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Overwatch One Shots

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McCree sits at the bar he always found himself in on late nights after missions, nursing a shot of whiskey as he zones out. All his foggy mind can process is the slow country music coming from the radio behind the bar. The bar is almost completely empty, other than Jesse, the bartender, and two other stragglers. He doesn't even look to the door as someone walks in, and tunes out the bartender's voice as he tells the newcomer that the bar will close soon. The man sits beside Jesse, buying another shot of whiskey and sliding it to the cowboy. Jesse eyes it for a moment before tipping his hat to the stranger, taking the shot.

"Thanks, partner." He downs the shot easily, letting out a soft groan as it burns down his throat.

The man speaks with a thick accent, his amber eyes staring down at the cowboy. "How about one for the road, cowboy?"

Jesse lets out a slurred chuckle, nodding. "Sounds good to me, sunshine."

He orders another shot for McCree, watching with amusment as the cowboy downs it as well. Jesse pushes himself up on shaky legs, tossing some cash onto the counter before making his way towards the door, his spurs jingling as he walks. The stranger follows him, walking with the drunk man. Soon, the cowboy stops, holding himself up against the wall as he turns to the man.

"Look, I'm sorry if you're lookin' for some sort of repayment for the drinks, I ain't lookin' for that. So if that's the case, I'll pay ya back for the whiskey, okay? I just wanna get home and pass the fuck out."

The man smirks, grabbing a knife that was strapped to his belt, then takes a step towards the cowboy. "I would never sleep with a ridiculous man such as you, McCree...."

Jesse seems to not even notice the weapon aimed right at him as he frowns, his chocolate colored eyes filled with pain. "The hell?! I ain't that bad!"

The assassin raises a brow as he tilts his head in curiosity. " realize I am here to kill you, right? Or are you simply that dense?"

Jesse's lips pucker as he frowns at his attacker. "Why the hell're you being so mean for?! Is it because I turned you down?!"

The man's cheeks flush deeply at the cowboy's words, but he grits his teeth in annoyance. "Foolish man! I want nothing to do with your advances!"

"Well, if you're gonna kill me, can't I at least get your name? It's only fair."

He snarls softly, then huffs, twirling his blade between his fingers. "I will be a dead man soon, anyways." He meets the cowboy's eyes once again. "I am Hanzo."

Jesse chuckles softly, earning a glare from the assassin. "Hanzo, hm? That's a pretty cute name."

Hanzo growls lowly, closing the distance between them and holding his knife to Jesse's throat. "Watch your tongue....You don't know what your last words may be."

In a flash of movement, Jesse is gripping Hanzo's wrist, a dark smirk on his unshaven lips. "You're a bit too cocky, hun."

Hanzo snarls as he tries to pull from Jesse's grip, but can't seem to free himself. "How are you so damn strong?!"

Jesse gives his wrist a tight squeeze, making him wince in pain and squirm even more. "This arm is all metal, baby. I can crush metal with ease, so your itty wrist could get shattered if I just squeeze liiiiike-"

"Alright, alright! Just....tell me what you want and let me go!"

Jesse yanks him close, his face mere inches from Hanzo's. He gazes into the assassin's eyes, a flirtatious look on his face. "Well, I can't just let a little killer like you loose. But you're too cute for me to kill ya. How about I just take you in?"

Hanzo spits in his face, hissing through his teeth. "I would rather you break my wrist than be turned into the authorities!"

Jesse raises an eyebrow, pulling the assassin flush to his body, his breath ghosting over Hanzo's ear. "Mr. Shimada, I know a few people who wouldn't mind seein' ya. I ain't takin' ya to the cops, don't you worry about that."

Hanzo's eyes widen as he tenses, lips parting. "H-how did you-?!"

Jesse laughs and pulls out a pair of handcuffs, locking one on the wrist he had been holding onto and the other onto his own mechanical wrist. He starts to drag the angered assassin behind him, smirking back at him.

"I got my ways, darlin'...."

[ To be continued...? ]