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I decided to make a little pre-chapter before actually beginning the story for this one! I think it will help since this story includes all eight boys, along with their own packs, and many relationships. This is my first time doing a story including so many people, and it is also my first step into the omegaverse world. I hope that this helps even just a little bit if you'd like to read my story.




First, the packs. These are the names of the packs each boy belongs to. Hopefully having exposure to these pack names will help lessen the confusion. Also, if you would like further information on the packs, comment and I will edit this to put that in! I'm sure I will end up talking about it within the book, though.


Hongjoong: Nightshade

Seonghwa: Chrysalis

Yunho: Essence

Yeosang: Riverside

San: Eclipse

Mingi: Bloodbane

Wooyoung: Riverside

Jongho: Nightshade



Second, fur coats. I think this might help when you're envisioning the boys in their wolf form as I've decided to write them.


Hongjoong: dark brown/auburn fur

Seonghwa: pure white fur

Yunho: medium brown fur

Yeosang: light brown fur

San: black w/ grey patch fur

Mingi: dark grey fur

Wooyoung: light grey fur

Jongho: dark and light brown mix fur



Third, scent. I'm sure that this will be brought up throughout the story, so I thought I'd best put each of their scents here for pre-exposure.

Hongjoong: Ginger

Seonghwa: Lavender

Yunho: Lemon

Yeosang: Vanilla

San: Rose

Mingi: Rosemary

Wooyoung: Jasmine

Jongho: Cinnamon



I'm not sure if anyone would rather be surprised with their A/B/O typing I decided on, but I'm going to put that here as well... If you'd rather be surprised, please move ahead to the first chapter!


Hongjoong: Alpha

Seonghwa: Omega

Yunho: Omega

Yeosang: Omega

San: Alpha

Mingi: Alpha

Wooyoung: Omega

Jongho: Alpha




As you can see, I didn't decide to make any of the boys a beta. I did this for two couplings that I'm excited to write since I haven't seen any before -- but I also haven't read too many omegaverse stories. Only a few! That being said, my "rules" for this universe will probably differ from other stories and I hope that is okay!


Thank you so much if you decide to continue with this story! I know it's different from what I've written before -- and it's also a big step for me character-wise.


Hopefully, I don't heck it up too badly xx I missed writing ATEEZ fics so much~


Chapter Text

Seonghwa shifts his eyes to look outside as his family is talking about how they will have to make their yearly visit to all the packs around them to ensure peace is kept.


"Word has been getting around that Bloodbane and Essence haven't been getting along as of late... They insist that Essence possesses magical abilities that they've kept hidden from all of the other packs for years. They're getting more and more aggressive about that fact, and we've received information that they are plotting an attack that will lead to war," Seonghwa's mother, Park Hyejin, says.


Seonghwa's mother has always been very assertive for an omega and this has rubbed off on Seonghwa as he's grown up. Seonghwa always admired his mother for her ability to speak confidently in front of the alphas of the pack, and their family. Seonghwa learned a lot from her, but he does not want to engage in this conversation. He's never liked talk of war. He's never been much of a talker in general, actually.


"We're going to have to leave tonight then, but we can't visit Bloodbane first. If we did, then they would suspect something since we typically visit them towards the end of our yearly trips. As the pack leader of Chrysalis, we must take this seriously. War is the one thing we have been trying to prevent for so many years, and we have done so successfully so far. I'm not going to allow that to change now just because of Bloodbane and their nutty assumptions of Essence," Seonghwa's father, Park Gyungho, explains, expanding on his wife's thoughts.


Seonghwa listens mindlessly to his parents' speech to the higher tier wolves of their pack, keeping his face neutral.


"While we are gone, we are entrusting the Han family in the upkeep of our pack values and pack in general. Every year, they have done a wonderful job keeping everyone in check, especially our visitors coming to learn about our customs and values," Gyungho goes on, in the end, bowing towards the Han family sitting on the left side of the table.


Seonghwa shifts his eyes once again, this time to look towards the Han family. His father has been wanting him to try and get along better with the Han's daughter, Eunji, but Seonghwa had no interest in getting to know her. Seonghwa doesn't have much interest in getting to know anyone, really.


The Han family all stand up and bow in understanding and respect towards the Park family at the head of the table.


"We must get to packing for our journey, now. I know that you all understand, and thank you for taking such wonderful care of our pack ahead of time," Hyejin smiles and also bows before all of the Park family leave the meeting house and go back to their own home to pack for their trip.


Seonghwa goes to his room and gets out his backpack. This is what they all use while traveling long distances. These backpacks are made so that when they shift into their wolf forms, it stays attached to them, so there is no issue with that. It's something that Chrysalis has used for many years since they must travel quite frequently, even aside from the Park's yearly trip around the packs. The Chrysalis pack is a decent distance away from most things, but it doesn't bother them. They've always preferred it that way, to always keep their pack grounds on the original grounds that they originated from.


Seonghwa looks out the window longingly at the pack members doing their daily duties. He dislikes having to leave his home, but he would do anything for his pack and for his family. His pack is his family. Being a male omega like Seonghwa is, is very rare for Chrysalis, and especially for the Park family. Being of pure and royal bloodline as they are, Seonghwa is basically a one in a million chance.


Because of Seonghwa's circumstances, his family raised him to be a very strong person, physically and mentally. Being raised like this, along with his pack having so many rules and values to memorize and keep at the forefront of his mind at all times, Seonghwa has grown to be distant with people outside of his family. Even within his family, Seonghwa isn't very emotive or talkative.


Seonghwa finishes packing everything he will need for the trip into his backpack and sits down on his bed to rest for a moment, knowing he will be running all night to get to the first pack they're visiting. They always stay the night at the pack grounds they visit since they have to travel so long to get to everyone. That is something Seonghwa is especially not looking forward to. He never liked the attention his family always received when they would stay with the packs. Families of each pack would always bring them gifts or food, and it always mad Seonghwa feel uneasy... Guilty, even.


"Seonghwa, come on, son. We must go now if we want to get to Eclipse by the morning," Gyungho calls from outside of Seonghwa's door.


Eclipse? Seonghwa doesn't recall ever visiting them before.


Seonghwa gets up and puts his backpack on, clasping it in the front before he opens the door for his father, looking at him with a confused look.


"We haven't visited Eclipse before, but considering Bloodbane has been discussing going to war with Essence, we need to visit every single pack this time. We must make sure that the peace is kept between all of the packs. I'll be damned if I let Bloodbane ruin the peace we've maintained for so many years," Gyungho curses under his breath, walking out to the front of their home with Seonghwa.


Seonghwa just hums, keeping his head and eyes straight as they walk, maintaining his perfect posture as they get to where his mother and two siblings, Dohyon and Areum, are. Seonghwa is the youngest out of the three, his brother Dohyon being the eldest and his sister Areum being the middle child. Dohyon has been spending a lot of time with their father recently, learning the ways to lead a pack. Seonghwa has also had these lessons, but Dohyon is an alpha male wolf and he is older, so he holds the seniority over Seonghwa. Seonghwa was never too worried, though. He knew he would never be the head of the pack like his father, but that didn't stop his discipline. Seonghwa has always followed the pack rules. He thinks back through all of his life and he doesn't think he's ever broken a rule before.


Just before the Park family is about to head out, Gyungho starts to speak, "Now, I know I say this every time we go, but make sure to be on your best behavior while we are visiting. These packs are taking us in for the night and I will not stand for any of you being disrespectful. I expect each of you to hold to our standards and rules. Punishment will be in order if you are to break our rules."


All three of the children nod and do a small bow to their father. They've all gotten this spiel before; it's the same one their father gives every time they go anywhere.






The Park family has been running for a few hours now. They're only a few minutes away from the Eclipse pack grounds and Seonghwa starts to feel a bit uneasy about the new place they've never visited before. Eclipse starts to come into view and it looks as if it's in ruin. The grounds are barren with not a lot of greens and the buildings seem like they haven't been updated in years. Are we too late? Did war already fall upon this pack?


Seonghwa's father and mother stop them before they reach the entrance.


"Eclipse is a very poor and weak pack due to a war many many years ago that wiped them of their power. I know you all were thinking why it looked so run down, so please don't bring it up to their people. Now, let's shift and greet Eclipse nicely," Hyejin explains to her children.


The three of them nod at their mother and then all go behind the trees to shift and change back into their almost regal-looking attire. Seonghwa dresses out into a traditional white robe along with his family. All of their clothing is white, as it is their pack color. All of the wolves in Chrysalis have white fur and are required to wear white clothing. They're quite hard to miss.


Seonghwa stays quiet as he and his family walked into Eclipse, being welcomed as soon as pack members see them. Everyone knows the shifters that wear white robes, they're the highest tier leaders among the wolves.


Seonghwa doesn't look around much, keeping his eyes straight ahead of himself as he walks with his family. He's stopped in his tracks when what he assumes the head alpha of the Eclipse pack comes up to greet them. Why does he look so young?


"The Park family of pack Chrysalis, welcome to Eclipse," the alpha bows deeply as he welcomes Seonghwa and his family into his territory.


Seonghwa feels something aching in the pit of his stomach as he watches the man rise up from his deep bow, but he keeps his face emotionless. He's overwhelmed by the beautiful rose scent that's radiating off the man greeting them. 


Who is this man?


Gyungho and Hyejin immediately bow back, followed by Seonghwa and his siblings.


"Thank you so much for having us, San. We appreciate you aiding our stay here while we are visiting," Gyungho is the first to reply, always being sure to show his gratitude and respect to each and every pack.


Seonghwa doesn't miss when the alpha, or San, as his father referred to him as, looks at him for a moment too long.


Seonghwa can feel his wolf inside him stirring as the ache in his stomach refuses to go away. Instead, it rises up further into his chest, rippling through his veins. Seonghwa keeps calm, maintaining his cool composure whilst a wildfire is spreading within him.


What is going on...? 


"I don't believe I've ever met any of your children, have I, Gyungho?" San asks, looking at each of them, but lingering his gaze on Seonghwa the longest. San knew right when he laid eyes on the man who smelled of lavender. This would be his mate in the future. He felt it deep inside himself, his wolf immediately yearning for the omega standing in front of him. San wonders if Seonghwa is going through a similar feeling as him right now. He can't tell, the omega seemed almost emotionless when he looked at him.


Dohyon steps forward first, bowing to San, "I am Dohyon, the eldest child of the Park family. Thank you for having us."


San smiles, nodding in respect to the eldest son.


"I'm Areum, second eldest of the Park family. Thank you for having us," Areum bows next in quick succession, smiling at San when she comes up.


San nods once more, appreciate let how distinguished the Park family truly is. Chrysalis must whip them into shape young, he thinks. He's heard that their pack is extremely strict with rules and has many celebrated customs. San doesn't know if he could ever live with so many rules to uphold.


Lastly, Seonghwa steps forward and goes into a bow, "I am Seonghwa, the youngest of the Park family. Thank you for having us," he says, almost on autopilot. The same introduction every single time they meet someone new. Seonghwa doesn't mind, he appreciates the order of things, but he dislikes so much interaction. Especially to this man. Seonghwa wants this feeling inside of him to go away. Perhaps if he just ignores it and stays away from this man San, it will go away, but even if he ignores him, he knows the scent of rose will linger.


San smiles a bit too big after Seonghwa's introduction, finding him much different from his other two siblings. He seems so closed off, so distant. San wonders what is going on inside of his head.


"It's a pleasure to meet all of you finally. Your father has visited once or twice alone, but it's nice to meet the rest of his lovely family," San says, keeping his bright smile as he turns, "Let me show you what I've prepared, come along."


San walks towards a small cluster of homes, stopping in front of one of the larger ones, "Here is where you will be staying, I hope that it is to your liking. You're welcome to roam around the grounds while you're here as well, of course. Tonight is actually a special night where all of the pack sits around a bonfire to tell stories. You're more than welcome to join us for that."


San notices how Seonghwa's expression hasn't changed much since he first laid eyes on him. He must not have felt what he did during their first meeting, San thinks to himself. 


"Oh, San. There's no need to be so formal with us, son. Relax a bit, you're young like my children. Perhaps you all could become friends or some sort in the short period we are here visiting," Gyungho suggests, always liking when his children make friends with the surrounding packs since they will soon be the heads of Chrysalis before long. Having many allies is very important in keeping peace among the pack clans.


San smiles and nods with respect, "Of course, of course."


Gyungho and Hyejin enter the home San has prepared for their family, followed by Dohyon, Areum, and lastly Seonghwa. Seonghwa keeps his eyes straight, not giving San a lasting glance as San had given him while he left to go into the home.



San can't help but smile as he watches Seonghwa go in, hoping that he likes the rooms he prepared -- well, he hopes they all like it, not just Seonghwa, of course. He laughs a bit at his own thoughts. Maybe they all will really come out to become friends. San has wanted to see new people for a long while, but due to Eclipse's low rank, no one really comes anymore. Since no one has come, the pack is no longer able to thrive, keeping it in it's weak and quite poor state.


San wasn't born yet when the war happened that stripped Eclipse of ranking and power, all he knows is he would never wish it on any other pack. He would like for peace to be kept as long as possible. San starts walking around the Eclipse grounds, wondering why Chrysalis would be visiting when they haven't before. Only Gyungho has been here previously.


Could something be stirring within one of the other packs? San can't be sure.




End of Chapter One


Chapter Text



Seonghwa sees his parents have already chosen their room, along with Dohyon and Areum, so he goes to the last room. As he enters, he looks around and nods of approval at the nicely made bed and wooden chest and desk. He removes his backpack and sets it on the desk. He's just about to begin unpacking when he hears his mother's voice.


"Seonghwa, honey, how about you and Dohyon go make friends with San? Areum and I will be going down to the ladies home your father told me about. He also said he was going to check things with the elders, so I think it would be nice for you two to spend time with San. What do you think?" Hyejin says, poking her head into the room Seonghwa settled in.


Seonghwa offers a nod in agreeance and it makes his mother smile widely.


"Great, Dohyon is out by the front door waiting for you," Hyejin replies before leaving to fetch Areum.


Seonghwa lets out a sigh once his mother leaves, unsure about being around San when his chest is still stirring with unknown emotions from their first meeting. He was hoping that he wouldn't have to see him until they would inevitably go to the bonfire he had mentioned. Seonghwa straightens himself up and leaves the room to meet his brother at the front door.


Dohyon smiles when he sees Seonghwa coming, "I see mother convinced you, huh? He seems nice, though. Father was telling me how he didn't have many people our age left," Dohyon talks as they walk out of the home, roaming around the grounds to find San, "Maybe he wouldn't mind a spar... He and I are both alphas, and I haven't had a good spar in a long time. Father said how Eclipse is thought of as weak, but they held great power at their peak."


Seonghwa walks along with Dohyon, listening to him talk. He hears him mention about sparring and Seonghwa shakes his head sternly, "You know sparring is not allowed unless supervised."


Dohyon chuckles at Seonghwa's seriousness, "Of course, but you'll be there," he winks and pats his brother's head, "My little supervisor."


Seonghwa scowls as he straightens his hair down with his hands in case Dohyon messed it up, "You know you need an elder supervisor--" Seonghwa retorts, pausing short when he sees San and he shuts his mouth. His beautiful rose scent immediately filling his nose, his wolf internally purring at the smell.


Dohyon sees San about the same time as Seonghwa, going up to him instantly while Seonghwa lags behind him.


"San, it's a good thing we caught up to you. Father wanted us to spend some time with you, being the head men of our packs and all," Dohyon says, smiling proudly.


San nods and smiles back, offering a small bow at their presence, "That sounds great, I could show you around the grounds," San says, catching a glance towards Seonghwa during his greeting, their eyes meeting for a brief moment. He feels the same burning in his chest that he felt when he first saw him, feeling his wolf roaring for his mate, but he keeps it at ease.


Seonghwa bows back in respect, giving his brother a scolding look for not bowing. Has he not been learning from father all these years? Always bow in respect to people of authority. Seonghwa's breathing hitches as his eyes meet with San's for that short moment, it taking all of his power to hold back his wolf and to keep from wincing from the feeling rising further in his chest.


Must he really endure this for the rest of their stay?


"Apologies for my brother, he is not much for talking or interaction," Dohyon explains to San.


San shakes his head, "That's alright, he's not familiar with me after all, and all of this traveling must not bode well."


"He's like this with just about everyone though, isn't that right Hwa?" Dohyon smiles and nudges Seonghwa's shoulder.


Seonghwa gives his brother a look, his eyebrows knitted. Dohyon knows his brother doesn't think much of physical contact, "Behave."


Dohyon shakes his head at Seonghwa's words. Can't he ever just have fun?


San begins to walk, "Come on, you two, let me show you around. I know it's not much compared to your grounds, but it's my home. We've all done our best to build it back up to try and make it be what it once was, but it's quite difficult with not many people capable of doing the required work."


Seonghwa and Dohyon follow behind San, Seonghwa keeping his posture upright as he walks and his eyes straight, but he keeps catching himself looking at the back of the head alpha's head. He has such a peculiar hairstyle, black with a white stripe in the front. It's so wavy, too... Seonghwa's always been intrigued every time they visit other packs at their different styles of dress, as well as their hairstyles.


"We've heard and read about the wars that happened here. We want to make sure nothing like that ever happens again," Dohyon says, and can feel Seonghwa's stern eyes from his side, knowing it's not wise to mention war.


"That is why I appreciate a family such as yours being the head of us all. Peace is a wonderful thing. The fear and worry of what happened to Eclipse hasn't crossed our minds since we know Chrysalis is holding that kind of power. You all keeping peace like you have been has truly put all of Eclipse's minds at ease, I thank you for that," San says with much gratitude in his tone as he continues to walk around the grounds, already almost towards the end.


Dohyon notices they've come to the end and there are not many people here in this part of the grounds. A smile comes across his face as he asks, "Would you be up for a spar, San?"


"Dohyon, you cannot," Seonghwa demands.


"A spar?" San laughs, "I haven't been asked for a spar in such a long while, but I'm always up for it," San says confidently, turning around to face the two brothers.


Dohyon steps forward, ignoring Seonghwa's words, "Ah, I've been wanting to spar with another top alpha for such a long time."


"Tch..." Seonghwa turns his body slightly away from the two of them, "You know the rules, Dohyon. I'll get father if you don't back down."


San smiles playfully over at Seonghwa, going over to him, "Hey, it'll be alright. We will be quick, won't we?" San says, not taking his eyes off of Seonghwa when he asks his question to Dohyon. San could feel his heart pounding intensely as he got closer to Seonghwa.


Seonghwa kept eye contact with San as he spoke to him, Seonghwa feeling himself wanting to step forward towards San, but instead, he takes a step back and shifts his eyes away. Seonghwa doesn't say anything else as San still stands there for a few seconds. He could feel his eyes still on him, along with his smile, but then San went back to Dohyon.


Dohyon smirked when San came back, "He's a stickler for the rules."


Seonghwa was sure that Dohyon just wanted to show off to the new head alpha they met, but he could feel the confidence radiating off of San. He wasn't so sure that his brother was going to win this spar.


Dohyon shifted, a large pure white wolf appearing where Dohyon's human body once stood. His white robes he was wearing fell onto the ground underneath him.


San also shifted, his wolf is not as large as Dohyon's, but the pitch-black fur and white stripe on his face showed dominance. His clothing also falling below himself, so they both move to a more clear area.


Seonghwa feels his wolf wanting to come out as soon as he lays eyes on San's wolf, finding his coat the most beautiful thing he's ever seen. Seonghwa can't take his eyes off of him, feeling his eyes soften the longer he takes him in. Why is his body reacting in this way? The last thing he would want to do is ask his parents, knowing the rules very well -- mating within their pack is only allowed with the opposite sexes. Seonghwa knows he needs to close his heart and stay away from San. He's read about the type of thing he felt when he saw San. He knows what it means. Seonghwa wipes his thoughts from his mind and focuses back on the two wolves.


Soon, they were fighting, at each other's throats. Seonghwa hasn't seen his brother spar for a few years, but he seemed to be powerful. Although, his powerful exterior fell short to San's powerful interior, having Dohyon's wolf on the ground almost instantly after their spar begun. Dohyon growled, hating how quickly he was put down. He knows it's been a while, but he couldn't be this rusty, could he?


Seonghwa held back a laugh as San's wolf got up off of his brother, Dohyon standing back up on all fours and they circle each other.


Calm down, Dohyon. Seonghwa sends to him through their pack bond.


Dohyon doesn't, not even responding, and instead goes in for another spar, but it only ends up the same way. Dohyon on the ground with San hovering above.


After a few more ending the exact same, they shift back, Dohyon going to put on his white robes.


"I didn't expect you to be such a powerhouse, San," Dohyon admits, usually good about admitting his defeat. One of his better qualities, Seonghwa thinks.


San dresses and goes back over to him, "I know of the rumors for Eclipse being weak, but I don't think much of them," San proudly smiles, happy to represent his pack's true power through himself. He knows his pack is lacking in that department, though. He knows he's the only one truly able to fight. Most of Eclipse is full of elders or younger children that they take care of. Many adults and newly turned adults leave the pack. San never wanted to leave. He knows that Eclipse can be powerful again. One day.


"I appreciate you for agreeing to spar with me. I know that I must focus more on my physical training now," Dohyon says, thinking about how he will have to ask father to spar more once they return to Chrysalis.


Dohyon sees a few children gathered, struggling to carry a big bucket filled with water, "Hey, I'll be right back," he says to them before hurrying over to help the children carry the bucket.


Seonghwa glances over to his brother, seeing him smiling happily and talking to the children as he takes the bucket to carry it for them and it makes the corners of his mouth slightly turn up into a smile.


"He likes children, does he?" San asks, smiling now that he is alone with Seonghwa. San notices Seonghwa's slight smile and his eyes sparkle at the sight, it being the first time he's ever seen him actually smile before.


Seonghwa just nods, turning his head back to San and dropping his face back down fast. He makes sure to not make eye contact with the alpha, but having his presence so close causes his insides to stir.


San's bright smile doesn't leave his face as he moves to be in front of Seonghwa's gaze, poking his head closer to Seonghwa's so he has nowhere else to look, "Are you always so uptight?" He tilts his head, looking up into Seonghwa's eyes.


Seonghwa looks back at San with an unchanging expression, taking in his soft brown eyes. His own eyes flashing gold as his wolf is begging for Seonghwa to make physical contact with San. The aching in his chest seems to flare up even more the closer the two become. Seonghwa doesn't want to accept this. It truly can't be the case. There's no way this man is his mate.


San looks behind Seonghwa, seeing that Dohyon has disappeared fully with the children, so he swiftly takes Seonghwa's hand and brings him between two buildings where they are alone and unable to be seen as easily.


Seonghwa feels the aching go away and instead turn into yearning as soon as San grabs onto his hand, feeling the electricity burning within him. Seonghwa quickly takes his hand out of San's grasp, refusing to accept these circumstances he's found himself in ever since he set foot on Eclipse grounds.


San doesn't try to reach for Seonghwa's hand again, not wanting to cross any boundaries, but he had to get him where no one could see them. He has to know.


"You feel it too, don't you, Seonghwa? Right when we saw each other...? You're my--"


"Shut up," Seonghwa interrupts, refusing for him to say those dreaded words. He won't allow this to happen. He's worked too hard for his pack and family. He won't let his loyalty falter no matter the situation he finds himself in. He's not like his brother who will loosely follow the rules and will not follow them altogether when he knows he won't get caught. It really does pain Seonghwa to be so mean towards San, "I feel nothing for you," but he must do it. This rule is one to not be taken lightly, especially for him.


San is a bit taken aback at Seonghwa's words. Does he really not feel anything? He didn't feel anything when they met? Not even now? San knows how fast his heart is beating inside his chest and he can feel his wolf craving for Seonghwa's touch again. He felt the growl from within him whenever Seonghwa pulled his hand away. There's no way... He's heard too many stories about fated mates, he knows Seonghwa is his.


"Nothing? Nothing at all?" San tries not to let his smile fade, no matter how much Seonghwa's words damaged him. He studies Seonghwa's face, unknowingly getting closer to him. Such perfectly milky skin and brown eyes so fierce they could cut right through him if he stared long enough.


"Tch," Seonghwa turns his head away from San, unable to keep looking at him. He could feel San's warm breath on his face when he had spoken, it continuing to ease the aching in Seonghwa's chest. How could he keep that stupid smile on his face after getting rejected?


Seonghwa straightens his back as well as his robe and he starts walking away from San. His body and wolf straining him as he walks, wanting him to go back to the alpha, his alpha.


San gets a bigger smile on his face when Seonghwa walks away from him, letting out a small laugh, "I'll see you tonight at the bonfire then, Seonghwa."


Seonghwa shakes his head as he keeps walking, not stopping until he gets back to the home they're staying in. He immediately goes back to his room and sits on the bed, putting his face in his hands as he rests his arms on his knees. Seonghwa can feel his wolf whining, it feeling hurt that Seonghwa is no longer with San. He can feel his chest aching again. Is this how it's going to be from now on?


A while later, Dohyon comes into Seonghwa's room, "Hey, I got caught up with the children. They needed me to help them with a few more things. How was everything with San after I left?"




Dohyon just chuckles as he enters the room, going over and sitting on the bed with Seonghwa, "I'm sorry if you're mad about the sparring, Hwa... Please don't tell father, I really just wanted to. It's been so long since father has let me spar with the rest of the pack," Dohyon explains, never having minded how short Seonghwa was with his words. He was his family and that was just his personality.


Seonghwa sighs, "I won't, Dohyon..." Seonghwa has always had somewhat of a soft spot for his brother. He's always been there for him and tried to get him out of his shell he had put himself in. Seonghwa was quite a bit more playful when he was younger, but as he's gotten older, he's been a strict rule follower and doesn't want to disappoint his family or pack. He wants to lead as a good example for all of his pack.


Dohyon lays his head against Seonghwa's shoulder and smiles up at him, "You're the best brother, even if you don't talk as much as you used to... I miss you sometimes, Hwa. Don't you ever just want to break just one teensy rule?" Dohyon lifts his hand, showing a little pinching motion with his index finger and thumb.


Seonghwa thinks about it for a moment. Has he ever wanted to break one of their rules? His mind can't help but think of Seonghwa in this moment. One rule, huh...? He lets out a sigh, letting his face fall from his normal stoic one, "Sometimes."


Dohyon lights up when Seonghwa actually answers him with something other than no, "Really?" He lifts his head up and looks at his brother's face, "I say that we should have you break at least one rule on this trip," Dohyon offers him a wink, unable to stop smiling. Their pack is always so strict, it's nice to go against every once and awhile.


Seonghwa shakes his head, "We've done enough rule-breaking already, don't you think, Dohyon?"


"I have, but you haven't"


"I am just by keeping that you did a secret, Dohyon."


Dohyon frowns, "You know what I mean, Hwa~! A real rule. Let's sneak into the girl's bathhouse tonight," Dohyon instantly turns giddy.


Seonghwa's eyebrows knit together, "We are not doing that, Dohyon."


Dohyon gives Seonghwa a playful push, "Come on, Hwa, I'm just playing around. What about holding hands with someone?" He grabs onto Seonghwa's hand.


"We're family, it doesn't count," Seonghwa says bluntly, but he remembers before when San had taken his hand to pull him between the two buildings. Did he break a rule? Seonghwa's face goes blank as he realizes what he's done. He doesn't believe he's ever broken a pack rule before. He knows that only minimal touching is allowed between non-family and non-mates. He only held it for a few seconds, that counts as minimal, right?


"There's not many people our age around here I noticed. It's really only San. Maybe that's why they wanted us to hang out with him, he must not have a lot of friends in his packs," Dohyon laughs, "Other than children and elders, of course."


Seonghwa just nods, trying to clear his mind once again.


"How is he ever going to find a mate around here? I suppose he will be one of those no-mate types."


Seonghwa thinks about what Dohyon said, "Mhm," is all he can muster, not wanting to say anything about mates.


Dohyon sighs, seeing that Seonghwa has gone back into his shell, "Well, I'm going to go put on my nicer robe for the bonfire. The sun sets pretty early here, don't you think?" He motions to the window where the sun has mostly gone down.


Seonghwa stays quiet as Dohyon leaves his room, sliding the door shut behind him. Should he put on his nicer robe for the bonfire as well? He finds himself getting up and going towards his backpack, subconsciously wanting to impress San when he sees him again. Seonghwa drops his robe, slipping into his embroidered silky white robe his grandmother had made for him.


Seonghwa looks into the long mirror, inspecting his robe and making sure he secured it correctly.


No-mate types... Is that what Seonghwa will have to be now, too?




End of Chapter Two



Chapter Text

The Park family makes their way to the middle of the Eclipse grounds where the smoke is coming up from the ground. Once they get there, they see the smoke coming from a small bonfire pit, seeing most of the pack sitting in a circle around the pit.


San turns and sees them, getting up and waving them all over. His eyes light up brightly under the colors of the fire when he sees Seonghwa coming up to him with his family, admiring the beautiful robes he changed into. He looks so incredible. San feels his wolf wanting to come out and pounce onto his fated mate. San feels a wavering in his heart when he remembers earlier today when Seonghwa told him he felt nothing for him. San knows that can't be true.


They all sit down with San around the fire, Seonghwa ending up having to sit next to San, their complementary scents instantly mixing together. Though, Seonghwa doesn't even give him a glance, keeping his eyes looking into the fire.


"I'm so glad you all came, we love to do this at least once a week so we can all be together. I find it really peaceful, and then after this, we head to the bathhouses. Do you all use bathhouses?" San asks because he's honestly not sure about a lot of other packs. San looks towards the family, but his eyes always linger back to Seonghwa.


"Yes, we use them," Gyungho answers happily, enjoying the fire in front of them. It's nice to get to relax after a long day of running.


San nods, seeing that he's relaxing and it makes him feel happy. He wonders how hard on the body it must be to have to run so much for a month straight. He finds himself worrying deeply for his mate but knows he is strong beneath all of those robes. San can't seem to take his eyes off of Seonghwa.


Hyejin notices San's interest in her son Seonghwa and it worries her a bit, having noticed how long his eyes have been longing for his ever since they arrived at the bonfire. What is going on here? She decides that she will wait for later to bring it up to Seonghwa. She lays against her husband Gyungho and enjoys the fire, instead.


San thought he could feel eyes on him, so he quickly shifts his eyes away from Seonghwa and back to the fire.


Many stories are told over the roaring fire, stories that are humorous, stories that are about childhood, and stories about love. One elder couple even talked about how they were fated mates and their love story of them finding each other.


Hearing that final story made Seonghwa's chest ache and it wasn't just from San's presence. He rests back, holding himself up with his arms, the arms of his robes covering over his hands.


San feels his heart becoming erratic as he slowly moves his hand under the arm sleeve of Seonghwa's robe, gently moving it over top of his hand. San closes his eyes briefly and hopes that Seonghwa doesn't pull away from him, needing to feel his touch. He knows that Seonghwa will be leaving in the morning... Will he ever see him again? San knows he doesn't accept him as his mate, but he sure can try while he is still with him.


Secretly, of course.


Seonghwa feels the sleeve of his robe slightly shift and then fire ignites within him as he feels San's hand moving on top of his. He knows he should move his hand away, but he leaves it there underneath San's, allowing himself to take in the power of his touch against his skin.



Just one rule.



San's body warms up as Seonghwa leaves his hand under his, the alpha's wolf internally purring for the contact with his mate. He doesn't dare look at him, not wanting to draw attention to the two of them further. It isn't much, but San is happy. He feels like this is a step, that he could be breaking through to Seonghwa. At least, that's what he thinks before Seonghwa pulls his hand away from him.


Seonghwa couldn't do it anymore, he knew what he was allowing to happen was wrong. Everyone was beginning to get up anyway and started heading for the bathhouses on the left side of where the bonfire was. Seonghwa went with his father and brother into the male bathhouse, while his mother and sister went into the female bathhouse.


While everyone else entered the bathhouses, San stayed behind for a few minutes to put out the fire.


The men all stripped down and entered into the warm bathwater. Seonghwa has always been a bit uneasy every time they travel to the other packs and be with so many strangers together in such a way. Himself being an omega only heightened these worries. He's never come across a problem, but it's always been at the back of his mind.


Seonghwa is one of the last to strip down and enter the bath, doing so right as San comes into the bathhouse. Seonghwa's lower half was thankfully already submerged into the water and he went to go relax with his father and brother.


Seonghwa doesn't dare turn to look as San strips out of his clothing and enters the water. Instead, he focuses on his posture and keeping his face straight, enjoying the quiet area they are in right now.


After a few minutes, most Eclipse members leave the bath, going back to their homes. Seonghwa, Gyungho, and Dohyon are all still relaxing at one end of the water, while San is towards the other end.


San notices that Gyungho and his eldest son Dohyon get out of the bath, going over to retrieve their robes, but what he notices most is that Seonghwa stays back.


Gyungho and Dohyon tell Seonghwa not to stay much longer as they have a long journey ahead of them tomorrow morning. Seonghwa has usually liked to stay in the water for a while longer after all the crowd leaves, finding himself finally able to be at peace.


Seonghwa just nods and his father and brother exit the bathhouse to go back to their temporary home. Once they leave, he sinks himself into the water further, resting his head back against the ledge.


San guiltily watches his fated mate from across the water, admiring how beautiful his skin looks glistening from the liquids dripping off it. A calming lavender scent waves over to him and he can't help but smile as he continues to gaze at Seonghwa.


Seonghwa can feel San's eyes on him and he can't decide how it's making him feel. He's extremely vulnerable right now in this state, so he should be at least a little fearful of the alpha on the other side of him, but his wolf is begging for him to go over there with him. Seonghwa takes a deep breath before opening his eyes to look over at San, finding his senses to be right as their eyes instantly met.


"You are absolutely breathtaking," San lets out as soon as they lock eyes, the bathhouse filling up with their combination of rose and lavender.


Seonghwa's lips part subconsciously, trying to calm his breathing by breathing through his mouth. His eyes soften as he hears San's words, feeling drawn to him even more than usual as their scents overtake the bathhouse. Seonghwa's wolf begs to go to San, but he tries to restrain himself, starting to make his way to the steps to leave the water. He can't be here any longer... 


As Seonghwa is walking up the stairs, San takes the chance and reaches out for his hand to make him stop in place. Seonghwa's breathing hitches when San grabs ahold of his hand, but he keeps himself as calm as he can.


San gazes at the water dripping down Seonghwa's bare back, his chest exposed from out of the water. His chest floods with emotion from the skin-to-skin contact and he can feel his wolf's craving to have Seonghwa all to himself and to claim him, but San keeps his wolf at bay.




Seonghwa feels a pang in his heart when he hears San call his name, finding it hard to keep his thoughts clear from all of these conflicting emotions. He slowly turns around to face towards San as he is still in the water, only above his collarbone being exposed to the air. Seonghwa sees the longing in San's eyes as he looks into them, it breaks his heart that he has to do this to him, but he has no other choice. There are too many things wrong with this pairing.


"I can't, San."


San can't help but feel pain course through his veins at his repeated rejection, "Yes you can, Seonghwa. You can!" He says frantically, squeezing his hand firmly, "We're fated mates. We are meant to be together. I don't understand why you keep pushing me away... You saw how strong I am out there with your brother, I could protect you. Is it because of my pack's ranking?" San filters through all of his thoughts out loud, losing his breath by the end.


Seonghwa can almost feel San's pain through their touch, he can feel his heartache. He knows that if he is able to feel San's feelings, then San is also able to feel his... San knows how conflicted Seonghwa is right now and it's killing him that he doesn't know why.


"Shut up, shut up!" Seonghwa growls, letting his emotions get the better of him, "It's not your ranking, it's not your strength or your power. You're a man and you're from another pack, and that is unacceptable."


San steps up to the same step Seonghwa is on so they're now levelly facing each other, "Why?"


"It's the rules, San, and I'm not going to go against my pack and family just for some old folktale parents would tell their children about 'fated mates.' They're not real," Seonghwa explains, this being the most he's talked in a long time.


"You can't tell me that what we're both feeling right now isn't real, Seonghwa. You would be lying to yourself," San's thumb gently rubs against the top of Seonghwa's hand before making its way up his arm and eventually going to caress his soft cheek.


Seonghwa almost leans into San's touch before he snaps out of it, "Don't touch me," He wills himself away from San's touch, his heart seething as soon as they break contact with each other. He sees how San's eyes become solemn as soon as Seonghwa shifts away from him.


"I'll stop," San says, letting out a small sigh as he walks fully up the steps and out of the water to go over to his clothing. A few moments of silence pass between the two as they're both now clothing themselves when San speaks, "You know that burning feeling in your chest that we get when we're apart?" He starts, his voice sounding somewhat small for an alpha -- Seonghwa really must've defeated his spirit.


Seonghwa just hums in response, falling back into his closed-off shell he's built for himself.


"It's going to get worse and worse... Until we can't bear it any longer. It will consume our bodies, along with our wolves, and eat us alive. I'm really hoping that that part really is just a folktale," San rubs his forehead as he speaks, hating how dispirited his voice sounds coming out of his mouth.


"It'll be fine. I've seen it before," Seonghwa fastens the belt around his embroidered white robe before going towards the bathhouse doors, "They don't actually die... That part really is just a folktale."


San watches as Seonghwa leaves him alone in the bathhouse with his words lingering in the air around him. He wants to say he is relieved, but the fact that he really is just letting his mate leave like that crushes him. San mentally cursed at himself for being so down. He's always been such an upbeat guy all of his life, so why now is he feeling so beaten into the ground?


San leaves the bathhouse and sees Seonghwa walking back to the home he had prepared for him and his family. Instead of going inside, however, Seonghwa slowly paces around outside. San watches him as he goes back to his own home, but stops once he enters, going and laying in his bed.


San's mind can't rid itself of thoughts of Seonghwa. He knew he would have to leave due to his family's travels, but he thought he could make some sort of impact on him during the short time he was here. He lies there wondering about his mate when there's a sudden small knock on his front door. He gets up from his bed and sighs, knowing it's probably one of the children that had a nightmare again, but when he goes to open his front door no one is there.


Really? Tonight of all nights the children decide to pull a prank... San goes outside, looking around and not seeing any of the children. He smiles and laughs as he goes to the right side of his house to look around the corner, "Come on guys, you need to go to sleep!" San's always loved the children of his pack, always treating them like his own. He'd love to have his own someday, but seeing how things went throughout today... He doesn't find that likely.


When he peeks around the corner, he doesn't find any of the children, though. San is a bit confused, as this is normally where they like to hide after one of their pranks on his house. What he doesn't expect is the faint smell of lavender lingering around the corner. Seonghwa...?


San whips his head around and tries to look for Seonghwa. Was he really here? Is he the one that knocked on his door? San goes back out in front of his house and he can still smell the sweet and familiar scent of his mate. He sits on the steps that lead back into his home and sighs, rubbing his forehead.


He's not sure of all of the Chrysalis pack rules, but could mates really not be of the same sex? Is that really one of their rules? He's never thought that much about sexuality, he's always been busy with his pack and keeping everything in order.


San eventually goes back to bed and falls asleep, his dreams haunted by the mate who rejected him.




The next morning, Seonghwa wakes up early, knowing they must leave relatively soon. He knows he shouldn't have gone to San's home last night and knocked on his door, but something led him to do it. He immediately regretted his decision and rushed home before he heard him come out of his house.


Seonghwa puts on his backpack after adjusting his robe on his body. He walks around the room a bit, dragging his fingertips along the windowsill, looking out at the Eclipse grounds. His chest is aching again, knowing that his entire being wants to be with San right now, but Seonghwa knows that's impossible for him.


"Seonghwa, are you ready? Mother, father, and Dohyon are already outside with the head alpha," Seonghwa's sister Areum calls out from outside his room, "We must leave if we want to make it to Riverside by sundown."


Seonghwa slides the door to his room open and nods to his sister, showing that he is ready to leave.


"Come on, then," Areum smiles and leads Seonghwa out of the house and to the gathering with their parents and San.


Areum and Seonghwa bow once they reach the rest of their family and San, showing respect. San bows back to them, smiling happily.


Seonghwa notices San's joyous smile, finding it interesting how from the little time he's spent with him, he's always so happy. After thinking about that, seeing San's face last night damaged Seonghwa's heart even more.


"I've appreciated your company, Gyungho. Your family is just as wonderful as you always described them as, thank you, really, for visiting Eclipse this time," San says formally, keeping his posture straight and proper as he sends the Park family off.


"I'm sure we all have enjoyed our stay here, isn't that right?" Gyungho smiles and looks at his wife and children, them all nodding in response except Seonghwa. Seonghwa nods a few seconds later than the rest of them, keeping his eyes away from San the best he can.


San smiles widely at Seonghwa's slight defiance. He's going to be a hard one to get to open up, San thinks to himself.


Gyungho bows once more, and San does the same, "Come on now, we mustn't be late to Riverside."


Hyejin nods and brings Areum with her to shift into their pure white wolf forms. Seonghwa feels his body wanting to stay with San, it being a force to be reckoned with when he begins walking away from him, his musky rose scent willing him back. Seonghwa feels the aching in his chest become more intense as they're all walking out of the Eclipse grounds.


They've all shifted into their wolf forms now, a beautiful pack of white coats. Right before they begin running, Seonghwa looks back at San still standing within the Eclipse grounds.


San smiles happily when he sees Seonghwa looking back at him, admiring the beautiful white fur of his wolf. He can almost see a bit of longing within Seonghwa's eyes.



Maybe there is some hope.



One day, San will meet Seonghwa again. He just knows it.




End of Chapter Three







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Chapter Text

"Go on, Yeosang. You're required to go, you know. I talked with Wooyoung's mother Soomin and you're allowed to stay over after the meeting," Yeosang's mother says, sitting down with her son.


Yeosang has a nervous look on his face when he looks at his mother, Eunmi, "I'm just scared, mom..."


"I know, honey, but everything will go well. I'm sure of it. Your father and I were matched the exact same way," She gives a reassuring smile and Yeosang knows she's right.


Yeosang knows how successful the matching process was for his parents, he's heard their story a thousand times, but he can't help but feel so afraid. He knows he won't like any of his potential alpha mates as much as the person he already likes... There's no way.


Eventually, Yeosang musters up the courage and nods, standing up, "If Wooyoung is brave enough, then I am too."


Eunmi stands and gives her son a loving embrace, "It's going to be okay, Sang... Wooyoung is going to get mated too, you don't want to leave him alone there, right?"


Yeosang hugs his mother back, shaking his head, "Right..."


He takes a deep breath before leaving his home and making his way towards the building where the omega meetings are held. Once he enters, his eyes instantly go searching for his best friend. This is the year when all omegas born in '99 get their forever mate, and that means it's Yeosang and Wooyoung's year according to the Riverside pack rules.


Wooyoung turns his head at the door opening and a sweet vanilla scent wafts into the room, a big smile spreading across his face when he sees it's Yeosang, "Yeosang, over here!" His voice has a tone of excitement as he calls for him.


Yeosang smiles happily and goes over to Wooyoung, hugging him tightly and taking in his intoxicating jasmine scent. Physical contact such as this is extremely common for Riverside, as all of the pack members are usually quite close.


"I was starting to think you wouldn't show up," Wooyoung chuckles as the release from their embrace, sitting down beside each other at the table with the other omegas their age.


Yeosang rubs the back of his head nervously, "Me too..." He tries to laugh, but it just comes out awkward.


Wooyoung smiles as Yeosang's shyness, "Everything is going to be okay, Yeosangie~! You know all of the alphas in Riverside are kind... Well, for the most part," He tries reassuring Yeosang just as his mother tried, ruffling his fluffy light brown hair.


Yeosang can feel the tips of his ears turning red at the nickname, he's always loved when Wooyoung would call him it. He has ever since they were children.


"I know, I know... It's still scary, you know," Yeosang playfully pushes Wooyoung, "Who knows who we're going to get. Isn't the uncertainty scary?"


Wooyoung smiles at Yeosang's playfulness, but shakes his head, "I don't think it's scary, I think it's kind of thrilling, actually."


Yeosang sighs, "Of course you'd think that."


"It's not my fault you're always such a scaredy-cat," Wooyoung smirks.


All of the chattering omegas are soon interrupted when an elder beta enters the room, "Quiet down, everyone," She says calmly, hoping that her soothing voice helps calm all of the awaiting omega's nerves.


Yeosang quiets down instantly, but Wooyoung is still messing with Yeosang, poking his sides to try and get him to laugh. He clenches his teeth to keep from laughing and ends up pushing his best friend, causing him to fall onto the floor. Wooyoung falling doesn't make a loud noise, just a thump since the seat was only about a foot from the floor. That doesn't mean everyone didn't turn around to look at the boy on the floor, though.


Yeosang's eyes widened as soon as he saw Wooyoung slip from his seat, putting his hands in his lap as if nothing happened -- as if he wasn't the one that pushed Wooyoung out of his seat.


Wooyoung narrows his eyes, but his smile doesn't leave his face. That dork. How does he always manage to make a fool out of him in front of everyone? Wooyoung can't help but think as he looks up at his embarrassed best friend acting like he's just the most perfect angel. 


The elder beta sighs as she walks over to Wooyoung and Yeosang, looking down at the omega still on the floor, "Is everything alright over here?" She has a noticeably more annoyed look on her face from when she came in, making Wooyoung's eyes widen as he looks up at her and shakes his head fast.


"Everything is fine, just peachy, actually! I just, uh... I fell is all, I'm sorry for disrupting," Wooyoung says apologetically as he gets up and brushes his clothes off before sitting back next to Yeosang, shooting him a look.


"Good, good... Now let's start, shall we?" She makes her way back up to the front of the room and a few more betas come into the room with some boxes.


"I'll get you back for that," Wooyoung whispers to Yeosang while the betas are unpacking their boxes on the empty tables.


Yeosang hits his knee against Wooyoung's, wanting him to stay quiet.


"Alright, everyone. I don't want you to be too alarmed, but a part of the matching process is to take your blood. It won't be much, but we must see what type everyone has to ensure a good match between you all and your potential alpha match," The elder beta explains to the room of omegas, seeing a few get visibly shaken at the mention of taking blood.


She shows a smile, "Now, now... I promise it's not that scary, really! You might be a bit sleepy afterward, though."


Yeosang happens to be one of the omegas that got a worried look on his face at the explanation, becoming more unsure about all of this. Taking their blood? Yeosang knew this was a practice they've been doing in recent years as a part of the matching process, but he was hoping their group wouldn't have to participate in it. Whilst Yeosang is stuck in his own mind, thinking about what's about to happen, he feels a hand cover his own and squeezes.


Wooyoung leans over to Yeosang, "It'll be okay, I'm doing it too, you know," He tries to reassure his best friend, gently stroking his hands with his thumb as his hand rests on top of Yeosang's.


Yeosang looks down at their hands and feels a spike of indistinguishable emotion and ease course through his body. He's so lucky to have Wooyoung here with him, he's always been so confident in everything he does and has always been able to make Yeosang feel safe and calm.


"Thank you, Woo..." Yeosang takes a few deep breaths, squeezing Wooyoung's hand back as all of the omegas take their turn getting their blood taken by the elder betas.




Wooyoung looks at Yeosang and shows him a bright smile, "I'm up!" He says excitedly, getting up from his seat and going up to the front to sit with one of the betas.


Yeosang shudders in his seat when he hears one of the other betas call, "Next."


He tries to think about Wooyoung and how unafraid he has been about this whole thing. He's always wished he could be a bit more like him. Being around Wooyoung, however, has always brought out the best in Yeosang. With Wooyoung, Yeosang feels like he can be more confident too.


With that thought in his mind, Yeosang gets up from his seat and goes up to the front to sit with the beta that will take his blood.


She smiles when Yeosang sits down with her, seeing his fear, "It's going to be okay, dear. You'll just feel a little pinch."


Yeosang sighs, holding out his arm for her. He's getting tired of everyone telling him that it's going to be okay today. Yeosang's thoughts vanish when he feels the thick needle enter into his skin, letting out a yelp. 


A pinch?! That was a hell of a lot more than a pinch.


Yeosang's eyes widen as he watches his blood coming out of him and filling up the vial with the red liquid. He feels the fear welling up inside of his chest, so he turns around and looks at Wooyoung who's already smiling at him and giving him a thumbs up with his free hand.


Don't worry, Yeosangie. It'll be over really quick, Wooyoung reassures Yeosang through their link. They've had one ever since they became best friends back when they were young, but they don't use it often since they're already together all of the time. He hopes that their link will never break, knowing it has the potential of breaking if one gets too far away for an extended period of time.


It's going to be okay. It's going to be okay. Yeosang continues to tell himself this in his head, Wooyoung's words in his head helping him get through it. He starts to feel a bit light-headed towards the end of the blood-taking process.


"You're all done, sweetie," The elder beta says to Yeosang, seeing his eyelids fluttering. She pulls out a small juice box and hands it to him after patching up his arm where the needle just was, "Here, sip on this. You all are able to leave and go home once everyone is done."


Yeosang just nods as he takes the juice box, getting up and going back to where he was previously sitting, seeing Wooyoung already there waiting for him.


"How was it, Yeosangie?" Wooyoung asks, leaning his head against his arm that wasn't punctured by the needle.


"Mmm..." Yeosang replies in a sleepy groan, his mind easing as his nose is filled with the smell of jasmine. The scent that has always calmed him and made him feel at home.


"Don't tell me I'm going to have to carry you back to my house," Wooyoung gently rubs Yeosang's back, keeping his head against his arm.


Yeosang lays his head on Wooyoung's head, listening to his sweet voice. They'll still get to hang out and be with each other after they're mated, right? Yeosang's heart falters as he imagines a life without Wooyoung in it. He's not sure if he could handle a world without his best friend at his side. He thinks back to all the times they've held hands or cuddled in the same bed and his cheeks start to flush. Yeosang doesn't want to lose Wooyoung.


Yeosang really doesn't even want a mate... Well, that's a lie. He does want a mate, but... Yeosang gently grabs ahold of Wooyoung's hand as they wait for the other omegas to get finished.


The mate that he wants, he's just not able to have...






Wooyoung ended up having to lug Yeosang home himself from how tired he was.


"Geez, what have you been eating?" Wooyoung jokes as he's finally pulling Yeosang into his house and helps him into his room.


"Mmm, I eat just the right amount," Yeosang says sleepily, falling back onto Wooyoung's bed, looking up at him still standing with glazed-over eyes. He's not sure if it's from being so tired or what, but Wooyoung looks so incredibly handsome right now. 


Yeosang smiles up at him, "Hold me..." he whispers, his undeniable crush coming to the surface as he's drifting off.


Wooyoung's heart skips a beat as he's looking down at Yeosang, seeing how messily his shirt is lying just above his belly button to reveal his soft-looking lower stomach and how his hair splayed out as when his head hit the pillow. He looks absolutely ethereal laying there. So perfect.


He's brought back down to Earth when he hears what Yeosang whispers to him. His mind tells him not to comply, but his heart is begging him to lay down and hold his best friend in his arms and his wolf internally agrees.


Wooyoung's heart gets the better of him and he finds himself crawling onto the bed to lay down with Yeosang, taking him into his warm embrace. He lifts the blankets up over the two of them before resting his head over Yeosang's, his vanilla scent radiating off of him. He hasn't stirred much since he laid down with him, which makes Wooyoung think he's asleep.


Wooyoung softly rubs his hand up and down Yeosang's arm as he whispers to him, "I'm right here... I'm not going anywhere, Yeosangie."


Yeosang has long since been asleep, the warmth provided by Wooyoung's tiny body around his own put his already-tired self out quickly.


Wooyoung's eyes soften as he looks at Yeosang, gently caressing his soft cheek, thinking about how the two of them will soon be mated off to one of the alphas of their pack. Wooyoung has always wanted to be mated after seeing his own parents' happiness, but he got more and more concerned with it over time since he knew Riverside only allows alpha/omega and beta/beta mates.


It was when the two of them were entering adolescence when Wooyoung caught himself looking at Yeosang a bit differently than the other pack members, which is okay, he's his best friend after all... The problem was that Wooyoung began looking at Yeosang and wanted him to be his future mate. He had wanted Yeosang all to himself, and his wolf felt similarly, having become protective over him after being with him for so many years.


Wooyoung laughs at himself now when he thinks about the childish crush he had on Yeosang a while back, but sometimes, such as now, he looks at him and still feels those same feelings...




End of Chapter Four






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