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I decided to make a little pre-chapter before actually beginning the story for this one! I think it will help since this story includes all eight boys, along with their own packs, and many relationships. This is my first time doing a story including so many people, and it is also my first step into the omegaverse world. I hope that this helps even just a little bit if you'd like to read my story.




First, the packs. These are the names of the packs each boy belongs to. Hopefully having exposure to these pack names will help lessen the confusion. Also, if you would like further information on the packs, comment and I will edit this to put that in! I'm sure I will end up talking about it within the book, though.


Hongjoong: Nightshade

Seonghwa: Chrysalis

Yunho: Essence

Yeosang: Riverside

San: Eclipse

Mingi: Bloodbane

Wooyoung: Riverside

Jongho: Nightshade



Second, fur coats. I think this might help when you're envisioning the boys in their wolf form as I've decided to write them.


Hongjoong: dark brown/auburn fur

Seonghwa: pure white fur

Yunho: medium brown fur

Yeosang: light brown fur

San: black w/ grey patch fur

Mingi: dark grey fur

Wooyoung: light grey fur

Jongho: dark and light brown mix fur



Third, scent. I'm sure that this will be brought up throughout the story, so I thought I'd best put each of their scents here for pre-exposure.

Hongjoong: Ginger

Seonghwa: Lavender

Yunho: Lemon

Yeosang: Vanilla

San: Rose

Mingi: Rosemary

Wooyoung: Jasmine

Jongho: Cinnamon



I'm not sure if anyone would rather be surprised with their A/B/O typing I decided on, but I'm going to put that here as well... If you'd rather be surprised, please move ahead to the first chapter!


Hongjoong: Alpha

Seonghwa: Omega

Yunho: Omega

Yeosang: Omega

San: Alpha

Mingi: Alpha

Wooyoung: Omega

Jongho: Alpha




As you can see, I didn't decide to make any of the boys a beta. I did this for two couplings that I'm excited to write since I haven't seen any before -- but I also haven't read too many omegaverse stories. Only a few! That being said, my "rules" for this universe will probably differ from other stories and I hope that is okay!


Thank you so much if you decide to continue with this story! I know it's different from what I've written before -- and it's also a big step for me character-wise.


Hopefully, I don't heck it up too badly xx I missed writing ATEEZ fics so much~