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"ᴛʜɪs.  ɪs.  ʟɪғᴇ.  ᴡᴏᴡ! „


• • •


Fox saviour.


That's what she was formerly known as within the gang, Passione.


Apparently, she's super talented, kills effortlessly and places flowers beside the corpse, in particular, purple hyacinths.


Apparently, she's the boss's close friend's daughter, but it is unknown.


Apparently, she speaks with a foreign accent and isn't fully fluent in Italian. 


According to many, her voice is soft, soothing, like a mother's, or the finest silk one could only desire to have.


Her face is rumoured to be one of pure beauty, one no sight on planet earth could compare to.


• • •


Corpses surrounded the girl's body, her black dress somehow even darker than how it's supposed to be. Her pointed fox mask stained with crimson, contrasting the pure white mask.


The girl moves slightly, her katana dissolving quickly into the air.


Her head snaps to the entrance of the alleyway seeing if she could see a figure in the vague light, but she doesn't so she reaches into her bag, getting out purple hyacinths to the exact amount of corpses. 


Sighing gently, she places them into their hands, then jumps onto a bin, going onto the crooked tiled roof.


She gently, yet briskly makes her way across several other rooves until she leaps down into the open window of one.


"Hello, my dear. Was your mission successful?"

A voice says from behind, almost immediately grasping the girl's neck after she lands, not giving her room to get up, or over the impact, the jump resulted in.



The girl mumbles out, her tone emotionless as she met with steel-coloured eyes, almost as cold as the pre-mentioned metal.


"That's wonderful."

The girl lets out a sigh, of relief, though she knew that the figure would snap at her the moment their ears heard the breath.


"Oh? You're relieved? You thought you'd be let off?"

They growl deeply, almost lustfully as the girl gets thrown into the ground, her chin aching immensely from the impact 


"Sure, you may be a gem, beautiful and one of a kind, but I still need to knock some sense into you it seems."

[Eye.c] eyes sparkle as tears start forming in the ducts, a minuscule whimper slipping past her lips.


• • •


The wind echoes in the girl's ears as her eyes soak up all they could of the Italian city, Naples.


Sighing, she unleashes her energy, forming a fennec fox, who has gold shards stuck deep into it, most notably it's head and its throat.


It lets out a yip and cuddles into the girl's arms as she continues her previous activities of sightseeing, despite having limited vision through her mask.


For one she felt at peace. Like she finally had freedom.


That is until she felt a presence behind her, radiating pure intimidation, though she also feels no need to fight, as it brings an undertone of unusual comfort.



The cold voice says, though the girl just nods, noting his presence.


"Fox saviour."

Steadily, he approaches her.

Her stand growls in annoyance but calms down after the girl strokes it.


"I am sure you know why I am here to kill you."

He growls.


Fox saviour feels a sharpness suddenly appear in her throat, something cool, metallic, hitting her gag reflex.


Though she did not flinch, nor quiver, contrasting the guy's predictions.



He remarks, going right behind the girl, looking over her, cautiously retracting his stand as the girl's fennec fox one yips in desperation, like she's trying to talk.


Coughing quietly, the girl turns her entire body to the male, [eye.c] eyes showing raw emotion.


"Speak, then."

He orders, lowering his body to sit next to the girl, who unties her mask, slipping it onto the roof's tile next to her, cautiously.


The moment she turned around to look back at him, apologizing to him, his breath caught in his throat.


The rumors. They're correct.


"I am sorry."

She repeats herself, in Italian, though another accent, he couldn't really place his finger on, twinges it's way into her words.


"Why are you sorry?"

He questions, his eyes looking at her face, which isn't facing him in return, but instead at the view.


"I am told that it is very rude not to say hello upon sensing your presence. So I apologize. I hope you can forgive me."

A look of pure confusion struck his face as the girl makes eye contact with him.


The girl sighs, and shakes her head, her shoulders drooping as she encloses herself into her arms, going back to the scenery of Naples.


"I do not know why you are so confused, did I say something wrong...?"

She tilts her head to the left slightly, her lips curving downwards.


"It's weird, that's all. You've killed thousands of people, but you apologize for not saying hi when you first notice me?"


Instantly, upon the last word leaving his mouth, she snaps her head towards him.


"I am sorry but what is 'killing' I have heard that word being used a lot around Passione? I've saved thousands of people, though I feel bad as red stuff is everywhere, and I feel like that should be kept inside of them, so I do apologize to them, with flowers as I feel like it's the most suitable way to do so... actually, answer my question tomorrow. I need to go..."

Pure confusion wracks the boy as she questions him on something everyone in Passione knows about, but knows it as 'saving' rather than 'killing', but his confusion is also on the fact that she seemed desperate to leave him all of the sudden.


"Wait, just one second."

The girl halts whilst getting up.


"What is your true name, fox saviour?"


"I apologise but I cannot tell. Soon, maybe, but not now."

The girl turns and proceeds to stroll into the night.


"Risotto Nero."


The girl stops in her tracks again and turns her head over her shoulder, flashing him a smile.


"Well it was nice talking to you, Risotto. See you tomorrow."

And with that, the girl gets engulfed with the night's darkness, leaving Risotto to reflect on their interactions.



• • •


In which a rebel and the fox saviour  befriend one another, each day the rebel attempting to convince her to join his group, or better, squad, and telling her about things she doesn't know, making her eyes light up more with every fact given.



• • •


Lmao one month and I've already made 3 jojo reader inserts, dang call me motivated -


Anyways~ hi~ya! I'm C, or Iyce and I write too many jojo fanfics, as I have this and 2 others up right now as well as 4 more in the works, and a fifth one after I've finished Stone Ocean! 


As you can tell, Risotto is going to be one of the main interests!


I have no clue on most of la squadra's ages so I'm just going to put this here:



[Name] : 14 in prologue,  18 in Vento Aureo

Risotto : 17 in prologue, 21 in Vento Aureo 

Melone : 20 

Fromaggio : 19 

Illuso : 22

Prosciutto : 19

Pesci : 18

Ghiaccio (I call him the better bakugo 😎👊) : 19


Sorbet and  Gelato are such minor characters they don't even have a wiki dedicated to them 😥


[Name]'s main love interests are la Squadra and Bucciarati gang (including Trish because she's a queen)


Please note !!

I am from the Wales/the UK, the age of  consent is 16, I'm not much into this stuff as it's confusing,  but as far as I know, here it is legal for a 15 year old to date an 18 year old, elsewhere, I am unsure, but here it's ok. I apologise if it is higher in your country and you feel uncomfortable with the idea of a 15 year old with someone who's 18.



I hope you enjoyed this chapter and I hope that you guys have an amazing day!

- C  / Iyce!





Who's your favourite member of la squadra?


My answer:


Melone,  though Melone has a thing for feet, his stand is super cool and I found pretty much every scene he was in, funny. 😳👊 (also not  to mention his PPP Sprite is so fricking c UTE )


I used to think melone was a girl and it wasnt until  the part where he was introduced with the rest that I realised he was a guy


I've liked him since I got PPP, which was 3 months ago, when I was on part 1 still lmAO



Chapter Text

• • •

Word quickly spread around passione that the fox's saviour disappeared, the conversation about it didn't manage to fall upon any deaf ears, everyone knew that the mysterious, yet very talented killer, was missing.

• • • 

"Hey, did you hear, that fox saviour person randomly disappeared?"
Person 1 asks, looking up from the citrus fruit they were eating.

"Yeah. I did. They were apparently last seen on the docks, staring at the sea."
Person 2 answers, turning their gaze back to the book, chewing on a strawberry.

"Do you think that they..?"
Person 1 questions again, this time, making Person 3 turn their gaze to them, sipping occasionally on tea.

"Potentially. They might have been forced into passione and thought their only escape was death. That or, they've betrayed the gang."
They respond, then take another sip of tea.

Deciding that it is a good time to, person 4 speaks up, taking off their headphones.
"Hm. I have met her once actually."

"Y-you met them!? Her!?"
The 5th one speaks up, after feeding their stand(s?) some salami.

"Yeah. She's probably around Narancia's or Mista's age, late 17 early 18's. She has a very thick accent, and doesn't speak Italian much. Actually she doesn't really speak."
Person 4 hums, reaching for their own teacup.

"So those rumours about her accent are true."
Person 3 states, sounding interested, as did their 3 other comrades.

"Say~ were the rumours on her face right? Or the ones on her skills? What was her personality like~?"
Person 5 gives person 4 multiple questions, making them let out an annoyed sigh.

"I didn't get to see her face, though her mask was slightly torn up, presumably from someone who fought back or something. I saw only a small bit of her fighting, but I did see her stand, both of them were skilled. And the fox's saviors was actually.. very polite. She seems a bit too innocent to be doing what she's doing. She apologised to my about not greeting me the moment I saw her, which was weird."
The four think about the words, interest sparking in their minds.

"You don't recon that she was forced into it when she was young? Also what did her stand look like?"
Person 2 mumbles out some questions, eyes glazed over, and very deep in thought.

At this, person 3 sadly sighs.
"She probably was. If one of the rumors- about her father being close friends with the boss- then she was probably brought up thinking that there is nothing wrong with killing... poor girl.."

"That seems most likely. Her eyes seemed very... used to it, like she does it everyday, which in on itself isn't normal... Also her stand is a ghost fox which has gold and silver shards coming out of it. It's eyes were a very deep blue, but turned pitch black when it saw me."
Person 4 recalls, sipping the last of their tea.

• • •

"[Name], are you sure? If you get found.. you'll most likely... be 'saved'"
But, all attempts of changing her mind are useless, as red eyes meet determined [eye.c] ones, which hold a fire, but at the same time an innocent ocean.

"I have said it many times now, Risotto. I will join you, no matter what. You are my friend and I will do anything to help you!"
[Name] says, looking up at her slightly taller friend, who nods, seeing no point in trying to convince her otherwise.

"Alright, I'll show you to our hideout, I'm assuming that you're ready to go.. seeing as though.."
He points to the suitcases, and [Name] nods, a smile creeping up on her face.

After a 10 minute drive, they reach the outskirts of Naples, where a bigger than average house- wait no a sort of mansion-like house stands.

"You never told me that the hideout was a mansion. And it's for sure not a hide-out."
She mumbles, pretending to be mad at the fact that the hideout is massive, but quickly 'calms down'as the man lightly pushes her forwards.

"Come on, everyone will probably be expecting you, or will be dreading me coming back without you."


Opening the door, the two step inside, the dullness of the mansion making the woman's curiosity peak.

Does a vampire live here or what?

Deciding not to speak up, the woman just focuses on noting people's presences, however she couldn't find any.

"Where are they?"
Risotto growls, then takes a deep breath, making the woman flinch, bracing herself for his shout.

"Guys, come here."
All of the sudden, a groan, seemingly annoyed as heard as a door opens.

"What, Risott- oh. We're all in here."
Noticing the blue haired Male, who calmed down upon seeing her, [Name] greets him, stiffly, making Risotto hold in a light chuckle.

She acts so stiff when meeting new people. It's weird as she's so chatty around me.

[Name] says politely, and bows, then turns to look at the other blue haired man, who nods and heads over in the direction, [Name] following him.

Upon entering the room, [name] is met with 5 males, 7 including the two blue haired men, who have varying height and features.

"Ah, Risotto you didn't tell us that our new member is a bella ragazza!"
A purple haired male smirks, his comment making the said girl, flush a deep pink.
<bella ragazza = beautiful girl in Italian (I knew this from the top of my head, guess my hetalia phase payed off 😳😳>

"A-ah! G-grazie..!"
[Name] stammers, making the purple guy's smirk widen.

"Just the truth, bella~"
The rest of la squadra scowl at the interaction, glaring at the purple haired man. What he said is true, but it isn't a good first impression. 

"Anyways, this is [Name]. You may know her as the fox's saviour. She will be very good in our efforts to kill the boss. Introduce yourselves, and don't waste too much time in doing so."
Risotto frowns at the end.

The six others gawk at the girl, surprised at how someone who looks so innocent and untainted can cause such skillful and impossible to solve murders, but quickly compose themselves again, introducing themselves one by one.

Melone, Formaggio, Illuso, Ghiaccio, Pesci, Prosciutto, Risotto, [Name].

 La squadra Esecuzioni.

• • •

"Boss, we've lost the fox's saviour! Its spreading across all of passione! I can't find her, there's no trace of her!"

"My sweet Doppio, calm down. We will find her, and when we do we will protect her."

"Ah- right, boss. Where should I start searching?"

"She was last noted to be around the docks, try looking there."

"Alright, boss. I-is that all?"

"Yes, Doppio. Now go and look for her, we need her back as soon as possible."

"Ok, boss. Goodbye"


• • • 

The seven patiently await for the woman to show herself again, eyes staying stuck onto the door.

And, after ten minutes, the woman enters the room.

Nothing much has changed, except her outfit, which now consists of a white shirt, reaching mid forearm, with a deep v cut through the front and stitched together with black laces. On top of that, she wears a black pinafore dress, the start of it going under her chest , three silver buttons going down her stomache, leading to a red ribbon, which is tied around her hips, separating the top from a three layered skirt, which reaches her kneecaps. 
The first two layers have black and white patterns, a striped, a dotted and the third is a semi-transparent red.
She has black socks which cover most of her legs and the top is hidden by her skirt, though if listed it reveals belts attached, which wrap around her thigh, holding a varying amount of items, from a small bottle of pepper spray to painkillers.
Finally, white boots , which go just past her ankle are on her feet.

This is the new fox's saviour.


• • •

I put so much effort into the outfit part, because I can't include pictures for my wonderful AO3 and QuoteV readers, I hope the description is in enough detail for you to imagine the outfit!
I know a lot of people have a distaste for wearing skirts/dresses, if that's the case, please don't complain in the comments, instead imagine the pinafore dress but like dungaree shorts, which are black ! You still have a bow around your waist and you still wear the socks with the belts!
Iiiif you still don't find that outfit appealing them please feel free to come up with your own! ^0^ ♡

(I personally prefer skirts and dresses even though I never wear them as they are super pretty and you can mess around with both to make bizarre yet cool outfits! :00)

Anyways, here's a 1,300+ word chapter ! ♡

I hope you guys like the first section, and guess who's who! (It's quite obvious, but I will leave the answer after the QOTC!)

Thank you for reading!
I hope that you guys enjoyed this chapter and that you have an amazing day! ♡

- iyce / c !

What nationality should I make [Name]? Any suggestions?

My answer:
Since I'm leaning more towards northern european countries, I am contemplating making her Icelandic, Finnish or Swedish! Idk what you guys think about those places? :0 
I'm easy for most places, so go wild! ^0^

Answers to who's who!
Person 1 =
Person 2 = Fugo
Person 3 = Bucciarati 
Person 4 = Abbacchio 
Person 5 = Mista

Also I decided last minute to make both diavolo and doppio love interests so~ be prepared for chaos!

Giorno will appear soon, the plot will start rolling, and stuff will go wild ! 

Au where la squadra and Bucciarati squad join together?

... hehe-