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History Means Everything... And Nothing

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“Yes, sunbeam?” Ardyn smiled as he sat on the floor opposite his son. Prom was putting blocks into Ardyn’s hat again and because Prom did it so often he let him get away with it. No one else could touch his hat though. Only his precious darling Sunbeam could because he was perfect and could do nothing wrong. 

“Why don’t I have a grandad?” Prom asked with confusion in his voice. “Cause uncle Regis and Noct call uncle Somnus: grandad. I was just wondering why I don’t have one.” 

Ardyn shrugged his shoulders. The royal was more surprised that he hadn’t been asked this question by his three-year-old son before now. The question made no odds to Ardyn, but he was glad that Prom had asked him and not Cor, well he hoped he hadn’t anyway. His husband was still a little touchy on the subject of his parents so it was better that Ardyn was the one doing this.   

“Because my own dada isn’t alive anymore.” Ardyn said truthfully. 

“Oh sorry, dada.” Prom gasped, placing his hands to his mouth thinking he had upset his dada. 

Ardyn just laughed and reached over to ruffle his son’s beautiful golden hair. “Do not fret sunbeam. He died a very long time ago, long, long before Niflheim was even a nation. To be honest my darling, I can’t remember what he looks like or what his name was anymore.” 

“Does that make you sad?” 

Ardyn paused for a moment. It shouldn’t make him sad. Neither he or Somnus spoke about their parents, especially not to one another at least. If it came up in conversation with Cor or Regis, Ardyn would talk about them but other than that… no. He never thought about either of them anymore. Actually being asked that question it did make Ardyn think… it was very sad that he couldn’t even remember the name of the man that had raised him, loved him and kept him safe from the daemons before they knew about his gift of healing. That was probably Ardyn’s own fault. Daemonifying people and taking their memories along with his old age wasn’t going to let him sort any happy memory about his father. But did that didn’t mean Ardyn was sad about it right? No, he wasn’t.   

Ardyn shook his head and gave Prom a smile. “No.” 

“What about daddy, does he have a dad?” Prom asked, picking up Ardyn’s hat and emptying it out. Once it was empty, Prom ended up putting more bricks into it again. 

“He did. But he died too.” 

“That’s sad.” 

“Not for daddy.” Ardyn grumbled, with a hint of venom in his voice. Durum Leonis was incredibly lucky he kicked the bucket before Cor met Ardyn. Otherwise, Ardyn might have killed that man himself. 

“Huh?” Prom asked, not understanding what his dad was on about. Prom crawled over to Ardyn and sat in his lap waiting to get more clarification. 

Ardyn kissed Prom’s forehead and decided to just tell Prom. It wasn’t like Cor was going to do it and he wouldn’t mind, he would probably prefer it that Ardyn did it for him. “Daddy didn’t get on with his dad and umm… unfortunately, when he died, daddy was left all alone. I didn’t get the chance to meet his dad. From what daddy has told me about him Sunbeam, you wouldn’t want that man as your grandad.” 

Durum Leonis wasn’t the nicest of people. He and his wife preferred selling and using drugs over looking after and loving their only son when they were alive. Cor had to learn from a very young age to look after himself and steal to feed himself all thanks to them. They never paid Cor much attention either. They would do the bare minimum of what was required of them so Cor wasn’t taken off of them, but that wasn’t enough. Apparently they couldn’t even die right. They got murdered by drug dealers in their own home, while a 12-year-old Cor hid himself away in a another room so he didn’t meet the same fate. Ardyn would have loved to resurrect the pair and kill them himself after hearing that but unfortunately, Ardyn couldn’t do that. And when Cor told Ardyn about them, Ardyn understood why Cor didn’t like receiving affection or being affectionate towards him in public. Cor’s parents were both toxic people and it was a blessing they died really. Otherwise, Cor and Ardyn might have never of met and they wouldn’t have Prompto. 

“Well, can uncle Cid be my grandad?!” Prom’s cheery voice pulled Ardyn out his spiral hate and now he was laughing his head off at his son’s statement. “What?!” 

“Nothing. Please ask daddy that, when he gets home.” Ardyn continued to giggle, wanting to see the look on that old coot’s face if Prompto ever said that to him. That would make Ardyn’s year if he got to see it turn sour.  

“That means no.” Prom crossed his arms over his chest, knowing that when his dada said that, it was always going to be no. 

But it wasn’t for the reason Prom thought. When Ardyn said that it was because he wanted to say yes and he knew he shouldn’t simply give into his son’s demands. This time Ardyn wasn’t saying yes in case Cid killed him for it. Because the grease monkey would do that and he had that many time’s now. Prom didn’t need to know that either. 

Ardyn rolled his eyes and lent over to get his hat back. “Prompto, whatever I say uncle Cid will get snappy at me for.” 

“He doesn’t like you.” Prom laughed. 

“I know.” 

“It’s funny your scared of him.” 

“Who told you- No I am not.” Ardyn nearly shouted in shock but he just about managed to stop himself from admitting his fear over a mere mortal. 

Prom wasn’t buying it. He tried and failed to wink at his dada and laughed. “Okay.”

Cor put Prompto to bed tonight and that gave Ardyn plenty of time to sit down quietly and try to remember something about his father. He tried with his name first, but nothing sprung at him. That deeply saddened Ardyn. How could he forget his own father’s name? Did Somnus even know it now? His brother had a better chance of remembering it over him as Ardyn’s mind was filled with other’s memories he was surprised that he even remembered what Aera looked like anymore. Failing to remember his father’s name, Ardyn tried to think of a time he spent with him but again he couldn’t think of anything straight away. All the hunting and training was done with Gilgamesh and the endless games of chess were with Somnus and the sunset golden walks were with Aera, but nothing came to mind about his father. Oh wait, Ardyn remembered the day that he and Somnus receiving their swords. Ardyn recalled having it handed to him but as to the person who gifted it too him… it was nothing but a blur. Ardyn picked at his nails and sadness overcame him. Your parent and the time you spent with them was not something anyone should forget. And yet, he had. 

When Cor came into their room and got into bed with him, Ardyn knew he couldn’t keep his sudden sorrow to himself. He rubbed his hand over Cor’s chest and let go a sigh. 

“Prom asked me about our father’s today.” 

“Fun conversation.” Cor rolled his eyes, very happy that Prom hadn’t asked him. 

“No, it wasn’t. It has made me sad.” 

“Really?” Cor asked a little surprised as he rolled on to his side to get a better look at Ardyn’s face. 

Ardyn rested his hand against his husband’s face and nodded slowly. “Yes. I don’t remember anything about my father.” 

“But you remember your mother, right?” Cor reminded Ardyn, hoping that would perk Ardyn up a bit. 

“Yes.” Ardyn hummed. He remembered her but not her name. His mother was a dreamer like him and she was one of the first people to be gifted a second chance of life because Ardyn healed her. She was pretty and Ardyn shared his mother’s hair colour. But his father… he was still a mystery to him. The only thing Ardyn could conclude about what he looked like was that he had passed the traditional Lucis Caelum raven hair colour to Somnus and his line. Ardyn shrugged before speaking quietly again. “Maybe my father looked too much like Somnus and I have merged the two into one.” 

“Maybe.” Cor chuckled. Then he fell silent and thought about his own parents. The Marshal shook his head, no. He didn’t want to do that. “I would like to forget about my dad and my mum.” 

“One day you may feel differently. Memories are a very important thing. Once they’re gone… it’s quite a painful truth to swallow.” 

Cor didn’t want to see Ardyn sad. He kissed his lips softly and smirked at him. “Let’s see if we can rekindle any of your memories. Like, where you got your hair from?” 

“My mother. However, I think red hair in her family… was considered to be a bad omen.” 


That made a lot of sense now… 

Cor sat up and pulled Ardyn up with him. Cor rested his forehead against his husband’s and nuzzled into him. “You’re not a bad omen. You are defying fate Ass Hat. If anything you are a good omen and putting Bahamut in his place by being happy.” 

“You are defying my fate with me then.” 

“Of course. We’re married. I will do anything and everything with you.” 

Ardyn rubbed Cor’s thigh and kissed his husband sweetly. He loved it when Cor said things like this. It gave Ardyn hope and Cor made him feel he deserved to b happy and he was allowed to be happy. If he was honest, Cor and Prom did that by existing and being near him every day. 

However, curiosity was killing Ardyn and he wanted to ask Cor something he had never asked before. If Ardyn got shouted at he knew it would be his fault. Yet, he asked all the same. Ardyn pulled away from his husband’s lips and asked. “You don’t have to tell me, but which one did you prefer? Your mother or father?” 

“My dad.” Cor said without hesitation. There wasn’t a lot of difference between his dad and mum but at least his dad pretended to be interested in him sometimes. “Still would put a knife through his chest if he was alive today though.” 

Ardyn laughed removing his face from Cor’s. “And you tell me that I have an unhealthy relationship with Somnus.” 

“Somnus isn’t dead.” Cor shrugged.

“He should be.” 

“Let’s not think about our parents anymore,” Cor suggested, taking ahold of one of Ardyn’s arms and putting over his shoulders before he kissed Ardyn’s neck. “I just want to cuddle up with you for the rest of the night.” 

“Clingy? You don’t get clingy.” Ardyn said with his eyes going wide. What?! Why was Cor acting like this?

“I want to hug my husband. That’s not a crime is it?”

“No. It’s just not you that’s all.” 

“People can change.” Cor smiled wrapping his arms around Ardyn’s middle as he sunk into the mattress. 

“Yes, darling they can.” Ardyn returned the love and lay back down with Cor. “However, not if they are as stubborn as you.” 

Before they could get into some kind of tickle war that would probably turn into sex their bedroom door opened wide and Prompto was standing in the doorway balling his eyes out.   

“Daddy! Dada!” 

Cor sat up quickly and reached down to pick their son up when the frighten boy reached their bed. Cor held his son close to him and rocked Prom gently to try and ease his tears. Cor was worried, why was Prompto so upset? “Prom, what’s wrong?!” 

“I had a nightmare.” Prompto sniffed, half rubbing his face into his Chocobo doll and Cor’s chest. 

“Oh my Sunbeam.” Ardyn cooed, kissing the back of his head and taking ahold of Prom’s tiny hand to calm him down. 

“It’s okay. It’s over now Prom.” Cor assured him still rocking him gently. 

“No matter what happened in you’re dream it won’t ever hurt you.” Ardyn said in a comforting and soft voice.

The dream was about the ‘bad man’ and all three of them new that. But if Ardyn or Cor mentioned his name, then the tears wouldn’t stop for at least half an hour and Ardyn would have to leave the bedroom. Instead, the three sat on the bed and hugged for a couple of moments as Prom calm down. It was tough seeing Prom like this because they loved him so much but in doing this Cor and Ardyn realised it didn’t matter if they liked or could remember their own fathers. Ardyn’s upbringing was from a completely different time and Cor wasn’t taught anything. What matter now was how they raised their sunbeam and showed him how much they loved and cared for him. Nothing else mattered. Not anymore. Just Prom. 

In a teary voice, Prom looked at his dads and asked still upset. “Can I… can I stay with you tonight?” 

“One night. But back in your bed tomorrow.” Cor stated, moving Prom in between himself and Ardyn. Cor didn’t want Prom to wake up from another nightmare and neither of them to be there for him.

“Okay.” Prom nodded, holding onto his doll as he got underneath the covers and settle down for the night. “Love you daddy. Love you dada.” 

Ardyn lay down and wrapped an arm over Prom and held on to Cor’s arm to protect the pair of them as they slept. In a sleepy voice, Ardyn yawned. “Love you too, My Sunbeam. Love you, My Marshal.” 

“Love you both too.” Cor smiled, mirroring Ardyn and closing his eyes. 

Prom didn’t have a nightmare and the three of them slept peacefully in each other’s embrace until the dawn broke.    

And Cor was late for work the next morning.