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“Marc What Happened?”

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     Nathaniel smiled at the progress on the comic he had made that night, confident that he could finish the chapter before Monday. He was about to start on the next panel, he smiled when he saw Marc’s name pop up. 


I think we should see other people


     The smile quickly fell as he read the message. Opening the app to make sure he wasn’t missing anything. Tears started falling immediatly



Marc please whats wrong?

Did I do something?

What happened?

Please answer me   

Read 11:38 pm


     Nathaniel curled into a ball crying his heart shattering into a million pieces. He shakily picked up his phone. Calling Alix. 


     “What do you want Kurtzberg it’s nearly midnight? Nath? Are you okay what happened?” She asked when she heard his sobs. 


     “Marc..broke up with me..” 


     “What why? What happened?” She asked


    “I don’t know, he won’t respond to any of my texts and just said we should see other people,”


    “I’ll be over in ten with ice cream,”


     Marc has never been in this much pain. He thought his parents words and fists would be the worst thing he could have experienced, but nothing hurt worse then the heartbreak of having to break up with Nathaniel. To see his confusion when he got his message. The pain he knew he caused. But he had to, he couldn’t endanger Nathaniel like that. And he was never going to be allowed to go to school again. It was better to leave him with a bitter memory then missing him. 


     His left eye was nearly swollen shut, guaranteeing that he would be left with a painful black eye tomorrow. At least he  couldn’t see everything that reminded him of Nathaniel. 


     His only respite was that his parents both worked tomorrow, leaving him alone, but away from them.


     He woke up to a pounding in his head and at the door. He rolled out of bed, his stomach in note as he thought about having to face someone. He opened the door immediatly curling in on himself when he saw Alix. Looking pissed. 


    “What the hell Marc? What happened between you and Nate? And seriously!? I get you have anxiety but you couldn’t even be bothered to explain yourself!?” Marc flinched away slowly raising his head to look at her before looking away again. 



     To say Alix was pissed would be an understatement. But she was also confused, something wasn’t adding up and she was going to figure what the hell was happeneing. So one Nathaniel was cheered up and agreed to go to the movies with Luka so he wasn’t third wheeling Juleka and Rose, Alix skated her way to Marc’s house, banging incessantly at the door. 


     She had just started ranting when Marc looked up at her. His eye was black and swollen, there was a cut on his lip and his nose had definitely been bleeding. Something was very wrong.


     “Oh my god, Marc are you okay?” Marc looked back up at her in shock before slowly shaking his head, tears forming in his eyes. She stepped forward, shutting the door behind her and wrapping him in a hug. It wasn’t ideal since she was a foot shorter than him but she did her best. Marc practically collapsed into the hug, finally letting out all the emotions he had to keep locked up last night. The pain and fear suddenly too much to handle. 


     “C’mon,” Alix said softly once he stopped crying leading him to the kitchen so she could hopefully address his wounds. She quickly got him an ice pack for his eye and got to work finding a face cloth to clean off the blood. 


     “Why are you helping me?” Marc mumbled hiding in his hoodie. A hoodie that definitely used to be Nathaniel’s if the size was any indication. 


     “Because you’re my friend, and because I can tell that there’s something else going on, and I’m not going to abandon you until I can understand why you did what you did,” She glossed over the breakup, not wanting to distress him more. 


     “But I hurt Nath,” 


     “Yeah, but you didn’t want to,” she gently wiped the blood off his face, careful to make sure she didn’t aggravate any cuts that were hidden underneath. 


     “Thanks Alix,” he gave her an unsure smile. 


     “Of course,” the pair fell into a comfortable silence, even though both knew the question was coming. 


     “Who did this to you?” Alix asked, terrified of the answer. Marc looked away, biting his lip and looking around as it afraid he would be caught. 


     “My parents,” he whispered. 


     “Oh my god Marc,” Alix pulled him back into a hug before deciding what she had to do. 


      “C’mon, we’re packing your shit and getting the hell out of here,” she dragged him to his room. 


     “What? But my parents would be so mad if I left, they’re not even letting me go to school anymore if I just left they would kill me!” 


     “Only if you come back,” She paused from packing his many journals and pencils into a bag, looking him in the eyes. 


     “But where would I go?”


     “Mari’s? my place? Rose? Kim? Max? Even Juleka and Luka would find space for you! Hell probably even Chloé would help you! Point is, almost all of our friends would take you in in a heartbeat,” Alix listed off with more conviction and charisma then she knew possible. 


     “Okay,” Marc took a deep breath before smiling, “let’s get the hell out of here,”