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     Eddie started his day the same way every single day. He rolled out of bed the second his alarm went off, took a shower, brushed his teeth, blow dried his hair, got dressed, walked down to the cafeteria for breakfast, and then went about his day. Usually it consisted of work. Whether it was his actual job he got paid for, school, or studying and homework, Eddie never had a day off. He knew he was over worked, and he knew he could use a break, but so could everyone else. He went to college, he was a student. Nobody works harder than a student already drowning in debt before they even hit 25. Eddie didn’t see himself as an exception, but he did see that everyone deserved a break.

     Eddie’s best friends were Beverly Marsh and Bill Denbrough. He made friends with Mike Hanlon through Bill, and Beverly had a million connections throughout the whole university. Of course, a girl as gorgeous as she was, she had a boyfriend named Ben Hanscom. He was so level headed and nice and logical. Eddie admired him for his ability to stay sane around his crazy group of friends. The second most logical was Stanley Uris, who looked like he belonged in a bird watcher magazine, and they met him through Beverly’s friend Richie Tozier. The first thing Eddie learned about Richie Tozier was that he had a big dick.

     Now, Eddie doesn’t spend all his time thinking about dicks. He came from a complicated home life leaving him confused about his sexuality and what he wanted out of a partner. So far the only girlfriend he’s ever had had been just as, if not more, controlling and worrisome as his mother had been. At first he didn’t notice. He was so used to feeling the way his mother made him feel that he didn’t even notice when he slipped back into old habits. Carrying prescriptions he didn’t need, starting his day with Tylenol despite having nothing in pain, and he even tried to get his inhaler back even though he knew his mother made that up. Needless to say, he was kind of shaken up when Bill talked some sense into him and helped him break it off. He grew up with Bill, so he trusted him the most.

     Back to Eddie’s thoughts on dicks. They were rare, and few and far between, but he still thought of them. At first it was just out of curiosity when he was younger. I wonder what another boys penis looks like. Then as he got older he thought things more along the lines of I wonder if other boys like the idea of touching someone else’s penis. Before he knew it he was fantasizing about sucking cock freshmen year alone in his dorm room and feeling a deep sense of shame in his chest when he came all over himself. So, to answer a question that was never asked, yes. Eddie thought about dicks, but he tried not to. He especially tried not to think about Richie’s dick in particular.

     The first time Eddie ever met Richie was at a typical college party. Beverly invited him, and Eddie allowed himself a break for once. They weren’t there for long before they heard screaming from the main room of the fraternity house they were in. Curiosity getting the best of him, Eddie wandered into the other room despite Beverly’s warnings. There was a circle of mostly guys, and in the middle two extremely tall dudes. One was blond and nicely toned. The other had dark messy hair with a body that looked like a stick figure. Dark haired dude was taller than the blond by like an inch.

“There’s no fucking way your dick is bigger than mine, bro. We’ve literally measured every dick in the house, and mine is the biggest,” blondie said. Eddie furrowed his brows, and gently made his way to a place where he could see the two men better.

     They were very different. Dark haired dude was definitely not apart of the fraternity. He wore large glasses, a ridiculous sweater that looked like it belonged in a dumpster, and faded jeans rolled over his ankles. His feet were in a pair of high tops, and his socks clearly didn’t match. While Eddie was annoyed by that fact, the other man wasn’t much better. He wore the standard plain white T-Shirt with sweatpants and Vans. While the dark haired guy was kind of a disaster he was at least outside of the norm. Eddie liked people who were different. All his friends were different in that way too.

“Wow, you guys literally have dick measuring competitions? That’s pretty gay,” the dark haired guy said. Eddie snorted, but the rest of the circle only offered awkward chuckles. Dark haired guy must’ve heard Eddie because he was suddenly glancing at him and winking. Eddie blushed.

“It’s not gay. We’re all confident in our sexuality, man. Also, it’s okay to be gay. Not that any of us are…we’d accept it though if someone was,” the blond said defensively.

“I’m cool with that. It just sounds gay,” dark haired guy said. “Should I show you? Since you’re doubting me?”

“Show me what? Your dick?“ the blond gawked. Dark hair nodded. “Look who’s being the gay one now!” He shrugged.

“I dunno what to tell you man. If you won’t believe me when I say my dick is bigger than yours, then what else do you want me to do?” He questioned. The blond looked nervous and crossed his arms.

“Right…like you would just whip it out right now,” he scoffed. He was obviously hoping this other guy was bluffing.

“I will, but only if you want me too, sweetheart,” he said directing his wink to the blond this time. That seemed to piss him off.

“Alright! Show it then!” He urged.

“Hey, Eddie, what’s going on—“

     Beverly peeked over Eddie’s shoulder just as the dark haired man pulled his dick out of his jeans. Eddie’s eyes went wide when he saw just how big the organ was, and the circle was quiet. He even turned around to show the back of the circle and smiled to himself as he did. Of course, he made eye contact with Eddie again and Eddie was bright red. He looked like he was about to wink at him again, but quickly went pale when he looked over Eddie’s shoulder. He stuffed his penis back into his boxers and zipped his pants up as he wobbled over to Beverly and Eddie.

“Shit, Bev, I’m so sorry. I had no idea you were here yet!” He said sounding truly embarrassed. Fuck, he was even taller up close. Beverly merely rolled her eyes.

“You’re such a show-off, Richie,” she said slapping his chest and walking away dragging Eddie with her. Richie followed after them.

“Whoa whoa whoa, Miss Marsh, who’s this cutie you got with ya? Is he taken?” Richie teased and ruffled Eddie’s hair. He quickly smacked his hand away and shot a glare up at him. Fuck, was Eddie really that short? He was five nine. That was the average, right?

“Ooh, feisty,” Richie grinned.

“Richie, this is Eddie Kaspbrak. He’s my best friend,” she introduced. Richie pouted theatrically.

“Aw, Bevvy, I thought I was your best friend,” he whined.

“Your my best friend when we hang out,” Beverly said. “But Eddie’s my best friend all the time,” she added. Eddie wore a proud smile and looked up at Richie to flaunt it.

“You wound me, Beverly. I thought what we had was special, baby,” Richie cooed ignoring Eddie. That irked him.

“Please, if what we had was special you wouldn’t be whipping it out at the drop of a hat,” Beverly quipped. Richie laughed.

“You got me there!”

     After that night Eddie’s thoughts about dicks increased by two hundred percent. That meant that instead of once a week, he was thinking about it two to three times a week. Now he was thinking about specifically Richie’s dick, since it was the only one he had seen in real life, and it was pure torture. They hung out in the sense that Stan and Beverly had plans with Richie, and Bill and Eddie were invited to come. Then Ben and Mike would meet them there and it was a big group hang out. Richie would tease Eddie, and maybe flirt a little if you squint, but for the most part he seemed to ignore Eddie. For some reason that made him want Richie more.

     Eddie had never been with a man before. He never felt confident enough to approach someone, and he was still suffering from the trauma of living with Sonia Kaspbrak for 18 years. All his friends, mostly Beverly and Bill, were very encouraging and even set him up a few times, but when it came to being intimate he always chickened out. He’s only shared a brief peck on the lips with a guy, and he wanted to throw up afterwards thinking about what his mom would think of him. Beverly and Bill tried to talk some sense into him, but it was hard to listen to them until the next morning. Thankfully they were still there to support him.

     He didn’t know why, but for some reason he was thinking about letting Richie be his first. By all means it seemed impossible. The guy barely spared him five minutes during their group meet ups, and he seemed absolutely not interested, but from what he’s heard he wouldn’t mind it as long as Eddie was up front. Richie not only had a reputation for having a big dick. He also had a reputation for doing almost anything if he was asked nice enough. Like literally. He’s chugged vodka bottles, made out with almost hundreds of people, done peoples homework, drank piss, he’s been the designated driver more often than not, he even babysat someone’s kid in the middle of a college party. If you wanted to watch someone do something stupid or needed a favor done, Richie Tozier was the guy to ask. He was a nice enough guy too that it didn’t seem weird or out of place. It was just Richie being Richie.

“I think I want to lose my virginity to Richie,” Eddie announced casually in his dorm. Beverly nearly dropped her giant burrito on the ground and gasped at that new information. Ben and Bill also fumbled with their tacos, but Eddie merely took another bite of his quesadilla.

“Uh…I’m sorry, what did you just say?” Beverly asked in a high pitched voice that told Eddie she was Up To Something.

“I said I want to lose my virginity to Richie.”

“R-Richie Tozier?” Bill asked to clarify. Eddie gave him a funny look.

“Yeah? How many other Richie’s do we all know?” Eddie sassed.

“He’s got a point,” Ben nodded.

“What…what made you wanna do that?” Beverly asked. Eddie shrugged.

“You know him. Why wouldn’t I?” He replied.

“Th-there’s a lot of reasons someone w-w-wouldn’t want to fuck Richie T-Tozier,” Bill said. Eddie blushed and then shrugged again.

“He’s cute…and I think if I tell him about everything he would be up for it. I dunno. I don’t like the pressure of finding a stranger to be my boyfriend or a hook up first. I feel safest with my friends,” Eddie explained. Bev held her hand over her heart.

“Aw, that’s so sweet actually. You have to tell him that, it’ll make him melt!” Beverly cooed. Eddie lit up at that.

“So you think he’ll do it?” He asked. Beverly hesitated for a moment before nodding.

“I can’t really tell you everything, because I’d be a shit friend, but—“

“R-Richie kinda likes—“ Ben slapped a hand over Bill’s mouth.

“He’s kinda in the same place as you where he’s coming to the conclusion that he likes boys,” Ben explained. Eddie looked at them all strange and for a good reason. Obviously they were keeping something from him, but they were all good people that he trusts. He let it slide.

“…really?” He murmured. Beverly nodded.

“We’re all going to a party tonight, right? I’ll text Richie and tell him you’re interested in hooking up tonight if you’re ready for it,” Beverly offered. Eddie hesitated, but then eventually nodded.

“Okay…uh, if he asks…um…maybe nothing too much. Just first time kinda shit,” Eddie said blushing furiously. Beverly nodded.

“Of course! Richie is actually super considerate. He just doesn’t get a lot of chances to show that off,” she said before setting her burrito down on Eddie’s nightstand and pulling out her phone. Eddie’s face went beet red as he realized what he was doing and how fast it was happening.

“Oh shit, I’m really doing this, huh?” He said sounding nervous. Beverly rubbed his arm.

“Hey, it’s okay. It’s totally normal to want to spend your first time with someone you trust. Richie’s a great guy. He’d be glad to help you out,” she assured him.

“Yeah, and if it’s like internalized stuff you’re dealing with, trust me when I say you’ll be happier once you take big steps like this and move on. I had a lot of internalized fat-phobia when I was a kid, and while it’s not the same as homophobia, I still kinda suffer from it from time to time even after I dropped all the baby fat,” Ben said. Eddie smiled at Ben. He always had something useful and nice to say.

“Thank you, Ben. You’re the best,” he said.

“I-I’m sure R-R-Richie is gonna have a g-great time tonight,” Bill said smugly. Eddie blushed and rolled his eyes.

“Shut up…”

“We should go shopping!” Beverly gasped.

“Shopping?” Eddie asked. “For what?”

“Maybe some lingerie to surprise him? He is doing you a favor,” she suggested with a fun wink. Eddie wrinkled his nose at first, but found himself kind of into the idea.

“M-m-maybe don’t show him right away if-if-if you want him to l-last,” Bill murmured. Eddie frowned at that and Ben nudged him. “H-he’s got a thing for shorts and stockings is all…he w-w-won’t shut the fuck up about it when he d-drinks,” he explained.

“Oooo, stockings and shorts. Well, we better get started on that,” Beverly said hopping up and raiding Eddie’s drawer in his dresser. “Athletic shorts?” Eddie blushed when she pulled out his little red shorts from high school.

“Beverly! Those are so short, everyone will probably see my balls in that!” Eddie groaned.

“That’s why you’ll wear it under your jeans,” she said as if it was obvious.

“H-he’ll like that,” Bill confirmed.

“Fuck yeah. Now, fishnets? Or like tights?” Bev asked.

“I-I think he specifically said g-g-g-garter belt and thigh highs,” Bill said sounding absolutely devastated that he knew Richie’s kinks so well.

“Oof,” Ben said.

“Oh, me-ow, okay Tozier. I can respect that. Maybe I should pick you up a pair while we’re out,” Beverly said teasing Ben. Ben shrugged.

“I’d wear them,” he said proudly. She winked.

“I know baby. Okay, let’s go, Eds! We got some stockings to buy for that cute little butt of yours!”

     Buying the garter belt was easier than Eddie thought it would be. He was a pretty small and compact guy, but the garter belt they liked the most was from the women’s so they got him a large. When he asked about the panties Beverly just told him to go commando. After they made their purchase they returned to Eddie’s dorm and hung out with Bill and Ben until it got close to going to the party. Eddie didn’t feel like eating much since he was feeling nervous, and Beverly didn’t seem as adamant to press him for it this time.

“So…how far do you think you’ll go?” She asked as Ben and Bill started making plans to pregame. Eddie blushed, thankful that she asked while the other boys were preoccupied.

“I’m not sure, to be honest. Did he even text back?” He asked. Beverly quickly pulled out her phone and scrolled for a while before nodding.

“Yeah, he said he’s more than willing to help a friend,” she said with a soft smile. And that almost felt like the final seal to Eddie’s fate. He took a deep breath.

“Okay. Cool.”

“Do you…do you think you might like Richie? I get it if you don’t, but…uh…he’s not a bad guy to fall for,” she said. Eddie thought about it for a moment and then shrugged.

“I’m not sure. He doesn’t really seem interested in me, so—“ he was interrupted by Bill’s snort, and Eddie frowned. “What?” Bill shook his head.

“N-Nothing, it’s just…” he laughed again.

“Richie…has mentioned that you’re cute too. I think he’s just…shy around you,” Beverly explained. Eddie raised a brow.

“Richie? Shy?”

“I know, I thought that too,” Ben said.

“That’s kinda weird,” Eddie said.

Yeah, he’s been going through it too with realizing he’s into guys,” Beverly said. Eddie took a moment to think about that as Bill and Ben stood up.

“We’re gonna meet up with Stan, Rich, and Mikey to do some pregaming. Just a couple of beers. You guys wanna come?” Ben asked.

“We’ll catch up. Text me the bar, okay?” Beverly replied. Ben nodded and walked to the bed to kiss her goodbye.

“S-see you soon!” Bill called as they walked out the door.

“Bye!” Bev and Eddie said together.

     After that started the process of getting ready. Beverly did her makeup earlier that day, but she darkened it with the stuff she had in her purse before helping Eddie decide the rest of his outfit. On top he’d have a very normal outfit. Just a cute sweater since it was getting chilly out, and a pair of his trusted jeans. Underneath it he’d have his old running shorts, and his garter belt and stockings. The garter belt and stockings were actually easy to get into, but trying to pull his jeans over it was proving to be difficult. With a little help from Beverly and a lot of adjusting and readjusting, they finally got it on and Eddie slipped on his socks and shoes. Looking at him you couldn’t tell, but Eddie quickly learned there were few things that felt weirder than layering denim over nylon.

“You look so cute, Eds. Even if you didn’t have plans with Richie, I’m sure you would’ve picked someone up,” Beverly said. He blushed and rolled his eyes before they left and went to her dorm to pick her outfit.

     It was an hour before they met up at the bar with the rest of their friends, and the instant tension Eddie felt with Richie was a little jarring. Last time he hung out with Richie was about a week ago, and now he was sitting across the table from him with the knowledge that Eddie wanted to have sex with him. It wasn’t a crazy amount of tension, and it wasn’t bad either. Richie lingered his gaze a little longer and started to tease Eddie a little more like when they first met at that one party. Eddie found that he really liked that.

“Where’s this party, Marsh?” Richie asked once he finished his beer.

“I-it’s just down the s-street! I-I-I told you that!” Bill said as they all started to stand up.

“How am I supposed to remember everything you say, Buh-Buh-Buh-Bill? Just because you say it more doesn’t mean I’ll remember,” Richie teased. 

     They all headed out talking and laughing as Beverly lead the way to the party. Eddie walked right next to her and could hear all the ruckus Richie was causing amongst their friends. He seemed a little higher energy than normal, and Eddie wasn’t about to waste much brain power thinking about it until Beverly giggled.

“What’s so funny?” Eddie asked.

“Nothing. It’s just always fun to see Richie when he’s nervous. He gets extra stupid,” she said around another giggle. Eddie frowned at that.

“Nervous? About wha-“

“Hey there, Eddie spaghetti!” Richie interrupted throwing an arm around Eddie’s shoulders. Beverly picked up her pace and walked a bit faster leaving Eddie and Richie alone behind her.

“Ew, don’t call me that,” Eddie said.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Eds. Didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable,” Richie said with a grin. Eddie blushed at how close he was.

“Don’t call me Eds either. My name is Eddie,” he asserted.

“Alright alright. Spaghetti man doesn’t like the nicknames, I’ll try to restrain myself. How are you this fine evening?” Richie asked. Eddie rolled his eyes at the nickname and sighed.

“I’m alright. Could be better,” Eddie said vaguely.

“Oh really? Anything I can do to make it better?” Richie questioned with a smirk. Eddie smiled up at him.

“It would be nice if I didn’t have twelve pounds hanging over my shoulders,” he said. Richie chuckled and moved his arm to Eddie’s waist. 

“How’s that?” He murmured leaning closer to Eddie’s ear. He blushed, and couldn’t deny that he liked the feeling of Richie’s hand on him.

“Better,” he said.

     They got to the party very quickly actually. It was at a house some kids from Beverly’s English class shared, and the party was already in full swing. When they stepped inside everyone was well on their way drunk, and the music was loud. Eddie wasn’t a fan of the music, but allowed Richie to lead him to the drinks anyways. He kept an eye on Beverly, but Richie quickly distracted him by doing a couple shots together. By the time he looked up again he’d lost sight of her, and he was lost on what to do now that Richie had established they were hanging out at this party. He then felt a finger on his chin guide him to look up at Richie. He was smiling, and Eddie shyly bit his lip before smiling back.

“What are you looking for?” He asked. They were close enough that he didn’t need to raise his voice too much for Eddie to hear him over the music.

“I was just checking to see if Bev was nearby,” he replied. Richie’s smile widened at her name and he picked up a beer bottle from the table.

“Speaking of Marsh, a little birdie told me you wanted to have some fun tonight,” Richie said before taking a sip. He then handed the bottle to Eddie, and Eddie looked at it for a moment before taking it. His mother would scream at him for sharing a bottle with someone, but his mother wasn’t there. So he took a sip and looked Richie in the eyes burning bright red.

“I just…I-I just wanna get it over with, y’know?” He said handing the bottle back. Richie looked a little surprised by that response.

“Get it over with?” He questioned. Eddie took a deep breath. Now was his chance to pitch it in person. He could only hope it didn’t sound as stupid as it did in his head. He knew Bev said it was basically guaranteed, but he wanted to make sure nothing was lost in translation.

“I know it might be a little awkward because we’re friends and all, but…”

“Eds, I cant hear that well,” Richie shouted over the music. 

     Eddie groaned and grabbed his hand to lead him back outside the way they came in. People tried to stop and chat with them, but Eddie merely ignored them in favor of leaving the noisy house. It briefly crossed his mind how much time they wasted coming here in the first place, and then stopped on the lawn. Richie stumbled behind him, but caught himself before tumbling into him when they stopped.

“I trust you for some reason, okay? And I know you’re standards aren’t that high, so you’ll at least get a lay in, right?” Eddie explained bluntly. Richie blinked at him.

“Oh…” Eddie sighed and hunched his shoulders defensively.

“I know it’s a lot to ask, but…if you don’t mind being my first and helping me out…I’d owe you big time,” Eddie promised. Richie blinked at him.

“We should go to my dorm,” he announced. Eddie frowned.

“Huh?” It was now Richie’s turn to take Eddie’s arm and lead him away.

“My dorm. It’s a single dorm, so no roommates can bother us,” he explained. Eddie’s cheeks flared up.

“S-so you’ll do it?” He stuttered. Richie looked back at him as he lead the way.

“Hell yeah. I love it when people owe me favors.” Eddie’s stomach dropped at that. Oh shit, he really just said that, didn’t he?

     It took them less than fifteen minutes to get to Richie’s dorm. Eddie wasn’t expecting much from a single dorm, they were notorious for being devastatingly tiny, but he was surprised to see Richie’s room was a little roomier than other single dorms he’s been in. He took a quick glance around the room and noticed the band and movie posters plastered across the walls. He was able to fit a twin sized bed and a desk inside, and while the small bed wasn’t that appealing it was nicer than the alternative. The alternative being having a queen stuffed in with no ability to walk more than two feet at a time. He had a guitar case leaned against the desk, and a solid stack of video games on the desk itself. 

     It was interesting to see Richie’s room. The thought that not a lot of people knew that much about Richie briefly crossed Eddie’s mind as he picked up one of the game sleeves from his desk. He didn’t even know Richie was interested in all these things, but he felt a little curious now that he did know.

“Uh, I think I still have lube and shit…yeah, I got condoms too,” Richie said as he looked through his nightstand. Eddie set down the game and walked over to Richie. “I got water based and oil—“

     Richie stopped talking as Eddie pushed him up against the wall. He dropped the bottle in his hand and looked down at the other man with wide eyes. Eddie glared up at him with determination, and he was blushing again. Richie blushed too, and Eddie thought for a split second that it was cute. He took a deep breath and looked him in the eyes.

“I really wanna blow you,” he confessed. Richie’s pale skin got even redder, and his eyes almost popped out from how wide they were.

“Shit, Eds. You’re really asking for it, huh?” He said. Eddie rolled his eyes and gently dragged his hands down Richie’s chest.

“That’s the only thing I really want to do. After that, you…you can do whatever you want with me,” he said. Richie was still blushing, but his wide eyes relaxed as he watched Eddie’s mouth move.

“Whatever I want?” Eddie nodded. He remembered Bill and Ben mentioning he was having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that he likes men, but couldn’t see a trace of hesitation in Richie’s eyes. In fact he was smiling. “Then get to it.”

     Sometimes you think about something so hard for so long you almost accept it’s just a dream. Then, when it’s actually happening it feels like a head trip. When Eddie leaned in to kissed Richie’s neck and pull off his jacket, he felt like he was moving through water. Slow and spacey like a dream, but he knew that it was happening. His lips were touching Richie’s skin. His hands were running down his arms once they discarded his jacket, and his knees were quickly hitting the ground. The only thing that broke the illusion was Richie’s fingers threading through Eddie’s hair. He looked up and found Richie looking back down with his lip trapped between his teeth. He was into this.

     Eddie slipped his hands under Richie’s sweater. His pale skin was already warm underneath it, and he thought about how weird his cold hands must’ve felt to him. The feedback Richie gave him said otherwise. He started to let out a deep breath, but it hitched when Eddie dragged his hand back down dead center to his belt. Watching and feeling his chest move so irregularly and rapidly was satisfying, and it put a smile on Eddie’s lips before he pressed them to Richie’s hip. Richie tensed, and Eddie did it again as he undid his belt.

“Ah, so you’re a tease,” Richie said. Eddie pouted.

“I’m just trying to make it good,” he replied. Richie moved his hand from Eddie’s hair to his chin and tilted his head up.

“Baby, it’s great,” he purred. Eddie blushed and finished removing his belt.

“I dunno what to do,” he admitted.

“Just keep going, babe, you’re doing so good. I’ll let you know what I like,” Richie assured him. 

     He liked the way Richie talked to him just then. All of it made him tingle as he undid the other man’s pants and pulled them down a little so he could pull out his cock. Richie was already more than half hard, and Eddie felt a sense of pride that he did that to him. He was responsible for the firm flesh in his hands. Then he realized just how fucking huge Richie was up close and he went bright red looking at it. He knew it was big, that’s why he wanted to do this, but this was a little ridiculous.

“Scared or impressed?” Richie asked with a smirked. Eddie met his eyes and glared.

Annoyed,” he answered. Richie laughed.

“Fuck, that’s the best one yet,” he chuckled. Eddie licked his lips and leaned in to kiss around the base.

“It’s like…so much bigger up close,” he murmured and peppered kisses all over it. That’s all it took to make Richie fully hard and even throb under Eddie’s lips when he lingered.

“Does that bother you?” Richie asked sounding a little breathless. Eddie made eye contacter and licked the tip of his cock, his tongue right against his slit. Richie shivered and blinked.

“It’s why I wanted you,” he confessed for the first time out loud. 

     Richie looked thoroughly shocked, and he barely had time to register Eddie taking his head into his mouth. The warmth and wetness of Eddie’s mouth and the fact that he was caught off guard made him moan loudly. He pressed the back of his wrist to his mouth, but still moaned a second time when Eddie hollowed his cheeks to take in more of him. Eddie had seen porn, so he had a basic idea of what a blow job was. Still, he wasn’t sure of much, and just wanted Richie in his mouth. He could feel every pulse inside his mouth, and could hear how it timed with his heavy breaths above him. The girth was almost too much, his fingers barely meeting at his base if he squeezed hard enough. Although Eddie did have pretty small hands…

“Fuck, you weren’t kidding, huh baby? You like how big I am, huh?” Richie said once he collected himself as much as he could. Eddie hummed and managed to fit more in his mouth as he sucked and pressed his tongue against the belly of his cock. Richie was shaking and let out an even shakier breath. “Fuck…shit.” Eddie finally pulled back.

“I can’t…I-I can’t fit you…I’m gonna choke,” Eddie said trying to catch his breath. Richie moaned at that and flung his head against the wall.

“You’re really hitting all my fucking spots right now, Eds,” he said it like it was a warning.

“I kinda wanna choke on it,” Eddie whispered as he touched Richie’s stomach again. He was met with those intense blue eyes, and he kissed around the base again keeping ahold of them. Pale fingers returned to Eddie’s hair and gently pulled him off his hips.

“Then do it,” he encouraged. Eddie smirked at that and quickly took Richie back in his mouth.

     Blow jobs are hard work. Eddie’s jaw was already starting to ache, but the feeling of Richie in his mouth was worth it. It felt so good to have him like that. Almost vulnerable and fragile. So close to coming undone from just his mouth and his tongue, and it was so satisfying to hear him moan and groan as Eddie took him deeper in his mouth. Eventually it got to the back of his throat, and Eddie had felt himself heave a couple times already. He was closer to his fist clamped tightly around Richie’s base, but it was still a few fingers away. He dragged his fist up to meet his lips, and then slowly pushed back down as Richie seemed to go crazy over the sight right in front of him.

“Fuck, you look so fucking sexy like that. You’ve always been so fucking cute, but this? Goddammit, your so hot,” Richie rambled. Eddie choked at that and pulled off blushing furiously. Cute? Richie thought he was cute? How? He thought Richie couldn’t care less about him.

“Fuck…” he wheezed trying to catch his breath between coughs. Once he collected himself Richie grabbed his chin again, and pressed the head of his cock against his lips.

“One more time, baby. You don’t gotta choke again, but just…fuck, it looked so fucking good,” he begged while Eddie gave him kitten licks around his head. He said nothing and instead opened his mouth wide for Richie to push into. “Fuck, you’re fucking perfect.”

     It was a lot. Everything that was happening, it was a lot. Eddie never imagined Richie saying yes to his stupid request. He knew he most likely would say yes, but he psyched himself out so much he was convinced Richie would hate him if he asked. Thank god for Beverly or else he wouldn’t currently be so blissfully overstimulated by Richie’s cock in his mouth and everything he said. His hand continued to hold Eddie’s chin, and he moaned as he drooled all over Richie’s fingers. He could distinctly taste Richie’s pre cum at the back of his throat, and moaned at the though of him so close to just shooting his load down Eddie’s throat.

     Suddenly, Richie started to pull him off, but Eddie insistently smacked his hand away and sucked as he bobbed his head a little. Richie went absolutely nuts over that. Gasping and moaning over Eddie’s mouth, and even nudging his hips a little to chase the heat spiraling around him. He tried to pull Eddie back again, but he merely pulled Richie’s hips closer and almost gagged again on his cock. Richie shuddered and left his hands at his sides in defeat.

“Eds…Eds, baby, I’m gonna cum…babe unless you wanna swallow my fucking jizz, you gotta…” he trailed off as Eddie looked up at him and slowly dragged his mouth off his cock. He held it wide open just in front of the head, his tongue hanging out expectedly as he jerked him off. Richie felt his body shake with his orgasm, and couldn’t step himself from cumming at the sight of Eddie on his knees wanting his cum in his mouth. “…you fucking…shit, Eddie,” he gasped as Eddie licked up anything that didn’t make it in his mouth.

“I said I wanted to blow you,” he reminded him as if it was obvious he was going to do that. His voice was rough from what they did, and Richie groaned.

“You’re fucking dangerous,” Richie decided. Eddie smiled at that and tucked Richie back into his boxers before zipping him up.

“Did you like it?” He asked. Richie raised his brows at that question. Did he fucking like it? The answer should’ve been obvious.

“Uh…Eds, my brain is fucking fried right now, but that was probably the best fucking blow job I’ve ever gotten,” he said. Richie knew he was being biased, but Eddie didn’t and glared at him instead. “What?”

“You don’t need to tease me, asshole. Just tell me it wasn’t that good,” Eddie grumbled and stood up to turn away.

“Whoa, what? Where are you going?” Richie asked catching his hand. Eddie stopped and turned back.

“Home? I got you off, didn’t I?” He said sounding defensive. Shit, Richie really didn’t think that through.

“Eds, it was good, okay? I liked it a lot. I’m sorry I said that before. It was kinda stupid,” he said gently. Eddie softened a little at that and then nodded.

“Okay…apology accepted. It was stupid of you,” Eddie murmured. Richie nodded and then pulled Eddie’s body against his.

“Thank you…and I’m pretty sure I recall you telling me I could do whatever I want with you after you blow me…right?” He hummed against Eddie’s ear. Eddie shivered and dug his fingers into Richie’s sweater. He was desperately hard after getting Richie off, and he was sure his running shorts under his jeans were doing nothing to hide it.

“I…yeah, but…I-I already got you off, so—“

“Is it hard to believe I wanna get you off too, baby?” Richie hummed and cupped Eddie’s cock through his jeans. Eddie whined almost instantly, and that encouraged Richie to start rubbing. “You sound fucking amazing, Eddie. I wanna take you apart over and over again,” he continued and squeezed.

“Richie…ahh…” Eddie gasped and grabbed the other man’s wrist.

“Let me get you on the bed,” he urged. Eddie nodded and went to crawl onto the mattress. Richie followed and watched as Eddie uncertainly placed himself on his sheets.

“Uh…on my back?” He asked. Richie nodded and pulled him down a little by his thighs. 

     Eddie let out a little squeak. He could feel the garter belt strain from the denim pulling the nylon down. He desperately wanted to adjust it, but Richie was already undoing his pants for him and kissing his neck. Then he made his way up Eddie’s jaw and his cheek, and before he knew it Eddie had Richie’s tongue in his mouth. He moaned against Richie’s lips, and nearly melted under him when he squeezed Eddie’s dick through his shorts. Richie pulled back chuckling a little.

“Fuck, what material is that? Running shorts?” He asked looking down at the red material. Somehow Eddie’s sweater was still covering his garter belt, so Richie completely missed the black lace tight against his waist. Their eyes met and Eddie nodded shyly. Richie’s smile loosened. “What?”

“I-it was all Bev’s idea…Bill said you’d like it,” he said shyly. 

     Richie looked between him and the shorts, and then stared rolling his jeans down. Eddie blushed deeply as Richie saw the straps from the belt and paused. The pause didn’t last long before he had completely ripped the denim from Eddie’s legs, and his dirty secret was exposed. Richie’s eyes were wide as they took everything in. Eddie quickly pulled the stockings back up to where they were before he put on his jeans, and looked up at the other man nervously. Once he got them back into place he shyly pushed his legs together.

“Is…is it too much? Bev suggested lingerie and Bill said you like stockings and shorts…I just…I wanted to thank you for doing this,” he explained poorly. He was so turned on, and the way Richie looked at him was almost fueling him.

“You wanted to thank me?” He questioned. Eddie was certain there was no physical way for him to blush any deeper, but his face felt like it was on fire. He pulled his sweater over his face to hide out of embarrassment, but he soon felt fingers on his newly exposed waist.

“Mm…Richie…” he whimpered.

“It’s crazy you think you have to thank me, but…fuck, this…this is the fucking hottest thing I’ve ever fucking seen,” Richie claimed and touched around the garter belt more.

“Richie…” he arched his back and moved the sweater down so it only covered his mouth. “Touch me…touch me, please…” he begged.

“Fuck…” Richie cursed and pulled the shorts down. Eddie whined and whimpered as he caressed his legs as he pulled them off, and moaned when Richie kissed down his thighs. His lips brushing and pressing against the nylon as he pushed the sweater up more. “Commando too? You’re killing me, baby…”

“Richie!” Eddie gasped. Richie pushed himself up and kissed him on the lips again before pushing to take off the sweater completely.

“Fuck…fuck…I wanna make you cum over and over again. I wanna make you feel so fucking good. Give it to you hard and rock your fucking world,” Richie rambled as he wrestled with Eddie’s sweater. They finally got it over his head, and Richie immediately started kissing him once it was out of the way.

“Baby…please touch me…it’s starting to hurt,” Eddie requested touching Richie’s covered chest.

“It’s okay, sweetheart,” Richie cooed and loosely took Eddie in his hand. “I got you,” he whispered before stroking him. Eddie squirmed under him, and moaned in contentment.

“Richie…ah…aahhh…I’m close,” he announced.

“It’s okay. Go ahead and cum for me, babe. I wanna watch you cum,” Richie urged. 

     That was all it took for Eddie to roll his eyes back as he shuddered and shook underneath the other man. His body tensing up incredibly tight, and heat bursting inside him. His cum jumped over his stomach, and thankfully didn’t get on the garter belt. The second his muscles unlocked and he slumped against the bed, Richie was bent down licking the cum off his chest and stomach. 

     Richie lead his lips back up to Eddie’s neck and settled next to him, half draped over his body and half off so he didn’t crush him. His leg stayed between Eddie’s, and the denim of his jeans felt weird against the nylon. Eddie was still trying to catch his breath while Richie continued to kiss his neck and play with his earlobe. His hand wandered over Eddie’s chest until it hooked on his waist. He brushed his thumb against the lace, and every point of contact they had made Eddie tremble. That orgasm he had was still thrumming under his skin, and he normally would’ve calmed down by then if Richie hadn’t been touching him still. He touched and kissed him like that for what felt like hours.

“Richie…ah…aahhh,” he moaned when Richie sucked his lobe.

“Yeah, baby?” Richie’s voice sounded husky and breathy. It turned Eddie on again, and he whined at the feeling of himself starting to get hard once more.

“Mmhhh…sh-shouldn’t we stop?” He asked trying to draw his knees together. Richie’s leg seemed to pin one down, so his other merely flopped over to meet it there instead of in the middle. Richie took advantage of the new position, and trailed his hand down Eddie’s back until he got to the curve of his ass.

“Do you want to stop?” Richie hummed. Eddie let out a shaky breath as his pale hand continued to move up and down Eddie’s thigh.


“Anything I want, right? Are you still in?” Richie hummed and gently took the lobe between his teeth. Eddie’s focus wavered and he let out a huff.

“I…yeah, I…you make me feel good,” Eddie whispered.

“Trust me, baby, once I’m done with you, you’re gonna feel so much more than good,” Richie purred and kissed his jaw.

     Eddie rolled his eyes at that, and was happy to feel Richie’s lips against his again. The way Richie kissed him was as if they had no time for anything else. All he could focus on was his lips and his hands. His breath and his voice as he talked Eddie through his pleasure and touched him and made Eddie feel things he didn’t know he was capable of feeling. When he had that one girlfriend she never made Eddie feel like this. Even the one boy Eddie kinda kissed that one time was laughable compared to this. No one sparked with him like this, and Richie was burning him alive.


     Eddie moaned between kisses as Richie touched him and pushed him against his body. Eddie reached up to hold Richie’s face as they kissed, and Richie moved his arm around Eddie’s waist to be even closer. Their lips and their tongues exploring everything they could while desperately trying to eliminate all space between them. Eddie wrapped his arms around Richie’s neck, and then started clawing at his sweater to pull it off him. Richie obliged immediately, and came back down for one single kiss before continuing to take off his pants and his boxers. Eddie watched with bated breath as Richie stripped, and bit his lip seeing him half hard again. It was such a trip seeing it up close.

“Can I like…prepare you? Like I can eat you out or finger you, or both even…” Richie asked with wide and eager eyes as he came back down. “Or I can do it to myself if you wanted it the other way around,” he offered reaching for the lube in his nightstand.

“I…I-I’m okay with you…prepping me,” Eddie said.

“Okay, uh…so you’re a virgin…” Eddie raised a brow a that, but it only made Richie chuckle. “…and I got tested just last month for a health class thing and I’m clean. So…condom or no condom?” He asked. Eddie thought about that one for a moment before looking down between Richie’s legs.

“Um…does the condom make it not as good?” He asked. Richie gave a flat smile.

“Depends on the person. I think it’s annoying, but I use it because STDs and unplanned babies are more annoying,” he replied. “I haven’t really not used one before, so…I can’t say for sure.”

“Then let’s skip it tonight,” Eddie cooed reaching up for Richie’s face. Richie blinked at him with wide eyes and leaned down for the other man to cup his face and kiss his cheek.

“You…you mean it?” He asked. Eddie nodded and kissed the corner of his mouth.

“I wanna feel all of you, Richie. I want you inside me,” he whispered and kissed him on the lips. Richie greedily kissed him back and fumbled with the lube before finally opening it and costing his fingers.

“You ever finger yourself before, baby?” Richie rasped. He sounded like Eddie’s words affected him in more than one way, and that made Eddie feel nice and warm.

“A few times…I thought about you one time,” he confessed. Richie groaned in his mouth, and reached down between Eddie’s legs to rub and circle his fingers around him.

“Fuck…that’s really hot…Jesus Christ. What did you think about?” Richie asked sounding desperate. He had made his way between Eddie’s legs and threatened to dip inside him every time he dragged his fingers up and down.

“Mm…this…you…touching me instead of me touching myself. Getting me nice and ready for you to fuck,” Eddie rambled as he rocked his hips with his fingers.

“Fucking Christ, Eds,” Richie groaned and hid his face in Eddie’s neck. He finally pushed a finger in and Eddie gasped.

“Ah! I wanted to feel you so bad. Wanted to just start kissing you whenever I saw you. I saw how fucking big you are, and I’ve been wanting it ever since,” he admitted. Richie cursed against his neck and started kissing licking and biting.

“I wanted you…first time I saw you. So tiny next to all those fucking frat boys. Thought about how small you’d be in my fucking hands, and how small you’d look sucking my cock,” Richie groaned and pushed in a second finger. Eddie moaned contently, and started twisting his hips with the intrusion.

“Ah…fuck…we should’ve done this sooner,” Eddie murmured. Richie nodded in agreement and pulled away to kiss him on the lips again after he collected himself.

“I’m so glad. I thought you hated me,” Richie sighed. Eddie pushed him back a little to frown.

“Why? Because I hit you?” Richie shook his head and laughed.

“No, uh…when we first met and you saw…you looked fucking terrified,” he said.

“I was probably terrified with myself for being so blatantly thirsty,” Eddie mumbled.


“I wasn’t scared, I was just…shocked,” he stammered a little when Richie pushed in a third.


“I…I wanted to talk to you more, but you just…ignored me after that,” Eddie said struggling to keep his sentences on track.

“God, I’m fucking stupid,” Richie groaned and finally crooked his fingers up. Eddie’s body tensed up, and his jaw dropped to let out a silent scream.

“Oh…oh, Richie,” he moaned loudly as Richie continued the motion of his fingers.

“Fuck, Eds…”

“Fuck me…god, just fuck me, Rich,” Eddie gasped out and rocked his hips with it.

“Trust me, you’ll be glad I took my time,” Richie murmured in his ear before kissing under his lobe and trailing to his lips again.

     Eddie tried to kiss him back as best as he could, but he couldn’t help the moans and cries Richie pulled out of him. Every time those long fingers stroked against his sensitive walls his body jolted and trembled with pleasure as he melted further into Richie’s lips. He clung desperately to Richie’s hair, and let out sounds he didn’t even know he was capable of. At any other time he would be embarrassed to admit Richie could take him apart so thoroughly and effectively. His pride a little too stubborn for him to ever imagine being so vulnerable and whiny. Yet there he was, nearly sobbing as Richie really focused his fingers on the spot that was currently driving him mad.

“Ah! R-Richie! I-I need…fuck me,” Eddie said with half a brain. Everything felt so good, and he knew it could feel so much better with Richie inside him.

“Fuck…oh, baby, you have no idea how much I’ve wanted to hear you say that,” Richie groaned and kissed down his neck to suck on his skin, but he made no attempt to pull out his fingers.

“Rich…Richie, I swear to fucking god—“

“Beg for it, babe,” Richie cooed and pressed harder against Eddie’s spot. His breath hitched, and his eyes rolled back as Richie  continued to massage it.

“Ahh…mmmh…Rich…chee…aahhh,” was all he could say as Richie continued.

“Just one magic word, and I’m all yours, honey,” Richie said pulling away with a smirk. Eddie’s eyes were squeezed shut from the pleasure, and Richie quickly stopped his fingers mid-stroke. Eddie’s chest heaved and his face finally relaxed a little once he could attempt to breath normally.

“God, Richie,” he wheezed in frustration.

“One little word, Eds. I just wanna hear it once,” Richie cooed and slowly started pushing his fingers up again. Eddie whimpered and covered his face with his hands.

“…please…” he whispered. Richie smirked at that and pulled out his fingers.

“So stubborn. You give me a run for my money, baby,” Richie said as he rubbed the left over lube on his dick. 

     Eddie was bright red under his hands, and moved his fingers to glare up at him. Richie was smirking at him, and it annoyed the shit out of him, so he kneed his waist and pushed him back with his foot. That smirk disappeared, and Richie quickly found himself on his back looking up with wide eyes as Eddie crawled over him. As sexy as it was to watch Eddie climb him like a fucking tree, Richie was thoroughly surprised and wore it clear as day on his face. Eddie laughed as he settled on his hips and flicked between his raised brows. Richie hissed and rubbed the spot.

“Fuck…Jesus, Eds,” Richie groaned.

“You deserve worse, you little shit,” Eddie replied and pushed his hips back until he felt Richie’s cock between his cheeks. Richie was now the one to gasp under him, and Eddie wore the smirk this time.

“Ooooh…yeah that’s fair,” he said moving his hands up to grab Eddie’s ass.

“Maybe you should beg instead,” Eddie hummed as he ground his hips back against Richie’s hard cock. Richie groaned at that.

“God, don’t get me started. I’m such a fucking horny bastard for you, I’d say or do anything you ask for a chance to rail ya, babe,” Richie went off as his hands drifted up to his hips. Eddie blushed when Richie said that.

“Th-that’s so gross,” Eddie stuttered despite liking what he heard. Richie smirked and moaned when Eddie slowed his hips.

“Ahh…but you’re so fucking sexy. I can’t believe you wore these for me,” Richie said sounding almost punch drunk as he squeezed down Eddie’s thighs.

“I-I told you it was Bev’s idea!” Eddie snapped. Richie bit his lip.

“Remind me to send Bev an edible arrangement,” he gasped and desperately tried to move Eddie against him again. His body moved so perfectly against his, and he couldn’t recall anyone ever making him feel so goddamn good before.

“Fuck off,” Eddie replied blandly and picked his hips up a little more. The subtle friction was a nice breather, and while Eddie liked how full he felt he truly needed a break before just jumping in or else he would’ve cum in five seconds.

“Eddie…” Richie breathed snapping his attention back. Eddie blinked and leaned down a little to fit Richie closer between his legs.

“Yeah?” He asked. Richie groaned, almost sounding frustrated as he bucked his hips up.

“Eddie, please. I-I know I was being a dick and a tease, but…fuck, you feel so good. Please, baby. Lemme put it in,” Richie begged. Eddie was bright red as he took in the other man’s words. Fuck, why did that turn him on so much? Maybe Richie was onto something about the begging thing.

“Ye—yeah, you can…you can put it in, Richie,” he allowed with hushed moans between his words.

     Richie wasted no time in manhandling Eddie up on his knees, and then holding his cock just below his entrance. Eddie’s body shivered as Richie handled him and he couldn’t stop the moan spilling out of him as Richie started to push in. His body was tense despite all his efforts to calm down, and he watched Richie groaning and grunting the entire time he pushed Eddie down on his cock. By the time Eddie’s ass was flush with Richie hips he was digging his nails into Richie’s chest and desperately gasping for breath. His chest heaved and his body trembled as he tried to get used to the massive dick currently splitting him in half.

Fuck! Fucking…ahh…Richie! Richie, it’s so much. It’s too much, mmh!“ Eddie cried as Richie tried to stay as still as possible.

“Jesus…fucking Christ, Eds…” Richie rasped. 

     Eddie let out a high pitched whine, and actually felt his eyes start to water. Fuck, he thought that was just a made up thing! There was no way he was actually crying over how big Richie felt inside him…but it didn’t hurt either so he definitely wasn’t crying out of pain. Was he crying over how good it was? Because it felt /so/ good in a way he never would’ve expected. A tear dropped on Richie’s chest, and Eddie furrowed his brows as he attempted to roll his hips to get used to the feeling some more. That only made him gasp more, and the trembling was back. He could barely keep himself up, his arms were shaking so bad.

“Fuck…Eds, maybe a less intense angle. You look like you’re gonna fucking burst,” Richie suggested. 

“Don’t call me tha—“ Eddie groaned and tried shaking his head, but quickly lost his cool when Richie sat up without warning. 

“Trust me, as fucking hot as you are crying over how big my dick is, I kinda want you to be able to think right now.”

“God, you’re such an asshole,” Eddie gasped again as Richie gently guided him off his cock. Richie chuckled.

“I promise I’ll be gentle with you, baby,” he hummed and pressed a kiss to Eddie’s cheek as he laid him down onto his back.

“That thing…should be fucking illegal,” Eddie grumbled. Richie kissed his jaw and gently rubbed the the head of his cock against Eddie’s hole.

“You’re one to talk. The things you’ve said to me…these fucking stockings…” Richie moaned and pushed in again. Eddie breath hitched, and as much as he hated to admit that Richie was right, it was easier to take at this angle. “God, these fucking stockings. Next time you should get the kind that go up to your waist, so I can rip it open right at your ass and fuck you with them,” he rambled as he stuffed himself back inside the man below him. Eddie went crazy at that image, and almost looked past the fact that Richie just implied that they would be doing this again. Almost.

“Ah…what about fishnets?” He asked with the pure intention to tease him. Richie clenched his jaw and straight up growled against Eddie’s collarbone.

“Christ, I wouldn’t even rip them. I’d just tease you through ‘em. Touch you through it and rub you in all the right places, honey,” Richie continued and pushed a little too quickly. Eddie jerked his head back once Richie was fully inside him, and whimpered at the suddenness of his hips. Richie groaned again and let his head fall and rest on Eddie’s chest.

“Mm…Richie…ah…so big,” Eddie wheezed. He practically felt like he had the wind knocked out of him. The fullness sitting inside him was so overwhelming he absolutely couldn’t stay still, and Richie ate it up.

“Oh fuck, I can feel you fucking move around me. You’re so fucking sexy,” Richie huffed and gripped his hips to feel how Eddie moved against him.

“Ah! So big, baby. You’re so fucking big, I’m gonna cum at any fucking second,” Eddie moaned. Richie cursed and started to pull out and push back in. “Aah…haah…”

“I got you, baby. Just like this. You’re doing so fucking good,” Richie cooed as he tried his best to be gentle. He honestly did try, but it didn’t help when Eddie was writhing for more and refused to let Richie set the pace.

“Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Don’t you fucking dare hold back. Fuck me as hard as you want. As hard as you can,” Eddie urged and worked his hips hard against Richie.

“Be careful what you wish for, sweetheart,” was all Richie said before giving Eddie exactly what he wanted.

     To say it was the most intense feeling and sensation Eddie had ever experienced in his life was an understatement. The simultaneous pain and pleasure that ripped through him was absolutely overwhelming, and he was not prepared for it at all. The pain wasn’t bad like he thought it would be. Instead it was like a burning under his skin that he needed to scratch, and the pleasure gave him just that. He couldn’t hate the pain because it only made the pleasure that much better. He couldn’t breath or speak or do much of anything but lay back and take what Richie gave him. On occasion he could spare a shout or a scream, but he was mostly just a blubbering mess gasping for air.

“Holy…oh god, holy shit…fuck, you’re so fucking cute. So fucking hot just taking it like this. Shit…shit, I wanna fucking memorize this, you look so fucking good,” Richie ran away with his mouth, and Eddie only got more and more turned on with each word.

“Fu…aah…Rich…mm, Rich, please…” Eddie gasped. Richie slowed down for a second so he could speak, and was a little surprised to be pushed back. Before he could ask, Eddie flipped onto his stomach and looked at Richie coyly over his shoulder. “Please…I really wanted to do this position,” he said.

“Fuck, Eds,” Richie hissed and jumped at the opportunity.

     They tried a lot of different positions in a short span of time before Richie just couldn’t hold out anymore and furiously fisted Eddie’s cock so they could cum together. He hovered over Eddie breathing hard with one of his legs over his shoulder, and the other spread out wide. The man below him shivered and trembled from the orgasm he was still processing, and Richie gently pulled out so he could grab a towel. He walked with wobbly legs to his dresser, and pulled a clean towel from his top drawer. When he returned Eddie was still shaking and taking deep breaths to hopefully calm himself down. He flopped down next to him, and started cleaning him off.

“So…how was that?” Richie asked. Eddie held up a hand to signal him to wait, and took another minute to soothe himself. “Taking your time, huh?” He teased with a grin. Eddie then flipped him off and pushed himself up. His elbows were shaking, and his body felt like jelly.

“That was…adequate,” Eddie said. Richie’s jaw dropped.

Adequate?“ he repeated. Eddie nodded trying not to smirk.

“Yes. It was adequate.”

Just adequate? Eds, you were literally crying sitting on my dick,” he reminded him. Eddie lost his fight against his smile, and started a new war against his laugh.

“It was adequate. Also don’t call me Eds,” he replied.

“Baby, I dunno if you noticed, but you’re still shaking. You simultaneously look like you’ve been mauled by a bear and took the biggest hit off a blunt. Adequate is really all you have to say?” Richie asked incredulously. Eddie lost his second war, and covered his mouth as he erupted in giggles. Richie was a little taken aback by how adorable the sight of Eddie giggling uncontrollably was, but eventually smiled. “Oh, I get it. You’re pulling my leg.”

“Richie…” Eddie trailed off into more laughter. “Do you really need me to tell you how it was? I mean…you’ve been here the whole time,” he said with the biggest grin Richie had ever seen on his face.

“I might like a little ego stroking. It doesn’t hurt, y’know,” he said leaning closer. Eddie giggled again, and reached to touch Richie’s jaw and down his chest.

“I already told you so much. Have you already forgotten?” He murmured, speaking quieter the closer Richie got to him.

“Oh like that’s even possible in the first place. I got all your dirty little words locked up in the spank bank,” Richie purred and ran his fingers down the nylon still covering Eddie’s thigh.

“So you’re up to date then,” Eddie hummed.

“C’mon, Eddie spaghetti. Just one little ego stroke.” 

     Eddie tried not to laugh at the nickname and shook his head. He then cupped the side of Richie’s face and hovered his lips over the other man’s.

“It was…indescribable,” he whispered before kissing him sweetly. Richie smiled and then kissed him again before pressing their foreheads together.

“Fuck, you officially wore me out,” he sighed.

“Are your lays usually a little more prepared to deal with your stupid dick?” Eddie asked in a teasing tone.

“Holy shit, dude. You make it sound like a chore.”

“It kinda is. I can’t confidently say I can use my legs right now,” Eddie replied. Richie chuckled at that and pulled back to push his hair out of his face.

“No, it’s more like they get over the novelty pretty quickly and then complain about how much it hurts. Everyone says they’re a size queen until they actually get big dick,” Richie told him. Eddie rolled his eyes.

“Oh, poor you,” he cooed. Richie flicked his arm and they both laughed. “You probably don’t have a shortage of hook ups though.”

“I mean…I stopped being into it, y’know? It got kinda insulting after a while, so I stopped being such a slut. You’re actually the first person I’ve had sex with in…like a year and a half?” Richie admitted. Eddie blushed at that information and blinked at him with wide eyes. Richie was blushing himself, and Eddie could tell this was sensitive information. He touched Richie’s shoulder to get his attention, and then trailed down to interlock their fingers when he did.

“Thank you…for doing this for me. It really means a lot to me that you agreed to it, and…I’m sorry I made those assumptions about you,” he said. Richie shook his head and put his hand over theirs.

“No worries, Eds. I like to keep up the rumors because I think it’s funny, and…I’ll admit when Bevy texted me I thought I was dreaming,” he said. Eddie furrowed his brows.

“Dreaming? Why?” He asked. Richie licked his lips before biting them.

“I…kinda have a crush on you…and I’ve kinda been wanting to smash ever since we met…uhh…yeah…” he said awkwardly. Eddie was shocked by that information, but suddenly the way Bill was acting earlier made a lot of sense.

“Oh…you…I-I didn’t know—“

“It’s okay if you don’t feel the same. I didn’t have a lot of confidence that you would anyways. I’m just glad I was able to help you, and also get some pretty solid masty materials out of it,” he said sparing him a genuine smile. It was a little sad, but mostly content. Eddie could tell he was telling the truth. Still, he wrinkled his nose at the last comment.

“Masty materials? Ew, that sounds so gross,” he said.

“Masty like masturbation? But like it also rhymes with nasty? Get it?”

“Yeah, got it. It’s still a terrible word, and your rights as a human being should be revoked,” Eddie deadpanned. Richie laughed and moved to a more comfortable laying position.

“Ugh, this is why I didn’t wanna talk to you too much,” he said and continued nervously pushing his hair back. Eddie frowned.

“What? Why? I thought you didn’t like me at all because you didn’t,” Eddie questioned.

“Pffff…I wish. I didn’t wanna talk to you too much because I could already tell from one conversation that you’re too funny, you’re too smart, and you’re too cute and I’ll fall in love with you /so/ fucking quickly,” Richie explained. Eddie’s face relaxed at that. That was actually…kinda sweet. It was sad, but sweet.

“You really think you could fall in love with me?” He asked softly. Richie looked up at him again and reached up to cup his face.

“I’m already falling, babe,” he replied. His voice sounded like he was trying to make a joke, but his eyes told Eddie everything he needed to know.

“You’re different from what I thought you’d be,” Eddie said. Richie lifted his eyebrows in surprise.

“Yeah? How so?”

“I dunno. You seemed so confident with other people, and avoided me so much. I was almost expecting like…one step removed from a frat dude,” he said. Richie laughed at that too, and Eddie chuckled with him.

“Bruh, I fucking love messing with frat dudes. They hate my fucking guts.”

“For good reason. You’re a fucking handful,” Eddie teased. Richie nodded in agreement.

“It’s what makes me so easy to love, baby,” he murmured. Eddie smiled down at him and rested his weight on his elbow as he laid on his side.

“Y’know, there are other things I like about you other than your dick,” Eddie announced.

“Oh really?” Richie asked. Eddie nodded and smiled as they made eye contact.

“It’s also not the only reason I wanted to sleep with you.”

“Of course. You wanted to sleep with me because we’re bros,” Richie said jokingly. Eddie shook his head.

“And because I think you’re cute,” he told him. Richie raised a brow at that.

“You do?” Eddie nodded again.

“I do.”

“Okay…what else do you think about me?” Richie asked looking up at the ceiling.

“I think…that you’re noisy.”


“You’re incredibly annoying at times.”

“Got that.”

“You never know when to stop a joke.”

“That’s my favorite part.”

“And…you’re very sweet,” Eddie said softly. Richie bit his lip again and looked at Eddie with anticipation. “I think you have a kind heart, and I think it’s kinda cute how you don’t always say the right things but you mean well. I think the way we talk to each other is funny and the most fun I’ve had just having a conversation…amongst other things—“

“There it is,” Richie interrupted with a smirk. Eddie rolled his eyes and pushed his shoulder.

“And…I think I like you too…” he admitted. Richie pressed his lips together and raised his brows in response to that. He then popped his lips awkwardly.

“Shit. Didn’t expect that.” Eddie giggled at that and moved to lean down and kiss his cheek.

“I wanted to know you better, but you never wanted to talk to me,” Eddie pouted playfully before kissing his jaw and nuzzling his neck. Richie laughed and snaked his arm around Eddie’s waist so he could pull his body closer.

“Fuck, I wanted to talk to you all the time. I thought you’d kill me if I tried to actually flirt with you,” he said. Eddie kissed his neck.

“No guarantees that I wouldn’t have…but you still shouldn’t have avoided me.”

“The one time I should’ve opened my mouth I kept it shut like a fucking idiot,” Richie sighed. Eddie laughed at that and rested his arm across Richie’s chest.

“Bill almost told me for you. He kept trying to say shit, but Ben and Bev kept stopping him. I was so fucking lost, but it makes sense now,” Eddie said. Richie raised his fist in the air.

“Damn you, Denbrough. Next time I see him, we duel,” he claimed with a prestigious English accent. Eddie rolled his eyes.

“Sure thing, Richie.”