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“Senjuro, come here.”

There’s a soft sound of shuffling feet before his little brother appears in the door, his round face softened further by that permanent look of worry he has. 

“What is it aniue? We need to go soon or you’ll be late,” Senjuro says as he approaches Kyojuro who’s sitting on his bed. As soon as the boy is within reach he is pulled forward by the hips, made to straddle his older brother’s lap. He yelps in surprise, but doesn’t protest even as he’s pushed flush against his big brother. 

“You have a test today,” Kyojuro says as he slips his hands under Senjuro’s skirt, lifting the pleated fabric and spreading his palms over Senjuro’s smooth thighs, ”did you study properly?”

Senjuro nods against his brother’s chest, ”I did.”

Of course he did, Senjuro is a good boy who always does his best, no matter what. Never mind that the test was in the same class Kyojuro taught. Senjuro is always a good boy, always.

Good boys deserve a reward.

Calloused fingers reach around the plump of Senjuro’s ass, squeezing the soft flesh briefly before reaching further, under the hem of the cotton panties he’s wearing. Senjuro shifts a little, legs clenching slightly around Kyojuro’s hips, holds on tighter with his fists bunched in Kyojuro’s shirt. His breath hitches when those big fingers tease against his warm labia. He isn’t wet yet, but Kyojuro knows how to change that.

“How about if you to well on the test, you’ll get a treat tonight?” Kyojuro asks lowly as he slides one finger over Senjuro’s cunt, up to his little clit, “what do you say about that, little brother?”

Senjuro’s entire body shakes when his clit is massaged, so sensitive. His hips work themselves back and forth, trying to get more of that delicious friction, smearing his big brother’s hand in the slick juices that flow from his pussy. 

“A-aniue…” Senjuro moans, eyes closed and drool threatening to spill from his openly panting lips. With the young boy distracted Kyojuro takes his free hand and reaches behind him, grasping the item he had prepared before calling for his brother. 

Senjuro gets wet so quickly, always eager for whatever his brother will give him. Kyojuro wishes they had time to enjoy the morning to its fullest, but they had places to be within the hour, they had to hurry. So Kyojuro reaches under Senjuro’s ass again, this time teasing the dripping pussy with something else instead of fingers.

”You feel that, Senjuro?” Kyojuro teases, knowing that his little brother knows perfectly well what it is that is probing at his entrance, ”you’ll keep this inside today and if you do good on your test I’ll fuck you however you want tonight.”

”A-alright,” Senjuro is quivering as he agrees to the bet, unable to say anything else as Kyojuro pushes the dildo inside. It’s soft so Kyojuro has to take his time in order to get it inside Senjuro’s tight pussy, but when the knotted base pops inside he quickly removes his fingers, making sure Senjuro’s panties will be covering the base of the toy. 

”Good boy, so good,” Kyojuro soothes when Senjuro has trouble standing up, legs quivering like a newborn foal, ”go get ready, we’ll take the car today.”

Senjuro makes an acknowledging noise before he leaves the room, obviously struggling to walk as if there’s nothing filling him up. He’s so damn cute with his sailor style uniform, further empathizing how lanky he is with the straight lines and pinched waist of the outfit. 

Kyojuro is lucky to have such an adorable boy as his brother.


By the time last period rolls around and Kyojuro walks into his little brother’s classroom he can barely wait for the day to be over. Last period will be the test and his eyes immediately finds Senjuro in his seat right in front of the teacher’s desk. Usually he”s surrounded by friends, but today he sits alone, face turned down into a book to try and hide the redness of his cheeks.

”Good afternoon everyone, please take your seats,” Kyojuro calls, acting just like normal, refusing to let his eyes linger on his little brother too long. There will be time for that later. 

He hands out the tests and when he’s made sure everyone has their focus on the paper in front of them he sits down. As a precaution he opens a collection of old poems, but he doesn’t actually read them. Instead his eyes linger just above the edge of the book, observing his little brother.

Senjuro is fervently writing on the paper and Kyojuro can almost hear how the pencil scratches against it. Poor little thing, he must be doing all he can in order to keep himself from losing focus even as he knows his beloved big brother observes him, know that a reward isn’t far off. The day’s torture will soon end.

Kyojuro wants to hear about it. Wants to know if someone has noticed anything, if Senjuro has snuck off to the bathroom to try and relieve some of the pressure inside him, if he’s been able to think about anything but the toy inside him. He must be desperate by now, it’s a wonder he can even concentrate on his test. 

The minutes roll by at a torturous pace and even Kyojuro wishes for this whole ordeal to be over. He shifts in his seat as his gaze travels over the classroom, making sure no one is cheating. Of course they aren’t though, his classes are all full of obedient kids. At least after the punishment of that first pair he caught passing notes at the beginning of the year. 

With the quiet in the room everything can be heard, even such a low sound like an eraser falling to the floor. Kyojuro blinks and his eyes trail to Senjuro who has raised his head, face still so red and teeth digging into his lower lip. He puts his hand forward, pointing down to the floor where the colourful eraser lays. Ah, he can’t get it on his own.

It is a teacher’s duty to assist with this kind of thing during a test so Kyojuro gets up and rounds the desk. He goes down on one knee to pick up the eraser, obviously bending farther than strictly necessary to pick it up. But it is an excuse that he cannot resist. Discreetly he turns his head just so he can look up Senjuro’s skirt, just a little curious how he’s doing.

He almost chokes at what his eyes meet.

Dark pink, glistening with slick, stretched obscenely around the deep red toy that’s equally as wet. Senjuro’s panties are pushed to the side, surely nudging the toy every time he shifts in his seat. His inner thighs glistens with the juices and Kyojuro becomes hard at the thought of his little brother walking around like that all day, thighs slick against each other, maybe even some of it dripping down on the floor every so often. 

In that split second he is down Kyojuro can barely contain the urge to shove the desk away and stick his head into his brother’s skirt, but he refrains, not completely out of his mind. Instead he straightens his back and places the eraser on top of Senjuro’s test, finding his eyes, locking there for a short moment. He tells Senjuro he did good, that big brother is very pleased with him. 

Senjuro’s lip trembles and he looks like he’s about to cry, but with a shiver he collects himself when Kyojuro stands up and goes back to the teacher’s desk. Only ten more minutes.

Kyojuro is amazed he managed to keep his cool, but as he continues to faux-read he can see, from the corner of his eye, how his little brother hasn’t. Senjuro squirms in his seat noticeably and in the quiet room the rustle of his clothes against his chair is enough to warrant a few slightly turned heads. But nothing more than that, not even when Senjuro’s legs spread from their perfectly angular position to a more…boyish stance. Kyojuro sees how Senjuro shifts his hips back and forth in miniscule motions. To anyone looking it would seem like an antsy habit, but Kyojuro knows his brother, knows that his nervous habit lies in his hands, not anywhere else. No, his beloved brother is horny, desperate enough to try and bring a smidge of satisfaction to himself in the middle of class, surrounded by his classmates.

Oh, what a bad boy.

Kyojuro won’t say anything though. He just stares as his baby brother shifts around, squeezing his legs together, spreading them, doing anything to try and get the friction that he’s yearning for. He never looks up, but his face is red, the tip of his ears match the tips of his hair. His pen is no longer writing, only clenched in his right hand to the point of nearly breaking. 

Senjuro knows he’s being watched, Kyojuro knows that’s what’s making him act so filthily in plain sight. He’s been trained well after all.

And reward has always been the best teacher.