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Of Passions that Ties Us

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Zhu Yilong had his eyes closed, anxiously waiting for the make up to finish. Although it wasn't much- just some foundation, cream and eye makeup-To accentuate his eyes his stylist had explained to him oh so kindly. 


It really wasn't all that complex, he never dabbled with crazy makeup, the clown being an exception but his anxiety was distorting his sense of time and he could feel every second ticks by, corresponding to the beat of his heart.


He kept drumming his fingers in rhythm to the song he was supposed to perform in a few hours for the New Year TV show. He would have bobbed his head along too but his stylist wouldn't like to redo her hard work just because he couldn't control his impulses.


As much as he enjoyed playing the guitar, he had never played it for such a large audience before and the thought of the sheer size of audience made him bit weak in the knees and his heart rate to spiral out of his control. Every year it was the same, he was invited to the TV shows to perform and he didn't hate it, but that didn't mean he was able to enjoy the experience either. Not to the fullest.


He sighed.


The stylist was taking too long in his opinion and suddenly he noticed subtle changes in the way his make up was being handled, like the person wasn't sure what they were doing…


Did his stylist regress in skill?


And the touch of the brush was too gentle to achieve anything, it was more like a caress.  


He opened his eyes to check and the sight of a large man hovering close to him almost made him jump out of his seat. But warm hands stabilised his shoulders and he was forced to study the reflection in the mirror.


A warm and husky voice whispered, "Keep your eyes closed, you don't want your makeup ruined now."


"Wh- W-" He stuttered because he recognised the voice but it was those hands on his shoulders that kept him from getting up and turning around.


The thin brush trailed the shape around his eyes, making his skin tingle wherever it touched and slowly made their way down the bridge of his nose, it felt like a gentle touch of a sculptor putting finishing touches to his creation. The brush lingered mischievously on his lips and all the blood rushed to his face. 


The voice whispered in his ear, “I bet the one who created you sculpted you more meticulously and surely took his time.” Zhu Yilong parted his lips to protest but the brush tapped at his lips in reproach.


The voice chuckled lazily, "Come on, open your eyes. And do it slowly." 


All his worries and anxieties for the performance were chucked out of his pea brain the moment he recognised the deep voice whispering in his ears like a satan.


 He blinked rapidly trying to make sense of the man in the reflection that was apparently standing behind him, grinning widely.

"Bai Yu!" He opened his mouth to form words but nothing came out for a while.


"Surprised?" He grinned with his eyebrows raised and both his arms outstretched.


"I- What- " Zhu Yilong whipped around to see that it was indeed his boyfriend in flesh and blood and not any mirror hallucination he had conjured up to calm his nerves. Or a mirror ghost.


He was still a bit shocked so he couldn't help the sentence that tumbled out next. "What are you doing here?"  


But Bai Yu only grinned wider, "I must admit, this was not the kind of greeting I was expecting for all my effor-" His words were cut off by the impact of his boyfriend throwing his arms around him and hugging him like a koala.


Bai Yu patted his back, as if he were trying to coax a child to sleep. "There, there, I am here now." 


Zhu Yilong was failing at expressing himself in well articulated words so he just continued hugging for a long time, hoping that his love and appreciation was communicated across and that Bai Yu wasn't put off by the distinct lack of words from his side.


Bai Yu laughed when he tried to separate and Zhu Yilong refused to let him go.


"Did you like the surprise that much?" He asked as his eyes glinted with happiness.


Zhu Yilong let go reluctantly because he was getting a feeling that a certain someone is soon gonna feel smug about this situation.


Bai Yu whistled lowly when he got a full glimpse of what his boyfriend was wearing for the night. His eyes lingered for a long time at what he presumed was the silk black tie he was wearing. 


Zhu Yilong started to feel self conscious under the stare and it either meant, Bai Yu didn't approve or he-


"Well, if you liked the surprise so much, I think of other ways you can repay me." Bai Yu appeared thoughtful as he said it but a smirk was soon stretching across his full lips.


Zhu Yilong licked his lips unconsciously and it took him a moment too late to realise that Bai Yu was waiting for his consent to continue.


The words fell from Zhu Yilong's lips before he could even think about them, "What is it?" His blood pulsated with anticipation and his body grew warmer despite the AC.


Bai Yu leaned close to him to and spoke in a low voice that made him feel things not appropriate for the place they were at. 


"Get the tie when you return tonight gege." 


Zhu Yilong's eyes widened and his system had a minor breakdown. He barely had time to process all this but before he could even voice any of the concerns that were swirling in his brain, Bai Yu was already retreating, not forgetting to wink at him and wish him luck for his upcoming performance.



Performance be damned. He really could not remember any of what he did on stage and how he even got there. His brain kept repeating that parting sentence like a broken record. And belatedly he realised that his worries and anxiety had all melted away as soon as he saw Bai Yu. 


Zhu Yilong wasn't even sure how or what he answered when he was interviewed on stage after his performance but he hoped it wasn't anything shocking. Bai Yu really did a number on him.

Finally alone after the performance, Zhu Yilong slouched back in the car-heaving an exhausted sigh. Being on stage, as usual, is nerve wrecking for him. With cheers and light blinding him, and all the attention on himself, he felt pressured and extremely nervous. Acting for film and theatre is different for him, because he gets to step into his character- a whole new persona and thus it’s easy for him to feign confidence behind the armour of his character.


But just now, it’s him. It’s him strumming the guitar, it’s him carrying only himself onto the stage.


His house was quite a journey away from the TV station- so he thought he could steal a nap. Shifting his body trying to find a more comfortable position on the leather seat, he felt something in his back pocket.


Tired and confused, Zhu Yilong almost forgot what he had shoved in there. He reached out at his back pocket and with the help of the occasional lights shining in from the street lamp, he stared at the black tie in his grasp.


Oh he remembered how he had cautiously (although it failed) tried to sneak the piece of fabric back home. The wardrobe department caught him just as he was about to discreetly put the tie in his pocket. 


Perhaps it wasn’t discreet enough. Frozen on his feet, caught red-handed trying to steal a piece of his costume, Zhu Yilong really didn’t know what kind of excuse he should come up with. Lucky for him, his usual wide eyes and slow blink he carelessly threw at everyone whenever he’s trapped in situations had worked miraculously to enchant the staff. They giggled at each other, and made a mouth-zipping gesture, silently agreeing to not tell a soul. Zhu Yilong smiled bashfully and nodded in appreciation.


Zhu Yilong hit his head softly on the headrest several times. 



“Xiao Bai..” The house was silent, save for the sound coming from the television. Zhu Yilong stepped in and switched it off, after being surrounded by chaotic thundering sounds from the event he would very much love a quiet place to be in. He made his way into the master bedroom, nudging the door open.


“Xiao Bai, are you in her-” The air got pushed out of his lungs as he was slammed against the near wall. Hands bracketing both sides of his head, he didn’t get to process what was happening as a hot mouth was pressed onto his nape. A wide wet swipe of tongue jolted him and he lightly pushed the eager man away, “Bai Yu, what are you doing?” his voice came out as stuttered gasps.

Bai Yu responded with a grunt, still ravaging his neck. Bai Yu’s hands were touching him everywhere- on his arms feeling the biceps, on his waist pinning him to the wall, and on his jaw tilting it further. Fingers digging into his skin through the white shirt, Zhu Yilong felt Bai Yu’s heavy breathing as he trailed along the length of Zhu Yilong’s neck, his entire being plastered onto him. It made him crave direct skin to skin contact. Zhu Yilong shivered when he felt a hot breath on his ear which fanned the flames of his desire stronger. He heard Bai Yu’s gruff voice, “Did you bring it back?” They were both just breathing words into each other at this point - unable to stop to give each other space.


Zhu Yilong brain’s was offline from all the adrenaline that was coursing in his veins. Hence, the meaning of the question took longer than it should to sink in. He somehow couldn’t find his voice so he nodded his answer instead. Bai Yu made an approving noise and lapped at his earlobe like a reward of sorts. That action alone went straight into his groin, Zhu Yilong’s hips involuntarily bucked. 


Bai Yu bit down on the earlobe, perfectly aware of the jolts it sends through him and whispered, “Where is it?” his entire body had gone pliant and he felt like a puppet under the spell of Bai Yu’s ministrations.


“Back pocket” Zhu Yilong managed to answer properly and his coherence ended there because Bai Yu had inserted a knee in between his thighs. The message was clear - he was supposed to cease all thoughts and thinking till they were done, till Bai Yu was done with whatever he had planned for tonight.


Bai Yu snaked his arms around Zhu Yilong’s back, caressing his spine until he reached his bottom and grabbed hard, pushing their growing erection against each other. Zhu Yilong whimpered at the contact and tried to get some frictions for their fronts.


“Impatient” Bai Yu smirked as he took out the black tie and landed a final kiss on his ear. Zhu Yilong tried to chase Bai Yu’s lips - unaware of how wrecked he seemed, eyes closed in daze, and how it affected his lover. The red ears and his swollen lips were the only indications at the moment, and it made Bai Yu desire to see all of it and mark up every inch that already wasn’t.


“Strip.” He pulled away, creating a small distance between them, enough for him to watch Zhu Yilong. “Strip off everything,” he placed the black tie into Zhu Yilong’s hand  “and then wear the tie.” This definitely did the trick as Zhu Yilong finally opened his beautiful eyes, the warmth of brown swallowed by darkness of desire.


Zhu Yilong eyes went wide as he finally grasped the man's intention. He gaped at Bai Yu for his absurd request, piecing together all the events that had taken place prior to this


He always gives in to Bai Yu anyway. It did seem to promise a new kind of thrill.


With trembling hands, Zhu Yilong quickly took off his clothing and placed the tie around his neck. He didn’t dare to make eye contact with the man watching him right now, but when he accidentally did, a gasp escaped him.


Bai Yu looked turned on. He looked super turned on but he was only watching him silently. The kind of silence that predators stalk their prey with, waiting for the right time to make their move. His eyes mirroring the hunger of a starved animal, yet in complete control of the situation and himself.


It set his skin on fire like a physical manifestation of the way his eyes trailed down and all around on his body. Even without making eye contact, he could sense where Bai Yu was staring.


For a moment Zhu Yilong stood there waiting, fingers fidgeting with the tie. Bai Yu looked like he was trying to engrave the wonderful view he was seeing right now . It was wonderful indeed, Zhu Yilong was fully naked with only a silk black tie around his neck, running down his torso with the end covering a part of his crotch, that debauched look suiting him so well. 


 Bai Yu slowly strode in closer, until he could rest his hands on Zhu Yilong’s waist. He ran his hands on the pale skin, feeling it heat up with every touch. He leaned until their nose touched, resting his forehead against the older man’s.


“You’re beautiful” He whispered against Zhu Yilong’s lips. He licked the man’s bottom lip, feeling it quiver, “My Long Ge is so beautiful like this.”


Zhu Yilong closed his eyes as he surged in to capture those lips teasing against his.


The kiss he received in return wasn’t tender, nothing like what Zhu Yilong would expect. Bai Yu was devouring his lips while his hands kept on caressing his skin. 


He broke their kiss, much to Zhu Yilong’s despair, to trail his mouth along the neck and chest, stopping to lick at the nubs. Zhu Yilong threw his head back, almost slamming against the wall. His body was heaving as a soft moan escaped his throat. Bai Yu continued dropping kisses and bites everywhere, seemingly determined to leave as many marks as he could. Marks that burned like being seared with an iron brand. 


But with every single movement from either of them, the end of the tie brushed at Zhu Yilong’s erection - heightening his pleasure.The soft material mimicking a caress, Zhu Yilong inevitably found himself trying to grind himself against the tie.


He felt Bai Yu smirk against his navel line, wrapping the tie end around his length. It wasn’t a hard grasp, but a rather soft touch as Bai Yu fisted Zhu Yilong’s erection. He slowly, and delibarately stroked his cockhead with the tie, teasing the tip. Zhu Yilong let out an actual moan this time, the feeling of the material so exquisite he found himself pushing against Baiyu’s hands. Bai Yu indulged him with the strokes, as Zhu Yilong moaned to his heart content.


“Xiao..B-Bai.” Bai Yu dived in and roughly kissed the whimpering man in his arms - unable to stop himself from devouring him while trying to see how pleasure wrecked and distorted his features currently are. It's morphing into something vulnerably exquisite. He pressed at a spot behind Zhu Yilong’s earlobe and his tongue delved into his mouth as Zhu Yilong gasped brokenly.


Oh the kiss. Oh Bai Yu’s kiss. Zhu Yilong may have never kissed any other guy before but he just knew, Bai Yu is the best kisser he’ll ever meet. His tongue cleverly explored the cavern, pulling back as Bai Yu tasted him and licked his way into Zhu Yilong’s mouth for another, coaxing the older man’s tongue to play with him. Zhu Yilong was still somewhat shy to be bold with his kisses but he let Bai Yu in as much as he wanted.


Bai Yu bit down on his lip and he did feel that he was spoiling Bai Yu a bit. 


Zhu Yilong shuddered as he felt a wet finger brushing his most intimate part at the back as the strokes on his length became rougher.With too many sensation going on, he didn’t notice when Bai Yu managed to grab the lube.


Bai Yu pulled away and licked along his jaw. “You look so hot with that guitar pick in your mouth” Bai Yu paused the stroke on his length as he reached out for the condom.

“My hands are a little bit busy, so why don’t you be good and hold this for me?” He placed the condom packet on Zhu Yilong’s mouth, letting him gently bite at the foil.


Bai Yu returned to play with Zhu Yilong’s hard on while he’s stretching his behind. Zhu Yilong whimpered, unable to decide whether it was pleasure or pain that he was feeling - mind lost in the thick haze of passion.


He moaned with the condom in his mouth, eyes closed in bliss.


Bai Yu kissed and licked along the drool flowing down that beautiful mouth. By now two fingers were already in, teasing his inside. The urgent grunt from Zhu Yilong was an unspoken instruction for him - that’s enough, put it in already. Bai Yu took the condom out, and he was taken by surprise when Zhu Yilong chased the packet, ripping it open with his own teeth.


Now, who’s the eager one here?


His lover, now flushing red, scrambled to pull the condom out and placed it on Bai Yu’s manhood.

“Oh hooo Long Ge..” Baiyu’s teasing was cut short when he felt  Zhu Yilong quickly aligned his cock against his puckered hole. His reflex kicked in and Bai Yu swiftly thrusted in.


Zhu Yilong’s knees went weak, he almost completely supported himself with his back on the wall. His hands scratched aimlessly against the wall above his head, trying to find leverage for Bai Yu’s movement.


Bai Yu drank in the sight before him - Zhu Yilong’s blissful expression, drool running down his mouth to his jaw, his bangs sticking on his forehead glistening with light sweat, eyes half closed - aroused. The black tie brushed on Zhu Yilong’s skin with every thrust, a perfect compliment for the red blush painting his neck down to his chest.


Bai Yu knew that it was too much for him, and he didn’t want to end it too soon either. Zhu Yilong whimpered as he pulled out but he didn’t get to complain much when Bai Yu turned him around facing the wall. Gripping his hips tightly, Bai Yu drove back in, drinking in Zhu Yilong’s wail with his kisses.


Zhu Yilong’s face was plastered on the wall, his nails scratching down as Baiyu’s thrust became more frantic. There’s really not much that he could do at the moment, so he arched his back, showing off the gorgeous curve of his body for Bai Yu’s eyes.


“Fuck” Bai Yu cursed against his shoulder blade. “You are so unfair, gege.” Bai Yu was in a no better state as he rambled mindlessly, his head buried in Zhu Yilong’s back. The feeling of Bai Yu's clothes scratching lightly against his naked skin made him arch backward for more of that delicious friction.


Zhu Yilong felt Bai Yu groping his body, seemingly searching for something. His hand found the tie, pulling it to the back. It was still bound around his neck and he was yanked backward when Bai Yu tugged the tie. Back pressed against Bai Yu, a bite on his shoulder startled him as he yelped unceremoniously.


“Is this okay? Does it hurt gege?” Bai Yu was making sure, nibbling at his own bite mark as he brushed Zhu Yilong’s cheek. “Tell me if anything hurts, I don’t want to cause you pain okay?”


“Yeah it’s..” Zhu Yilong gasped when the tie was pulled a little harder, “I’m alright”. He rasped out to assure his lover that he was okay and trusted him to do this. The implicit understanding between them tugged at his heartstrings like a magical tether between their souls. Bai Yu smiled and planted a soft kiss on his temple, tilting his jaw closer as he dropped kisses on his eyes and nose. Zhu Yilong’s eyes fluttered shut as the kisses rained down all over his face but it was so soft and so loving that he couldn’t find it in himself to be angry at Bai Yu for slowing down enough to stop.


 The feeling of a fabric choking him boiled Zhu Yilong’s blood, he muttered against Bai Yu’s lips.


 “Xiao Bai..” he was locked in place with Bai Yu’s arms holding him close, so movement from him was not only limited but also futile “What hurts is….” This got Bai Yu’s attention and his head snapped up frantically searching for any visible signs of discomfort.


Zhu Yilong’s heart combusted with indescribable love and affection - to know Bai Yu places his priority and comfort above everything else. But he needs to get his message across amidst their passion. 


“.. You stopping" He grind down as much as he can, holding Bai Yu's gaze in his own, "Please move”


“Gege knows how to play dirty too. Don’t your fans consider you innocent like a rabbit?” 


Bai Yu didn’t need to be told twice. He pushed both of them closer to the wall, giving Zhu Yilong the surface to support himself. He twisted the tie around his wrist twice, tightening it while making sure Zhu Yilong can still breathe. He kissed the back of the man’s neck as a warning, and Zhu Yilong braced himself against the wall. 


“I love that it’s only me who knows-” A very hard thrust accompanied his statement and Zhu Yilong moaned lowly in his throat, his head turned to the side trying to meet Bai Yu’s eyes. and Bai Yu smirked. “-who knows that you can be like this.” 


It was unclear if the statement was regarding Zhu Yilong’s innocence or their current predicament and maybe it was intended as such but Zhu Yilong was too drunk on the pleasure to care.


The thrusts that came were ferocious, a predator that had claimed its victory over its prey. Bai Yu’s fingers on his hips were bruising and if he were to be real with himself, he loved it. The squelching sounds were too obscene along with their moans raising in pitch with every second. Bai Yu adjusted his angle and there, oh there .


 Zhu Yilong’s head was thrown back, resting on Bai Yu’s shoulder. The lewd gasps and moans were loud besides Bai Yu’s ears as his rhythm went frantic. Zhu Yilong cried out his release, his soul having left his body. Oversensitive, Bai Yu’s quickening thrust felt too much and he would have fallen down in a boneless heap if it weren’t for Bai Yu’s arms holding him up.


Zhu Yilong vaguely wondered if Bai Yu had been working out to be able to support his weight for so long.

He tightened himself up, egging Bai Yu for his release.The orgasm flooded him like a wave and Bai Yu kept Zhu Yilong pressed against the wall as he rode out his peak.


Zhu Yilong turned around and met Bai Yu’s eyes, both of them still panting from the release. Cradling his face in his hands, Zhu Yilong landed him a soft kiss on the lips. 


“Do you know how guilty I felt..” he hung his head low, “you cleared your schedule to celebrate new year together, and then..” he played with Bai Yu’s shirt hem, “I already told my manager I don’t want to but..” Maybe Zhu Yilong had forgotten but he was still dressed in only a tie and his smaller form trying to shrink himself further while playing with his shirt was doing things to Baiyu and his dick.


Bai Yu chuckled and pinched both of his cheeks, nudging it upward to face him.
“My adorable Long Ge, I am an actor too, I understand how busy you are,” he squished Zhu Yilong’s cheeks and moved it side to side “You coming home to me like this, even if it’s not everyday, is the best thing that ever happened to me, I don’t need to ask for more”.


“Unless,” Bai Yu tapped his nose “you love your career more than me” he pouted, pretending to sulk.


Zhu Yilong laughed and hugged him closer “That’s not true.”. Bai Yu grinned in joy.

“I love hotpot more” Zhu Yilong tilted his head, smiling innocently not forgetting to add the blink too for enhanced effect. 


“Long Ge!” Baiyu frowned at him, when he remembered something as he glanced at the clock. “Ah Long Ge, we didn’t get to countdown together.” 


“You don’t know how to count by yourself?” Zhu Yilong’s eyes crinkled as he mischievously teased him.


“No I don’t, let’s go count together” Baiyu pulled at the tie, bringing Zhu Yilong towards the wide window pane in their bedroom, facing the view outside. Snuggling around Zhu Yilong’s neck, he persuaded “Long Ge, one more? Can I?”


Zhu Yilong was about to say something when he was cut off.


“I was all hot and bothered watching you perform looking all sexy, but here I was alone at home, without my sexy boyfriend by side, on new year” He can almost feel Bai Yu’s pout against his neck.


Zhu Yilong laughed and answered with a kiss. Bai Yu happily responded, deepening it as he pushed back in smoothly. It’s been quite a while since they last made love, both packed with schedules, so their libido was reasonably high tonight. In no time, Bai Yu picked up his speed and the room was once again filled with Zhu Yilong’s exquisite moans and his own eager groans.


Bai Yu rubbed at the cum on Zhu Yilong’s stomach, using it as lubricant to stroke his length. Zhu Yilong knows their windows are tinted but the illusion of being seen by people passing by made him blushed more so he shifted his gaze away. 


“Long Ge, let’s count with me” By that time, Zhu Yilong barely had any sanity left to process what’s happening, he could only let out broken moans along with Bai Yu’s hoarse voice.


“4” Bai Yu whispered in his ears.

“3” Bai Yu nudged at Zhu Yilong to count with him, Zhu Yilong only whimpered in response.

“2” Zhu Yilong felt his pleasure hiking to the limit, he squeezed his eyes shut.


“1” He heard loud bangs, and snapped his eyes open. Countless fireworks lit up the sky in various colours before him, as he was tipped over the edge and shot his release on the glass pane. 


Spurts of cum tainted the window.

Like those very fireworks blazing the night sky.