran said "Okay, I hope everything will be okay for you"

When he arrives at the company of his father, his father says that they have found some stuff for destroying Jing Ran and his company That they are not trustable. That he will pay some journalists and media to tell how much it's a bad company.

Then Yang Xiuxian says "But that's not true, he's not like that."

And his father looks at him with one weird look and say "How would you know?"

Yang Xiuxian panic à little because his dad doesn't know that he works for Jing Ran and says "Uh- I don't know, he just doesn't seem to be that type of guy."

At the end of the meeting, Yang Xiuxian was sad because he cared about Jing Ran and he will watch him be destroyed by his dad. He hated this.

He worked with a sad smile for days because the campaign was launched and it's was so bad at the company, they were all sad Jing Ran was really upset. He doesn't talk at him anymore.
Except for one time when they were in one bar for sorrow and that Yang Xiuxian have tell him "I'm so sorry it's all my fault, I just hope you will forgive me one day"
And Jing Ran have told him "What are you talking about?"

"Nothing" say Yang Xiuxian

2 days after Yang Xiuxian was going to give coffee to Jing Ran and when he arrived he saw that he was talking and watching him and he was feeling uncomfortable "What the fuck is he doing here?" and then the guy leave.

Yang Xiuxian put the coffee in the table and then Jing Ran get up and closed the door and he pushes Yang Xiuxian against a wall "What are you doing boss, what's going on?"

"What are you doing here?"

Yang Xiuxian answers "What's going on? What did I do?"

Jing Ran was so angry and say "I know you are the son of the company oolong, you think you can fool me and use me again like, in the beginning, Were you pretending to be nice to get information out of me?"

Jing Ran grabs Yang Xiuxian by his shirt and push him against all the wall and say angrily "I trusted you, you were so kind, I thought you really were a good friend- even sending me these flowers-"

Yang Xiuxian was so surprised Jing Ran knew about that and he had his eyes wide.

Jing Ran says "Yeah, I know you are the one sending me flowers, I asked someone to investigate. I should have been more careful when I have received the flowers with the meaning then after when I saw you with all these people in the bar where we are. I should have known you were this kind of person after that day at the restaurant."

Yang Xiuxian was feeling so bad he thought he was like he was before and that his reputation will ruin it, he was feeling his heartbreak since Jing Ran is also being really mean telling him he's shady and not a good person. He is not like this anymore.
And he said "I'm sorry Jing Ran, I never wanted to hurt you, I didn't want to be involved in this, I should have told you when I have heard what they wanted to to do you, I'm so stupid. Please forgive me…"

But Jing Ran was so upset and say "I believed in you, I had trusted you, I have shared my life with you and you have destroyed me. How I was so naive to believe in your talk. And maybe everything was a lie when you told me that you would support me and help me all the time. That you told me you care about me. I thought maybe we could be good friends or more I thought maybe you being in my company would make you a better person because maybe you had something bad. But I just can't believe you have used me. "

And Yang Xiuxian continue to say "Please I beg you I didn't want to hurt you, I didn't want all of this. I was very sincere with you all the time and I totally mean what I have told all the time."

Jing Ran would slam something and say "I was ready to open my heart to you when the contract would have been okay before the contract was lost because of the bad press, I was ready to ask you to come with me for the event, to maybe invite you to dinner for thank you for everything and maybe tell you that I like you. But I was so stupid "

Yang Xiuxian have his heartbreak because he really cared about Jing Ran he really loves him, he was in denial during all this time but he all of this really read reinforce his feelings for him. He have stopped everything the day he have meet Jing Ran.
It's was the first time he really feel like this and he finally breaks down and especially when he saw Jing Ran looking at him with anger, disappointment, and betrayal. So he said "I know you won't believe me but I mean it, my feelings are real and I never wanted to hurt you. I know at the start I was just being lead by my hormones but with time I noticed how amazing you are and hardworking you are. I slowly started falling in love with you and it's the first time I have ever loved anyone, please believe me."

But Jing Ran was too angry and feeling too betrayed to say anything nice but he said "You are right, I don't believe anything you are saying, how could I? I don't even know who you are anymore."

"It's me... You know me, I know I've hidden things from you like who I am but everything else has been sincere," say Yang Xiuxian

Jing Ran let's go of Yang Xiuxian shirt, he take the flower and put them in the trashcan "I can't trust you anymore. Get out, there's no reason for you to be here anymore. Get out!"

Jing Ran was so angry and heartbroken, he had tears in his eyes, he was not the only one Yang Xiuxian was the same and when he was out of the building he was crying harder when he arrived he open the first bottle of alcohol he had for a drink it all.

After this, Jing Ran worked hard to bring back the company like the company was before and he would not think at Yang Xiuxian it's was not his first heartbreak so he is used to this.

But on the side of Yang Xiuxian it's was his first heartbreak, he doesn't have leave his home at all, he just drinks alcohol and he doesn't eat at all.
He had one friend from the company who have tried to check on him and he was scared when he found Yang Xiuxian passed out in the kitchen floor.
So the friend called Jing Ran"Boss, I'm sorry to bother you but I don't know what to do- Xiuxian is passed out on the kitchen floor and he won't wake up!"

Jing Ran was a little alarmed by this because even if he was angry at him but he was worried at all." I arrive soon"

He takes his car and he goes at the flat of Yang Xiuxian he carries him to his car and then takes him to the hospital where they explain at Jing Ran that apparently Xiuxian was malnourished, with too much alcohol in his system and apparently really tired.
Jing Ran was a little sad because he didn't know that Yang Xiuxian could be like this, and also that he loved him so much but he still mad at him. He was at his side in the hospital room, he have take his hand and also decides to give him some flowers.
So when Yang Xiuxian wake up and see the flowers he was thinking at himself "It's like the flowers I have give it to Jing Ran, so he wonders if Jing Ran was here for a little moment or more.
And then his friends say" Jing Ran have buy you these flowers, he is the one who was at your side all the time, he just have left for one meeting "

Yang Xiuxian was smiling, he was happy.

When he was released from the hospital, he was still a little sick but he couldn't wait anymore and goes at the office, he still walked slowly he looked sick and when he arrives at the office of Jing Ran he was surprised "What are you doing here?! You are supposed to be resting, why are you not in the hospital? Don't think you are forgiven so easily-"

Jing Ran couldn't finish his talk that Yang Xiuxian was close to him, cups his face, giving him a big kiss in the middle of Jing Ran.

Jing Ran returned the kiss, Yang Xiuxian was sit on his lap, and they makeout.

Before that Jing Ran had one meeting where he have learned that someone has tried to help Jing Ran and his company about the rumor and it's was in one defamation lawsuit.
It's was Yang Xiuxian who have do this to help Jing Ran and clean his name because they now know that he was against his dad. Is was anonymous the leaks but Jing Ran knew it's was this guy who just walked on his desk.

"I know you haven’t forgiven me yet.. but can we start again?”

And that’s how they introduce themselves again and Yang Xiuxian says" You would like to have dinner with me tonight, where I would like to come clean to you and be totally honest.

Jing Ran was supposed to say mad at Yang Xiuxian but he can't when he looks so adorable like this, he even takes his hand and Yang Xiuxian had told him "Gege, are you really holding my hand right now?"

Jing Ran had a little chuckle and say "It's a little reward for being so honest with me tonight and you are cute with your puppy eyes and I wanted to hold your hand" and then he kiss him "Maybe later if you are good you can have more rewards, but maybe you have to work harder"

So Yang Xiuxian answer him "I want to be serious with you, so I will not ask you to come with me except if you want, but we can wait a little I don't mind I want to show you how much I'm serious to you"

Yang Xiuxian decided also to show him he was still serious by sending him more flowers with the meaning "I love you".
And when Jing Ran saw them he smiles and when he saw him smiling it makes him happy.


Some weeks later the relationship between Jing Ran and Yang Xiuxian is almost official and some friends of the dad of Yang Xiuxian have seen them.
So the dad of Yang Xiuxian knew about their relationship and he was pretty upset.
Yang Xiuxian was summoned by his dad "Why are you with him? Do you know he is our enemy"

"Dad I don't care, he is not my enemy, he is the man I love and I refuse to lose him like last time. You want to destroy it, it's the first time I'm in love in one relationship"

Then Yang Xiuxian shouts "It's over dad, you have no influences right now, You can cut ties with me or even cut the money, I'm still your son and I will fight you I'm not scared" and he leaves after this.

When he arrive at the office and see Jing Ran, he was a little sad and Jing Ran say "What's happen? Tell me"

"For prove that I'm with you, honest and totally serious I have cut ties with my dad" admitted Yang Xiuxian

Jing Ran tell him "You did that for me? You are an idiot." he also chuckle a little and take Yang Xiuxian in his arms and kiss him everywhere and he said "Don't worry, you can work for me now. And don't worry about money, I'll take care of you."

Yang Xiuxian was a little sad and said "I can't offer you more huge flowers"
Jing Ran answer him "I don't need flowers, I just need you"

Yang Xiuxian kisses him, they make out a lot and he like be on Jing Ran's lap.

Between kiss Jing Ran say to Yang Xiuxian "Tonight you go with me at my home and Bring your things over, from now on you will stay with me." with one big smile

Yang Xiuxian was so surprised but he was smiling Widely he couldn't stop hugging Jing Ran he had almost tear in his eyes and say "You don't know how much I care so much about you and I would help and protect you, I don't want to be without you."

Jing Ran kiss his lip and say "Maybe we could leave early so you can search for some clothes before going to mine"


They finished work early where Jing Ran drove to Yang Xiuxian place, he was with him when they enter his home and see the dad of Yang Xiuxian here.

"Can we talk? It's really the end of our family" said the dad of Yang Xiuxian

Yang Xiuxian doesn't answer at all and just takes some bags and begun to put a lot of clothes.
Jing Ran was smirking and he was near Yang Xiuxian and kiss him in front of his dad then he looked at the dad of Yang Xiuxian "You are an idiot for letting go of your son so easily. You have no idea how amazing he is, it's your loss. He's all mine now and there's nothing you can do about that."
Yang Xiuxian was so speechless then Jing Ran says to him "You have everything and if you miss something just tell me and I will help you" and he take his hand and kiss his hand.

When they are in the car Jing Ran say to Yang Xiuxian "Everything I said in front of your dad I mean it, I admit I wanted to piss him off but I also mean everything I said. I'm truly going to take care of you from now on."

Yang Xiuxian had tears in his eyes, Jing Ran wipes his tears and ruff his hair and say "You have me now, I'm finally with you. Everything is gonna be alright"

When they arrive at the home of Jing Ran, Yang Xiuxian kiss him and say "I want to show you how much I love you, please can I show you"

They kiss until they lead into the bed and Yang Xiuxian thought he would be on top of Jing Ran but it's was him who was his back on the bed, Jing Ran was totally pinning him, Jing Rn have totally turned Yang Xiuxian.

"Why I'm not on top anymore" say Yang Xiuxian

"Because I decided it's was much better like this," says Jing Ran with a smirk

This night it's was one passionate night where Jing Ran have also shown him that he is a little possessive.

Yang Xiuxian discover it little by little when Jing Ran arrives with handcuff or begun to leave lots of love bites on Yang Xiuxian and one morning when he watches himself in the mirror he said "You finally marked as yours, I dreamed of this so much"

He began to go to work with low cut shirt just because he is proud of all of this.

Unfortunately, their honeymoon phase passes quickly because they had problem coming where the father of Yang Xiuxian have accused Jing Ran of stealing his child. And that he have no longer a child.
Some at the office were kinda upset about this because of who is the dad of Yang Xiuxian and Jing Ran notice it so when he is with Yang Xiuxian and they began to watch him strangely, Jing Ran defend him.

"If you are against us, you can leave the society I don't mind it" say Jing Ran very angry during one meeting

Yang Xiuxian begun to feel a little sad about that and Jing Ran saw it, so he treated him with good dinner and also Jing Ran says "I will prepare one statement about what happens and maybe you can do something too"

The also planned one press conference and Yang Xiuxian arrive holding hands and he said "My dad have used me to do what he wanted for be the big company and stole everything of Jing Ran, I was against what he was doing, I regret be part of his movement (even if Jing Ran doesn't know that that it's Yang Xiuxian who have had the initiative of be himself at the company because he was stuck at his beauty), he wanted to destroy Jing Ran and I can't do let it do this. So I have finally fought against him and he throws me up when he knew that I was against him and that I was with Jing Ran. Since he wanted revenge, that why we had all this threat against the company "

Little by little things being calm until one night where they were working late at the office without security than one guy arrives with a knife.
When Yang Xiuxian saw the guy with the knife he knew what happen, he have heard from one of his friends that his dad was planning the big revenge.
He can't imagine he would use someone to stab us.

So Yang Xiuxian stand in front of Jing Ran like a shield and say "You will not touch him, I will protect him, it's me that you want" but Jing Ran push Yang Xiuxian "Yang Xiuxian I have told you I will protect you and I will do it now"

Jing Ran gets attacked on the side of his torso, Yang Xiuxian was so shocked but Jing Ran with some strength he had inside him punch the guy, and the guy falls down.

Yang Xiuxian was crying but manage to call one ambulance and say to Jing Ran "I will not leave you, I will stay at your side, I wanted to protect you but it's you who have protected me" he said this while crying in his arms.

Yang Xiuxian doesn't leave him at all, he says that he is the lover of Jing Ran, he stayed in his room until he wakes up.
Even if it's was very serious, Yang Xiuxian was so scared and so sad that he have taken the hand of Jing Ran and say "I love you"

Jing Ran wake up and say "Did I hear if that you love me?" he said with a small laugh

"You make me so scared…"

"I'm here, I will not leave you and I love you too"

The next day Jing Ran was a little recovering that he was joking with Yang Xiuxian and say "So you will be my nurse in bed for when we got home, you can be sexy with some nurse dress as cross-dressing" and Xiuxian is totally blushing when the police are here for tell them the news.

They learn that the guy was from Yang Xiuxian dad and that he wanted to hurt them or maybe just Jing Ran because he planned to take the company of Jing Ran and make him lose everything.
So the father of Yang Xiuxian was in jail and now Yang Xiuxian was the inherited of the company when he talk to this to Jing Ran, Jing Ran says "We can merge it and be the most biggest company in China"

Jing Ran wanted to leave hospital but Yang Xiuxian was against it and say "Are you crazy? You just got stabbed, you are not going anywhere until the doctor says you can. I will make sure you will not leave, I'm gonna keep you company, and as for your company they can deal without you, you just need to take a rest for a little moment until it's healed and I will make sure of it"

And Jing Ran say laughing "Yes my nurse"

Yang Xiuxian answer him "You see me with the nurse cosplay" and Jing Ran tells him "You will be damn sexy".

Yang Xiuxian was so red and blushing and kiss Jing Ran and say "Anything you want my prince"

But what he didn't know is that Jing Ran was on Taobao and have ordered the nurse cosplay and he was smirking because he knew the size of his lover.

When they return home, one package was here and Jing Ran knew what it's was and he was so grinning and laughing and he says "You have told me I should rest and That you will take me of me, you told me that you will be my nurse so I brought you some little clothes so go try for it"

Yang Xiuxian answers him "You kidding me?" and Jing Ran says "What it is?" Yang Xiuxian couldn't say nothing so he just says "Nothing"

Then he goes put the cosplay and Jing Ran love it, and say while kissing "My nurse, please take care of me well, I trust you"

Jing Ran loved this cosplay and even teased him by telling him "My dear nurse I need you to heal me somewhere" will grabbing his crotch

When they return at work they are totally relaxed like if they had vacations and Yang Xiuxian wear some love bites and Jing Ran was always near him and have his arms around his waist

The tease still continued when Yang Xixiaun call Jing Ran in his office where they thought they were alone but he was on speaker and he used his nurse voice "how is my patient today? do you need any help?"

And that how everyone knew that Yang Xiuxian when Jing Ran asks him It's will take some time to see him out of the office
Jing Ran say to him during one of his quickies "You know that my office is a little soundproof"

Yang Xiuxian is still a little blushing about this but Jing Ran says "Let them hear how I pleasure you, how they will know you are only mine"

Jing Ran was never like this before but it has all changed thanks to Yang Xiuxian and joke with it and say "You have corrupted me Before I meet you I was vanilla, I had a little experience and didn't know I was into all of this but being with you have changed everything"

Yang Xiuxian was proud of this even if he didn't know he could had this effect.
And now all he could think is that maybe Jing Ran will want to try stuff and he was thinking "Maybe he will gag me next or maybe he will make wear some toys" and just thinking of it he was aroused because he thinks that Jing Ran can totally do that.

And he was not wrong when one night Jing Ran have put him one butt plug vibrating while they had to go to one event.

"Just so you know I have the remote," he said with one smirk.

Jing Ran loved it because he saw how Yang Xiuxian was reacting to that, and Yang Xiuxian looked at him and he was having his innocent smile in mode "What did I do, darling"

Yang Xiuxian was telling at the ear of Jing Ran "When the event finish please, I want we go home" he was so hard and it's was so obvious

And Jing Ran answer him "Soon I promise" and he kisses him while having one hand on his ass then he said "Be nice, because I don't think you want to be punished, so you will rest near me"

"Yes, daddy," said Yang Xiuxian at his ear.

"Good boy"

Yang Xiuxian can't believe he become one slutty boy/playboy to good boy. He loves reward, he loves that because he finally found love.


One night they were at one restaurant where Yang Xuixian was happy to be here with Jing Ran and unfortunately he saw someone with who he had fucked.
So the guy was here and tried to flirt with him "Do you want one repeat of last time? I have improved"

He was really annoying because he have put his hand on his shoulder and Jing Ran was burning inside him, so he saves Yang Xuixian and punch the guy where he said "You piece of shit, how dare you touch- no, even look at what's mine. If you dare to try again, you are dead."

Yang Xiuxian when he saw he was so proud, he have one lover who will help him and protect him, in his mind he was thinking "He is mine, he is totally mine I don't want to leave him. I want to stay forever his"

When they return at home Jing Ran kiss him very hard and say "You are mine, I will not share you at all"

This night was one night where Yang Xuixian was little tied on the bed. Jing Ran was totally marking him and leave him love bites everywhere, he was teasing him.

"Be good to me, my wonderful boy"

"You torture too much, daddy" and Jing Ran kiss him hungry and tell him "It's only for your pleasure and it's was the goal of torture, you are too cute. And I know you love it"

And Yang Xixiuan scream "Yes Daddy"