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Pandora's Twilight

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I always knew this day was going to come. How could I not when I knew exactly what was going to happen in the future. Renee was finally leaving Charlie. She had waited until he was training to be a deputy in the police department. The hours were long and sort of hard, as hard as being in a small town aloud. Renee just couldn't stand the rain for a moment longer.
So she packed, and loaded Isabella into the car and came for me. I, however, wasn't planning on going with her. No, I wanted to stay with Charlie Swan, my father in this lifetime.

"Xanathia sweetheart where are you?" called Renee, "Mommy has a surprise for you."

Lie. No, she didn't, she barely had enough money to last her 3 weeks. And that was putting it nicely, Renee didn't know how to budget or restrain herself. So I did what any normal person in my situation would do. I hid, under the bed, in the closet, under the kitchen sink, and anywhere else I could think of. Anything just to stay out of reach and out of sight.
All the while I could hear Renee reaching her limits. She had to leave today before Charlie came home. After all, today was Charlie's last day as a trainee. Next week Charlie would be driving around town and Renee's last chance for freedom would disappear.


When Renee looked at the time she realized she had been searching for three hours. That ungrateful child of hers. Couldn't she understand that time was of the essence? So she did the only thing she could think of. she went to the car and got Xanathia's things and brought them back to the house. If that ungrateful brat wanted to stay so badly then fine. Charlie could keep her, after all, she was a daddy's girl. Without a second thought, she went ahead and called out, "Xanathia! If you want to stay fine, but don't expect me to come back to get you!"
Renee went started the car and pulled out of the driveway. She wouldn't miss this terrible place where all it did was rain. As she looked in the review mirror there she was, standing at the window watching her leave. Xanathia Swan, Isabella's twin sister, watching as she left. No tears, no emotions, just watching, observing, and judging her every move.


As I stood there watching Renee pull out of the driveway, I couldn't help but dislike her more. Since I realized where I was, I couldn't help but dislike Renee more. She was not ready to be a mother, let alone a mother to two. Charlie on the other hand, now that was someone who was meant for parenthood. He was there for every diaper change, every doctor appointment, midnight feeding, and so much more. It was no surprise I loved him more than Renee.
I didn't need Renee to be my mother. I had a mother in my past life and no one could ever compare to her. She may not have had someone around to help her raise my brother and me, but that woman was fierce. She got pregnant just one year before she got to graduate college, with my brother Phenix. When she told Nathanael he had sworn to do right by her. That was until he decided to run off with his boss's daughter. That was when I was just a couple of months old.
Maybe that's why I couldn't stand people like Renee just thinking about herself, and never anyone else. Charlie though, now that man, he gave me something I didn't even know I was missing. The love of a father. The first thing he always did coming home was to hug his daughters. No matter if we were awake or asleep he made a beeline straight for us. If he was tired or not he would read to use just before bed, and tuck us in. This is not to say that my brother Phenix wasn't enough, he was, but good fathers are in a league of their own.


By the time Charlie made his way home dark was setting and the only light came from the twin's room. Without realizing it a knot started to form in his throat, heart started pounding, his stomach started flipping, and sweat started forming on his brow. Of course, he had notice Renee's car missing in the driveway. He knew she was unhappy when he informed her he had joined the police academy. Further solidifying that he planned to stay in their hometown. He had thought she had come to terms with it when they had stopped fighting over it. It had been a lie, and he hadn't even noticed. Now here he was in the house his parents had left him, alone.