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The ClueFinders: Danger on Deception Island

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The Cluefinders: Danger on Deception Island
Chapter 0: Bored

"Argh!" Joni sighed and threw down her Artliner pen. She sighed. She tried, she really did. But the results are there, in front of her, screaming at her face that Art is not her thing. Ugh. But never mind. She’s okay with that.

But not after fretting about it first.

An hour passed. Okay, back on her feet. So what should she do next? Call Santiago? And Owen and Leslie and Laptrap (and Socrates) to hang out? Recall some of the gang's old Cluefinding memories via a thick, special, colourful scrapbook she kept? Or just go downstairs to eat and try out another hobby afterwards, preferably something she's better at?

Ugh, the holidays have been so BORING since she and her best friends finished their last case and solved their last mystery last year. Now another new year has begun, and Joni has no idea what to do…...

Joni wracked her brains for something to do. She even tried making a list of what she can do and rating them by how interesting they are — one to five stars — but to no avail. Nothing in her journal excited her like it used to. Nothing is as thrilling or exciting or worthy of looking forward to or doing again as having another mystery to solve with her signature gang.

In the end, Joni gave up and decided to replay another old video game on her old computer systems. Since they crashed, she had lost a lot of her old favourite programs and pastimes so she’s determined to really appreciate them to the fullest before these dinosaurs crash again and she loses more of her everything again.

So many games were lost, but there’s still too many choices left. Joni settled for a mystery-clue-finding game that takes place in the American Pacific Northwest. When she’s not solving cases out there, she's in her den here solving cases digitally.

The Pacific Northwest…… Why does it remind her of one of her cases that also happened in the same place? It was so long ago. But yet Joni can’t help, as she holds the file casing of her video game, but go through a scene-by-scene flashback……